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  1. so if you've played EU fight club in the last month you may have noticed the crazy amount of rage cheaters that just turned up, I don't even hackusate but this is just fucking ridiculious now. the same low rank blatants just running around with aimbot and wallhack is really getting tiring to fight against, and the question is, why is there never a GM in to kick these idiots out the district? and my support ticket is still outstanding after 4 weeks now, even slower than the old system. its literally just 4 steps backwards with LO, all the time.
  2. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/forum/153-stonehold/ even nuked the forum lol no wonder
  3. little orbit probably using a botnet to increase player count lmoa
  4. i thought them releasing it last year as a limited time item would tell u the answer
  5. funny this guy talks about sense all the time when he doesnt have any nor does he make any sense in his posts lmao
  6. >not making any sense and derailing this thread yeah sure bro he got me with that
  7. why does fallen earth get more attention than apb lolmao it has less players than EU financial haha nobody cares about it honestly just nuke it, i cant believe that LO actually thinks their other projects are neccesarry for revenue when they either dont release or just have nobody playing them ever. not a good look lol, no wonder nothing gets done when matt is trying to balance 4 games by himself. your company isnt big enough to manage multiple games you struggle to even develop one game before just straight up abandoning it
  8. i woudlnt even trust LO to run a vending machine lolmao, absolutely clueless
  9. why does this link to a paywall site
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