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  1. https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_LTL_TazerShotgun The NL9 has a system-level hard capped range of 50 meters. It is literally impossible for it to hit a target past this. https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_LTL_DartGun The TG8 also has a (shorter) hard capped range of 35 meters. https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_LTL_Tazer Meanwhile the PIG, has a hard capped range of 10 meters.
  2. They've already stated they won't be doing anything about such things until after both phasing and the updated matchmaking are implemented (both of which require the engine upgrade first). This is reinforced by the simple fact that the ingame /report feature doesn't actually do anything, and manual reports via support (even with extensive screenshot and/or video proof) are ignored.
  3. They should remove (at least temporarily) the green and gold segregated district instances. Nobody actually plays in those, but they suck up potential players via the auto-sort of the big district join buttons on the main screen. These players don't know about the advanced tab, so they end up joining empty districts and then just leave instead of joining the active districts and playing the game. Congrats, you just killed the game. Absolutely horrendous idea, and will always be an absolutely horrendous idea.
  4. I'm going to be honest, I wasn't expecting everyone to actually want the system gone. I only even added the third option for the sake of keeping options as open as possible.
  5. I find it interesting that half this thread just vanished overnight.
  6. I wasn't aware Curves involves RNG. Isn't it just changing the vanilla linear dropoff into a curved exponential dropoff? Hence the first option in the list. I personally don't mind which path they take, I just want to have the information available in an easily referenced way.
  7. I would put forth a formal request that you guys consider taking one or more of the following actions: Provide the staff of APB Database (APB:Db) with whatever they need to update their site to properly show Curves values on related weapons. Create a post that contains all of the Curves data sheets, and pin it in one or more of the main forum sections for easy reference. Just revert the system entirely, so that all weapons return to using the vanilla range system with its linear values. This has been an issue for far too long, and it makes it impossible to easily reference the stats on any weapon that uses it.
  8. As we continue to ask "Why are you removing this?" while you refuse to give an answer. There's still no reason to remove this. There's also still plenty of reason to add LCR PR1/PR2 and ACT44 Last Stand back in, since there was also no reason for them to be removed. They're literally just removing stuff, there's nothing new here.
  9. If the JMBs were implemented in a way that was less anti-consumer, they would have a system that ensures that, yes. However, the JMBs are as anti-consumer as you can be, and have no such systems that prevent infinite loss.
  10. Highly doubtful, and that would open a can of worms best left closed.
  11. Yea, they removed censorship on a handful of words. Some are still censored though, and they did add a couple new ones.
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