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  1. I would hope, the only thing i see is the joker voice is dif, still golds running around so No Game I mean its possible that the 64 code wont be compatible with the aimbots they use, but it'll be a week n the dude will rewrite the scripts. I dont think eac will stop aimbots, just large teleports and walls. Too bad I been really wanting to play but I just come n mess around. I dont even do joker jobs now. Maybe I'm expecting too much. So what U have is Chicken coop formerly framed by 2x4's n Now u have the same coop only framed with 4x4, but the same chicken wire, the same leaky roof, n your Grab-holes dont line up with your baskets. Ya got no grab holes ya got no game
  2. Your Kidding, when do we get the anticheat
  3. I still do the joker jobs, I come in early, get mine n get out. But I don't Need the joker tickets, like right now im working the .38 for all chars, just to have it. As far as I can see Resegregation will never come, even with an engine and anticheat. Ah its too bad, it was a fun game, we used to ham it up, make chat jokes. Golds n Hax don't allow fun in district, not counting missions n getting bashed by aim jockeys. So there's not much Fun to be had n I'm gettin a lil old for this chit, pushing 54
  4. I don't want to be snide but, That would be like Me making a new character name, and expecting to become 'Most Likable Player' Ya can't sugar coat shit n get rid of the stink. Those that know about the game as past/current players, know what's under that sugar coating. Changing the name wouldn't fool them. Those that have never heard of APB, still won't know about a new title cuz they don't know what Advertising is. When I talk about APB in Public to younger folks, they have never heard of it The best I can do is say, Well it's like GTA
  5. ROTF LMAO He's Right. I'd have to scroll way down to find it among titles such as 20 Useless Things U Din't Know B4
  6. Burned out n Fading away. I've always seen this game as more of a Social Hang Out with music n guns, than a sand box. As sandbox shooters go, this game is like scraping the bottom of the barrel. Compared to newer games. They been saying the same thing for 4 yrs, Engine in a few months, anticheat, ect. I'll be long dead by the time they do anything. Then if they upgrade, ya gotta figure a couple years of trial n error for every new thing they put in, resulting in lots of down time, hiccups n booting issues, you name it. ok Then your anti cheat won't just come in n catch all the hax, it will have to Learn first what information you should have, then bust for info you shouldn't have. That will take eons. for one thing the hax will all leave till the hacker can rewrite his hax, bout a week. And your pop will be zero. So if some people come back thinking its all legits now, n lets see what contacts they have. They gonna find a Ghost town with a few T-Bangers. Your true golds won't stay or come back cuz all of your fake hacker golds will be gone waiting on the new scripts. So they'll be no decent opp for em. I'm not trying to throw Salt, n I know I am speculating, but I have very little faith the 'upgrade' will be released anytime soon nor do I have faith that an anticheat will be effective in the long term.
  7. We all know that 'Trying something Twice or more, under the same parameters, and expecting different results, Is Insanity. I believe this would be an interesting study for psychology. In the old days we had 'Pay Phones' n U would go by n check the change slot. Playing this game is akin to coming by to check the change slot where the phone has been removed by the phone company leaving a few wires. Not even a change slot to check. Yet everyday we come by to check for change
  8. Because Matt Scott and what ever staff there is, 'Hide' . Outside of 'The New Engine' NO Staff in District. Ya cut the anticheats then ya let golds into bronze district. Ya either knew they were mostly hax or ya knew they were gonna beat everyone. Ya did it specifically because of Golds Requests n Begging. So your customer service is based around catering to those that are gold. Your customer service is 'Thrilled with letting hackers ruin the game, specially if it brings up the pop. They refuse to show up in district and get hacked all day, day after day. To see for themselves who is hacking n who is Gud, they refuse to talk about segregation. With no plans to resegregate in the future. It just doesn't matter if the Pipe Dream Engine comes out. Its a Crooked Game full of Crooks, Ran by Crooks.
  9. Patience has ran dry. They tired of that Dry Boloney sandwich
  10. Because; We are People who either by natural pre disposition or from exposure to APB, are critical of others, and in a habitual sociopathic way. We called Fowl n threw salt when he was gone, We said He was Dead. Now He comes with progress reports, efforts to interact with Us. So now everyone has to 'nitpick at every nuance of Matts. Because We are Sociopaths n tbh most of us don't know squat about 'Matts Work'. I think he has shown Significant progress, and his latest reports and interactions with player via the forum, ect, is a Good thing. Haters gonna Hate, cause that's what they do.
  11. The Clocks are off by a minute. The Game Clock is one minute slow relative to the chat time clock. Not important, just sayin.
  12. I got news for ya, They already do 'Allow' aimbots, wallhacks, teleports ect. They shut off the anticheats n let golds into bronze encouraging bullying of lower threats. The aimbot is just one tool they have, its a matter of not just bots. Most have other players nearby ghosting for em, and or your team mate might be spying for them. Via Discord. Cheating, and or Exploiting is per say an Art form, a skill. Not only the how-to's of aimbotting, but knowledge and manipulation of the MM, running multiple accounts, private communication with like minded players. These people been doing this for years, been this way since before I started, n be this way long after I'm Dead.
  13. Wow Man, Look >>>> someone from 'Support' Sadly I do not Tweet or twitch tik or tock, but that's ok, No one will miss my input Pity You go through the trouble of twitch, n this 'Open letter Facade' But can't and Won't come down to NA n play for a day, the whole day. Come n play with Us, I want ya to use your Nerf gun to shoot these golds up. I want you to fight them over n over, while defending your mothers honor in chat. I want you to die to their perfect no miss aim. Then U can have your 'Talk Show' Aint one of ya LOians got the Nards to do it.
  14. Too Little Too Late I could say that If this whole thread n its sub threads amounted to what one would call, Too Little. You bring me Nothing. Only thing U bring is that U admit other people have complained and wrote 'Letters' about Hackers. Not that U (Matt) agree Hax exist en masse, just that someone wrote a letter. Not that Your gonna DO anything about them, Oh We're just gonna talk about it. So the best Action LO can come up with, is to make forum threads n talk about things that we as players already have had thousands of threads on the various sub subjects related to engine upgrade and anti cheat capability. And And We have to wait for yet another Vacation for ya to Respond about these various subjects. So ya haven't even brought me a Response to call it Too Little Too Late. Far as I know from all your postings, You don't even know about desegregation. Don't know or care that it ruined the game for non golds, never said nothing about it. And Non of this stuff, your content, contacts, skins, cars, n the rest of your techno garbage Matters at all. Its the Cart before the Horse Until U Do Something about Hackers
  15. It's all true. The only I can add to this is, When support/staff fail to ban, anticheat removed, no communication from staff about cheaters. You start thinking they don't care at all or dont exist anymore. Then after all that U have the gall to desegregate n Let the mostly gold hackers into Bronze. Well then people start thinking, Gee LO really is on the hackers side. That was 2 years ago. I want to add that not all golds are hax and lately I've seen silvers and low baby rank bronzes hacking.
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