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  1. not just me, but a few friends aswell dont get me wrong i want apb to suceed, very much so. but with LO having stupid ideas like phasing, and them taking 5 years just to do 64 bit, i really dont have much faith in them
  2. log out more than 2 times, you'll get it a better idea would be to keep the current system, because phasing is so bad its literally worse than what we have now, and if you can't understand my points are valid critiscm, why even bother replying?
  3. funny because apb likes to kick people out when joining a district, add that with the HUD bug whenever you get logged out and you have a disaster. stupid system
  4. man you try so hard to get a position of authority, its actually hilarious
  5. ninjarrrr


    i thought u meant apb was closing down aka end of service
  6. understanding that both new and old players use the cosenza for only 5 minutes can also be helpful
  7. removing stuff in apb lol good idea, and no point buffing it because its only used for 5 minutes until you get a better car anyway
  8. lol all these pistols changes and you cant even buff the TG8, how dumb
  9. i'd love to spend money on this game again but LO is so incompetant its not even funny anymore
  10. in that case im owed 5000jt for hosting all the NA players who flooded citadel on exdous because they had no players on their own server, i get extra for having to deal with their anti EU sentiment aswell
  11. i didnt read any of this
  12. nobody going to mention they broke the arrest system with this patch haha
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