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  1. The damage of HVR-762 and HVR-236 scales based on the accuracy at the time of the shot. This was one of the many extremely clunky mechanics added to the HVRs to counter QS'ing, instead of actually fixing the root of the problem. Since the HVRs have an extremely high movement modifier, they thus lose all damage when fired from the hip. Will never be fixed so long as LO is terrified of adding action animations back into the game. Despite the fact that this would fix several core gameplay issues the game has, such as your mentioned pop shot tech and also the item sprint jump tech mentioned by another poster.
  2. It changes literally nothing, so what does it matter? Game will still have the same content, played by the same intensely toxic community, and now with zero chance of any future new content.
  3. Wish I could've played back in RTW (before it all went to shit, of course). Everything I've heard about it over the years makes me think it would've been a blast for me.
  4. TIL that Cookie joined the game after G1/RG shifted the threat curve down. So many things suddenly make so much more sense.
  5. Yes, I'm aware of who Ritual is. I've been here since the beginning of CBT, I've been aware of (and/or associated with) basically everyone over the years. That doesn't change my curiosity. When scaling back to a skeleton crew for maintenance mode (which is where APB is now), one of the first things you get rid of is the community-facing employees and volunteers. They no longer serve an actual purpose, because the game is intentionally stagnated, so there's no longer any purpose to keeping a finger on the pulse of the community.
  6. I wonder if this bot is programmed to make responses.
  7. It costs basically nothing to keep a game online in maintenance mode. Meanwhile, the new players that keep joining will spend money on ARMAS, where everything is egregiously overpriced. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how what little skeleton crew is left at G1/LO will be continuing to turn a profit on this.
  8. Plus, you know, RTW kinda up and died before they could finish the game.
  9. Probably. Say what you want about the Ruskies, but they actually gave a shit and developed the game.
  10. Reminder that this game has the perfect foundation for clan territory (city block) control, with mission-based warfare to try and take more blocks or protect those you already have.
  11. Imagine still not knowing in 2022, that RIOT was literally the reason for LO to """buy""" the game (read: just another K2 rebranding). They just wanted to make a quick buck on the BR hype train, but failed to produce something that was functional on even the most basic level. Failing that, they switched right back into "milk the plebs" mode, albeit with some better PR smoke and mirrors this time.
  12. It's almost like they were doomed before they started, because they chose to dev the game on an unstable alpha of a game engine. One would assume anyone who were to make an APB clone in modern day would not be an absolute bunch of brainlets like that.
  13. There's nothing stopping anyone from creating an APB clone with a different aesthetic.
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