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  1. Today is May 16th, World GM Appreciation Day We want to Thank All of You, Thank You for Your Time, Thank You for Your Patients enduring the Rubbish mouthed Hater's. We want to Thank You for running Gun Games, Giving High ranks a Boost on the Joker Grind, and Lower ranks Who don't have Joker Jobs unlocked, a chance to make some tickets. We want to Thank You for keeping Order. You are all Very Much Appreciated
  2. Hey Hey now. We used to have allot of High or Max ranks Legits that played bronze. Most left because of the lack of anticheat, population, and working guns. All of which drove out more people like me, cuz without pop, and solid hit regs or the hacking of hit regs or health there is only a couple of joker jobs that can be done. Dont really matter now, it used to matter if they dethreated but now there just as many hack in bronze as silver. GMs dont deal with hacking, dont have detection. Its like LO just won't accept or believe that many hacks exist, n they'd rather keep the few legits in Line, from Rocking the Boat. Cuz if they loose 3 or 4 legits its nothing to them, compared to banning the other 50 hackers in NA. If they ban them they would only have 4 or 5 legit players left, n that wont get them investors or put them in the tradable market
  3. They don't 'Care' Anticheat is the last, very very last thing in their priority list. And lets face it, if they were banning, we would have about 10 legits left to play, n 5 of those are once a month types. In My opinion the gun nerfing project was done to retain the hackers. Keep the few legits from being able to kill em with a full mag to the belly. You say Report and move on. First off if you can't detect a cheat how is whoever thats might come to watch the hacker gonna know if they haven't detection technology. Second We have strong doubts a report is even looked at in a timely manner if at all. Third, I am not Your Policeman So to me, you are trying to get rid of me and the few Legits n Keep the Hackers. Have a Nice fkn Day.
  4. You're Right. Be nice if LO told me. or Explained how this works. The Yellow 'Usable's are no longer usable with a cross on them, And LO should have Removed them from our lockers if we cant ever use them again. The 'New Shield' is a Orange 'Mod' and no longer a 'usable', So you must look under Character Mods in the joker store to find it, Pay 100 tickets to unlock it, then click on it again, and pay 10,000cash to buy the Mod. Then its like any other Orange mod, like torch or jammer. It deploys a shield for 60 sec. n I assume a 2-min cooldown. Thank You Sir. I stand Corrected
  5. they are crossed out, they are not usable. If you pick shields in your load out. the hud will warn you they unusable in this district, however I see people use them on occasion. they are locked out, have been for months.
  6. Please Fix the Shields so I dont have to report all the people using them
  7. You're not going to attract new players with out any advertisement, you're not going to get any old players back without some serious changes. Right now its a handful of pro's that only care about K/D, there is no Spirit of The Game. Its always been hard on a beginner. The anticheat is grossly ineffective, and because it is. There is even more suspicion. Ya give me joker jobs but you nerf all the subguns taking that job out, ya take out Pres/Note 5 n ya dont put in another joker job to replace it. So You gave me something to grind, then in my opinion, gave the cheats the run of the game by nerfing my guns. So unless I wanna feed cheats, you really give me no reason to play. Why climb the ladder so u can kick it out from under me? I didn't want to make a rant, these are reasons why we have such a low pop
  8. I Do Support LO. I appreciate the changes made, the new weapons, and of course the opportunity to get joker weapons, in addition to the many Armas guns I own. I too am a Collector, I'll buy a gun just for its looks knowing its not gonna be OP in combat. I also tend to support the individual staff members. I am sore though about the resent nerfs and what I think is a combination of cheat aiming and or cheat induced hit reg lag. A big issue with this joker grind is getting stuck using one weapon/type in mission environments that do not favor your weapon, as we all know you must switch weapons as needed to fit the situation. I also tend to loose more and score less. This is the chance I take for the opportunity to win joker tickets
  9. The Only Thing Keeping me playing right now, is the Joker Jobs, and my Lazziness to clean out my garage n do yard work. Nomally I dont Eat at dinner time, they put a plate aside for me n I eat just before bed. Because I stay up grinding my joker jobs, and playing with the Evening crowd. Then I'm up at 4am n I start all over again. Recently though, I would rather watch TV or Ytube. As any Grind goes, its fatiguing, I have 6 chars to grind each day I'm not fighting sweatys, for the joker tickets, and certainly not fighting them with nerfed weapons. Let me throw an example out here. 25 tickets for 5 radar jams, 2 minute cooldown. I have jammed 4 need one more, 3 minutes left in the mission, n i have a 2 minute cooldown. I know im not gonna have time to jam that last one, So Why go running back. Now If we had a job that said Win two missions for a decent amount of pay. like 100 tickets for winning two missions, i might try harder. but the only one like that is 10 tickts, its not even worth the gas to get to the mission. Then they nerfed n buried the subguns, so that job is out. Im not trying to kill 5 players with perfect aim and hit regs with a nerfed shit gun. Now what does that mean to the rest of the game. It means that Macks 3 crims can't or wont do that job, and thats at least 5 missions I'm not going to play that day. Now Maybe mack is greedy. So lets take out the joker tickets. Now what do I have to do. Go Steal? What go work on my K/D or my Arrests against Sweatys with no Effective Automatic Anticheat, So I can listen to the Sociopaths nettling n telling you to uninstall ect. LOL My Right to play is determined by some Randoms Opinion.
  10. I would like to see some feedback on this too. This means no Revenge against current Trolls, that literally follow u in there cars all over the map, crashing u and honking...So this means i have to take that shit n can't do nothing back. As it stands I just go get a truck right away if i want a vehicle that will make it to the mission. Not only the trolls but the npc constantly turning in your way. Also one of the Few Remaining Joker Jobs is killing or running down 150 well deserving npc pedestrians. Also with the increased npc traffic turning in front of you, siren or not. Its just better to drive on the sidewalk or smash thru the npc cars with a truck Its like being on pins n needles
  11. First off. Dont Try the guns till you are ready to buy. the Try gives you a 35% discount, n its only valid for 24hrs or so. Second. All My weapons are Account Wide. So any new reroll i make gets all them guns. The .45 is an Excellent Pistol, it had the long range of a magnum but is not made for range combat like the .44s. Its best used close up The FAR is a good gun, its precise, lightweight. it tends to bloom out in CQ and becomes weak at range. The Cobra-A is a nice gun. It has slightly more punch than the Far, but slightly less range. Let me suggest you look at the sub guns, get the bullpup called Trouble Maker. this is a chopped down Assault rifle. with AR range, it comes with a hunter 3 site, tagger, and its silenced..DONT GET THE ENTENTE its a pos The Trouble maker is very accurate, great for taps, full 32 magazine, it has some bloom in CQ but makes up for it with its AR like damage. Its not the meta sub gun, but a very good medium. It does not suffer from the 'Drop Off' in power that the other subs have recently be subjected to. Not to mention the tagger comes in handy if you like the Joker job and or when you are the scrub on the team. You run out n tag em, n the gold goes over n kills him
  12. Lixil on forums Nanichi in-game There was a GM awhile back called Mac, He was cool.
  13. Thats a bit harsh. I see the gm spending allot of time answering questions. And one time someone was Truck Raging n the GM removed the player, even Silenced my reroll Lenny for hacusating. N guess who quiets down when a gm is present. Ol Mack likes to 'Dry Hacusaate' , Mack likes to call people politically oriented names. I no longer do this because of convos with the GM. GMs are doing the Job they were asked to do, this may not be the the job certain players think the GM should be doing, which to my knowledge is primarily keeping the toxicity out of chat. As far as trolling, it is the GM being trolled by repetitive stupid questions
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