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  1. whats the point being rude to people on a dead game forum lmao
  2. ninjarrrr

    oh dear

  3. nah g1 only forced everyone to do a password reset to get rid of all the blatant accounts using 10 minute email without having ff actually ban them
  4. lol not just cheaters but the kevlar 3 med spray scumbags too, lit couldnt get a mission without them would rather go to hell and stay there then play missions nowadays imo
  5. game is offiically dead lmao too late
  6. pig is useless now, too unpredictable when paired with dmr/dog ear. should've just nerfed perc stamina damage tbh
  7. as far as I'm aware there has never been any mass account "cleanses" or deletions, are you sure you're using the right email?
  8. pretty sure the accounts weren't deleted, I have a few 10 minute mail account that need password changes and they're still alive
  9. mine is better and its not even a halloween outfit lol
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