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  1. the problem is that Apb is third person so its hard to check if someone is closeting or not unless you can see his monitor.
  2. Silvers always fuzzy bunny when they get smashed but when they smash new/bronze players they don't say anything lmaoo. Hypocrites
  3. Gateron

    Name Glitched

    Nope it doesn't say anything and normally you can claim the name again after few minutes.
  4. I don't have that turned on. Turned it off rather keep the advertised speed i was promised :).
  5. Yeah years ago when the game actually still ran 2 times better then now. I also had a i5 2500k on 4.5 ghz and it did manage to stay between 115-120 Fp few years ago. The game runs like garbage i got my i7 6700k OC on 4.5 i get 110-144 FPS now.
  6. i5 9600k is a bit better then my i7 6700k in games. Don't expect to get i9 9900k performance with that CPU LUL.
  7. What can you do to many addicts in this game that think this game is gonna be E-Sport one day OMEGALUL
  8. When you have the OBT/CBT Title i mean it says it right in the title
  9. A example why the new Engine won't save the games since all the new players will get stomped by vets and leave.
  10. It's the weekend no one works. So this will probably get fixed on monday.
  11. Just fix the game and get more people to play it LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.
  12. This weapon is for people that are bad at the game and need something easy.
  13. Nah i don't think his ban is applied properly. People Macro the shit out of this game since well EAC won't ban you for using your mouse drivers or else i was banned for having logitech hub installed. And yeah he has a point i see like shit load of streamers editing the shit out of there game, no flash,no bodies,no fog,outline,no explosions etc. But i see them happily stream everyday with out getting any bans maybe favoritism idk but something is fishy. And before you say send a ticket to support nah they will look at it in 2000 years. It's better for them to look trough the twitch streamers a while and do a manual ban. Saw someone rage cheating on stream not getting banned even twitch was faster closing his twitch channel then LO banning his apb account.
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