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  1. Nah first they will take the report and then shit on it. Next thing is they flush it trough the toilet.
  2. A video is not enough evidence -Matt. Even if the person locks 100% and fully tracks and then snaps to the other person its still not enough so that is also useless to do. There was a guy where his cheats malfunctioned in FC and locked on a opposing faction when the round didn't begin and he even admitted lol on STREAM live , but he just didn't play on his account for weeks so everyone though he was banned and then out of nowhere he just logs in like nothing happened haha. Joke of a game also when i posted the evidence it was removed from the forums and they temp banned me.
  3. There is a cheat that is undetected and that cheat is cracked so every plep can use it with out paying for it lol. Little orbit hasn't done anything for it yet.
  4. Gateron


    Ahh this explains why people just cheat on streams. This explains a lot.
  5. This game is dead little orbit doesn’t give a shit about the current players, but only for the possible future new players that possibly will spend a lot of money on the upgraded finished game. we are just there they could just close the server’s and work on the game and rebrand its revival. I know how they operate now.
  6. What are you talking about they are just lucky.
  7. Hello little orbit you can remove the anti-cheat discussion since well you guys don't care about the feedback. BE is not working its garbage and now there is a cheat leaked what is being abused to the max and even if it is used by i don't know how many people, but a lot from what i have seen it still isn't detected. And i guess you guys don't want to do manual bans because: wE waNT bATtLE EyE tO BaN tHEm InSTead Of MAnUAl BAn. At this point remove the anti cheat so we at least have better fps. I bet only the janitors read these posts. Just say you fucking abandoned the live version.
  8. This game has 0 benefit from a high end GPU. Only if you upgrade from IGPU. I can downgrade from a 1070 to a 750 ti and have 0 loss in performance.
  9. Never would i have though this would come from a SPCT. I agree BE does NOT work. It may only work for those free cheats from long time ago. There are legit a group of blatant cheaters in a clan running rampant on high ranked accounts. Can't name because NamE aND sHAme rule. What is a upgraded engine with out players :)?
  10. I just want them to say: hey we are letting the live version manage it self we are not doing anything for it for the foreseeable future then small recycled updates. We have no intention of putting workforce into the live version, but every workforce we have is focused on the engine upgrade. Hopefully this fixes your expectations that we will do something about the live version as upgrading anti-cheat, in game moderating, matchmaking issues, weapon balancing. This ensures we can upgrade APB:R quicker and then fix the imperfections of the live version and upgrade the anti cheat back to EAC . -Matt
  11. Still no answer. Can't someone from little orbit take 2 minutes of his life to say yes or no that that they are are letting the live version run it self and are completely focusing on the engine?
  12. Well who cares what games i play now. I just want to know why they operate like they do now.
  13. I do i play Rust these days a bit and have uni keeping me occupied, but doesn't change the fact that i like well liked this game.
  14. Do you give any attention to the live version of the game? Or do you not care about the current playing population because its so small. I have a feeling you guys actually don't care about the current players but more about the future ones that will maybe join the new upgraded APB:R. Why do i think that? 1. 0 in game moderation 2. Low ranks golds clearly walling and smooth aiming running around and even some max ranks just blatantly cheating. Nice BE is clearly working... 3. scuffed updates making the game run like garbage as well as the hitreg. I now average 100 Fps instead of 110-130 with a I7 6700k on 4.5. Just tell us that you let the live version of APB:R run it self and you guys don't give a shit about it and i am content. This feels like how Gamerfirst ran this game in 2015 when they stopped working on APB:R completely expect that they left the servers running. I won't blame you who wants to put time and money into a population of 500 people haha. I have a honest feeling that this is gonna be just deleted with out any reasoning as if it was never posted. #freespeechbtw. Peace
  15. I think the updated engine will come out scuffed perform on par or even shittier then the live version with input lag. Then they are gonna make new content but it doesn't bring new players in and then a few months later it will probably shutdown. When that will happen idk. Unless they also change from BE to EAC again maybe that will bring some players back. Or I could be wrong and this could be the next booming thing again and we all cry that the normies are taking over. It could take two extra years to get everything polished and then put it out with hype. This game has the potential really to become big with the new matchmaking they are adding.
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