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  1. Gateron


    Nah seems like some second life cringe shit.
  2. I though you quit the game for good like 5 times lol? Or where those other posts you made a lie
  3. Game is not that very big so i don't see why LO just doesn't reach out to streamers. Most streamers don't apply because LO claimed that the usage of configs = Automatic declined. With out config the game runs garbage as fu so i don't blame them.
  4. Wh0re is used gender neutral. Wh0re is not a good word to use while this game 18+. Maybe you should also go cry on the GTA forums about how the main charachters insult strippers and say the word b1tch and wh0re enough times. This is just Virtue Signalling and Gtfo. Its not 100% only used on women because you heard from other feminist. You are not a creditable source.
  5. Yeah don't give attention to those people and there words have no meaning. But here you are fueling it. Also you don't even know what e-boy means. Can you explain to me how someone using the title Wh0re affects you in a bad way? Do you feel insulted do you think people using the title directs it at you or something i really don't get it. Wh0re is also used on man and women so don't go into simp mode and say but it is used on womhaans and it disrespect them. Imagine losing to words yikes how weak you must be mentally.
  6. keep crying because of a word... Go do virtual cringe shit with your e boy Tigrix lmao. A word has no meaning until you give it attention good job btw. Its a TITLE if someone uses it it doesn't hurt you or other players. Unless you see yourself associated with the word Wh0re KEKW.
  7. It was always a strong weapon lmao and easy to use.
  8. make it easier to get,. Put it on the armas at this point...... It doesn't give you any advantage only flex power. I don't want it to be easier to get you have to earn it by grinding fight club like all the other vets.
  9. You should have disabled spotter while you where at it. Super unbalanced broken mod
  10. First the reason is why it's gonna be only in Asia probably is because mobile games are HUGE there. Its better that they go on with the 3.5 Engine instead of beginning all the way from scrap that gonna be a failure for sure. And why should it be unreal engine 4.0 anyways. Unreal engine 3.5 is capable enough of making a decent looking game and optimized if done right.
  11. There are enough other weapons that will destroy the shaw in its own territory. If they remove the random patootie spray pattern that randomly pulls to the left or right and give it a actually pattern that people can learn i would have agreed with you.
  12. Ever heard of the shaw? No one gives the oldest weapons any love 0 buffs since release only nerfs on car damage
  13. Said this for years brother they are not gonna do shit since the man that abuses everything you just claimed above has a word to say about the balances and weapons that come into the game. I won't say names but the real OG people know who i am talking about.
  14. its not about how dangerous it is but how easy it can spread. Young people can just sick it out and get immune against it. But imagine you infecting your grand mother or grand father and they die indirectly because you though the virus was nothing more then a flu and infected them. That is the scary part about the virus. These measures also keeps away that the virus spreads way to fast and to many people are hospitalized and that there is no resource available anymore for people that are in need.
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