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  1. The only thing they had to do was have a proper anti cheat and moderation and we would have still had 1-2k population playing.
  2. You can't read or your reading comprehension is just bad. Anyway no need to further elaborate to a forum dweller.
  3. I can't fix anything its Lidl orbits responsibility that they don't seem to take up to. We could go back to EAC "ITS FREE BTW" The only thing that doesn't work is serverside. It means that people can triggerbot and use walls without getting detected but, everything else is. Game could be cleansed again from closet/blatant cheaters using crazy aim manipulating cheats. When we had EAC we only had dumbasses that had trigger or walls but where still easily beatable because they didn't kill you in 0.05 second with a fbw around a corner. Easy Anti-Cheat can be licensed only for online PC games and it is free of charge. You can sign up for it directly at Epic Online Services without the need to request it through this form.
  4. New players what new players??? Even if you get a random new player the chance he will stick to this game that is full of closets, Veterans and blatant cheaters is small. There is a reason you can create more than one character per account and you can buy more slots go help the struggling indie company out my guy. We can safely say this game is not going to get new flow of players otherwise our population wouldn't have drastically dropped over the years. The best lidl orbit can do is keep the diehard population alive. Otherwise this game is gonna be like Gunz 2.0 dead at arrival. Like when they finally release APB 64-BIT it's going to be dead on arrival because, why play the game of the company who never gave a shit about their community.
  5. I wish it was a troll post but, this game is plagued with blatant low ranks in fight club and normal districts. You can't just move to a other server since the player base is too small. Closets will not get banned but, the blatant low ranks are easy to pick out. So my idea is to close registrations and ban all the recent made accounts. This will solve the issue of rerolling blatant no lifers. This is the only solution i see since this is probably the bare minimum Little Orbit can do effort wise.
  6. I don't play much APB anymore but, i just tried it again. The first thing i see in fightclub is three low ranks using aimbot, minimal ttk and walling. It's crazy how this is allowed that people can just go blatant even if lidl orbit is focused on developing. It just ruined my mood to even touch it again. Only fast solution i see is to close game registration and ban all recent made accounts. Let's be honest how many new people does APB get none. Most of the new accounts are the parasites that play blatant and get banned a month or years later depending on the mood of the support. These people have no life. How can you beat something that has no life? You do that by destroying the thing that keeps them alive the game. Or you remove there access to the game by closing registration. I don't think APB has much to lose by closing registration see it more as quarantine because Matt can't afford a free anti cheat called EAC. This is my last suggestion to make the Live game playable without putting too much effort into it. As a Beta veteran i would rather see the game close since, it's in the final stage of cancer and rather want to see it die in peace then the player base going slowly to 0. I hope you read this Matt.
  7. He had one job reimplanting EAC but, instead he downgraded to a anti cheat that already was compromised. With EAC the only thing cheaters could use was triggerbot and WH but, that is better than getting killed in 0.4 seconds by r70 with an edgy name. Now they have both wh and aimbot. At this point i just want to see the game being declared closed so, all those psychopath cheaters lose meaning in life since there goal seems to just play blatant or closet all day long in a dead game.
  8. honestly with how slow everything is going i don't mind waiting another 4-5 years lol. They should just rebuild apb in UE 5 and shutdown the live version. Hear me out and then release it under a new name :).
  9. psychopaths already pay like 15 a month for there sub another 10 bucks to play monthly apb is 0 issues. Wont stop cheaters especially when they can go blatant with out ever getting detected with BE. Maybe with EAC its another story but pay2play wont fix anything.
  10. Clothing agent overpowered and broken? How so because you start regenerating earlier but at a slower rate? It doesn't affect gameplay that much and doesn't give you more health so, all weapons are still the same time to kill. Your logic makes no sense why it should be buffed. Your reasoning is I can't make kills with this mod on please buff meanwhile top tier players use kevlar with fartspray to be able to cheese. Its so broken that we use kevlar + pmg and fart spray and with that we can even win against blatant cheaters. What can you classify as true reliable information. Your information seems to come from your patootie. I have been playing since OBT learning the game inside out meanwhile going against the best players. Most good players know how much G1, LO has fucked up because they listen to the average players like you. It makes no sense to listen to a average player that has no idea how the game mechanics work in depth. The issue in this case sits between the chair and the monitor. Don't take this personally but, i am done with you silvers and yellows trying to destroy the game balance then it already is.
  11. Bruh kevlar is broken and its used to cheese with PMG and fart spray. Because you are bad at the game doesn't mean it needs a buff. First try to get gold lmao. Don't give Matt any idea they listened long enough to people like you destroying the balance of the game.
  12. Then you are playing the game wrong. You should always 24/7 be glued to your car (cars are still not fixed). Shields are more for when you have no aim. The instant deploy of a cover makes it unbalanced. It enables crouch spamming with ntec or other meta guns the tryhards use these days to compensate for lack of aim and movement. Consumables made the game even more inbalanced. It didn't add anything to the game then just more frustration.
  13. you mean the guy that unbanned his friends with his GM powers?
  14. Don't see anything about the anti cheat. What is a game when there are the same people blatantly cheating and also stream sniping streamers for years with out ever getting banned..... first get a normal anti cheat that isn't bypassed by a cheat from 2015 and then do your 1.3 update
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