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  1. He doesn't Matter anymore. I Don't want to hear from him. What ever he would say would mean nothing. He would change nothing and it would be way too little way too late. The Key Word Phrase here is "Too Late" The Die Is Cast" It was 'Too Late for the Game when LO got here, the Joker tickets kept me an some others on, after buying into the notion of getting an active anticheat a some legendarys. I Told You not to Push Me. I no longer have any hope or Respect for You. I cannot respect Myself because Sir. I have Crossed the Line, I have impeached the honor of my credibility just as you have, and for that Sir, I have nothing but Scorn. P.S. Legit Players: I Tried. I couldn't stop em. I'm not Mighty Mouse, and I cannot save the Day"
  2. I'm beginning to think it was just Propaganda. Maybe he figures we can't handle the truth, or its that He can't handle the truth. We know things are Mucked up, we know its not all working out the way it was suppose to. Question really is, do they plan to just leave the muck in the middle of the floor, are they even going to acknowledge the muck, shove it to one side, or are they going act like they don't see it, n say nothing.
  3. Reputation relative to being an Honest player, who has never cheated at any game except Clue when i was 11yrs old. However, as you say most have moved on, and with them went the catalyst for a Reputation. Those that are left to render an opinion are the cheats and toxics that drove out the population, and no They don't like me, which is absolutely no skin off my nose. They would base their judgement of reputation by k/d, racial innuendos and use of genitalia as a weapon via chat. They are the Evil, I am the Good. "Sometimes Good Men Do Bad Things To Bad Men For The Good"
  4. Haha, That Resses Radneck, used to listen to him till i seen all his race songs, No that was Uriah Heep. Hell even silvers are pulling shit now. Do no good really for me to join the crowd, stain my reputation, for what? To punish cheaters with cheats I don't think will work, they more of them than me, they been hackin for years so they have that muscle memory. Its all up to Matt Scott. right now I consider all cheaters to be sanctioned by Scott, and or elements of LO Staff. Because they turned off FF, they let them into bronze, they ignore hack reports, cater to hackers and golds in this way. Its almost as if they are getting kick backs from what ever hax site or Tool Set the cheats are using. So if Matt Scott wants Me and the few legits left to start hacking, then just keep hiding in your Rabbit hole! @MattScott Speak Now, or Forever Hold Your Peace
  5. I cannot answer that and maintain plausible deniability. My post is a Message to Matt, placed in this thread so he can read up on what we all think. My opinions, and future intentions are not up for debate. All I will say is that, When You play with Fire, You get burned! Mack is Prepared to be Burned...
  6. @MattScott Sir. I have spent over 3k US Dollars on Your game. I deserve an explanation. What is the status of your Engine? When can we have an Anticheat that Works? You and Your Staff have desegregated threat districts for the reason of catering to gold players who have complained on this Forum, that they have noone to play with. I want to hear your personal opinion and explanation of Why, You and Your Staff feel that gold players are more important. And Why You think putting said Golds, Some who have hacked their way to Gold. In the same arena as beginners, bronze district. Why did You and Your Staff Listen to those Golds, based on their opinion of other golds who dethreat and probly hack too. So to fix the alleged issue of dethreating, You just let them in bronze. As if dethreating was a major issue over and above cheating and hacking. Now lets not beat around the bush, Your numbers have gone up slightly on the weekends, but those are all golds, in other words they are not new players, they are old golds who have come back or come from EU to farm Legit players. You simply cannot attract new clients to an arena plagued with cheaters, full of seasoned Trolls who constantly display toxic rhetoric towards bronze and beginners and those that do not cheat. I have Always played with Honor, Don't Push Me Sir. I am prepared to fight Fire with Fire. We talked once n You seem to a fair Man
  7. Большой кролик его съел, очень вкусно
  8. Matt n Selali took the money n run, Cuz knows Mack saw thru they evil ways. Ya both can save yourselves allot of running, turn yourselves in to the nearest LEO. Sending gold hackers after bronze legits to be toxic and Bully. Protecting hackers at every turn. Matt Your a lost cause, n your employee selali is a toxic bully. Goto Jail n rot there
  9. I Don't, Kill em, they're aren't any new players only gold hackers rerolls, all protected n sanctioned by the CEO Selali. @matt I'm Calling the Feds on Monday, reporting Your company and its employees for International Wire Fraud. n Im not just blowing smoke this time. Im calling them, if i have to figure out a pda form, ill do it..You people belong in Prison.
  10. BWAAahhahaha. Who's He. We dont want to hear from the fake mouth piece. Selali is CEO cuz she made the Executive Decision to let hackers into Bronze, committing Gamer Treason. Treason or Not, She's the only one making Executive Decisions and I have not heard of any other Jr Executives. Even though we know noone works at support, if i report a hacker now. The report will indicate that the player in violation is a LO employee or a cronie friend of an employee. Thats if I trusted support to be anything other than another cronie of selali. Keep it up,, Keep sending your trolls to bronze to run they mouth against bronze players n tk em. I'll be there with Bells on. I got all day n nothing to do but wait to die. Fine way to spend my days harrassing Federal Fugitives
  11. gotta agree, I don't see cheaters as wealthy enough to represent any measurable income, even if they all bought a gun a month. Cheaters generally get their Arms thru deals, trades, market buys, alt accounts ect. Which makes it sting even more that they betrayed the Legit community with desegregation. Which I consider a direct stab in the back by the developer/mod Selali n Matt Scott. These two employees/ceo are More toxic in my book than all the trolls ever in NA n not a Dime till both are removed from employment with LO or apb is bought out. Period
  12. U Mean Unnerfed n Rebuffed. NEVER. Selali wouldn't allow it, cuz That may lead to someone like Me, Taking Out some of U goldies. n We just can't have that now can We? besides noone works at LO anymore
  13. Question remains though, what does this mean for Us? What and When? This has been like trying to get a dead horse to run a race, we've placed our bets and sat in the grandstands n watched them Kick n prod this poor horse, with the promise of a Pay-Off. Lack of communicating with us has caused yet even more toxicity towards staff, distrust. We or at least I, do not believe LO exists anymore due to lack of communication, and i'm not alone in thinking that a report of misconduct is useless because nobody works there to read it. I'm not basing that on in game acts or lack of bans on those reported, I'm basing it on lack of staff in forum n in game. Leading me to believe that only volunteer players are the only ones doing anything in forum and game, lending to the idea that they cant afford paid staff, the servers been running real bad lately, so the assumption is that they are now using a bottom dollar server, and are spiraling out of business. We all know the story about the word Assume, but without any feedback from Staff.
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