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  1. It has relatively tight groupings, and also reduced pellets besides. Can't get much more accurate without simply changing it to slugs (at which point it's just a more extreme variant on the Misery or ISSR).
  2. Please don't fuck over my Shredder. I'd be willing to accept lower damage in exchange for higher rate of fire, though. Make it a 4 STK that borders on 5 STK, might be interesting to test out.
  3. Now that the EU datacenter is up and running (per the locked pinned thread), how much longer until we get a playable game environment? The itch for APB's gameplay is getting pretty intense lately, and other games I play are having content lulls...
  4. The only things about NSSW that beat NTEC are the range potential and anti-vehicle capability. NSSW has ~50% higher effective range and nearly double the vehicle damage. The actual reason NSSW is so strong is because it can pose NTEC-level threat to a significantly larger area, not because it's stronger than NTEC (it isn't).
  5. That would make shotguns 3 STK. Something you people keep ignoring is that shotguns have a spread, and in 99% of situations in actual gameplay you won't hit every pellet. Every missed pellet is a substantial amount of damage that adds up very quickly. There's a very good reason shotguns were basically non-existent prior to rayscaling, they were insanely inconsistent at the best of times. Little Orbit's idea to revert the rayscaling and instead go the path of less pellet quantity is intriguing, and could help the problem in the same way. However, we still aren't seeing that in the current test environment, which leads me to believe that they scrapped the idea for reasons left unstated.
  6. Neat. They went the better path with this. Yet you never saw them ingame prior to the introduction of rayscaling allowing for even the slightest bit of performance consistency. Yes, shotguns were overtuned... but that's why you have this little thing called "balance adjustment". Rather than completely reverting (the sledgehammer approach), they should've adjusted the stats to tone them down a bit.
  7. For clarification, are the shotgun damage values still processing through rayscaling? Or is the rayscaling stat on those two pages just there because the live stat pages still need to show rayscaling (since live shotguns still use the function)? Or are you even able to see one way or the other with the data you have access to? They stated they intended to revert (remove) rayscaling. That could be done by simply setting rayscaling to 100% across the board and then adjusting the base damage back to how it used to be. Effectively same result, but keeps the mechanical functionality there in the off chance it's used in the future.
  8. Honestly, they should just remove High Burn Fuel (and a few of the other r195 mods G1/RG added) from the game. Completely altered the entire balance scale of the game, and I'd argue not for the better. It'll never happen though, because the "terrified of change clique" would lose their collective minds and rage across the forum to force Little Orbit to revert it.
  9. I know it's absurd, but I still swear that Ursus has better hitreg than the NTEC.
  10. Why am I not surprised that people are starting to bitch and whinge about the CR762 now that the NTEC got nerfed? It's almost like we all called it...
  11. Just remember that timed exclusives are a cancer on the industry, and if you want to keep pushing forward with a good public image you'll want to avoid them. Your stated intention of moving away from lootboxes by removing them in favor of more traditional purchasing options (hopefully we'll see action to back up those statements soon) is a good example of you taking the game in a better direction. Let's try to avoid taking a step back while we're at it, eh?
  12. "By end of 2018." "By end of 2019." Soon: "By end of 2020."
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