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  1. Just another Proxy War, I am surprised they let russians have internet, we figure if you're not on the front line then you are in a gulag or in forced labor. But we only know what our media says. Russia wants the Oil and the Port, We want to sell our Chrome Dome Anti air system. But 'We' get nothing, We pay taxes, The old idiots and jesters decide what happens to our money. My point here is that, People are People, We all have Dreams, Needs. We all cry, bleed, and die. We are all Brothers and Sisters separated by the Government Oligarchs, and borders and Ideals. It is the Governments that point and say Those people are bad, you must hate them
  2. 1. Is this 'Secrets' the Developer? Is He/She responsible for making the new car? Is there then no developer to work on 'the new car'? When can expect a developer to put police lights on the New Car? I believe there is considerable revenue to be made by putting police lights, Audio/Wheel transmission/Exhaust and Body kits for the New Car. Is this in The Plan? When can we expect these changes? 2. The MM is not working well. The wait is too much, Putting low threats on a team with golds is bad. The gold/s have to carry the team, and the low threat will never rise in threat because the gold will out perform and score highest. What can be done with the MM to fix this, and or is restructuring the way threat is scored an option?, When can we expect change? 3. Why are NA servers crashing and or laggy, What is the issue?, when can we expect a fix? 4. Why is there an abundance of false ban claims and yet I am still running into players with perfect aim, speed runners without boost, teleporters. To be blunt, you banned Kerry who never hacked, yet we have hackers not being banned? What is being done to Tune EAC?
  3. No cop lights on the new car Golds still in missions No coffee 24hrs Servers are Instacrash cracker jack box NO pay 25+ joker tickets for any mission with golds No updates on said cop lights DoJ trying to distract with Eclipse Matt endorsing 3M Solar goggles Musk n Matt watchin without goggles I could have black coffee last time, this time No. Don't Look at it, its a Trap
  4. Loves Faidrah's post. APB in a nutshell. Where all of Humanity's Goal in Life is become a No-Miss Gold, and Decorated Chat Warrior prior to passing the 6th Grade. Calling themselves 'Influencers', What a Crock. Don'tcha know what the Government does to influencers. Instead of running your mouths you kids should be buying up all the onions in the country
  5. I resemble that comment, Salt. May I gift you an epiphany, a center dot, a monitor crosshair, hack overlay, ect. All still require the user to put the dot on the target, I gaf if you tie yellow string to your monitor, ya still gotta aim it. ps. I do recommend Yellow string, white string blends into back ground. The aiming issue can be dealt with by adding new guns of significant size. The ammo would need to be HE Frag's, Hi penetration, and some Willie Petes, the ammo loadout would come as a mod. The calibers being 20 mm up to 4 inch. You could just come in hosing 20mm. For the bigger guns like the 88, you would wear the gun like a back pack n have to crouch to aim n fire. Why you could sear a dump truck in half!!!
  6. We appreciate you updating us, Thank You
  7. You can't convert this game, n if ya could nobody in LO would be smart enough to do it. They can't even put cop lights on a reskin car. I used to play and old pve game on ps4 or so, it was called 'Black'. the authenticity of the guns was right on, similar to MoHonor. I'm guessing that certain games have acquired copy rights, unlike apb. Or that in todays world of mass government shootings, the gun companies don't want to be fingered as the cause of said shootings via video gaming. People making law suits against gun companies because children allegedly act out games and or movies. Ya a few are real psycho kids, but the majority are the DoJ doing false flag shootings to take America's guns. Returning to the point and subject. The hard sites on these guns and the method of hold/stance/firing are all wrong with a few exceptions. All of your recoil is mimicked by bloom and barrel rise and the weight of the gun having zero effect on bloom and rise, but it make you run slow or fast. Looking down the site is what attracts me to these types of games, The job of the cop even back when this game was written up, is not authentic. There should be peps standing around on the Zombie dope or leaning, prostitutes, gang bangers, domestic disputing. Some or all on a pve, so cops could gain xp as easy as the criminal can stealing.
