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  1. P2W existed on ARMAS long, long before Innova was even a concept in someone's head. Innova might have had its own problems, but let's not blame them for something they didn't do.
  2. Just saying. Also, adding 45 and RSA variants would be a godsend for those who want to complete the role without suffering the snubnose (which while significantly better after the buffs, is still godawful to use). At the very least, there should be at least one Valentines gun per weapon class minimum.
  3. Oh, I'm fully aware. I'm just tossing it out there because it's still relevant, and still a disgrace that it hasn't been resolved to this day.
  4. You and me both. Had I known that they were going to add Steam achievements to the game, I would have been more diligent in collecting them. That being said, it's still a total dick move to have achievements that can only be acquired at a certain point in time, because that breaks the fundamental foundation of what Steam achievements are. Will always remain a black mark against this game for me, unless Little Orbit decides one day to right the wrong and remove those seasonal achievements from the listing.
  5. Considering you literally cannot 100% the game (unless you've played since the beginning), yes they are broken.
  6. That's not something Steam will do, which is good because that is beyond absurd to even suggest.
  7. If only anything new were added, to give any incentive to spend in the first place.
  8. Can you really consider it an update, when it didn't provide any information?
  9. Then allow me, as someone who played highly competitively and was low-mid-ish gold (fluctuated roughly gold 3-5 depending on various factors, likely wasn't my peak either) back when gold actually meant something (before RG/G1 shifted the curve way down so anyone could get gold if they pointed their gun in the general direction of the enemy), to explain it to you. There are many golds who (for a variety of reasons, depending on the player) have intentionally lowered their threat to enter bronze district. Some are down there to farm the generally lower skill level players who play there. Others are down there because they're sick of the competitive grind in silver district and just want to play casually (I myself am in this group). There's plenty of other reasons I've seen as well, but those are the main ones. I see these people every time I play, consistently. They are not hard to spot if you pay even the slightest attention.
  10. That would be because instead of fixing the very simple issue the guns had, LO decided to instead effectively delete them from the game. All they had to do was swap out the Improved Rifling 3 the Fang variant had, with Improved Rifling 1. That's literally the only thing the RFP-9 line needed to be put back into a balanced state. The Fang was the only one that was overtuned, the rest were average to decent at best.
  11. You know the sad part? It's still outclassed in that role by the TG-8 as well. The Nano literally doesn't have a niche to excel at.
  12. They really should add the Valentines snubnose to ARMAS, for those who don't want to go through the excruciatingly painful grind on that role. It'd also be nice if they could add more Valentines weapon variants. Considering it's literally just applying the Love Gun weapon skin and Tagger - Valentines mod to an existing weapon, I see no reason they can't just do this. Would be easy money, especially considering there's plenty of us waiting for new stuff to be added to ARMAS to buy.
  13. If that's happening, it's for one of two reasons: They're a cheater, and thus deserve to never have opp. There's something off with the matchmaker, and it's putting that person against people who are vastly under their skill level. This is resolved by identifying the issue in the matchmaker, and then fixing it. Neither reason is a valid reason against the re-implementation of being able to /abandonmission against opp.
  14. Implying it's difficult to kill someone who can't attack back (because shotguns are completely worthless now).
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