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  1. So this means i cant complain in general forum about 'web sites that sell Joker Guns'. I should just message my concerns to Matt
  2. There are no new players, just hack rerolls. they just goto a list of emails they have ready n start a new account. their anti cheat must be working for some cheap cheats, thats why they are new, cause they hack account got banned. You can always tell they'll have some weird name thats not a word or initials, n they will be gold, n they will have all of the joker box guns, and perfect aim. I mean how would one even know about APB. its not advertised. its a what 13 year old game. So where would new players come from. Where did I come from..Someone in war thunder told me about this game n i came n never left. Ya know i talk to kids working at the stores, they see me buying a game card, (back when u could) n they ask, n i tell them, n they like Whaaaats APB. What gets me is how they stay in business. they have got all the paying legits pissed off. So where they getting their money, how they paying the light bill. I have my suspicions. one word...Epic
  3. MOre like 90%, why they cant have a working anti cheat. Guess ill just start loading up LO with reports, not like imma loose any friends. Cant wait till its back on, so i can nade spam anything or anyone i dont agree with. namely anything Gold. I have absolutely no faith in lo stopping hackers. NOne. n be no spending till that Epic site is removed and all guns they sold removed from the game, imma start reporting just if i see a damned Glory. Thats plenty evidence to me for a report. n the trade off is maybe i wont fuzzy bunny in district, just fkn nail all these low life lefties hackin everywhere...HUrry up with the damn patch, i want some Hacker patootie. Dirt-Bags
  4. They fucked that gun up, The Gun is advertised as a squad support weapon, meant to suppress the enemy at mid ranges, and of course CQ. Now they have finally allowed Red mods on it, But its not much help. CJ gives me too much rise, n the Range mods dont do a thing, i'd do better to throw a box of rocks at them....n Why th Fk we as crimes dont get rocks. ya should be able to have rocks by lev 10, but they would be short range and you would have to pick one up n throw it, you wouldnt buy them or unlock them, they'd just be laying around
  5. No it doesn't, its a piece of shit. It's heavy for its size, slow and less accurate than the base model colby, and beings its a pmg its not real adaptable to use in mid ranges. It has it's place. and it excels in CQ, If the opp is not using a similar weapon. Its too slow. JUst Leave Our Guns Alone, FFS
  7. I am glad an appreciate the efforts to keep dds and disconnects from happening, i do think hackin/cheats is an issue, n im never happy about that, but i do not feel they have done nothing. they have tried. Even if EZ was effective today. A week or two tops till the hack write a way around it, n then some techie at EZ will write in something, n this will go back n forth. I still say a monthly report as to how many player were Reported for hax, how many banned, how many disciplined otherwise, ect. Without any names or shaming. Just a basic report
  8. when they got me on that Temp 24hr, for Hate speech. A player complained to a gm in pm. The Gm then turned over the concern to Matt. And He reviewed it and made the decision. and I support his decision.
  9. EARTHQUAKE SO CAL 6.6 THEY SAY,,We got a goood ride i live in the mojave, it was still bout 50 mile north of me, but they felt it all the way Down Below in L.A. pardon my non topic post. must be that tug of war with ddos cause a major quake
  10. It is a step in right direction, unfortunately I am here to report ddos activity/Lag and disconnect Jericho/Fin/Bronze I realize there may be adjustments and bugs to work out, please keep working on it.
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