  8. I Volunteer to sit in said 'Chair' as a Director, I will sit and point
  9. Lol, Well Somebody needs to come address some of these issues. As you can see civil order is breaking down, people are throwing bar stools and table candles. Aside from My Police Lights, people want updates on the MM and Server stability. If nothing else simply an acknowledgement. We don't even know if the dev knows no police lights can be put on the car, or if they were aware of the server issues. If the server issues were caused by hackers or the provider? If coding lights for the car is in the works. Ya know issues are issues, but when you add that lack of communication, people begin to speculate and rage, n if one gets started the rest jump on the wagon.
  10. WHY does this alleged Dev Hide on Discord, and not come to this forum and address the issues with the new car not having police lights??? WHY does Matt Hide and not address Hacking, MM, Server Crash's, ect. Why is there not even Maintenance announcements and Why does the launcher indicate that Easter Events started on March 13-20/Via web site, yet the last announcement by forum gm's says St. Patricks day started on March 13, Yet according to Google, Easter is on March 31. They are conspiring to X out Western Religious Holidays by tricking us into believing that Easter had already past before St. Patricks Day cuz it says so on the Launcher, n they always leave the last " Event" on the launcher for months. You go back to Ditch-Wire/discord n You tell that alleged Dev that Mack is gonna Fire all of LO if I don't get Police lights on My new car, n Ya either rent a decent server or you close NA n Merge to EU. How I am 60 miles from the West server at 1 ms n it runs more patootie than if I goto EU at 170ms
  11. Two weeks now without any comment from Staff or volunteers regarding; Maintenance, MM, Hackers, Police Lights/Kits for new car, Server shutdowns and instability. I Vow to put forth as much effort in missions as staff do (when they show up for work)
  12. I am proof that does not happen, most all of the sweaties hate me, either because I hacusate or i don't hack. I don't run any questionable programs, so there is nothing for EAC to detect. This was a thing back in the FF days but not anymore. Occasionally we have had spammers come in, and players calling out for everyone to report the offender. When this happens it is generally a GM that comes in and Silences the offender, but doesn't ban them. GM's can't ban U alone, they would report the issue up the chain of command, as an 'In-House' report. not the same type of report a player can make. The only way to avoid suspicion of a Player/GM is to not hire a Player. Now I don't have any suspicions of our GM's, but if there is any Merit to what you have said; The only way to do this is to Hire a Non-Player, with real Money. Someone with good knowledge of gaming and hacking but having never played APB. Such a person would have zero motive to false ban or harass, they would have no friends that played, they would get no player benefits.
  13. Maint is not what he is talking about, We are talking about how the NA goes down randomly for hours on non maint days and times, Multiple times a week, as in, Server Crash without being restarted or having any input from LO on This forum. However it is known that they comment or post on their Discord channel about these outages but not here. When this happens EU will work fine, but not NA. From a business and marketing stand point, it is as if LO either unaware of the outages or absent for weeks on end, and or they simply don't care enough to post in the forum. Which should be the main and foremost platform to communicate with clients. As you can see pista's date and time stamp this happened last week a day after general maintenance, it also happened over the weekend and again two days ago on tuesday. Again we're not talking about a brief server crash, we're talking several hours. and not one post here in forum about it, or what happened. We all know where this will lead, with a lack of communication from LO leads to speculation and hypothesis of Conspiracy's. My newest conspiracy hypothesis is that LO is renting a sub standard cheap server and rat holing the extra funds, with plans to shut down NA and force the 'Westerners to play in EU. This comes after they released a half wit car without any kits or police lighting and failed to address the situation. They failed to address the status and progress of the Anti cheat after thowing it in, yet hax are still everywhere. They failed to address the MM status and progress after 'Throwing it in. This is what We are talking about.
  14. That's Heavy. I had no clue game hacking went this Deep, the lengths the hacker goes thru for what would seem a trivial motive.
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