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  1. Hexerin

    a small problem

    Man, it's a blast from the past. These threads were always amusing to see back when Battleye was last implemented as well.
  2. Could not agree more. Converting them into yellow character mods would fix a great many issues currently surrounding them. Availability (especially for new players) and mail spam when at cap, just to name a couple of the more glaring ones. There would need to be some balance adjustments for a few of them, but then most character mods need some balance adjustments because the whole class is just a mess currently. Orange, green, and blue all have major and glaringly obvious issues.
  3. The problem with adding a health bar (beyond most of the vets going into full REEEEE!!! mode anytime it's even suggested) is that the entire reason the damage vignette obscures on-screen and out-of-speaker information is part of the intended game design. You're supposed to find it increasingly difficult to discern if that person is an enemy player or not, which direction and how far that gunfire is, etc as you take more damage. It simulates the fact that you're dying, because you are dying.
  4. We shouldn't need to entirely disable the /whisper chat channel for this, especially since that also disables the ability for friends to toss whispers our way.
  5. It's not their job to personally respond to every comment you make. Get over yourself.
  6. Correct. The golden JMBs from loyalty rewards are not purchasable, and thus should not considerable for the various gambling laws. They are a bonus/gift you get as appreciation for your actual purchases. Same logic applies to the legendaries you can get from the bonus rolls on ARMAS Joker Ticket bundle purchases (the 1% roll for each 500 JT purchased thing). You aren't buying the 1% rolls, you're buying the JT bundles. The 1% rolls are just a bonus/extra.
  7. Most people who live normal lives will invest at most 2-3 hours in a given day to their gaming (and generally only play games a few days in a week). Those of us who spend 6+ hours on a game in a single day are the abnormal ones, and not the ones that limited duration event content should be designed for.
  8. While I commend your persistence, do you actually believe LO is going to remove it if you just ask enough? They won't even make the simplest of balance changes the entire community has been requesting since they took the reigns (which are simple numbers changes, not outright data removal)...
  9. Out of curiosity, how long do you have left and these rewards? I always just use them, because I never see a reason to keep them around (so can't check on my end). I imagine that if it's a global reset system, that it would be setup either on January 1st or whatever date marks the beginning of the fiscal year (which varies quite a bit depending where you live).
  10. The fact that they haven't bothered to fix it by now tells me that it's something that will resolve itself once they deactivate the temporary rolling premium state on everyone. Would be a pointless thing to fix as it's not something that has any lasting effect, and especially since it doesn't cause any actual issues for the end user.
  11. You all bitched and moaned for them to release the beta regardless of the development's state. You got exactly what you asked for, and have literally no right to complain. You were warned, you chose to ignore those warnings, and now you're all throwing tantrums like children. What a disgrace you all are.
  12. Honestly, if that's the reason you're considering deleting your account, I would recommend holding off for the time being. I can't tell you how many times I've done similar things (RIP a bunch of old maxed out characters I've deleted in the past out of frustration), and I inevitably end up regretting it. Give yourself some time (at least a month or two) to take a break from the game, and then if you still feel the same then you at least know it's a grounded feeling instead of a "heat of the moment" one.
  13. Depends on where you live. If you live in the EU, or certain more progressed states in the US, then yes you can have your account deleted along with all other data they have related to you.
  14. Oh no, heaven forfend that people be allowed to optimize one of this game's biggest weaknesses.
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