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  1. Pretty much this. I long ago stopped caring about playing competitively, so instead just herpderp around in bronze where there's still fun to be had with wonky loadouts.
  2. Considering how easy it is to make extra forum accounts for the purpose of spamming posts with reactions, they really should just remove reactions entirely. A post's value should be based on actual discussion, not meaningless little icons in the corner.
  3. That nerf of 50 health damage off the HVR-762 will do literally nothing. That's still 80% of a player's health with one tap, on a gun that makes no real sacrifices for that power (not that there's enough sacrifice that could be made for such absurdly high damage).
  4. Haven't finished reading the article, but had to come make a post about that Whisper change. Why was the min damage range dropped as well? The base OCA min damage range is 50m, there's literally no reason the Whisper's min damage range should be shorter than that. The only problem with the Whisper was the effective range was 50m for some reason (compared to OCA's 30m), other than that it was literally just an OCA with the silencer mod (as it was always supposed to be in the first place).
  5. I will continue to wait patiently. The weapon locker space limit prevents me from obtaining more guns, so it'll be nice once that feature is finally implemented... Seconding. Those two slots being unlocked would allow the character to use all the relevant equipment. The current need to swap between is so damn tedious and pointless.
  6. Tangentially related question: Has there been any progress on the weapons section of the Joker Store retroactively detecting weapon ownership so that we can rebuy discarded weapons (whether they were purchased via the Joker Store or ARMAS)?
  7. It's a high-pitched snappy sound that is played frequently, I can fully understand why someone would want to remove it.
  8. I use Razer for both mouse and keyboard, and have not disabled any of the plethora of features on either. No problems logging in and playing for several hour sessions as normal. Looks like a pretty clear case of OP trying to use macros and getting slapped for it. No sympathy will be had from me.
  9. Hitmarkers aren't accurate, and never have been. Or if you're talking about the blood splatter effect, that's client-side and means nothing.
  10. Med Spray instantly activates normal health regen at double strength (so you'd go from zero to full health in two seconds), if you take damage the regen immediately stops as normal. If the target is taking "multiple mags to kill" that's just you missing basically all of your shots (or simply not understanding the basics of how the game works).
  11. Nobody cares, take your impotent and childish tantrum elsewhere. 90% of themes are complete garbage, 9% are earrape, and the last 1% of actually good themes don't salvage the feature. Good riddance.
  12. It's just one more thing that needs to be fixed before the mission system is in full working order. Not a gamebreaking thing, so obviously not top priority, but still something. Ideally, LO would simply change it so that missions don't start until there's enough players readied up to start a proper opposed mission. Unopposed missions are the root cause of so many of this game's problems, especially since the game can have multiple unopposed missions on both factions running at the same time. I shouldn't have to elaborate why that's really, really bad.
  13. The amount of flagrant ToS/CoC violations has skyrocketed the past couple weeks on Jericho, because everyone is finally starting to realize that LO has zero intention of taking any action whatsoever on anything. Combine that with the ever-increasing commonality of cheating thanks to BattlEye being completely worthless, and the server is effectively unplayable. What a complete joke. In before the thread vanishes because can't be having any criticism, nosiree.
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