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  1. They've only ever done a mass unbanning once, when they obtained the game from the previous team, though? Within DefaultInput.ini: +Bindings=(Name="",Command="abandonmission",bAllowInScaleformUI=True,Group="UI") Within Options.int: GameAction_abandonmission=Abandon Mission Was curious about binding /abandonmission, so that's the only part(s) I took.
  2. 10+ years playing entirely with the vanilla client, no issues. Less than 24 hours after putting in one part of your configs: It was the config edit. I don't generally discount coincidences, but in a case like this, there's really no room for misinterpretation.
  3. It doesn't matter if they're vetted. False positives are false positives literally because it's unintended behavior/results. It's the unfortunate side effect of automating things that absolutely should never be automated, you sometimes have a situation where the system goes rogue and causes problems. Additionally, it is absolutely important to spread this info, so that all involved (ie, the users of your config) can continue to make educated decisions with the most updated information available. People are using your config on the basis that nobody's been banned for it, so despite being grey area it's effectively "safe" to use. However, there has now been a ban explicitly caused by your configs, and that must be made known. Whether it becomes an ongoing issue, or is just an unfortunate one-off hiccup.
  4. Considering its false positive bans, it likely isn't consistently happening to everyone instantly. One of those "not at matter of if, but when" kind of things.
  5. It's a 4 shot kill out past 50m, with pixel accuracy on the first couple shots while full auto. Plus, it still deals decent hard damage despite the nerf. Are there better options? Of course. Far from worthless though.
  6. Artemis is already available on ARMAS. However, the significantly more attractive Bendis and Diana are not available for players to obtain AFAIK. Personally, I would buy the Diana (despite already owning the Artemis, as I own at least one copy of every functional weapon in the game). I dislike the lack of any stock on the Artemis, and I also dislike wire stocks like the Bendis has. However, the full stock of the Diana... yes, please. According to APB:Db, they are already statted out correctly (identical to Artemis) and already exist in the game (just aren't listed on ARMAS yet). The only thing that is up in the air is if they have models, but even if they don't, I doubt that would take much work to complete considering the Artemis already exists. Then you'd get people buying "the new thing" as you can always reliably expect, making that work worth it. Easy funds for the game, cool new toys for the players to mess around with. Win/win, as they say. EDIT: Just make sure to leave them as full 3 slot open slot, like the Artemis. Putting preset mods in would be a fatal mistake, and make them worthless.
  7. Speak of the devil. No worries, was just wondering. It's a good resource, would suck to lose it.
  8. Temporary outage, or did Speedz drop it after all these years?
  9. There's plenty they could do to monetize the game at next to zero cost for themselves, but they are apparently terrified to do so.
  10. So you have zero capacity for empathy with other people. Good to know that you're a trashy person. It became LO's mess when they bought the game. Literal basic common sense.
  11. Give all console characters a voucher that can be turned in at Anne for a single legendary of choice (skips the chance mechanic, just outright pays out the full permanent legendary). Or if that's too much effort to implement, give them all an FFA 5.56 R&D III. It's the single most desirable legendary in the game, and would be the perfect payout for the console peeps. Even if an individual player doesn't personally like the gun, due to its value they could easily trade it for another legendary of their choice (or multiple legendaries, depending).
  12. Now compare that to the couple hundred bucks it takes to keep the servers running. If you don't understand how much of a profit that is, you're beyond help.
  13. That would first require them to acknowledge other accounts as belonging to you, which they adamantly refuse to do. I've tried getting them to release my CBT account back to me, but nothing but crickets in return.
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