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  1. These past few weeks ive noticed a huge increas in suspicious gameplay by people that normally are not even near as good but somehow they hit every shot with the perfect fire rate but still have the same gameplay style as before so it makes me wonder, is there a new cheat active thats going undecteded very well? have these players actually become so good in just the past weeks? Why is there suddenly so many new characters that play like they are gods of apb that have trained their aim for 10+ years? And why does reporting them not do anything as i see the same player still 1 week after ive reported them multiple times and which im sure of other players have done aswell. Should little orbit consider going back to the previous method of handling with cheaters? I have multiple videos of players that im quite sure of that cheat. Keep in mind, ill never call a player cheater if im not sure that there is a suspicious way of gameplay, ive been playing apb for 7 years and surely never seen as much as "cheaters" as ive seen the last few days. Im suspecting a new cheat but it could be something else. Lets hear your opinion and if you have seen somethings out of the ordinary these past weeks.
  2. No, i want to be a pro player like skanta
  3. Oca equiped with cj3 and make sure to use percs as nades.
  4. What times are the dev gun games happening?
  5. Disagree.. And in what way disagree? What are the claims and what are the proves. Making comments with none related topics, when youre clearly been explained the point which you do understand but still dont want to agree with, and then come back to make a comment which again points towards other topics as a argument, makes the comment pretty useless there for irrelevant to this topic. There is no problems with disagreement but you have to be able explain it right when youre asked why.
  6. And this has nothing to do with those, but thats hard for you to understand. dont come back with another irrelevant comment cause this been going way off topic now.
  7. No, people wish to have more abilities and less limitations when it comes down to customization which this topic was started for. Nobody (except you) cares if there is more kits available for both factions. Perhaps more poeple would like it because this brings in more customization options for the ones that like to make use of it, think about car designers. What people want to identify as is up to them, youre not going to change that. If a enforcers decides to look lile a criminal thats totally his choice and his taste of style, that doesnt mean that you have to prevent them from being that just because of his faction. Youre meant to be who ever you wish in apb after all. Anyway if youre worried that much about enforcers identity just throw some emergency lights on your car and have them on at all times, we criminals surely will know its a enforcer then. Which i cant imagine anyone care about anyway.
  8. Which have nothing to do with a car kit, as i said before show me threads that made suggestion for car kits unlucks where people say no to. Obviously the threads that you come up with are more depended on faction differences but they have nothing to do with the suggestion i made so are you running out of things to discuss or is it hard to stay on topic?
  9. 2 of the topics were my own which is weird that you add would those in the first place since u already have commented on those yourself so kinda weird but ok, and then you add 2 more topics which have 0% relations to the suggestion i made and 1 topic that has a suggestion of 2 kits which nobody actually said no to in that thread. With this you confirmed that no one cares about what you have to say here:
  10. dont you have a reason of your own? Show me the 95%. Link me to all of the posts suggesting car kit unlocks for both factions.
  11. Give a valid reason No one cares about that
  12. Unlock more of the already existing kits for both factions (suggestion). One of the kits: bishada sports kit bundle
  13. I dont see anything wrong with that? Other than it being good for the comunity as people get to put out their skills in those factors for more players.
  14. And which ones exactly? Youre not being clear, name a few that have ruined the faction identity.
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