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  1. I think Matt scott said once if our anti cheat doesn't catch him then he is not cheating.
  2. Yeah because no muzzle flash makes your aim and makes your hand move coordination better all by a virtual file. Bro are you getting blinded by a muzzle that you miss. The only thing i see a silver whining about a veteran player that has a config so he doesn't get low fps lag spikes that is why they still use it even if they have a insane rig.
  3. First of all read the forum post but yeah. I can see why Unit Game wants to make a mobile "APB". Mobile games are big like super big in China. They seem to see the concept of APB as a good mobile game that will earn a lot of micro transactions probably. I mean i think its all good since we don't really gonna have to do much with the mobile version and LO got some more cash to spend on developing the game.
  4. Mass wave ban. Circle jerks of using the same cheats for few years banned and now say to teach other you get banned as well ? acting innocent against each other and then making each other think its a false ban wave and then go cry on the forum. Go to support forum will do nothing then make you look like a fool.
  5. That's the day when they merged Nekrova with Citadel.
  6. There is no European APB anymore. All the people from EU mostly left because of the Russian invasion that happen on the 15th of august 2019. In a few months this game is gonna re branded to APB:RU featuring Unreal Engine 3.5.
  8. Just launch the game trough the apbprogram LOOOOOOOOOOOL. Also there are no good themes in Apb its just hipster themes all over the place or russian ear no rock music.
  9. You know that GPU's have more uses then just gaming? It has been even more popular outside of gaming. And no GPU sales hasn't gone down at all but higher. You know making a GPU that performs better then a older generation has to be made from scratch. There is a reason a 1080 TI is 241% faster then a 680. Making a CPU or GPU chip smaller to 7 or 14mm also costs a lot of R&D but also increases performance and needs less power. Hence the price increases. Also so long AMD can't compete with the higher end cards of NVIDIA they can charge these prices for the flagship cards. But it seems to get to a end to the era with the 5700XT series card of AMD.
  10. 6 cores 8 cores 12 cores 24 cores don't make any difference in this game. It's all about the first core and its IPC/ Speed of the CPU. Apb is mostly depended on core 1. Back in 2008 we didn't have 6 cores it was mostly 2/4 cores. So yeah that is why the game doesn't take advantage of most cores and this game doesn't use much of the GPU as well since graphics cards weren't that popular back in the day. After all the useless patches this game became less optimized and broke in the process as well by G1. And this is the apb we know today a broken mess that runs like crap on high end gear unless you have i9 9900k on 5.1GHZ game will feel chopy.
  11. Only way to reproduce is to start a fresh APB:R session and then joining fightclub and play a round and then join a mission district afterwards. This is the culprit. I don't think it always happens but if it happens it because of this.
  12. after all these patches my game runs from 115-135 fps now between 100-120 fps nice shit bois keep molesting the molested live engine.
  13. Cheating hasn't stopped because EAC was already found out and people that will cheat in apb are gonna cheat in APB. Its already bypassed. Everything up til now has been a failure.
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