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  1. It was the code involved with the Condor's mod going haywire.
  2. Do we really need another reason? Fresno really could use some love in the kitting department...
  3. My Kickback would like a word with you. Applied with precision, it easily out-performs the other two in any situation except anti-vehicle (which only the Deep Impact is good at). Especially useful is the Kickback's ability to airburst from the closer end of mid range, which can save a mission in a whole myriad of rooftop locations that the OPGL simply can't effectively saturate (and where the Volcano can't get a good angle). The Hammer is hot garbage though, no argument there. Has all the weaker traits of the other two, with none of the benefits.
  4. Don't fall for the bait, don't get kicked. Not to say what the baiter is doing isn't bad, but it takes two wrongs to make this happen.
  5. I've actually been noticing a significant performance issue with the JG. Not sure if its hitreg is just fucked of late or what, but it's been fairly consistently failing at hugging distance. Meanwhile the CSG has been pulling some heavy weight, doing crazy good work...
  6. Fair enough. Would still be interested to see what would happen if it was nerfed to take another shot to kill but gained fire rate to maintain its TTK.
  7. When did they buff it? Almost completely positive it was a four shot last I checked its stats a year plus ago... Well regardless, all the more that it sounds like the perfect place to start with tweaking it.
  8. Honestly, I feel like the NFAS only really needs a bit of slight tweaking. I'd be interested to see what would happen if they lowered the damage enough to require an extra shot to kill (4->5), and then increased the fire rate to maintain its TTK. Kill just as fast, but have less room for aiming error.
  9. They realized there's only a limited design space for linear (read: normal) gun design, but wanted to have far more guns than that limited space allowed. Technically speaking, they found the perfect way to accomplish this, as the curves system allows for a plentiful quantity of unique designs so long as the designers can keep thinking up new quirks. That being said, I'd still prefer that Little Orbit remove the weapon curves system and then rebalance the affected guns. Consistency is better than gimmicks, in my opinion.
  10. Had a whole response typed out and ready to go, but then thought to myself "why bother?" Needless to say, you're wrong on almost all of those.
  11. Don't believe I ever saw that mentioned in any of the blogs, but good to know regardless. That being said, there being load times is kinda bad. The whole reason that our current mission system feels as good as it does (let's just set the balance issues aside...) is because of the simple fact that when a mission pops, you just hit nitro and go. This new system is going to be a wait for load, wait to spawn in, run down to the garage to get your car, migrate your way out onto the street, and then finally hit nitro and go. Sure, maybe it'll eventually balance out and the system won't have to phase you over to another district instance every match, but the period before that is going to be brutal. Unless you've got a method by which the phasing will remember our position and state so that we load into the new district exactly where we were as if we never phased... in which case nevermind there's probably not much to be concerned about. Probably shouldn't have, but had to get it off my chest. Again.
  12. Moderation does not mean outright banning. Notification, warning, and suspension are all things that can be done before a ban. Most games give players multiple notifications. These are simply a GM/mod tossing a DM at the player to just tell them they've done something bad. Doesn't put a mark on their account, temporary/permanent or otherwise. It's like your boss calling you into the office to just have a quick chat about how you messed up, and giving pointers on how you can avoid in the future. Warnings are usually handled in a group of three, two normal warnings and then a more serious final warning. These generally put marks on your account, although the permanence (whether temporary or permanent) varies from game to game. Modern games usually are only temporary, falling off after a period of time ranging from a month to a year. Suspensions are essentially temporary bans. These generally give your account a permanent strike in most games. Accrue enough strikes, and then you get an actual permanent ban. So yea. There's plenty of options, just a matter of Little Orbit actually taking action for a change. The dethreater will dethreat way down, play against lower skill opp until they start seeing actual golds in their matches where the cycle of dethreating repeats. If you understand how the threat system works, dethreating is an extremely fast process (especially in the current environment, where you only need to go down one tier).
  13. Anyone who understands how the threat system works currently will easily determine what's actually going on with the new phasing system. We'll also quickly determine if the threat system itself has even been touched. At the end of the day, I predict there will be little to no change to the dethreating issue because of phasing, it'll just get a lot more imprecise and you'll see people go on longer streaks to ensure they lost enough. With a community as tiny as ours, it's incredibly easy to gauge how far your threat has dropped based on who you get matched against, the visible threat is just a convenience. The only actual solution to the issue is moderation, and the complete lack of action by Little Orbit over the past year speaks volumes on how that'll go.
  14. You greatly overestimate the universal interpretation of that word. It's extremely common to see people call sub-30 FPS gameplay "seamless" in many games.
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