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  1. So they can't merge till this engine comes, Who's idea was this. Boarding the door shut? I voted Yes. That pretty much seals my wallet As far as desegregation goes, your gonna loose your casual daily players, n gain a bunch of tryhard golds that your not really gaining cuz they already here, they would just be able to goto bronze n farm. Meaning no place would be playable for casuals When i say casual I mean Legit non cheating players, non toxic in chat, non trolling. I got news for ya, theres already quit a few golds that come in bronze n call EZ n Noob, or just troll the Real Players. Im not spending a dime, I feel like ive been robbed. They cant even afford a GM to keep to keep the trolls out. Every fkn Day same player that goes by the name of an 80s Arcade game come in does his best to ruin the game. Why U dont have cookies like facebook games. I used to run several accounts and it was known if you cheated FB would put a cookie on you that said you were a cheat, n that pc would not be able to use that game afterward. so u cheat on one account, u lost them all. wasnt fb itself but Zynga games. Only way out was a complete wipe of the pc. couse tech has changed that was 10 yrs ago..fuck im old
  2. Lets Stop the Bull. Stop being in Denial. The Game "IS" Dead. You can't kill something that is already Dead. Cry, Snivel and Sob, pout if that's your thing, But its Over.
  3. I think they doing 'It' thru the chat box. now i dont 'Know', but im just guessing. cuz the same thing happens to me very similar to westford. I can come in n watch my lat rise up around these punks, but other than that I stay connected. However if I decide to run my mouth in chat, BOOM. Think they are sorta macroing or repeating a pm or trade offer ect, somehow rapidly repeating the trade,group,whisper, ect command, causing a reaction from the server that drops U. I Think...
  4. Right now it's a Ghost Ship, Noone at the Helm. With the exception of the volunteer forum moderators, no more in game gms, in order for it to be a conspiracy more than one would have to conspire to dump the game. Yes they are trying, but they are trying towards their own agenda. More like some company bought out a bunch of Flop games, n hired Matt n people like him to update n upgrade them. And That company has deemed apb financially unviable, and or any investors toward that end may have pulled out after it becoming a quagmire and a money pit. Ya know if the few memes in this forum actually played NA, I would challenge Matt to boot up n come play NA. Come n Look the dead horse in the face n ask him Why Mack cant do wheelies, ask it why out of the dozen peps that log into NA 8 are new names, that aren't even names or words, and I'm not talking about T ranks. full fledged mid to high rank. Ask the horse why the latency yo yo's between 70-200 ms when my normal is 1-15ms, when these funky names are around, even in another instance. When I invest in something, i expect it to work. I paid for that car and for the kits n now no wheelies, n the fact that this is such a nominal thing to Lo and the Royal Forum Authority , tells me I really need to lookin for a better community. .
  5. Vivox has been off for a while, They are DDSing, probly pinging the log in server like in the old days. really dont matter at this point, if ya can get in its a Hax Festival anyway. Solid Hax, Trolls that play only to destroy the game. What is it, is BE too expensive to run now, cuz i dont see it booting with the game. Ya know it was a Game, now i need to find another one. I'm done waiting for an anti cheat, and or this Engine that supposedly will support a decent anticheat, fkn Tired of the license plate names comin in acting like they they Old Timers and not hackers. I still find it ironically funny, that I cannot name shame the Marxists and talk politics, but its ok to talk about sodomizing my mother, its ok to discuss which hack is best for apb, its ok to call non hax smart, its ok to call everyone Gay. Your Community is akin to to a 4th grade lunch room of unsupervised punks I am seeking other gaming options
  6. thats what im all pissy about, I have the 626sd, i also have the stubby 626, that i bought after the nerfs, to see if i had any better luck. I believe the nerfs were across the board with all variants of the oca, specifically with the nerf of the Drop Off distance. Now that SD model has that extra range, n thats why i bought it. After the nerfs it had less punch, a higher ttk, really no better or worse than the stubby 626. So to be fair i must report that, I gave the sd another try, and I got smashed most of the day, except this one mission. I fkn Wasted Everyone, i even killed a gold. Ya they were probly dethreating, but the point is the weapon killed them. So, I have come to the conclusion that aside from the nerf being too much, that most of the time its because of a hack function, that either shields the players health or effect your hit regs. Mind you im not just sprayin n prayin. I'm talking about seeing the rounds hit the target but appear in a white or grey hit. And Im not trying to over range the weapon. Ya know i guess i'm too old for this shit, my nitro has become inert along with Me.
  7. Not anymore, They nerfed it, and all its variants. They reduced the damage drop off. and now the gun dont work. It worked good before the nerf. But funny how the blatants have no problem drillin you with it. Ya know it dont take much skill to press your nos button, U tell me why then, I had no issue with wheelies and now all the sudden, a 4x4 vegas 4 slot w/N3 wont wheelie from a dead stop. Ya know n im not the Wheelie guy, I like Trucks. Its the fkn Point.
  8. U tell Me. I'm beginning to think its not the items they have Nerfed, it is Me.
  9. You Reap What You Sew' No Anti Cheat and or Inviting every Hack on the Planet to run amok. then if that wasnt effective at killing the game. They nerf everything that belongs to legits. nerfed all the subs, only for legits. hacks still can kill with oca while we cant. hax can pop wheelies , we cant cuz they nerfed nitro. Cuz Whoever is working on these 'Nerfs, is a Mole. whos mission it is to destroy the game, and it Worked.
  10. I know, n i dont want to come off crazy sounding, but thats what I tend to think when said hacker kills me with very short burst from a whisper type sub, n I'll empty the mag at ten ft or less n not kill them, I'd do better to throw the gun at them.
  11. Agreed. I see the Protection of hackers, ie no name shaming, no trolling, no anti cheat, I see the Insults to Legit players as being the weapon nerfs that the hackers asked for, n they say they are listening, They sure AF aint listening to me or legit players. n here we go wwith a whole new nerf. Why are they nerfing our guns in the face of mass hackers. The nerfs only effect legit's guns, not the hackers, they still use nerfed guns to smear people with aim bots, speed hacks, esp, you name it they got it. then they wanna complain that they are threat locked n cant come to bronze n farm the legit and the reroll T's You hax Reap What You Sew' Hax killed the game and the lack of anticheat, n nerfing our guns is just a fkn insult and an obvious move to kill the game from the inside. Lo has allowed these configurations, they have an ongoing nerfing program, so hacking is sanctioned, then we're gonna nerf your guns so you have no chance in hell in killing one of them, while they take the same gun n use their program to rebuff it or any gun to full power, full range. Then the hax sit in discord n laugh how they killed the game n made so n so rage quit. Ya'all aint nothing but some Poser's, fkn Drug Store Cowboys. I'm not even gonna worry about those stupid J tickets, cuz if not k ing up screws a hax or delays his roll, thats what imma do.
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