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  1. Ah reminds me of the times when you could crouch spam and climb like a spider up buildings EZ Clap
  2. Wait they removed JG PIG switch. PepeHands had fun with it while it lasted got me max role arrest.
  3. Because your PMG is nerfed doesn’t make the nerfs bad bro this game is unbalanced and they are taking a step forward removing the cheesing. GIT GUD I would say. Only nerf i disagree with is the scout not able to qs with it anymore doesn’t make sense.
  4. I don't mind i don't play for objectives anyway lol. Just for the kills :^)
  5. If you put everything on super low it looks almost like the normal APB with similar FPS as the live version with heavy config mods. I do see the protentional but the game also felt more unsmooth then the live version even if you had the same FPS.
  6. Imagine comparing the dog ear against a actual anti vehicle sniper. Its still a good gun against players.
  7. Some had a valid opinions but the community backlashes on those people no wonder they don't bother trying to give you there opinion. The only reason this game dies is because the small people that still play like how it is while the other 99% hate the shitty mechanics and how you can cheese to win. If i have to compare new games to apb no wonder we get no new players this game sucks for 2020 standards.
  8. Not enough money but with out EAC we are back to skinny edgelords closeting again for months or perhaps more then a year to get banned. But now they don't even closet anymore just have full aimbot. I can't post a link since cheaters are protected on this forum. I know that Lidl orbit knows there is a cheating pandemic but they don't care about the main game and people that play they let it self manage and focus fully on the Engine upgrade and hope it is gonna be successful.
  9. I got a legendary but its still stuck on a alt account and the worst is its on a r20 character. #Dutch/Belgiumlivesmatter
  10. 2 hours and 10 minutes gone
  11. Yeah its funny how they are going back to a anti cheat that was bypassed instant it was released. Cringe.
  12. if (JG + SNUB { Snub equipment delay = true } else { Snub equipment delay = false }
  13. You do know when Battle eye first was introduced it was instantly bypassed on the first day. Saw a max rank snapping and spinning in fightclub on that day xDDDD.
  14. Gateron


    Nah seems like some second life cringe shit.
  15. I though you quit the game for good like 5 times lol? Or where those other posts you made a lie
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