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  1. She knows too much, no one quits APB Forums.
  2. you've misinterpreted what I meant. It would be suicide for LO, not yourself. Besides, no one cares enough here to do really anything. (Inb4 I am struck with a ban)
  3. they won't and you know that. Admitting stuff like that for a company is usually suicide, more so when LO is trying to make new games.
  4. I gotta admit your admiration and hope for the game is sorta uplifting. But I feel like they've beaten this horse into a fine red pulp about now. I don't see APB making a huge comeback, even if they get the extra manpower and goals knocked off. People here (including me) are jaded as hell.
  5. You're getting your banana twisted over words. Let it go.
  6. While I commend you for being the better person and apologizing first... I gotta agree with this guy. He kinda deserved the slap back.
  7. Cars and Vehicles don't need to be touched as far as I am concerned. It's the weapons that need a look at. There is the problem with that, with any game there will always be a 'meta' and so in turn it's virtually impossible to not have just best of the best.
  8. This explains a lot. I had not thought GM's didn't have the abilities to ban or kick players, I figured GM's were given full rights to do what they needed within reason. Merged. Because they know more about what is going down then you apparently do, or mostly anyone here. Use your brain. MAATTT MAAATTTTTT!!! THE MEAN PERSON CLAPPED BACK AT MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Settle down, okay?
  9. You just compared Minecraft and APB in the same sentence, as well as reminding us all "Content is Key" You don't understand anything my guy.
  10. Lemme try to bring some positivity to the thread by saying, this is a good step in the right direction. It's been...I am not sure how long but it's a step in the right direction regardless. However, I would argue its maybe too late for some. Keyword there is "some" most here in the forums I am sure will keep haunting the game and the forums until they implode, like myself. This being said, what are you going to focus first? I would wager a guess the 64x system implementation?
  11. Which do you frequent? Why? Are you still having fun?
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