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  1. I Agree ! I got the one with the big mag, even in cq it suks now, its like throwing sand at them, pebble by pebble.
  2. EAC aint worth a pattootie. I realize the mechanics of a different game is different. War thunder has the full EZ version. n It dont stop them. So many hacks there, and if i want to report, the report system does not have an option for Cheating. I have to click Other' n write a story. So the other catagories are TK's, AFK, Abuse, ect. I got bumped out a mission for talking smack about hacks in chat... All it took was 10 complaints n it was automatic kick. So you could be quiet n still get kicked if the enemy gets their team to report. I know, I know you think maybe im just bad, OK I'm not talkin a bronze in gold on a bad day, whining n crying. Im talking blatant, No question in my mind that cheat hacks are being used. FFs Yesterday i saw a Fire-place go speeding by bout 10ft high, n I asked in chat about it, n they told me to stop being negative. So they have the same idea of toxicity, if we dont talk about it, it must not happen. My Book grows long here n i dont want to Ramble. EAC aint worth Achit n its a good thing LO aint paying top dollar for a POS that does nothing
  3. Wow, Thats REal Rare. but I thank you for the link. never knew this
  4. So. We have some new Joker Jobs. For the Crim i see one to steal 5 TV's for 25jt. Broke into almost every shop in town n not 1 TV, Gold bars, safes, atx pc's, but not 1 television... For the Cop I see Kill 3 with a Flare Gun. There is no amount of Joker tickets listed for reward. There is a stac 10 icon. but nothing written to say that i might win the stac 10. Im just assuming that is the deal. This is for Alletta C where the torch job is generally. I would also assume that this job would rotate with the torch/damage job
  5. I would vote for removing the Threat visibility. I've said this since My beginning. When I was a Youngster I was more afraid of the silver with the knife symbol than a gold, cause it looks menacing. However the Gold has always been visually irritating to look at, especially if they are grouping n there is a car full of them. Not to mention that Silver is not silver, its White
  6. Sir. I Must Object. Your Co-association with these dastardly methods of strategy and The Cheese People is Anti-Cheesist I believe your T ornament idea may be a good thing for Clan/Clubs. And someplace here to post winners. Regards aka MACKnCHEESE
  7. i had that problem, trying to leave a Ticket. But I was in-game in social. but i was able to leave my ticket outside of the game, using my chrome. but the game tries to boot the edge browser, which has just been upgraded. I actually figured this was part of the spending block on my account
  8. Yes, Thats part of the reason I play. Allot of players have a Clan/Tag that are not Clans, just a tagline for the player to display with no members. Like Me. And True to my Books, I work Alone. In the Clan settings is an Info area, I would like to see somthing like that info area for non clan players. In other words regardless if you were in a clan or not, you would still have a Personal Info Area. However I can already see, b4 finishing the post, that this would open a big can of worms. People would put things there that would be offensive in some way to someone. ps. Not all of us have a Wiki like me.
  9. Well, I'm Impressed. You have done a Good thing Good for Coiners and for Free-Players I believe this bring back some old players and attract new Gives a Max Rank something to do, something to grind.
  10. That would be Cool if we could. I dont know the current answer though. I think that involves Hot-Keys that the anticheat will not accept.
  11. That aint gonna happen anytime soon. For instance the Volcano, ID be willing to spend up to 40 US for a guaranteed perm volcano..Max i would pay. I already put too much down on the joker n got screwed, so I'm not gonna spend a dime more based on a percentage that I might win. Additionally I would only want a weapon that was unique and or authentic, leaving out the mp40 due to its sound. The New Glory is not all it was hyped up to be, the people using them had bots or so I think. The only thing they have that is the Volcano, which is unrealistic and the Hunter. Which I would have to have more motivation to complete my Marksman Role outside of being able to buy a site or a mod. I guess I'll have to wait n see what they have going tomarro, by the time I get one they will have nerfed it. Too Little Too Late.
  12. So even if i acquire the JT's, I'm not guaranteed the legendary. So It be like I can walk in and directly rent or own a ledgendary? Or is it still gonna be a Gamble? It may not seem much to others but I'm into the Joker for 200 bucks n never got the ledgendary, Damn I was actually excited.
  13. To all the Father-Gamers, Happy Fathers Day. Today is not just our day to get burnt toast breakfast in bed, to skip chores and nap, or getting gifts. Today is a to reflect upon the values of our own fathers and or father figures, which have become Your values. A day to be Proud in Your endeavor to instill those same values and more upon Your children. A day to 'Lead by Example'. Do Your chores, wash your hands, and Teach Your Children something today. For those Gamer-Daughters/Sons Today is not just the day you buy a card for your Father or a Tie. Clean up That Room, Wash Your hands and reflect upon the Value of the things your Fathers have instilled upon you. When You hand them that card, Thank Them for Teaching Those Values.
  14. Possibly an Unlimited Block list, maybe as a 'Per Instance' lasting only till you leave the district. Regulating Speech, certain words would be wrong cause it would take way too much in development, there would be so many words, and then they would just spell the word in question differently. Not to mention, a certain subject matter or word or terminology may be acceptable and or wanted by certain chatters, and unwanted or vilified by others. We already have chat channels, n lets say they added a 'Social' channel for people like me that ramble on, and or people that have questions, ect. Nobody would be on the channel to answer the question nor listen to my rhetoric n I would come back to the Main chat. An unlimited block/filter of the individual. For instance if you wanted to hear all the other people but not Mack that day, but your block list is already filled. You would just Filter me by name or Silence me. This could be permanent or by the server instance, and or even by Chat Channel, so if we had a mission we could still talk.
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