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  1. Yes its down again, almost to the end of a mission just like this morning n bang. And I want to know what happen to the threads about this mornings los angeles outage n why they were locked and last answered with issues related to EU from some 12hr before the crash. Remember this is Los Angeles. Why are U Denying that the game is down and or why is there no explanation. You gimme an explanation for some other issue on a dif world that happened at another time....You people are now so bad, you are Santa's Naughty List for shutting this game down. Letting golds smash the real players, nerfing guns just after purchase, and crashing out every 3 hrs. N its LOs angeleS not friggin new york or eu. G;et
  2. same here...Poof n its Gone. let me log in, but no instances are showing Its Down more than its Up, ffs
  3. Right, that may be part of my issue is trying to stretch the cq weapon to mid range, but im working on my pointman role up in the Nut House. And You know how it goes, they give you a preslot version for loyalty n ya think the one u buy will be as good...Not so much. I was gonna buy a Short barrel shot gun, i already have the long barrel preslot, but i understand they are nerfing shotguns aswell. Welp i made a mistake. and i didnt learn from the last time i spent. My own stupidity buying anything
  4. Sooo, we nerfed the gun i just bought, Thanks, now it will suck even more, suppose to have the range of Assalt rifle, n don't kill worth a rats pattotie at 5 feet. We talkin bout the silenced oca two slot Why is it that everytime i buy a gun i feel like ive been robbed n made to relearn a lesson, once ive taken said weapon into combat. FFs next they will nerf bricks n you'll only get a 1/4 brick to throw. Make legit paying customers fight Golds with nerfed weapons...Thanx Merry Xmas to U too.
  5. Ya it be Nerffed, seems both models are shit now. I wouldn't worry about Un building it. It just doesnt fucking matter anymore You wanna nerf something, nerf the ursus and the new glory and limit the volcano to one shot, then maybe some of the honest people will win more. Ya know the ones that dump a 100 to the joker n get shit on by those who have spent a fkn dollar n got everything. n i dont see how the EU see's it as gambling, its a fkn donation, Period
  6. I'm a Perma-Silver. In general I despise Golds. The MM will put you against the same 'Group' every mission. So It sucks to loose yes, but it sucks more if each time you mission, Its the same bunch that fux u last time. That said; I think allot of these Golds are in groups and or using outside communication such as discord, and the bronzes and most silvers are going at it alone. So if I were to complain. Yes I would suggest some are cheaters, but the biggest complaint regarding Golds, is that after 5 years of play, there is such a vast distance between turning silver and turning gold, it is not proportionate to the distance one has to go from green to bronze, and bronze to silver, that I have never seen Gold. n I won't. So if this keeps up, there will be no silvers. only Golds and Bronzes, and everyone will be broke. You can't go steal in a low pop dist, nor can you be a cop and go looking for stealers. Now the quick easy way to make cash is the FC. As far as being a Max rank and going against T ranks and low rank bronzes...I Always let em get some patootie, spend a clip and purposely miss them. Now thats not dethreating or anything but being a courteous gamer, and plenty of peps have helped me out this way. So its nothing for me to pass it down a bit, unless its an gold reroll, then I nade-spam
  7. is it still down, getting Error 9...FAk
  8. Ya I tried to switch characters and it wont let me back in, tried a few times. Jericho Fin NA
  9. They let all these gold botters run wild, litarly swimming in hackers. no fkn anti cheat. nothing but strange random gold names. Now im done grinding, but who wants to come hang out with a bunch of despicable cheaters. Guess I wont complain the next time it goes down, So what, Good, screw the mass hacks out of the play area. Dead patootie Hackers Game. Kiss My patootie
  10. infinite loading of district in jericho/fin, also forum posts are not posting or are funxy. Just fyi.
  11. (Pluggs Cell Toilet with toilet paper-Flooding Cell Block-Flings prison slipper at guard on cat-walk hits in back of head) WHY ARE U CLOSED
  12. Last time this happened they forgot to remove the block, that gives normal players an error 9, The block is there so the gms can go in and play and check out the game before they open it up. I'm probly wrong, but in the interest of all I'm bringing it up. Could this be the reason. Please relay this to the techs.
  13. tried again, same thing. again i dont use steam. The 'Contacting Server seems to lag for a minute before showing error code 9, as opposed to before this, the error code would come up instantly after putting in my pw
  14. still error code 9, and my posts are not showing up here, I'm not on steam, just the standard issue launcher
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