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  1. You definitely were not banned for refusing to play against opposition that you consider to be cheating.
  2. LO doesn't own the IP anymore. They sold it to some random Chinese dude years ago. Link
  3. I haven't played in over six months, but when I last played it was still an unfinished product. It functioned on the technical level (you could drive it around, and it wasn't a direct copy/paste of an existing car), and it had basic textures. However, it only had the baseline customization options (aka colors) and it didn't take symbols very well. Couldn't use Enforcer customization at all (lights, sirens, etc).
  4. They could start by simply removing the Curves system and going back to linear fall-off on all weapons. That doesn't require any knowledge of "how things were", because they'd simply set the start/end points of the linear fall-off to approximately the start/end points of the Curves (which were based on the original start/end points anyways).
  5. Yes, the game suffers from many fairly severe balance issues in the map designs. Back in the first year or two when the game relaunched (2011-2012), G1/RG went into the maps and changed a bunch of stuff due to community feedback. Primarily removing access to some rooftops (because the unskilled couldn't comprehend how to throw a grenade and/or use the OPGL), but also changing the placements and adding/removing of various forms of cover (dumpsters, pillars, AC units, etc). In total, these changes massively reduced the game balance. The intent was to reduce the strength of the defending team, by making various places easier to attack. However, because G1/RG didn't have a clue how to design themselves out of a wet cardboard box, they mostly just made things worse in most areas. Additionally, due to the removal of readily accessible defensible locations in many areas of the map, running with the objective became a more attractive way to "defend" it than it already was (which just devolved from there in the more casual end of the skill spectrum). Unfortunately, because modern game devs are almost universally bad at dev, there was no archival of the old maps. Thus, we can never return to the actually properly balanced ones. For the same reasons, we can never return to the original balance of weapons, undoing the many years of damage that was done to them all.
  6. 2v2 is not competitive. Assuming similar skill level, the moment someone goes down the other team automatically wins. It's effectively 1v1 with extra steps. 3v3 mitigates that issue, and allows for decent matches. 4v4 is literally what the game was designed around, which becomes extremely obvious once you reach the point that you can actually comprehend the map design of objective locations in Financial. Waterfront is a bit more hit or miss, which is unsurprising when you consider that Waterfront is an unfinished map. 5v5 and above just become more and more unbalanced, at an exponential rate. 5v5 already only technically works, and only in a handful of outdoor/open areas.
  7. [ 4 * 0.35 = 1.4 ] Can't have 0.4 of a person, so you round down to 1. EDIT: Misread other user's post. Math is still the same though. They would have 12-14 friends who play the game. [ 12 * 0.35 = 4.2 ] [ 13 * 0.35 = 4.55 ] [ 14 * 0.35 = 4.9 ] Ultimately, it's irrelevant though. Statistics don't work the way user is applying them. It isn't "35% of each person's friend group" it's "35% of all players" which means it's easily possible for plenty of players to not be associated with anyone who was banned (falsely or not).
  8. Only feedback I'd have for this kind of feature is: Remove the feature, because this game can't handle anything bigger than 4v4. It completely breaks balance, and makes missions effectively impossible to win as the attacking side. If people want to have large-scale team deathmatch, we already have a mode for that called Fight Club. People can go there and play that nonsense.
  9. Manual review requires manual effort by a person. With LO being comprised of only a few people, it's obviously not feasible to manually review the probably thousands of banned accounts to find the handful that were actually falsely banned. It's much more reasonable to just globally unban all banned accounts, and then review new bans as they happen. Not a complicated thing to understand.
  10. Will never be a thing, because such a feature would primarily impact (negatively) the segment of the playerbase that LO primarily panders to. Those of us who such a feature would benefit are expected to just suffer without recourse so that that segment gets to have a fun time.
  11. That is one of the philosophical questions of video game bans, and one that has no definite answer. You do realize that it is possible for people to change, right? Granted, not everyone will, and it's debatable whether those that possess the capacity to change are the majority or minority. However, the fact remains that some people do, and it's morally acceptable to give those people redemption.
  12. Gotta love blatant lies on the internet. This is why I haven't hopped back on yet. They claim they'll hear out appeals, but they just leave you on read and ghost the support ticket. There are no appeals, doesn't matter if your ban was legit or not. If it wasn't for this unban wave, my account would still be banned due to a false flag triggered by using Flaws's config. MattScott explicitly stated that choosing not to play missions where you suspect the opposing team is cheating is acceptable, and will incur no penalties. Source: I directly asked him when LO took over, and he responded with that statement.
  13. FFA is a similar case to OCA Whisper. It's based on an existing weapon, but it's not functionally identical. Where the Whisper has 20m increased range, the FFA has reduced zoom angle when ADS. The increased range on Whisper is mostly a meme, but the reduced zoom angle on FFA is actually quite useful. I hesitate to say it's "strong", but it's definitely a noticeable advantage.
  14. Considering EAC was handing out automated false bans to people, what exactly did you expect them to do?
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