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  1. hahaha this game is so bad even at 0:42 the trailer lags ayy lmao
  2. as always, pointless waste of time. just wake up and shut the game down
  3. depends what problem you are talking about, imo there is so many things wrong with LO at this point the only solution i can think of would be shutting APB down, like i've mentioned many times before. especially if they aren't motivated to work on this game as you've said, the constant lack of updates and silence from LO are reminiscent of traits from gamersfirst, which is why i've taken a more toxic stance towards matt.
  4. the majority of those reviews are before LO purchased APB, i'm showing those reviews because they give in insight in what shithouse LO is currently in, the non payment of contractors make sense considering matt supposedly hired someone to help work on the engine upgrade. in my opinion the those others review are irrelevant because they are before LO decided to do AAA games and were a bargain bin company
  5. look we can see how well "experimenting" with apb has gone so far, its time for you to just admit that apb is curtains ie the show is over and the game is done for. the fact your new game is called "stfu" (hilarious) tells me all i need to know never mind the nft's lol. i trust my judgement that STFU will flop harder than apb. EDIT please look at this matt
  6. yeah because nobody thinks NFTS/crypto are a scam to begin with, look what happened with ubisoft and with gsc game world's stalker 2. nobody wants NFTS there is a huge backlash
  7. reviews i found on glassdoor lol little orbit is so done at this point
  8. honestly i am so fucking bored at this point, little orbit must know this game has no future yet continue to waste everyones time with broken promises time after time (reminds of gamersfirst lmfao) the fact that matt cant even be bothered to post an update on the forum shows you how little of a shit he actually gives about apb. if he wants to fuck around and get sued over stupid ip's that no cares about thats fine, but he should never of bought apb.
  9. literally just been released on YT, they dont even care about APB rofl, too busy with this crypto shite. ALSO NFT
  10. not a real song, just a guitar riff made for social district. i found the exact audio in the game files and its only a 30 second loop
  11. nah, goat doesnt care about apb anymore. pretty sure he was cheating on red orchestra 2 last time he was active
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