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  1. and yet you still do nothing, I made a support ticket regarding cringe Z symbols 6 months ago and aswell brought it your attention on this thread, all you did was delete my posts, and the screenshots I reported are STILL on steam
  2. so my post with links to someone posting Z symbols on steam has been deleted yet those screenshots can still be viewed since LO didn't even remove them (surprise to nobody) absolute hipocrisy, barking at someone for having a confederate flag but blatantly ignoring a huge violation like this, whats better is that I even made a support regarding this 6+ months ago and still nothing so no nanichi you don't enforce against people using "political" symbols, stop pretending please
  3. was AI art really needed? or did u fire the guy who made the same promotional art for the summer sale last year hahahaha
  4. Z symbols are fine apparently so why would they care about a confederate flag
  5. idk who this astolfo pfp guy even is he just turns up and now he's banned apparently lel
  6. says the one who just turns up on the forum to churn out the most minimal effort posts ever
  7. now time to do the right thing and just make an exit ie shut the entire thing down, along with your company since you can't even be faithful to a single game lol, i heard STFU keeps getting delayed ayy lmao
  8. i found that any crim that was in a group could get witnessed,but solo players couldnt be
  9. you could have just got the crims to be in a group
  10. https://web.archive.org/web/20150801000000*/forums.gamersfirst.com
  11. (colouring the front bumper also changes this) best part of the roadmap, by far lol
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