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  1. Gamersfirst was always considered being a bad company since the early 2012 days with Warrock. They should def drop the name.
  2. no apb is mostly CPU Depended if i change my 1070 to a 560 ti the fps will be literary the same. Don't spouse non sense with out any knowledge. I would say a CPU upgrade would be better i don't know what series your on but even the 2e gen i5/i7 are very capable of running apb at 100+ Fps with a good overclock to 4.5 GHZ. Or you should take a look at the new Intel i5 generation CPU's. Apb is not GPU depended at the moment maybe that the engine upgrade will change that but who knows until it's really released..
  3. Well the statistics shows something else. If you want to know what a successful game is look at Apex legends. Also apb did fail Realtime worlds went bankrupt end of story.
  4. got the stac twice lol one at the beginning of these "rare" reward 4Heeed.
  5. No worries they will get caught in a few months maybe a year max 2 years :). But who cares anyway they just buy a new account for 50 bucks and go another 2 years. Nothing changes with this shitty 32Bit anti cheat.
  6. Yeah everyone agrees with you because they are the only people left liking this garbage gameplay. If we had opinions of the old veterans that left the game a long time ago i think we would more variation in opinions.
  7. From my experience trying to let my friends play this game and they quit very fast. They said smart game doesn't have head shots. How many of them play today z e r o.
  8. Ever tried to play APB at its highest skill ceiling possibilities? Imagine playing 2v2 against rooq and melocide. At best you can take one out and the second one will just kill you like trading. this game has reached it max skill ceiling a long time ago. Now it's only depended on objective location,spawns,low yield/nade spamming and car game playing. So it doesn't matter how good you are your damage is limited and they know that and people will know how much they can tank so no risk in pushing in since you are 1 or 2 shot anyway. 0 chance to fight back unless your lucky and the opponent potato aims for some reason. So don't come here to tell me it's a skill issue.
  9. Hello this is probably one of my first serious posts. I love APB don't get me wrong been playing since 2011. But i see people keep telling that the Engine upgrade is gonna make this game be populated again like when it was relaunched. But the game mechanics we have now are out dated and doesn't fit 2019 standards. People will try the "new" APB and leave again because the gun play is just stupid in my opinion. The gun play is pretty shit after playing proper shooters past years. What i want to say is that the current gun play is just bad. Kills don't feel satisfying you can cheese this game hard with stupid load outs. Aim in this game isn't rewarded because every body part is the same damage. Weapons should be reworked and body part damage should be something so you can actually maybe clutch in a 1 vs 2 situation. Here i said it this game should have head shots [maybe more damage on head or something not 1 shot ] you guys/girls are probably gonna disagree. But hey there is a reason you guys still play because you like it ;). I know this is probably never gonna happen because there are to many weapons in APB. I don't think a lot of new people will stick to this game after the engine upgrade is released because of this. Also can you give me a good reason why not to change the gun play in this game instead of just being edgy thanks.
  10. lulw who cares i got 3D glasses as well but they are meh. I hope they get more publicly available so all the edgelords get upset
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