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  1. As predicted, the game is now ruined. Thanks to the company who doesnt understand the game and listens to the majorty of suggestion which are done by silvers who wish nerf upon every weapon they are killed by. Great work apb community. Enjoy your ruined game. I hope it dies soon.
  2. game was already low pop, now its dying even harder, at this pace i doubt there will be anyone left before the engine upgrade.
  3. Yes its true people call better players cheater very quick but at the moment there is a lot of cheaters. More than ever before, and im one of them. Apb doesnt ban so why not cheat
  4. Go back to EAC or even FF. Cheaters these are grazy i have been cheating for the past 6 months and still not banned battle eye does nothing
  5. Go back to the same place where you think i said nerf ltl, right there you will read our entire boring convo again, im not gone dig down 4 years old forum posts for you
  6. No, you suggested ltl should be as powerful as OCA, on which i basicly said thats its a no go for that. That doesnt mean i want ltl nerfed Asking for changes is fine, complaining because your skills are poor is not.
  7. Another boring fucking player that wants shit removed from the game just cause you dont want to use it, its people like u that have brought the game to this shit state already, lets stop all the further removing or nerf beggings cause the only thing you gotta do is have fun your own way just like other people are trying to. if u cant have fun and u got to get on the forums and beg again for something to be removed then do us all a favor and simply remove yourself if ure not satisfied with the way the game is.
  8. These past few weeks ive noticed a huge increas in suspicious gameplay by people that normally are not even near as good but somehow they hit every shot with the perfect fire rate but still have the same gameplay style as before so it makes me wonder, is there a new cheat active thats going undecteded very well? have these players actually become so good in just the past weeks? Why is there suddenly so many new characters that play like they are gods of apb that have trained their aim for 10+ years? And why does reporting them not do anything as i see the same player still 1 week after ive reported them multiple times and which im sure of other players have done aswell. Should little orbit consider going back to the previous method of handling with cheaters? I have multiple videos of players that im quite sure of that cheat. Keep in mind, ill never call a player cheater if im not sure that there is a suspicious way of gameplay, ive been playing apb for 7 years and surely never seen as much as "cheaters" as ive seen the last few days. Im suspecting a new cheat but it could be something else. Lets hear your opinion and if you have seen somethings out of the ordinary these past weeks.
  9. No, i want to be a pro player like skanta
  10. Oca equiped with cj3 and make sure to use percs as nades.
  11. What times are the dev gun games happening?
  12. Disagree.. And in what way disagree? What are the claims and what are the proves. Making comments with none related topics, when youre clearly been explained the point which you do understand but still dont want to agree with, and then come back to make a comment which again points towards other topics as a argument, makes the comment pretty useless there for irrelevant to this topic. There is no problems with disagreement but you have to be able explain it right when youre asked why.
  13. And this has nothing to do with those, but thats hard for you to understand. dont come back with another irrelevant comment cause this been going way off topic now.
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