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  1. L.O. doesn't allow Non-Golds to use or post in forum, in-game chat New Moderator Zombie doesn't like that, so I was forced to vote "Too Stupid To Vote" However if I wasn't this Stupid n could vote, I would vote NO. Lets remember kids with age comes wisdom. I haven't seen a worse ran rail-road since they started making rails. Biggest thing I see, is ya got one Train (LO Staff) Ya got 3 or more Rail Lines n the same staff, We're just a whistle stop. I'm not tryin to bash em, they are overworked and underpaid and like us, lacking motivation.
  2. How So? I believe it would curb some cheating/hax But what I'm pointing at more-so is the toxicity towards non golds. Oh Yea I can see why Ya'all be mad, Take that pretty gold away, n U sweatys wont have any reason to gloat n talk down to non golds. Which seems to be the main objective of most toxics is to be gold so they can bash others in chat. What do you socio's think that new players are gonna join just for that golden flag. n what about all u toons that abandon constantly, which screws MM. All cuz U worried U gonna loose your pretty flag, n can't take an L. Looks like Mack struck a Nerve. Gold cries for weeks in forum to selali to desegregate Gets desegregation n then cries about seeing silvers n bronzes in dist. Oh n Now ya want the forum too, greedy toxics. I'm sure you will get your way, cuz we know selali hates silvers n bronzes too, only listens to golds, n matt still after over a year, has no clue deseg even happened.
  3. It Won't work. Even if you could convince someone like me to pay to Stay. Where are you gonna get the new people from. Nobody Will Pay to Join. It wouldn't create enough revenue to call it revenue.
  4. the only I've rambled about is the act of Back Stabbing by the developer of Desegregation, and the ignorance to that fact by the CEO. Simply put, I believe the staff are corrupt, but that is for another thread. We always had issues with cheats, thats not a new thing, and MM has always sucked. Taking out the threat system will reduce haxs cuz the hack wont have any motivation, that being turning or staying gold, and the need the gold has for bad mouthing silver/bronze Taking out the threat system will almost erase all toxicity in chat that is based around the idea that non golds are trash people. perfect example above. Dirty Selali let golds into bronze then golds think they own the forum and the game, n said staff let em get away with name and threat shaming. I Rest my Case @heelruby
  5. Obviously new content, vehicles, hair styles, better fatness as in like morbidly obese, belly hanging to the knees. As far as anticheat, the best anticheat they could provide, would be to Remove the Threat scale. You take away their gold n you will stop half the hax n 80% of the toxicity, along with most of the RQuitting or early quitting cuz u dont like the silver or bronze your teamed with. Im not sure if its in the works or not but Cross District Pledging or Contacts. So one could work on waterfront contact from financial or visa-versa Redo the Joker Jobs, more tickets per job
  6. Uh'O, Selali will nerf it within the Week if you say it killed a gold Especially if they find out I own one acc. wide. I have them all in fact. So being that I already bought them, LO will nerf em after the fact. Thats why im so Feared in game, All those Golds Im taking Out with my nerfed Berretta's
  7. Never cared about an upgrade, only an anti cheat. Which to me We had until LO turned it off. I never thought FF worked good enough, as in it needed to be much stronger or set higher. I would worry an upgrade would screw everything up, ie there would be allot of trial and error and the game would be down or unplayable for periods until fixed. At this point though so much damage has been done to customer relations, Its simply too little too late and even if they release it tomarro with some rocket anti cheat, I still wouldn't trust LO, and they would have to Prove they banned people. They would have to Prove, that they have the legits best interests at heart, all I have seen them do is help hacks. You know you can't rob me one day n expect me to trust you the next.
  8. I aint lying. War Thunder is a air planes, tanks, naval, team based battles, including realistic simulation, oculus support. featuring simulation or arcade mode. Its not some cartoon game like World of Tanks, everything looks real just as if you were watching an old War movie in color.
  9. They took out all the anticheats, eac being too advanced for apb and too expensive, Battle Eye is only protection for Them, in that it reduces ddos, which is a good thing but its not an anticheat. Then they listened basically forum trolls Desegregated, letting golds into bronze at the golds request. More than half if not 3/4 of them golds are closets or blatants. Lot of them will disagree with me n say im just a poor player, so lets be devils advocate n we'll reduce that percentage to 1/3 or less. OK then U add in that each hack has 5 or more characters or accounts, switching thru the day. All of the chars are gold and or hinky named, so this gives the impression that Loads of hackers are playing. Now I know allot of golds are legit, skilled players. However most of you are New to me in that you dint play in bronze before. So I don't know you, then I've got multiple names to consider. But L.O. expects Me the Client to be the Games Policeman, Private Detective, and Guard-House Lawyer. That's not my Job, and it's not my problem. It's LO's problem. But they see it as player retention. So what if they loose a few legits, they already have my money. Sure Mack, Quit. Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.
  10. I kinda doubt it. If your playing with 60fps, unclick the 'smooth frame rate in Option/Video' if your monitor is capable it will come up to your monitors hz range. However if its a low budget gamer or a low spec graphics card, u may burn your card/drive. My Omen has a gaming optimizer for only certain games, not sure what apb would have to do to be on this list. Possible this is related to the rtx supported games, n i have the 3060ti, paired with a asus tuf gaming 144hz monitor-24inch. On apb i get 144fps, however in war thunder which is on the omen list, i get 144 in menu or Home Base/Hanger but in mission im getting 220+. It also improves end user latency. How I'm doing this with a 144hz monitor idk
  11. Depends on who n what u are. If gold its 'Happy Times'. If not gold then the game is dead. the staff hate anyone who isnt gold, so they let golds into bronze a year ago and ruined the game. Matt wont fire the Dev that did it, probly dont even know about it. So unless u wanna fight sweatys all day, mission after mission, and you like being insulted for not being gold then this is Your Game. Otherwise for me, I just come in n do my side jobs, collect some joker tickets n move on to a Real Game. 8 yrs and 3500 dollars down the drain thanks to the DEv that desegregated Selali, August of last year. Since Jericho’s population has declined over the past few months, we are going to be moving to no threat districts during this maintenance so that both Citadel and Jericho are able to find matches and play. This was a difficult decision to make because if we make this change, we have to make this change on both worlds. Using the current system, both worlds need to use the same ruleset. We are going to be looking into options to try and fix this system but we don’t want to take any developers away from the Engine Upgrade to look into making this change. We suspect that it will not be a simple fix and will take a considerable amount of time to both implement and test the changes and its just not feasible right now. I know that there are some in the community that do not like this change when we make it but it is a necessary change so that everyone who wants to play APB is able to. Thank you all for your understanding, Selali
  12. Ya but if we tell everyone the dev will Neryk it. cookie is right if your gonna buy, get a .45 ps. That mack aint Me
  13. be cool if the server blew up when the guys clicks the reset button, oh my where will the sweatys go to chat bash
  14. U wanna waste 15 min of my Life to tell me, Us what We already know. You coulda just posted this trash on one of the other many Rant Threads. You know Bring us some Meat to argue n Discuss over. Just because we are cloven-hoofed dont mean we all Re-chew our Cud.
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