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  1. They've stated in the past that while you can update this early, the build we play on isn't finalized until work day ends on Friday. For those with limited bandwidth, updating now would be a mistake. EDIT: Clarification provided otherwise.
  2. A few of the veteran players were closet cheaters at one point or another (back when the game was still popular/populated), so for those might just be some kind of sense of obligation to not blow the whistle on others or something along those lines. As for the rest... they just enjoy watching the game's corpse burn. All it takes is observing their behavior here on the forums to realize that.
  3. Yes, just yes. All guns should be exceptionally accurate if fired in single-tap or short bursts, but lose accuracy past the first few rounds in a sustained instance of firing. Specifically how accurate the baseline is, should have slight variance based on class (long range marksman rifles like the CR762 should be pixel-perfect on the first shot, while CQC spray'n'pray like OCA should be tightened to ~10% of what it is now). "Effective range" should be determined by the existing stat of the same name, not how (in)accurate the gun is. Want the OCA to be only used indoors / back alleys? Have its damage start dropping off at 10m, with it hitting minimum damage at 20m (say, 25% base damage). Want the sniper rifles to no longer be used with quick switch? Give them all reverse falloff like the DMR, so they need 3+ shots until 70-80m and then ramp up to their 2-shot at like 80-90m. Recoil should also be either removed, or made consistent across every weapon in a given class. Your ability to control your weapon's aim shouldn't be dictated by RNG recoil that is completely different from one gun to the next. Recoil gimmicks (like M-1922 and SWARM), while amusing for a mission or two, quickly become tiresome (and thus have no place in the game).
  4. A handful of guns also have incorrect holding states. LO fixed some of them (most notably the ATAC 424 NFCP 3, which was held in one hand like an SMG), although some of these fixed ones are still using incorrect holding state in some stances (usually the crouched hold). There's also the long list of guns that have incorrect model sizes. The most notable here is again, the ATAC 424 NFCP 3 (and its variants), which is comically oversized to an embarrassing degree.
  5. Always has been. It's also the source of a whole slew of client performance and gameplay behavior issues (just like it was before).
  6. Yup. If you ever see one in district, they're going to be doing one of three things: Answering questions the players toss at them (unscheduled Q&A/AMA, basically) Running simple events (hide and seek, kill the GM, etc) AFK If a GM sees something that breaks ToS/CoC, they can pass that info along to support staff, but it's handled no differently than any other ticket. If you try to tell them your own accusations, they'll direct you to submit a ticket to support yourself, as that's how things are handled now.
  7. You seem to have missed the memo where the GMs have no power to do anything. MattScott revoked their ability to do anything when LO took over the game.
  8. Ah yes, I too enjoy my car exploding from a single concussion grenade with no time to react! Armored Engine is a terrible mod, especially since everyone runs concussion grenades now that low-yields got effectively deleted from the game. For the OP, it depends slightly on your group composition. - Nitro Booster 3 is mandatory, just like on any other speed-oriented car. - Fast-Fix Chassis 3 is "mandatory" in the sense that nothing else really fits the slot anymore. - Fireproofing 3 is your best bang for the slot here. Increases effective vehicle health with no downside. Chassis Strengthening 3 is an okay alternative if you crash into stuff a lot. - One member of your group should run Mobile Supply Unit for easy resupply. Mobile Spawn Point should be used by the rest, although Extra Cargo Capacity 3 can be useful on missions that feature multiple items on a single stage (Creme de la Crime in particular comes to mind).
  9. Online polls are hilariously easy to manipulate. I personally could completely reverse that on my own right now, if I cared to.
  10. You seem to have missed that my post was made as a general statement, not specifically directed at this thread's topic.
  11. Imagine if the moderators actually, you know, moderated. Course, that would also require Little Orbit to stop pandering to the worst / most toxic individuals in this community. I don't see MattScott owning up to that though, he seems fully content with the toxicity that pervades this place.
  12. Bethesda logic. Why do it themselves when the players can do it for them?
  13. Why bother testing, when the information is readily available? https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_LMG_ALIG762 https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_LMG_NSSW ALIG: - 74.3 hard damage per shot - 0.180 fire interval - roughly ~412.78 hard damage per second NSSW: - 29.5 hard damage per shot - 0.155 fire interval - roughly ~190.32 hard damage per second There isn't even a remote competition between them. All that being said, neither of these weapons are relevant to the topic at hand, as neither can be used while hanging out a vehicle window.
  14. The Kraken is literally just a pre-modded NSSW. It will function identically to a normal NSSW that's been given the same mods. These guns were created long before G1/RG started making gimmick guns.
  15. That would be the correct thing to do. 100% standing gains regardless of district, but something like 120% if pledged in their home district.
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