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  1. illgot is right. Some of us are 1-Game people. Ya Grow Up in an open world, and you look foward to seeing certain players. Frienemies. Some of us Old pattoties just dont have another game, nor want to Grind out a new game. I for one have gone back to warthunder. Lot less hacking there than was a few years back. And the pc i bought for apb works great. There is nobody talking smack in chat. Have I 'moved on'. No, Ill be around, but I won't be 'Living in the park'. APB still offers fun times. But its either newbs or golds. I would have no issue letting a newb get some off me, but lets face it. Im 50 yrs old, Im old and slow.
  2. I find this funny. Nobody went to the test district, so Ya'all gonna try a flank move n put it in FC. I would hope that Buffing some shotguns would be part of the testing results. ps I shall watch my language and tone here on the forums. My Bads
  3. I do not want to come off as racist either, in NA its all Latin lettering. And on occasion thru out the day the Spanish people will chat. This is distracting to me because of my small 15' laptop screen. I realize the Spanish speaking people have just as much a right to be on chat as I do. It is no more or less distracting than an English speaker spamming for weapon trades or buys in Mission district. Seems it would pretty hard to report a player who had a name that was not Latin characters, outside of the scoreboard. and or block, ect. Need a new kind of software, maybe instead of omitting other languages it could translate them.
  4. I Totally agree with you. You have out done me though on cramming numerous issues into one roughly punctuated paragraph
  5. I gonna try to be nice about this. Put yourself in the shoes of the average skilled player, n i use the word Skill loosely. We had a few new shotguns from LO, They were cool. Then they come along an start messing with things, nerfing every weapon that can be bought. Then They come at us with this 'HOg-wash about customs and eu servers and unleash the Golds on everyone. Lets Add in the cracker-jack box anti cheat, and the companies favoritism toward golds and cheaters. So, you wanna take away the asylum and continue for weeks letting Golds into the Regular peoples server, so that u can nerf more weapons so the Golds have an even easier time waxing our asses. You want Me to be the Anti cheat and spend my time reporting everyone, that you will not do shit about, you want to nerf more guns, and u want to use my server freedom to do it. So i gotta deal with cheaters all day while you guys open an instance just for gun nerfing, And You want Me to go down n waste my time on a dead patootie server to help you nerf my guns. I take desegregation as a personal insult, I hope your Golden buddies are rich, cause i wont spend Not a Dime as long as Golds run free and your anti-cheat is non-existent and useless, n I'll be damned if imma go down n help you make the golds even harder to kill
  6. Why, and HOw do you Justify weapons test districts But We have to deal with Desegregation? You're using our Bronze area for an empty test server THAT NOBODY IS USING. It says MM and Heat are disabled, well MM never has worked, what is Heat? Why is Nobody Using those districts, like its not common knowledge that we the players were the ones who had to Test guns for LO, and if that is the case then why not Pin a Thread up. I see no players in there on any day. So no players and no staff. Why are you torturing us? Throwing Us under the Gold Bus Don't Gimmi any of Guard-House Lawyer poopie about Mr. Customs Man Why nerf guns anymore, its already at a point where i might as well throw the gun at them or beat them with it
  7. Absolutely!!!! I Do Not believe LO is doing all that could be done. I have a 3ft chain fence in my front yard, n that is about how effective EZ anti cheat is. Like the fence, its there to keep honest people honest. But anyone can step over this fence. An Anti Cheat to me is a program that detects cheaters and bans or notifies the authorities. The EZ they have relies on players playing policeman and having to do the detection themselves an report it. and then hope someone reviews the report. Which we know how that will go. Let me add in here that i do know that not all golds hack, but beings its so far from turning bronze to silver to turning from silver to gold, i highly suspect any gold. Not just cause they are gold, but because i know the anti cheat does not work, it doesn't detect them, I have to detect them. So how do i go about detecting them putting aside the gold thing..well if they dont miss, if they shoot u without even an instant to aim. If they show up behind you after just seeing them in a spot they could never have moved from legally. unusually high lag spikes during mission, being spawned 900 meters from the point. I might also add that i feel LO rewards the hacks or that the management leans in favor of the hacks, and the Long Time Paying Customers get screwed by Droves of cheaters, n the cheats get op joker guns