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  1. If i remember right, you got the weapon unlocked at level 3. The skin, you can apply to other weapons you have to max the role for. n I thought the 38 only had 3 levs to max. They dont have the Tin hat this time. They dont have the rewards/levels written out for us to go by. And I not too pleased to see Valentine weapons in armas. make it easy to get the main role maxed while the rest use star's n hope a good weapon from a V-Box, n im not too pleased about the passing out of 'Idiot Codes' (Idiot Code) = GM comes into crowded server n gives promo code for one person to win. n Blabs it into common chat. Idiocy, is when u are the one who tries to navigate out of the action district under threat of dis connect due to inactivity to Armas, to find out it was a one person one time use code. Or when the gm says he will give you something n you show up he dont give nothing. Incidentally its against tos to share or provide or distribute promo codes in chat, and i Frown upon the activities of the GMs during this Holiday.
  2. just a guess. Its Feb. only 28 days this month

    Was it necessary GM?

    Good Job GM I'll also admit i have done this, and for no other reason than to grieve. Why did I grieve. Cause i got the snot knocked out of me n my car flipped by trolls. I Dont do this anymore because, My grieving that driveway does not grief just the trolls i want to get revenge upon, in fact the trolls in question are probably off messing with someone else, but the grief goes to everyone else trying to get out. Its wrong. You lower yourself down to the level of the troll your mad at, and begin doing things that are worse. Thing here is your asking if there was another way, I commend the GM for not Banning you and using restraint. Trolling or grieving is one of our biggest complaints next to hackers. The GM did His/Her Job The only other way I can see is to remove the large trucks from the game, or redesign double B's so the driveway cant be blocked.
  4. Yood is Right. Early-Mid-Late. Therefore we must use 1/3's Even though Valentines is 1/2 way But then we gotta use Letter Math to deduce the number of days the Event will run. So if we start on Camel Hating Day the 13th we can guess or deduce that we will loose one to three days due to Event/Server Glitching, Then ya gotta bring in the Goat Factor n add in 4 lost days for the weekends when kids are out of school. So we gotta round off. So 1 thru 3 we pick 2..ok so 4 + 2 = 6. 28 - 13 = 15. So 15 - 6 = 9 So we get 9 Days. so long as the goat and the Camel let us. <<<looks like a calculator so
  5. I Call Bull Patootie. I'm not buying it. False Bans went out with G1 and FF. Either he had a temp ban for other behavior or he is full of hog wash. The Bans are Reviewed by Staff. The anticheat doesnt ban players, it simply tells or reports its findings to Staff. I say someone is trying for the Golden Ladle Jockey Award'

    Explanation of recent bans

    THANK YOU; Thank You and Your Staff for your efforts in this matter, and thanx for letting us know. A note of Good Faith for us legit's and a Sign of Karma for the Hax /Thumbsup

    any1 else dreamed about apb?

    I've had a couple regular Dreams about apb, but... Worse part is being awake, never fails anytime i goto Town I hear sirens, n I'm talkin Way out out in the Desert on straight road with no houses or fkn nothin for miles. Dangerous part is, When ever i go get gasoline. Something about the gas station. Once i drew my gun an did a dossi doe around the gas pump with the pistol pointed up in the air like some idiot in the movies, or some noob in apb. Dude came in the station with a pick up with cut pipes n was gunnin the engine, n it freaked me out, i drew my fkn gun, n sought cover by keeping the gas pump between me and the truck dude. Another time i was in a Walmart parking lot, n a fkn Money Truck pulled up to walmart n i Almost Rammed the fucker before i remembered that, Hey this aint apb, that fucker will shoot u, n your lil starter veo kia will not ram his front end into the sidewalk, you will loose..So i dint ram him, but i did hollar out that he was a Hack on my way by.
  8. I've found lately that red mods sorta work but not like before, an if you go with a RF 2, or 3 its too much zoom. And the thing to remember is, its just a shotgun, you dont need a site. I have a few shotguns, n the best in game is still the JG 1 or two slot
  9. I Want to complain that there is no Robber or Robbery Emoji
  10. He's right, But based on the number of rerolls i see pouring out of double B. The anticheat must be banning. The only bans we have heard of are behavioral chat and troll types, that the player tells us about via reroll character ect. I'd like to see a Ban board, A monthly or bi-monthly report; excluding names. So we as a community can see our anti-cheat's working. d

    Issues with the Snowball Event

    Although I appreciate new content, I feel a few tweeks to the Holiday Event/s would help. Plain n simple, I do not like the fog storm, there is no reason for it. Its confusing, hard to see, and it kills you. And its constantly doing it. So if you do capture an obj. and hold it. it means nothing cause the fog will come an run you out, then u gotta find another point to capture in the fog n hurry there, n on and on. Hard on the eyes and no time to chill between rounds. Very fatiguing. I do like some of the new skins and titles. Not sure if we have been seeing a glitch or not in regular dist. having the random elf contact progression missions, this leaves some question as to how one progresses in the Event. It may only be Max Ranks getting this idk. Also after leaving the Fin Event, i encountered heavy fog in wf and fin regular dist, was fine after a game reboot. The Beacon being popular must be kept, be neat to have the beacon put into Baylan as a FC or expanded event area, i am not fond of the Beacon and would like to see the same type of game/event using Baylan FC. Over all I think LO did pretty good

    Merry Christmas everyone....

    Merry Christmas Everyone.
  13. She's right, been a problem in bronze fin a few days, i had trouble using the report feature, as the Report button was greyed out even thought i filled out all the areas. They a pair of tots workin in a team under dif names, same MO. using dumptrucks or heavys n not just doing it to the smokers n afk, they follow ya to the mission. Been going on a few days, no gms. I tried to at least distract them so the others could play, running my mouth but not smashing them back, cause that would bring me to doing the same thing they are doing. n it worked till they caught on n ran off after some others. Real Pity U PUnks aint got nothin better to do than ruin other people's day. HOw bout going n Cleanin your room's.

    Fog in action districts

    No fog for me, no snow, no nothing christmas, no snowballs, i guess if i want em i gotta go earn em in weird event dressed like jack in box. n i seem to run at very high speed, so i wont go till they fix that.
  15. one thread for emergency says they will take them down at 330 pac time, but then a second post saying the servers are up. then the other thread on the crashes. I do i need at least a back up game to play, its my own fault i live under the rock in the park