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  1. thought u played at low settings anyway so u wouldn't see the ads
  2. another thing introduced by riot!
  3. no thanks m8 gun game always kills mission district population
  4. cant wait for the server merge so i can own u lol
  5. it was removed because sKay showed a certain folder he didn't want everyone to see hahahaaha I posted a pic of here but it got removed almost instantly
  6. since when did i claim that is was a bad combo and that you shouldn't have it?
  7. oh no i lost to a pig when i use atac watchman tigrix have you ever realised that you just might be mad cuz bad?
  8. hurr durr i cry about symbols in an 18+ game whats the point crying honestly
  9. nah ur lying m8 it was my account so it was!
  10. surprised more people didnt point that out with the showstopper box
  11. yea man i have 6 cop 15s i use the nl9 a lot so i do
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