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  1. Bishada Kissaki Sport Bundle for crims @MattScott thanks
  2. Premium will also be able to queue in ‘Premium Only’ matches that we hope will free of reroll cheaters HEHE
  3. And for this reason i said there will be a community pot where we all donate to so people like you would be still able to play. $7.99 a month will hurt them? millions of people pay more for a battlepass. The population is at this state because of mainly the cheaters. Thats why when the cheater probpem is reduced the population will grow back bit by bit. And there is only a few cheaters who are able afford new accounts and resub to cheats, the rest of them are broke, making new accounts, using methods to stay untraced so they can keep making new accounts and cheat again. Out of 10 cheaters only 1 or 2 are actually able to pay for all that.
  4. For a long time we have been struggling with the cheaters epidemic that is currently active in apb. Banning doesnt solve the issue because there is tools like "apb cleaner" and also deleting of log files that make a cheater less traceable. Cheaters who do this, avoid getting all their accounts banned and so they keep making and switching accounts so they can keep cheating. And apb is free to play so making new accounts to cheat is simply too easy. To solve this, i propose we make apb premium only, players can only login and play if they have premium. This wont 100% hold cheaters back but it will reduce by atleast 60% and possibly even up to 75% which would make a great impact. Goid things about it are: -more players will start playing -less toxicity in the community -silver and mid tier golds can finally enjoy the game without facing a cheater every other mission. -generate some income for LO, because they work on the game and take care of what they can which we should be gratefull for. Bad things: -some players wont be able to make a monthly payment for premium, but theres a solution for that too which is making a comunity pot to which we all donate so the ones among us who also love apb will still be able to play, im fine with giving 5 players a monthly premium. - it might affect the population negatively but in the long run it will be worth it because when cheaters are almost all gone more people can actually enjoy the game which will make them keep playing which then attracts more people to play. And theres more goods and bads but you can fill out the rest. Maybe this could be a better idea for when the game is more stable and we have upgraded to 64bit so that players see more worth in for what they pay but i think it will stop most cheaters atleast, which has lots of good effects. If u like this or if it sparks up a idea in you feel free to comment on this thread.
  5. Cool, is the hidden number also limited to a certain point of going up?
  6. Bro matt add this kit for crims already
  7. Its true, most legit golds have left. Only a few are still playing. The rest of them came after the threat level merge. Which were just silvers but because the golds were mopping the floor with them, they couldnt take it anymore so they start cheating, which explains all the new random names with gold threat.
  8. How does it work Merged. Good to know, thanks for explaining
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