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  1. Way more thought out then what I wrote. This guy knows his shid.
  2. 1. I believe, and those with better knowledge can tell me im wrong, that moving over to 64 will improve the overall crashing you would get when playing and a lot of performance, overall less bugginess when playing the game. 2. The update? Most likely never. But i'm a pessimist. 3. So far they don't have anything at all, again could be wrong, and the update doesn't improve graphics, again also could be wrong. Updating the game from 32 to 64 will improve overall performance and less crashing. 4. If it does, god I would love to see APB as it was. 5. Less crashing, improved performance, unless you mean something deeper.
  3. This guy gets it. He understands why we linger in this forum. @Preme Say that this subscription plan works. Let's say they implement it and it does what you want it to do, kills off ALL the cheaters and hackers in the game. Where in your subscription plan does it say that the players will not only come home to APB but also pay a subscription plan? Is your thought process that putting a subscription plan will revive the playerbase or I want the cheaters/hackers to go away lets hurt them in their wallets? You've been saying that no one is back and forthing you with 'good ideas' or 'ideas', give us some idea of how this all works. How does this mean in your words: Explain.
  4. Neither does yours nor do the other half a billion posts you put in here. You're more or less screaming into a void, a void which i'll remind you that are far more focused in working on others games to which they claim are not for 'monetary gain' I admire your commitment to tell me how wrong I am and your commitment to fix this game, but it is ultimately wasted.
  5. Yet what you're suggesting is that you kill off the last few players to put a payment plan in? Your logic is backward my guy.
  6. Yet again, smartest thing said in this thread so far. At that point you're /paying/ for an experience to get dunked on by a cheater versus moving on to the next match There is no solution. So long as the game exists, there will be a person or a group of people that will find an exploit or attempt to break the game for their personal gain.
  7. They only person I care about is Winter Witch. Bring back Winter Witch.
  8. Kevlar 3 will never get changed. Clotting Agent won't get removed. Even if they did do these things there would be an assigned meta that you would either have to adhere too or suffer not being the best. Welcome to video games. Learn to adapt or take this as moving onto better things that you find constructive for your time.
  9. Dunno if you can grab it but honestly I loved using the ATAC 424 It was my go to for mowing down dudes. I'm certain there are far better picks.
  10. Good work you've solved the case glaciers. Here is your medal. Please continue doing this esteemed honor.
  11. Stupid prizes. Does anyone actually still actively play or is it mostly dead in the game?
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