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  1. [Reposts same video, because still relevant]
  2. Can't wait to get bare minimum contribution for mission credit then ignore the mission, for every mission, while maxing these contacts. Fuck Waterfront. Incoming downvotes.
  3. It's also not a desirable state for a game to be in, as perfect balance leads to stagnation. You actually want there to be a meta, and in an ideal world you want that meta to shift with regular balance changes in a way that feels organic to the playerbase.
  4. Less than lethal weapons need buffs across the board to bring them in line with everything else. There's no excuse for these weapons to still be so excruciatingly terrible. Incoming downvotes from criminal-only players and others who have no place opening their mouths in regards to LTL gameplay.
  5. They'd have to do some backend work to change how names are handled by the server, but that'd be so nice if they took the time.
  6. This executable behaves like malware. The game doesn't need it to run, as shown by the game running just fine if you manually force terminate the myriad of instances of the executable that run and continue to stack up over time. It also completely ignores system level blocking, which is a massive red flag. Any instances of it that have generated while the game was running, continue running after you close the game. They also continue to spin up even more instances over time, despite the game not running. Care to comment, @MattScott ?
  7. The "1-10" payout was when he was describing the system in the test districts, with the "0-10" payout referencing the mission districts. The "0" in the "0-10" is referencing that in their current design intent, you won't always receive a payout for a mission in mission districts (whereas test district missions will always reward them).
  8. "Large spurts of blood that sometimes splash on the camera." Have they even played the game? (That's a rhetorical question, of course they haven't.)
  9. The more I think about it, the more I wonder why we need a limit on Joker Tickets earned via mission gameplay. Especially when (based on the way it was described) half the time you won't even see a payout on a given mission, and when you do it's such a tiny amount.
  10. It's an endless source of amusement for me to see all these people complaining about the game's performance, and then when they post their specs it turns out they're all OC'ing their systems. It's like... bruh. You're doing shit that wasn't intended for the hardware and isn't covered by any level of support, and then bitching when you get instability as a result.
  11. @MattScott In regards to ARMAS being shifted into a purely account-bound purchasing platform, what will happen to existing character-bound items we own via ARMAS (not talking about Joker Store stuff here)? Will they be upgraded to account-bound for free (would be insane PR move, but doubt it'd happen for obvious reasons)? Will we be given the option to upgrade our stuff for a heavy discount (like we already can with character-bound weapons)? Any other specifics you can elaborate on for us?
  12. Back when I used the SHAW, I would run: Hunting Sight 3 - No brainer. Laser accuracy at range, and the mod's downside doesn't affect the gun since you're never moving while firing. 3-Point Sling 3 - Also no brainer. You have to swap to secondary to move, this helps pull the SHAW back out when you need to. Also, no downside (still, somehow). Magazine Pull 3 or Bandolier 3 - Depends on if I'll have easy access to my vehicle's resupply from the objective location. If yes, the former. If no, the latter. Most people will tell you to go Hunting Sight, Cooling Jacket, 3-Point Sling, and then upgrade the Cooling Jacket to Muzzle Brake once you're r195. Completely valid, and technically the best mods for the gun. I find Cooling Jacket to be a bit overkill, and Muzzle Brake's effect is so undertuned I just don't see it as worthwhile (especially once you've practiced with the gun enough to control its recoil).
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