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  1. You have a point but this is only applicable to new players, n LMAO @ slightly exceeding. I'm talkin bout super human, blatants. Doing things that the weapon can't do, having perfect snap aim everytime, moving like fragile but taking loads of bullets. There are ways to find out, just point at them n get the red dot n they instantly turn n drill ya from med to long range, thats them using a bot aimer. You'll be wearin kev3 n still go down like u were fragile. But it's cool, I just don't care anymore, I have doubts as too when and if The Engine will come out, and If an anticheat comes along with it. Now with desegregation there is really no reason for me to spend all day grinding joker jobs, because any weapon i buy is gonna be Inert against gold teams communicating on 'Ditch-Wire' and or Hax
  2. Did You not read what I just said? My aim and or my personal abilities and My opinion of those abilities has not a thing to do with My or 'the hacusing player's opinion that someone is using hacks. Its not a matter of if I can't do it then nobody can unless they hack. Now there may be some new low ranks that think that way, I know I'm slow n old.
  3. To start off with, saying someone is bad cuz they hacusate is such a toxic line of shit. For one thing most hacusation is based on the aim/movement/performance of said alleged hacker, Not the aim/performance of the victim. I'm not out there missing you by ten miles n then crying that u hack. Its about how fast the hacker kills, n how fast he aims, and that they never fkn miss, how fast he macros a semi auto and still dont miss not one shot. Now lets add in the common knowledge among players that we have No anticheat Snipped Inappropriate language ~@mayii Then U add in that they are Gold, Noone can be gold or get halfway to it without hacking, not with all these hacks playing. Then when u do hacusate, 5-6 other known hacks will chime in when u weren't addressing them nor did u ask for their input n call ya bad, tell ya to uninstall, talk about your mother or your sexual orientation ect. These people that chime in think they are the judge and jury of the matter, n all it does is prove my case to me, and affirms my own Judgment. Another known toxic hacker is not a real good character witness And ofcourse once you add the final number, that being that its bannable to hacusate or be hacusate toxic in chat, but not to insult your dead mother. The Sum of this is Ya Just Don't give a pattootie anymore, you consider everyone a hack n a toxic until proven otherwise, you absolutely dont buy anthing, you dont k up, you just do some open world n Leave. Yes to another game' 'You Hacks Reap What You Sew' <---not hacusing anyone here
  4. Lemme be first this time, Western Holster, Sound Kits for Fresno and others
  5. I say we run all the events at once, then i can snowball those wise patootie pumpkins. Bastards I can hear em laughing now
  6. I Am angry with LO for desegregation. However You laying blame on him based on that court case, which has nothing to do with his ability as CEO, or his performance as such. APB has Always been a Den of Toxics, n with toxics or cheaters you will get grief, some peps do it just for fun as a Sport. Now we know that to get any decent anticheat we need a new engine. If anything this Case explains why it has taken so long. This means that even if Matt can figure out the coding and rewrite it, he cant cuz of copy-rights n legal issues. So He has to figure how to write it Around these legal road blocks. You're coming in shoveling salt n shit n pointing at the shit pile and blaming Matt for the Salt, fkn Apples n Oranges.
  7. @Sakebee Reporting a Glitch When Using the Ammo Box (usable/consumable mod), My Guns dissappear both primary and pistol. The hand grenade still works. The only way to fix it is to die. then your guns come back. This has happen quit a few times in the last couple months. can you pass this on to the Devs. i dint want to make another whole thread.
  8. I have nothing nice to say to LO. As long as the game is geared toward favoring hackers, ie No fkn anticheat, ie Desegregation. Bad enough u let them hack, then u gotta desegregate so we can't get away from em You get No Payments Again im not gonna argue with some random meme Some golds dont cheat, ok, Some Don't. Then if ya can find an instance thats not full of edgelords, they will dds that instance n ping u off, just to get u to play the populated instance, so they can aim bot u. Then if you're found to be Not a Hack, your team mates and the enemy call u trash. I would Like LO to sell the company. I have no more faith in Your Firm
  9. That's called Job Security. Regardless if your Rig is Home Built or Store Bought, U gonna have to PAY every few years
  10. Its Not a Nazi symbol, The tails of the cross are pointing counter clock wise. The Nazi symbol rotates Clockwise. I say let him have his outfit.
  11. Western Holster, Old Large pickup Truck. Open world for Cops, so a cop could Search for drugs, ect. Gaining a few xp and money. Similar to the Crim's Mugging. So cops could progress faster and not be dependent on crim's playing to progress. Again, Western Holster
  12. Hiding the Truth from players, does nothing to repair the damage done by LO Impeaching the Honor of their Credibility. I saw that post before it was removed. It would have been better to tell us the truth. We understand money. We don't understand catering to hackers and golds
  13. Western Holster, full sized pick up truck, sound kits for Fresno
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