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  1. I'm not a techie, and i have a 2 yr old omen with 3060t and ryzen 5700 i beleive. although i haven't played much, when i do, it seems allot laggier than before. of course I chalked that up to hackers lag switches, ect. As far a fps goes, they capped fps at 128 or so, and i wouldn't attempt to fool with anything at the risk of eac ban. So with out turning this into a rant about the false flag eac, I just want to confirm that it has been Laggy with heavy spikes
  2. I'm not On anything, Kaiser doesn't believe in pain medication, their policy is to wait so long that i die before treatment. And if your not in enough pain, they will demand blood samples n stick ya in a nerve n look at you with absolutely no emotion. They are Sociopaths, thriving on the pain they cause people. They'll rub some Oragell on your skin n call it novacain, then stick a 10 inch needle in your lung Tell ya no liquids, no coffee no water nothing for a day before, n then because Kaiser is so rich n well equipped, they'll send you to the local county hospital to do the actual deed. give ya some long named crap, with fentanyl in it. Why street people like fent, idk, its worthless. I coulda drank half a light beer n got more pain reduction. and so If I live long enough to get sliced open in two places for a catheder port. the kemo will collapse my veins, n eat me alive. the treatment is worse than the cancer. And they still wont tell me if imma live a day, a month ect. I'll just get me a Trump hat n walk down 11th street, it be less painful and quick.
  3. OK I'm now a Licensed Naked Runner, I can say anything I want. I can machine gun the stars naked and claim they are UFO's. Hacking about the Universe. They might take my machine gun, but they can't put Me in jail, im so skinny now i hop right thru the bars. Weave my way thru the jail to the Wardens Office n tell him how to do his job. n if they use EAC at the Jail, imma Fire the Warden.
  4. @MattScott So do to this person being false banned, and seeing known blatants still playing on my last visit to apb, I will not only not pay apb for anything, I will also not pay any game that uses EAC, including War Thunder. Regardless of If You do the Right thing and give Kerry his account back. Any Firm associating or consorting with EAC will not get a dime from me.
  5. I don't miss that at all, i mean its all sweatys that I don't know. I'll come in once a week n listen to my music, but I won't play. I can't move like i used to, I get fatigued real ez. Just sitting at the pc is painful. The pain is constant now, I finally have a appt with a 'Cancer Doctor' but I won't get any actual help till at least dec, 18th or so, which will be Kemo, because I also have TB. I have to have the tb meds for a month before any cancer treatment. So Kaiser is hoping I just die before they have to treat me. In case you hadn't heard, I have a large mass in the left lung, with legsions spreading out to the left ribs, spine and my heart. So what happens is the ribs turn to a jelly. So they are like a burnt hot dog or wet toast. I still have no clue if I'm terminal, or i have a day or a year to live, the stress is enough itself to kill ya. I been playing war thunder cooking the jets, n now the jets have missiles. So you are lucky to make it off the spawn point before u get nuked, cuz WT likes to put sub sonic jets with no missiles vs sweatys with hax n missiles where the jet goes faster than the missile, so they fire the missile then fly up on ya n machine gun you, then the missile hit. But unlike apb, i still get some progression and dollars, n Ill be a Tool about it Ill bring the jet im working on, n then a bunch of low end prop planes to respawn. Then it cost them as much for the one missile as the repair of the low end airplane is to me. But its something for me to learn, to 'Get Gud at'. Soon enough Ill have the missiles too. So it's likely that at some point I had TB or Tuberculosis infection which caused the mass in the lung. Which then turned to cancer and spread. or I already a small cancer from smoking n when the tb came it grew. Ya look at things differently, ya don't care about hackers n politics. You try not to dwell on things that are negative, you try not to hate or be seen hating because you want to be remembered as a Nice Guy. You live for that day. What do I want for Xmas? I want to live long enough to see Xmas.
  6. Looks like a reskinned Jericho, which to me looks like the new age plastic mustang. however it does resemble the new age charger in the rear and the GM new age Camaro in front. They just don't make em like they used to, betchu the pos is front wheel drive
  7. That is Not a Pick Up Truck. That looks like a reskin of the Mustang or 'Not Mustang' that we already have. Thats ok Dev, even Ford can't make a real pick up anymore, they all quad cabs with tiny 4 foot beds
  8. Maybe a stupid question, on the MM/ Cross district. Does this mean Within the 'World' such as NA, or are we talking a quasi merge of NA and EU, to where a Match could include players from NA or EU in the same mission? And if so, what would the latency be and what is being done to limit it? If Threat is not displayed, then what parameters is MM using to Match players of similar Threat/Skill? What does this mean for the achievements of getting Gold? On the cynical side, Does this mean instead of fighting 'Golds as a Bronzie, that they will be 'Shadow Golds' ? Like they wont show any threat unless you Inspect' them?
