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  1. they dont have the full rights to apb after they sold it to the chInese haha
  2. ip block all non european gamers from citadel, sorted. oh wait the forums would be filled with angry na gamers complaining they can't play apb. I couldn't really care about na gamers until they started playing on citadel and just endlessly whining about europeans, and I don't see why you're complaining about europeans considering theres barely any on jericho and nobody wants to play with you on citadel, anyway.
  3. na more culture lol.... remind me why all the top clans in this game are from eu
  4. i dont think he was talking about the war in ukraine......
  5. ingame report overhaul lol it never worked to begin with-and still doesn't releasing guns isnt enough to satisify the community, didn't you learn this from g1? you didn't actually fix anything wrong with missions though, 1v1 vip is still a thing, you didn't try and balance some of the map locations that heavily favour the defending team, some missions still have ridiculous time on stages etc. and for weapon balance patches....... just lmao this really isnt a good way to start ur thread tbh
  6. can't say i have but i do think you are the type of person to do it for sure
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