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  1. I'm not OK with any of em, But it is what it is. I believe that customer retention is over riding the need for effective anti cheat. Thats why u see me playing the way I do, to be clear, it is not 'playing'. Its simply a grind for my JTs. Why try to have fun n ham it up. They gonna bot, teleport n wallhack n then call ya a noob n say EZ Reporting someone has no effect unless you run around recording, n i dont. so any report i make is pretty much voided. Due to the mass amount of known hacks and the gun nerfs, I wont even attempt a joker job that requires a weapon, I dont associate like i used to in chat. because i cant trust anyone to be moral enough to not hack. Easier to just filter chat, then i dont have to listen their sociopathic insults. like some that will say in chat, They havent seen a hacker in years...Ya Right. or it must be your internet or that cordless mouse. they have every excuse in the book down.
  2. I'm not too happy about the extended down time up to 10hrs, up from the old standard of 4 hrs. As far as the time window I figure they are either effecting NA or EU, one of us has to get screwed for prime time. I'm not sure I like this 'Provider' but this a Server Provider, not just an ISP. So a Server Farm. So the Server Farm staff go to our server, n reboot/update software. N we have to work with their staffing and operating hours. During this time, LO can insert new coding, tweeks ect, that cannot be done with the game running.
  3. Why Not Read the threads. Our provider's availability has changed" Its not them, its their Provider
  4. So that's Pac-Time 7-am to 5-pm @10hrs. Possibly done by 1-pm pac-time @ 6hrs = $2.14 for 9 Eggs, on account of Johney fell off his bicycle on the way back from the grocery store, cracking 3 Eggs.
  5. Any adjustment of a weapon, by the 'Nerfs' Whom have little if any knowledge of Fire arms is Wrong! You people Ruined shotguns in general, n now you've ruined all of the sub guns, (most are oca reskins) and in doing so eliminated yet one more joker job. Shotguns: Now your gonna try to tell me, Your new 20gauge Slug gun, has less hard damage with a Slug, that a jg 12 gauge. Heres another example. Your Ogre is so despicable id rather beat the enemy with it than fire it, the spread is so wide, wider than a claymore pattern, n no real guns have trigger delays,,that's stupid.
  6. random 10 hr maintenance, nerf any gun that kills, no anticheat, rewards gold to hackers, allows toxicity toward legit or regular skilled players. Being an honest gamer dont pay. Ya I think I'm done with you people
  7. That would be nice if they actually Buffed anything, what was done was massive Nerfing. Ok so they reduced the recoil for the Tommy slightly, with that they nerfed the drop off and range of every sub gun with one exception, n Im not gonna say what gun still works so they dont nerf it. They Butchered the sub guns, they butchered the shot guns a while back. Sub guns arent suppose to have a huge bloom, even the old Grease gun was fairly accurate. They suppose to be precise, come in the hallway, a quick triple tap to the man to the left of the door, moving in two double taps to the man at the end of the hall, before judo rolling to the side for cover, comes out of the roll on his feet, pops up from cover n empties the mag on the late comer just running back in from spawn. The late comer survives n grabs the box n runs, only to be taken out by 1 240gr. 44 slug from Big Thunder. Excellent lil story, n its just that a Story, only found in books and in Macks little mind. What really happened was mack came in the hallway with a subgun that had the range of an AR, he drains the mag on the guy to the left of the door, who then pulls a Chuckle Emote, then flips me off just as the guy at the end of the hall bricks me to the eye. Late comer arrives, kicks mack n tbags n runs off to next point....Thats what really happens after they Butcher n stomp on all the guns. I want all the nerfs reversed, i am not happy about it at all.
  8. Agreed, this is half the reason i am not spending now, the other half is the nerfed weapons. However your estimate of 500 players is grossly over. We have a max of 50-60 players on a Good day. MOst of those being Golds/Pro's/Hackers. Very few Legit players..It has gotten so bad that i did spend. but just to make another slot. so i could also be a famous and well liked player. So i bought a slot so i can have a license plate name. Then like the other sociopaths I stand on the rail at double B and Talk about myself, n how BaddAss I am. So this week I was 'GOD'. next week imma be what ever the license plate is on my neighbors car. Fucks NOT giVen-Mack Bolan
  9. I dont want to be toxic, But I will not purchase any more weapons, unless the nerfs are reversed. I will not Use any of the weapons that have been nerfed. I believe that the Drop Off they tweeked, effected all my weapons, and or that the cheaters have a way to either shield themselves or stump my hit regs and drop off distance. Why, cuz i get grey or white hits and the guy dont go down. So either LO nerfed the gun, or the cheater did. Thats why U see me running around with a 38. its the only thing they havent nerfed n i no longer GAF
  10. Thank You for the Maintenance Notification, an Thank You the Time is back to normal. Never mind the comments from the 'Peanut Gallery' Derren Types writting on Walls.
  11. can we get the Times for maintenance on 1-6-21,,tomarro
  12. Seems to me the Latest Provider Sucks, last big shut down was cus the provider. I say We go Picket that providers P.O. box Pop has been so low lately in the bronze districts its become very hard on a day to day basis to grind Joker Tickets. Especially since the last nerfs, cuz the nerfs effected all weapons from registering unless your a magician, Forced to play in the Silver districts where most the opp are Magicians. So I am pretty much giving up on the Joker grind, and have decided to alternate my grinding days, with Fun Only Days. Now there are only 6 days in a Week cuz Wednesday is not a Day anymore
  13. thats the Whole Day, why did u guys change your maintenance times..used to be a night. now your taking USA out the whole day..Fine..I give up
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