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  1. Gateron

    Config Question

    Well so long nothing happens it's just sentences nothing more. Maybe they should start punish those player hmm? Oh wait nothing will happen anyway.
  2. Gateron

    Config Question

    I doubt you get banned for it since i see Russian streamers using no muzzle flash,no smoke and no rag doll. And they are fine :).
  3. Tbh your ego is pretty big let me block you as well while we at it lol.
  4. Apb is supposed to be a "MMO" Shooter. For a MMO kind of game leveling in this game goes very fast you can get maxed out playing normally.
  5. Ma momma said to me i was a little slow. She makes me wear a shirt that says have patience with me i am special.
  6. Because the current engine is the limiting factor. It's way to hard to make new weapons,cars,maps with the unreal engine apb runs on. So they are "Trying" to port it over to the new one for better performance/content. If the engine ever will come out is a mystery.
  7. Gateron

    Car Play Balancing

    Or revert car health like they used to be. People started car gameplaying after health buff of cars and Nerf of anti vehicle weapons. Here is your fix revert the buffs/nerfs back to normal.
  8. I don't know if he is cheating but i want to put this here because i wanted to use this video for such a long time.
  9. Would have rather wanted a option to create your own title oh well eShrug probably never gonna use the title anyway.
  10. Gateron

    New SPCT team

    Here a 8k by 8k one
  11. Gateron

    New SPCT team

    Kempington, The guy that said shotgun buff was fine and there was no issue? But i see some very good candidates so i have no worries :). Also glad we got a normal test team now
  12. If that's your logic then make LO give every reward of all the events to everyone because some people are cheating.
  13. A title :l . I rather keep using my OBT Veteran title instead of a title that says he won but got drilled in the as-s by little orbit title. I don't want the title thanks. This is weird to begin with. Yes it was frustrating but everyone was basically equal so people crying because of this and that do they think the people that won the skin didn't have the same problem? When you make a vote people who don't have the skin ofcourse they are gonna vote yes they don't have anything to lose but only to gain a skin. No downside and the people that did win gets a shitty text below there name that nobody cares about in the game LOOOOOOOOOL. Don't be this soft if you say something is gonna be exclusive and rare make it rare instead of backing off and treating the community as children .