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  1. Voted for 4th option, for a reworking of Riot To start off, waiting for match should not be. In a riot all players should be shootable at all times, so like the fc but peps would be shootable during off mission time, and or mutiple missions or matches going, so if i am rolling to a mission n come across another mission going, i could help that team on my way to my mission. Gun drops are real cool. Not having cars is a real pain in the patootie. i like the barricades and such that were added to the park and such.
  2. The real question is Why. In this day and age, would you spend your time playing PIng Artist on a game you got kicked out of. I would assume the person would move on to another game to do the same thing or deal with their boredom bothering other games players. I guess we're special Maybe this means EZ is working n has banned the persons responsible
  3. Custom Vehicles of Nostalgia, i like the old cars. And I like Pretending that I have this car with Big sound n Im Old but I have this Big patootie gun n Muscles. Lets Be HOnest here, it is FEAR. Gangsters Call it Respect. When i first came on here, seeing certain players fkn scared ya, You're like. Who the fk is That Dude,,Thats what i Want, i want players to Fear me and wonder, Who th fk is That Dude I dont play modern music, i play old riffy Heavy Rock, so my music reflects my character and his attitude. So long story short, if there was no music player or older cars. id be long gone a long time ago
  4. This is not a Topic of Discussion, This is a Rant. N I dont like it
  5. Yea but she posted 2 hrs ago about a 2hr fix, and there is some confusion as to when it will be back up, and you all picked a real bad time to be taking the game down Again. Prime time on a Friday all for that riot stuff. n im sure it will longer than 2hrs. Dammit
  6. Helluva Time to be Patching things, Prime Time. Getting Tired of Hrs of Starring at the wall. fk Ill get a book, Ya know i cant buy shit if the game is down.
  7. Says the servers are down, wont let me log in. Ill keep trying Ok i see lIxils post on the hotfix
  8. I understand your decision, I do like the weapon drop in any mode. I think it would be good for marketing. I think the Riot layout is spectacular and I think You Collage Boys Done a Good JOb.
  9. so they attacking the log in server again, maybe?
  10. i can log in but it wont load the characters
  11. Yep Same here, If ya can get the launcher to run, i can log in and i see my 4 char names, but no char will load

    Can't join Riot

    cant even get it to launch. still down i guess. gives me an error now
  13. i get that too, if i just Exit without logout. But that was before when the game worked, launcher errors on me. n then if i dint restart my pc, the next time i wanted to play the launcher would not appear after clicking my permission icon
  14. Yea, What he said, So are we up or down. launcher errors
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