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  1. Yes, and? That has nothing to do with what I posted.
  2. The classics bundle is missing the standard "Glow in the Dark" skin, which was part of Halloween many years ago. Easy enough to overlook this due to not being Halloween themed. Puts a flat off-white color on the gun that glows a greenish hue, no symbols or anything like the other ones. Could this be looked into getting fixed?
  3. My literal hundreds of hours of rooftop airbursting disagrees. Trying to airburst someone at 100m will result in overshooting them, every time... unless they pull a Prometheus School of Running Away From Things moment and walk right into the center of the blast, of course.
  4. Still wish they'd make this available to be used normally. Would need a downside when equipped of course, but I don't see why it wouldn't be possible to balance it. Laughs in 110m Volcano. With a bit of practice you can airburst the EoLs too, although Kickback is the only one that can really do this effectively.
  5. Honestly, they should just figure out what is causing/allowing the exploit to exist and then "fix" it by integrating it as an actual feature. This would of course require them to add a toggle in the options menu that allows each player to individually decide whether or not they want to hear other player's full themes, which by default should be set to the vanilla of only the first five seconds. Could even go a step further and instead of a toggle, make it a drop-down that lets the player decide how much of another player's theme they hear (e.g., disable themes, first five seconds, full themes).
  6. All 35 are done. 2 showed issues. They're working towards fixing those issues now. The only way the post could mean something other than this is if MattScott doesn't understand basic English grammar. Unlikely.
  7. @MattScott @Lixil - Since they don't seem to be offered as rewards for ingame activities, can you guys add the various glow in the dark Halloween weapon skins to ARMAS (ideally with an account-bound bundle option)? Pretty much the only reason I give even the slightest of fucks about the Halloween events. Unless they've changed the system, the pumpkins aren't in the same places for everyone.
  8. I doubt anyone is watching people play [insert X game here] as the primary intent. Can pretty much guarantee the stream / YouTube video / whatever is secondary to something else in every case. Just as an offhand example, I toss up such vid content when I'm eating. In the case of the streams advertised in this thread, people will be watching for the giveaways and the possibility of info on engine upgrade etc.
  9. The clothes are atrociously fugly, but if they're adding the weapon skins and symbol packs then I might have a reason to drop a bit of dosh.
  10. Nothing new on the weapon balance front, welp.
  11. They're never going to tell us, it's just going to start with zero warning and leave seemingly randomly. Welcome to Little Orbit's way of doing things, I guess.
  12. As someone who sees the issue first-hand, I can tell you unequivocally that it is in fact a very serious issue. Both in occurrence and scope. When you've got a few years under your belt in the thick of it, then come back and say something.
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