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  1. DONT NOBODY FUX WITH THE GUNS, took a year to re-tune them all.
  2. Don't be comin in Here n naming n shame sniveling bout My People. Everybody knows we have fkn maintenance, n ya its always been on wednesdays n a few thursdays. There used to be a Pinned post under Server status, Saying the day n time ect. OMFG I dint get my Promised Memo Ya All Leave Lixil alone. First off She's not assigned to work the forums, What her assignment is, is not for U 2 know or Me 2 Tell These people are busting their asses to keep our game running Yes You have a point Alani, Maybe one of these MODs can update that part of 'Servers Section and Pinn it up. I've seen a few people Baggin on Lixil, n I don't like it. Matt posted somewhere that she was working on another thing. i dont remember what it is, thats how i know.. Lets remember they just stood point on a long hard dds attack and they are working on the new engine as well.
  3. L.O. RTW/g1 did nothing but reset the server now and then. There was no plan to add content, dds would happen n it would be 3 days before the server was reset.
  4. Yea its one thing to have a brief joust with someone. but when they sit on you n follow you n keep flipping your car for shitsngiggle n your trying to grind out levels. n i would assume the same people are ddsing. same kind of result, same caliber of people. So I'm Profiling.
  5. No not as far as fixing it so it wont happen. But the culprits do it to get us Loyalists to get mad a LO n scuff around n say I aint Paying. NO not this time. We get mad at there buddies. Its not like its one grand person doing it, they all do it. All of the PUnks that is. The trolls. When i say Hacusate, i dont mean cheating in the game. But Ill cool it on the chat. You know I have the Right to remain Silent n still get revenge My way. Scorched Earth.
  6. Every time they dd the game, imma buy something from LO n blatanly hacusate n thash about the district. Fuck Em
  7. Not Mad at LO. They shoulda hired a Master Hacker to catch these people. I am furious with the hax that are doing this. Society today, most of the younger generation are sociopaths, little or no morals, they kill babies, torture animals, ping out games n giggle like a pubescent 14 year old. DDSer GO CLEAN YOUR ROOM, PUNK
  8. Don't Let The Door Hit Ya, Where The Good Lord Split Ya
  9. I had not considered Bloom, i can see this being useful to highly skilled players, and at certain ranges and situations. But i still dont consider it an exploit. Nor do i see it being used in combat often. Mostly be some troll walk up n try to fux your Mind My only complaint with that, if i were to complain, would be the unrealistic nature of the deed. This would be impossible in real life. Even if you could catch the gun, finger the trigger, and do this multiple times in one clip. Gun Juggling, and even if you are an ambidexterity shooter. You Still would miss more with one hand due to the Strong Eye. Everyone has one stronger. Thats if ya didnt gouge yourself n loose part of a finger on the rebounding slide as it racked back. probly flip the gun out of your hand
  10. No. I would not call that an exploit. Shooting while hammering the V button, no different than jumping and hopping while shooting
  11. WHY ARE YOU CLOSED eRROR 9 x 2 = Angry Mack i see lixil post now. they workin on it
  12. having trouble contacting log in server, i live in southern calif. put in my code n it tries to contact log in server, and it times out. says error code n game might be down for maintenance,, just a FYI
  13. If i remember right, you got the weapon unlocked at level 3. The skin, you can apply to other weapons you have to max the role for. n I thought the 38 only had 3 levs to max. They dont have the Tin hat this time. They dont have the rewards/levels written out for us to go by. And I not too pleased to see Valentine weapons in armas. make it easy to get the main role maxed while the rest use star's n hope a good weapon from a V-Box, n im not too pleased about the passing out of 'Idiot Codes' (Idiot Code) = GM comes into crowded server n gives promo code for one person to win. n Blabs it into common chat. Idiocy, is when u are the one who tries to navigate out of the action district under threat of dis connect due to inactivity to Armas, to find out it was a one person one time use code. Or when the gm says he will give you something n you show up he dont give nothing. Incidentally its against tos to share or provide or distribute promo codes in chat, and i Frown upon the activities of the GMs during this Holiday.
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