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  1. Let Me chime in. I'm 50, with two grown kids. Both addicted to video games, mostly shooters, we even had that ps1 game Vietnam themed, where if you had the cash or points you could 'Go to the Village and pay for a Ho, n the video would show your character walking into the grass thatched hut. Neither of My kids are mean towards women or sexist in any way, nor do they habitually shoot up the town, do dope, ect. They came out with very good morals. Why? Because I Raised them Right. They knew the difference between right and wrong. So, Your "Sitting Around Waiting To Be Offended", And You pick this new Title out of numerous other worse things to teach a kid, like beating a woman dressed like a prostitute, and punching her 4-5 times to Mug her, clothing options have most players dressed like a Booty-Call, We have missions where You are threatened that if you loose, you will be Punish-Plucked, the woman's pattootie 'waggles' when she walks n the man's don't, we have 420 symbols, n all kind of Father-Raping going on, n U pick this.
  2. Cookie is right, Then they Golds would appear as Silvers and would be Spanking around in BRonze, and would not be respected/feared for what they are. They know all the tricks, so I would know I have bring My A-Game. Additionally 'Scrubs' like me would know that they never would have a chance at Earning Gold. I think it should be Easier to achieve Gold and harder to achieve Silver. FFs all you need is 1 kill to make silver
  3. This is a Weapon, You 'all know that don't you. Either we did it to the Chinese or they did it to they own people. Both us and them have been known to test things on our own people. They didn't freak out like this with Ebola or the Bird Flu, They didnt even freak this bad when Aids came out. I Believe the gov knows more than we are being told, and we are expecting another attack. Next thing will be Martial Law, n just like all those MOvies. I am Ready as I can be. Am I Worried about the Virus, No. I am worried about peoples reaction to it. This is Time that All Us Conspiresy Nuts get to say, " I Told U So". I hope We All come through this, Even you pesky Golds. Now if the Reds get to our water, Remember 2 drops of bleach per gallon of water, Strain it with a sock. Up to 5 ML per gallon wont hurt you, thats about 5-6 drops. And People, Remember Your Eyes. a mask dont mean pattottie if they sneeze in your eye, get 'Cheap SunGlasses' or swimming mask works too, specially if tear gas is introduced. Its not sealed, but it can deflect airborn particles. p.s. From My Wife "Remember To Double Tap"
  4. Well Yes, back when I played 'Pirates off of PissBook, a Corsair was Boat, until the Italians smashed them while i wasn't looking, on account of being busy translating French Diplomatic Messages. I believe a corsair is also a type of Dagger or Sword
  5. cross between a 20g n a cops stun shotgun, so its a stun shotgun reskin but instead of a shock bag, it has a slug. Man let me tell ya'all, Sure don't resemble my Mossberg 3inch Mag, with the Pursueder package, course ya can put a slug in a 2 1/2 if it has a slug barrel. but my main complaint would be that its in a joker box, meaning only non legits can get it go ahead mark my post down, gimme that looney smiley. I wouldn't buy from joker boxes if the money i used was free, I've spent 200. on J boxes n never got a thing, and further more, No money will be spent on apb till they install a reputable anticheat Please Wash Your Hands Before Marking Down My Post btw a Corsair is an Airplane
  6. Ahhh, Your All Hack Sympathizers, HE is right. This is why I don't play. Last mission i got botted in that spot behind double b, how i know he botted, cause soon as i passed the corner i was dead, even if he was watching the corner he still needed reaction time to trigger, then i went up to fc n some pattottie teleported up on me, he wasnt there before n boom he is there n quick switching me. Now Even if I am mistakin and just a bad player, Management is more concerned with people like me Saying anything about hackers than the hackers themselves. I do not believe they even have the anti cheat on, and its well known among gamers how ineffective EZ is. They have the upgraded version on war thunder n they still have hacks, They like to ping ya out. I dont have any lag issues, my pc handles the graphics on High no problem. Why have I choose to regrind WT, because even though you get a hack every few missions, there are plenty of legit players, apb has become a Pro or Go Home Game. To tell ya the truth, I don't miss it. sure apb still has the best personalization, but who i am gonna dress up for, the strange new random golds that never been seen before? , I dont get my music, n i dont get a chat box where i gotta wait my turn to complain or insult someones Mother, WT is not 'Open World'. So I have my music on another player, n when i wanna chat, i Go Outside. I don't really know anyone on the new game, but I don't Know anyone left on apb either. When L.O. decides that They wanna Do something about hackers, or that Legit customer retention is more important, They can pin a thread about it, n possibly myself n others like me will come back. Your anticheat is similar to the 3ft fence I have around my yard, its there to keep honest people honest, but anyone can step over it. A true anti cheat would immediately ban and Burn the account if any cheatware was used, not be like a lazy guard and Observe but not report, No U want Me to be the Policeman and Report it. I do not wish to be 'Toxic', I just wanna have fun again.
  7. There is no difference though, They desegregate n put 'Normal players against solid Golds, none of which I've seen in NA b4, Then They skewer it all up n add 60 instances, all of which are dead except the Foreign New York Silver. So I still get to have to play against Golds, cause everything else is dead pop. You know n lets forget a minute that they are Gold, They are mostly unknowns, 'Randoms'. They are not the people i came up with. Just seems to me LO is catering to the Golds, n I think most of you know my opinion about Golds, the opinion that I cannot 'Air' in public chat or forum. p.s. I goto another game WT n guess what anti cheat they have,,,yeppers Ez Anti
  8. I simply won't play on some Eastern server, n I won't play with Golds, Period. oh I know..Don't let the door hit U in the Pattotie cause We dont want Your Kind. Fair enough.
  9. this calls for a separate thread, 'How Much Have U Spent' Who the Biggest Coiner
  10. 1000 bucks down the drain, they destroyed the game. Im not playing on some distant server with just golds, n nobody on the HOme west coast, Gold or otherwise. Who's Blunder was this, n HOw Dare U.
  11. illgot is right. Some of us are 1-Game people. Ya Grow Up in an open world, and you look foward to seeing certain players. Frienemies. Some of us Old pattoties just dont have another game, nor want to Grind out a new game. I for one have gone back to warthunder. Lot less hacking there than was a few years back. And the pc i bought for apb works great. There is nobody talking smack in chat. Have I 'moved on'. No, Ill be around, but I won't be 'Living in the park'. APB still offers fun times. But its either newbs or golds. I would have no issue letting a newb get some off me, but lets face it. Im 50 yrs old, Im old and slow.
  12. I find this funny. Nobody went to the test district, so Ya'all gonna try a flank move n put it in FC. I would hope that Buffing some shotguns would be part of the testing results. ps I shall watch my language and tone here on the forums. My Bads
  13. I do not want to come off as racist either, in NA its all Latin lettering. And on occasion thru out the day the Spanish people will chat. This is distracting to me because of my small 15' laptop screen. I realize the Spanish speaking people have just as much a right to be on chat as I do. It is no more or less distracting than an English speaker spamming for weapon trades or buys in Mission district. Seems it would pretty hard to report a player who had a name that was not Latin characters, outside of the scoreboard. and or block, ect. Need a new kind of software, maybe instead of omitting other languages it could translate them.
  14. I Totally agree with you. You have out done me though on cramming numerous issues into one roughly punctuated paragraph
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