  9. My Bad Kerry, I told Matt off, said some nasty things, so they probably had to remove it. You know me, I declared WAR, then I made a couple laps with the dump truck n went home. I won't mouth off in this thread, I've said what I need to. I won't rage on the golds in game. Cuz this isn't the golds fault or doing, its the idiocy of eac. Good Luck Kerry.
  10. Do You play WT, if not, Then sit down Boy. Bring your patootie to WT Naval n I'll show my 14 inch. I used to play wt before apb n lost my pw, but i had the jets. This isn't just Arcade mouse aim flying, it is full on Simulator. Bad part is if you're on meds you get vertigo, and it makes you fall over in your chair. LOL I aint seen him Here in this forum, so he don't exist anymore. I find it insulting that He dropped this pos eac on us, n vanished. To put it plainly, he went into Hiding, cuz he was afraid to address the on going issue of hacks and fine tuning of eac, and the promised additional content, and contacts for more levels. Indicating to me that He gives not 1 iota about us players or this game. Game looks like some old Black n White TV show. When U punks are ready to Get Gud, come WT. one last thing, QUIT SMOKING
  11. I'm not worried about it anymore. I think the GMs did what they could, and I think I can admit that I can be quit toxic towards golds n those i think cheat. To Recap. You all know I had a seizure in Aug. and You all know Ive gotten fairly angry over the past months. After some testing, I find out I have stage 4 lung cancer, which has spread to my ribs and is encroaching on my spine and its nerves. So the cancer spreads like an octopus arms wrapping around the spine, around the ribs, eating the bone away. Its likely that the seizure was caused by it eating into a nerve along my spine. This may explain some of my toxicness, not that hax don't exist and Matt could come to work once in a while. They can't treat me without a biopsy. So monday i go, n they will stick a needle into my lung. Suppose to be able to go home that day, but i gotta sign an Advanced Directive. Of course they took my driving license n I was mad, but now I look at things dif. I don't care about politics, Matt, or the price of Tea in China. I only want to live, to breath. I have to trust the Doctors and Jesus cuz I got no choice other that to lay down n die. I don't think I deserve this, But I made my bed now I must lie in it. I reap what I sow, I smoked for some 40 years, cigs, tobacco pipes, along with herb since i was 13. So I still have no idea if I have 6 months or 6 days to live, I also have a legion on my heart. I am Tore Up from the Floor Up, I feel it in my joints, my family jewels, its everywhere. I'm not writting all this for some sympathy, only to describe to you punks what smoking can do to you. I still gaming, trying to grind out the high end jets in WT, They way they do ya, first he fires a missile but he goes faster than the missile so he get to u and straft ya with guns, then the missile hit u n you're gone. my jet go 5-600 mph, his jet go 1500+ mph. I want that speed, I have to stay active or ill die sooner, I can't do yard work cuz a rib might pop n stab me in the lung, desperately trying to quit smoking, so I want that jet before I die or can't play anymore. I don't even take naps now, I want all of each hour of each day, I no longer close the curtains to block the sun from my game screen, I open it up n let in warm me, I look outside allot.
  12. Agreed, there should be minimal speed to get out, and or a health and stamina penalty, like you would tumble n get hurt if you got out a moving car irl. Even at slower speeds you're not gonna just be standing in a solid stance instantly, there would be inertia on your body and your weapon, and you wouldn't just perfect aim n Glass the opponent instantly.
  13. lol. or cuz the driver is 'unwanted by the car surfer, n they rollin n surfer jump off front of car n I get the tk n then the boot. Hey at least I killed somebody. It's been fun, some of you are funny. I don't get on much now. I have stage 4 cancer, i have a mass the size of a perc nade in my lung, bone legions on the ribs. I don't mean to go off topic, but i dont wanna make a thread. Its not a matter of If' its a matter of how long. This explains the seizure i had, as it probly got into my spine or a major nerve causing a massive seizure. this would also explain my attitude and ramblings. So again no flare gun or video game induced it. NObodys Fault but Mine. So I close with a bit of advice for U skilled Gamers, STOP SMOKING, Vaping, ect. The word is that a rib bone becomes like a piece of wet toast. So you break it n it doesnt crack apart, it bends, it becomes 'mush' . As I have said in the past When I get Pushed I tend to push back. So I'm gonna Fight, stay active irl, I might play some but i cant sit here too long cuz the ribs make it hard to keyboard
  14. Unfortunately there is no way to specifically select primary or secondary, only to key bind for 'next weapon or previous weapon' which i use my mouse side button for, some peps use the scroll wheel. so regardless of what button u bind, it will only be 'previous or next weapon' in fact you can repeately press the same button and it will switch back n forth. Unlike other games War Thunder for instance. However you decide to proceed, but i must warn you that using a side button or a very sensitive scroll wheel can complicate things, simply by fat fingering your side button or just nicking the scroll wheel can change guns at very bad time
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