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  1. I Object to the changes to the .44, n I think they nerfed the .45 as well
  2. Why? When can I play? Bout to give up on apb
  3. I feel anger and a compulsion to commit violent acts in the name of Justice Cuz they aint no Real News on the weekends, So I gotta watch the Hater channel just to get weather, n never got the weather, got so disgusted i came here.
  4. Segregation between threats has Always Been. There was a short time of Desegregation due to LO server changes n issues. However I do Agree there is no reason for East/West at least not in NA. If they desegregate again its gonna kill the game. there will be no one playing except golds and hax. I know how you golds see it, Get Gud. But not everyone is Gold Material. Non Golds look at you guys like Super Gods. I been playing over 5yrs n never seen gold, so whaat maybe imma scrub. But as a max rank with many armas weapons, if you put me against a gold team, i wont even try. I'll walk over there so i cant be reported for inactivity or afk but I'm not trying hard against what i already know is impossible. Especially if im doing a joker job. If I'm not getting Joker tickets why play. But that is my personal agenda, but it applies to any sort of grind. N that brings me to WF. WF Sucks for joker jobs, it also sucks for lag. It is great for stealing but they ruined stealing by screwing the notoriety 5, and what that did was take away the ram raiders n muggers and the cops that used to harass them. There should be a high and low server period. With Seg from golds on the lower server. And only when that instance is full does another appear on the menu. There is NO Reason for East/West. Seems like a waste of server rent
  5. Is that the little chirp sound. I've always thought that was a product of the anticheat, I never heard it before LO took over and the various anticheats were installed. So It sorta ticks me off cuz I'm wondering what I'm doing to get the anticheat to 'Check' me, or is it related to the AFK timer. That is generally when i hear it, when I'm standing around but not afk yet
  6. 'thatd be cool, like a prerecorded loop, that would include an apb based radio news inbetween songs, like the ongoing political scandals between the apb city leaders, Weather and Traffic n the Old Ticker Tape sounds
  7. Tin Hat. aka Valentines Hersey Kiss Hat. I'm partial to the Skull Belt forget the name. But My Tin Hat is sorta My Trade Mark. I have have had it for years and I Earned it. Until recently this hat was rare to be seen on players, and it depicts my Insanity. Evy1 Know Mack is Crazy. Nothin more Crazy than seeing a 'Black n White' go by Blasting Judas Priest n the Cop has a Nutbag Tin Hat on. For my crim, He wears the tin hat and a Jail Jump suit, with 'Ding Ward' markings
  8. Much Appreciated. Although I am Maxed, prem is a Must Have for those not Maxed, especially for WF Grinders. Allot of people are out of Work, or on minimal staff schedules and simply can't afford to spend. I imagine this will go on till the US Election is over. No I don't think the virus is a hoax, but the politicians both sides, are gonna ride on its coattails and prolong the lock downs as long as they can. Politically I hate my Governor, but I would hate to be in his shoes and hold the responsibility of causing deaths by opening up. Calif Restaurants, Churches, Beauty shops ect still closed. Its average 105 F or higher n She has to work outside in the heat with mask and face shield. Its killing her. My Power bill was 450.00 and that was for june/july, it was cooler then. We been covering my sons auto payment so 3 car notes, He just got back to work part time. Not tryin to cry here, just a small example of why premium being free is MOST APPRECIATED.
  9. You're Exactly Right, there is no Honor, Ethics, or Morals in Gaming, and todays generation has no Morals because they were taught by society to question and rebel against any 'Old World' Ethics A world where slight verbal abuse is considered Bullying but a Mob beating a man to death, Arson, Murder, even Treason are considered not only Ethical but 'The Right Thing To Do'
  10. Thank You for bringing this up, I had thought that BE was simply an anti DDS, it is good to know there is Something watching out for Us.
  11. How So? Let me add in that Bronze Dist Players feel the opposite toward the OP Gods of the Silver Dist. With their license plate names. Thats one thing has always been with this game, U vets Expect noobies and intermediates to posses some super human skill, and when they dont you blame the player. Not the Hit Regs, Not the hackers of many, not the continuous nerfing of weapons and aiming physics. To answer the Thread. 1. Due to the low pop, I cannot complete joker jobs, such as kill 5 with a sub, cause they aint 5 people to kill in the server I generally come in and check if the torch job is up, if its not, I go play warthunder which has Waaay more hackers than we do, but even if they whoop me, i still get some progress. 2. We already had very little faith in EAC to start with, but without any I automatically assume the player is a hacker if i dont know them, or havent seen that name, or its not a name its a jumble of letter math, meaning they have been banned so many times and had to remake an account, that they have ran out of names in their head to use. And we know there is not a darn thing we can do about it. And there has been nothing from LO on future efforts to employ a different anticheat. 3. Their paywall wont accept my cc, since like March, So I cannot even Buy joker tickets or anything else. My card works fine everywhere else, plenty money, and no i wont join paypall. This is Their problem not mine, they don't want my money, piss on em. Without a decent community, you remove allot of what attracts players here. I mean i can't even get Trolled cuz even the trolls have left.
  12. Fires are all set by the Lefties, to get more federal funding, happens every year. Whats amazing is that there is still brush n timber to burn. So many fires in the same basic areas you would think they must be planting brush to burn. Then at 111 F you have the political Rolling blackouts. the power comp cuts us off because the leftwing governor sued them, for starting fires, so now we have fires an no power most the day, Riots all over. I keep my generator right on the back porch to power my Fridge and a large industrial fan. The smoke is the worst, the whole desert valley is full of smoke from the fires, then u add wearing a mask in 111F temps. The Lefties are trying to kill us off.
  13. They did me that way back in the Day, The dude had My name with the exact same spelling. Harrassed me for months, using mass blatant cheats. When i tried to report, the system said i could not report myself. I believe what they did was put a period then a forward slash, looks like a checkmark, and the system did not recognize the character but allowed it cause it was not excluded from the name spelling code. Thanks to Fair Fight He was Banned during an Epic Battle between us. You have to understand that APB is a catalyst for Sociopaths, they simply come to apb to harrass n bother people literally to get their jolly's Thats why u never see me hanging out with anyone or grouping or friending, I Trust NOONE, Especially if you have some weird name full of numbers or one that is not a Noun So like if your name is X26G1GB3x, then i think your a Hacking, Trolling, Sociopath, But ya know, nobody gaf what Mack thinks
  14. Seems to me to be a Waste. I dont know how servers work, but its kinda like having a light on in a room you never go into. So We got Green and Gold, WF & Fin, and we got East and West. My math says thats 8 servers running with nobody in em. How much lag does this cause on the populated servers/instances, how much Money does this cost, how many Human Hours does this take to maintain? There should be a Novice Area and an Advanced Area, n you should get paid more in XP or cash ect, to play on the upper level. Giving the dethreaters and 'Gold YO-Yo's a reason to stay Upstairs and giving the Novice a reason to go challenge the Big Boys in the upper level.
  15. Been wanting the same thing for years. A Full sized Pick up Truck. Not to rant but the 2 whole pick ups we have are 'Light Duty' just above the Mini-Truck size. They would just need to reskin the pioneer or the cargo van p.s. N they dont even have a Pick-up Truck Smiley
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