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  1. I already do that, but maybe there are other ways.
  2. Is it possible to buy shares in APB: Reloaded? In the hope that more money will be released so that the game can one day become big again? Or that there is a possibility so that we as players can do something for the game. I have been playing the game since 2011 with my friends and I will be very sad if the game dies.
  3. Thanks for the 1.30 update 64 bit. today there was 800 player online first time in years and i think there is a new beginning for APB Reloaded.
  4. Don't think it's the Kevler. I think it's you that you die all the time.
  5. I still love this game it's one of a kind only we need more people in the game and a new district
  6. np im online all day just tell me on the forum when you are online
  7. Yup I started at the end of 2016 until the beginning of 2018. But now I am back stronger than ever
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