n probably dont even pay LO for them. In any case im fed up, my kid bought me some steam games n imma go over there. I'm all maxed out, so there is nothing to accomplish aside from killing hackers, n i didn't come to this game to have to deal with that. The game is no longer fun, there is rarely anyone i know online, not that im Buddies with or friends, just names ive seen before, ya can't get into a mission district, they are full and no secondary instance of that disrict will open up, but we got money to run weapons test districts at the same time as a xmas event. So we can decide how to nerf more your guns so the hacks get more kills. Another good way to detect a hacker is simply saying something in chat, now the person u hacusate wont even say anything, but some Golden Weekend Warrior will come on n hate whisper ya, Thats a real good indication that the whistperer is a hacker cause they be sympathizing. So All I can say is Mack is gonna stfu cause there are no Regulars to talk to or fuzzy bunny to about Golds/Hacks. its just the Golds in house. Im just gonna report anything that even slightly looks suspicious. Now I know half the people i report wont be actual hackers, but beings the anti cheat wont detect their cheats, n I have to. I'd rather error on the side of caution. Its a Dangerous World out there, If You see something, Say Something
  8. They aint gonna fix the servers and re-segregate, They just putting Xmas event in. n the missions and the fc will be fkn dead for 2days till the Magics get all their awards up in the Beacon (which i wouldn't be caught dead in). Good a few days of fkn Peace n Quiet from the Golds
  9. ARE BRONZES ALLOWED TO PLAY YET? No one is allowed unless they fkn Magic, and no one is allowed to acknowledge or speak about the 'Magic People', n if your not Magic, we gonna nerf all your guns to make sure your patootie loose. APB is no longer a casual game. Casual meaning, ya come in, play some tunes, n have some Clown Fun in a mission, oh no.. no time for clowning. Its your A-game and A-Weapon, (not the role weapon you want to work) 70% of players are new names never seen before that day, n the next day they be another 50 new names, all golds low to mid rank, n the only way to beat them is to sneak up on one n back shoot him before his 'Magic takes over n drills ya with some op legendary, that the joker wont give to 'Non Magic's" Oh Yea Big Pile of fkn laughs
  10. Volcano along with ursus n new glory. I dont want to stray off the explosives topic. But yea a slotted version of Opgl permanent weapon would help the rental fees, not always the weapon of choice but you need one in your box for those wise asses The volcano is not available for rental, u can buy one for 80 million off the 'Lucky Magic People' but a regular player has no chance to win off the joker, i've spent over a hundred on the joker n never once won the item. Therefore the Joker being a nonviable avenue, We need a way for Regular Legit players to access these super weapons. p.s. last i spent 20 on the joker n lost but got 3 knock knocks, wtf is it with the knock knocks, yet every newb gold in dist has new glory and volcano. i think im paying the wrong joker
  11. Yes its down again, almost to the end of a mission just like this morning n bang. And I want to know what happen to the threads about this mornings los angeles outage n why they were locked and last answered with issues related to EU from some 12hr before the crash. Remember this is Los Angeles. Why are U Denying that the game is down and or why is there no explanation. You gimme an explanation for some other issue on a dif world that happened at another time....You people are now so bad, you are Santa's Naughty List for shutting this game down. Letting golds smash the real players, nerfing guns just after purchase, and crashing out every 3 hrs. N its LOs angeleS not friggin new york or eu. G;et
  12. same here...Poof n its Gone. let me log in, but no instances are showing Its Down more than its Up, ffs
  13. Right, that may be part of my issue is trying to stretch the cq weapon to mid range, but im working on my pointman role up in the Nut House. And You know how it goes, they give you a preslot version for loyalty n ya think the one u buy will be as good...Not so much. I was gonna buy a Short barrel shot gun, i already have the long barrel preslot, but i understand they are nerfing shotguns aswell. Welp i made a mistake. and i didnt learn from the last time i spent. My own stupidity buying anything
  14. Sooo, we nerfed the gun i just bought, Thanks, now it will suck even more, suppose to have the range of Assalt rifle, n don't kill worth a rats pattotie at 5 feet. We talkin bout the silenced oca two slot Why is it that everytime i buy a gun i feel like ive been robbed n made to relearn a lesson, once ive taken said weapon into combat. FFs next they will nerf bricks n you'll only get a 1/4 brick to throw. Make legit paying customers fight Golds with nerfed weapons...Thanx Merry Xmas to U too.
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