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  1. What i want is some moderation and a anti cheat that actually works. its not dead i though 500-600 would have rock bottom but we went tot 383 now on average. One day the population will be left with cheaters mostly just closeting against each other like monkeys.
  2. enthusiast people left the game. Old OG players who played for years left. People who believed in this game left. The 300-400 people that are left are believers on heavy dose of copium(i was a part of it) and cheaters that have fun with goin blatant because this game has no anti cheat, 0 moderation and priorities. I am done the amount walling new re rollers/bought accounts with smooth aim is just sky high they are not even hiding it. And no reporting doesn't do shit only reporting griefers are the tickets they look at. You worked on so much stuff in the live version expect for the one that mattered a anti cheat. Bring back EAC client side it did more the BE client and server side combined. Even when EAC is free for developers you guys are so greedy that you still won't touch something that is free. As a Beta veteran you guys are the same as the old G1 team feeding us promises but never fulfilling them.
  3. EAC didn't stop stuff like trigger bot but. it did stop smooth aiming/aimbotters./WH ETC. BE don't stop two of those so who cares anyway. The only ones that could keep cheating where to ones with a private cheat with like only 5 users and they couldn't go blatant like they do with BE. So i would take EAC any day over BE.
  4. You can say the same to shotguns someone can cheat and always 2 shot you. The perc issue would be the best to just remove the stamina damage from percs
  5. R195 has all the same stuff as a max rank lol. utility wise weapons probably like oscar and tommy gun isn't unlocked but who cares lol.
  6. Can you revert the LTL nerf? You made almost dead content completely dead its in its grave now. Because there where 10 chads who mastered LTL with the PIG you don't need to nerf it because people who get outplayed get mad. The issue now is you need to hit 3-4 shots with full auto LTL guns to stun someone with PIG. In that time you are probably dead before you can switch in most cases if the enemy is decent at aiming. Old situation. Pig is 1 shot yes 1 shot you need to reload after 1 shot :OOOOOOO. It has 5 meters range :000000 so broken. It has 95 stamina DAMAGE Pog if i master my aim i can beat cqc possibly but if i miss i am dead :((((. New situation. Pig is 1 shot yes 1 shot you need to reload after 1 shot :OOOOOOO. It has 5 meters range :000000 so broken. It has 675 stamina DAMAGE Pog if i master my aim with this gun i will stil die LOLOLOL THX MATT time to play the original so not overused OBEYA,AP45,frags load out... The only thing you are doing so far is buffing guns who everyone already uses but nerf guns who no one loves expect a few people. joke of a balancing LTL is useless as fuck now and 0 fun. #MakeLTLgreatAGAIN. FEELSWEIRDMAN killing content and the population at this point.
  7. Not sure if you know but the engine APB is running on is 3.0 UE instead of the 3.5 UE. UE 3 didn't have Unreal Development Kit so most of the things where custom written by Realtime worlds. From what I know there is no real documentation and it's all custom code. No one really knows how everything works besides the original developers, so using those custom codes to make content is hard and breaks a lot of things as you probably have noticed if you have been playing since 2011 and then compare that to now. G1 broke the traffic lights, tracers and the game runs very bad now if you compare to 2011 and probably more small things but yeah you get the idea. So the only hope is to port is to 3.5 and rewrite a lot of things to make it work with 3.5. After that they can actually develop new content but, i have the idea that is going take a long long time. And don't forget they bought the game the community is a freebie.
  8. Isn't it possible to export the assets/textures from APB:R and use it for APB 2? I am not a game developer so idk if that even would be easy.
  9. nah the game used to be decent when we had a anti cheat.
  10. Bro Matt scot himself said that the Fairfight gives false positives and tiggs was putting manual bans left and right but, you probably don't even know who that is since you registered in 2020. And EAC did in fact stop most cheats expect the private ones that only has a few players running it. The only thing you saw was apes with Trigger bot running around since yes EAC didn't support server side anti cheat but, even then i rather fight people with trigger bot then blatant WH and Aimbot. EAC times was the best times this game had.
  11. Fairfight didn't even work it was all manual bans so i don't know why you want fairfight it fucking sucks there is a reason a lot of games switched away from fairfight. Also BE doesn't prevent modding the gamefiles so i don't see the point in saying that EAC is worse then BE. BE is worse then EAC. EAC at least did stop most of the cheats while BE gets bypassed instant on day one.
  12. This guy says that the Oscar is a reskin of joker carbine i am done. Also this game was p2w in the past by G1 now that is almost not the case anymore. I do agree you have to grind for open slot guns but it ain't that bad compared to other games but, how else do you expect a F2P game to make revenue? Only game that didn't have P2w in any form was Artic combat as fast as they came and everyone was happy the game still closed because they didn't bring in enough revenue. F2P can't be happy and rainbows.
  13. People are so funny blaming Little Orbit. People wake up they bought the game the community is a freebie who cares about the current population. From what I have seen they are looking into the future. Focus on the new engine polish it fully adjust gameplay to something that actually works start marketing and sponsoring influencers bringing new players into a game that is actually balanced and running decent enough on your average system. The current community is useless they want to keep the game like they played it for years. There is a reason this game is dying the gameplay is bad and the only thing it has going for it is the customization. Our advises and vision doesn't connect to the future players. -peace
  14. What they said is that it is very hard to work with the current engine and that is why they are moving to 3.5 wat makes development way easier. The only thing they need to have now is a good anti-cheat and some in game moderation. Upgrading the anti cheat is underestimated. They should have developed APB from the ground up while using assets from the original game looking at how long the upgrading already takes. This game was super fun with EAC since most of the "gamers" took a "break" or just got rekt. Also seeing how the smallest changes G1 did destroyed functions of the original game and also made it run shittier for some reason. I rather don't want them to use the current engine for new content what will probably result in even shittier performance then we already have.
  15. I agree with most what you said, but JG Snub switch was broken. Because the reason you haven't seen the combo abused in the past is because all the guns used to be insane with low TTK and people weren't that good compared to today. It was unbeatable. Balancing is messed up i don't know what clowns are balancing guns but they are touching guns like LTL and Scout what was FINE. LTL was a niche and now they destroyed it by removing the power of the Pig. From few people using LTL it went to legit 0 people. Pig was a real tazer and yes it did 85 damage but it had only one shot. you miss you die. Scout was good you could barely fight someone in cqc because of the 0.5 switch and i guess the balancing team cried when they got outplayed by a scout in cqc while using a shotgun or oca probably so they nerfed the equipment time and to make it seem like a buff they increased the damage by 3-5 haha. Thanks Orbit and the silver balancing team that destroyed LTL and the Scout. PS if you nerf Obir, Ntec you should also nerf the Obeya since well people just will move on to the gun you apes haven't touched yet.
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