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  1. Only way to reproduce is to start a fresh APB:R session and then joining fightclub and play a round and then join a mission district afterwards. This is the culprit. I don't think it always happens but if it happens it because of this.
  2. after all these patches my game runs from 115-135 fps now between 100-120 fps nice shit bois keep molesting the molested live engine.
  3. Cheating hasn't stopped because EAC was already found out and people that will cheat in apb are gonna cheat in APB. Its already bypassed. Everything up til now has been a failure.
  4. After all these useless patches it feels like the tick rate went lower and people started rubber banding again hard. 23ms 0 packet loss. I must be crazy if i am the only noticing this.
  5. No not really. They should bring it back to pre G1 buff. G1 Though that anti vehicle weapons where to strong against yeah you guessed it cars. So they buffed the cars to have more healt what in return brought in car game playing.
  6. I don't know why you would do that but you need to run task manager as administrator if that doesn't work i guess its for safety measures
  7. I mean it was not good implemented but i do like the combat. Sometimes you do get back stabbed by the dude you killed 10 seconds ago oh well. At least its something new
  8. Good idea can be fun but poorly executed
  9. Yeah i had this problem years ago not sure how i fixed it. Maybe people don't run CMD as administrator so the commands can't be applied or sumfin idk.
  10. I like how the first tab is a youtube video that is called how to slav your car lmao
  11. We have to combine them all as last resort 4Head.
  12. All the closets ain't gonna play anymore until there is a bypass
  13. Aren't you the dude that made like 50 posts about stopping with APB. If you quit just quit. But at the moment you are a attention 51ut
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