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  1. Yeah lets ban the Darleena that carries this game on his back and played this game for 10 years long. Meanwhile random rank 140 kevlar blatantly rage cheating with Kevlar get scoff free. Such a joke of a company holy shit.
  2. Well everyone can do it and it's basically jumping and opening lol
  3. TL;DR: The recent update significantly improved performance and reduced cheating thanks to EAC. However, a small number of cheaters still exist. Content-wise, the game hasn't changed much, but it has improved overall. The declining population is more affected by veteran players grouping up and dominating randoms rather than cheating.
  4. One of the primary reasons for the decline of this game is the overwhelming presence of premade groups, known as "sweats," who systematically overpower individual players and secure victories through their coordinated communication and team synergy. Fortunately, a straightforward solution exists that would significantly enhance the balance of missions, particularly when it involves a group of random players competing against another group of random players. By implementing separate districts dedicated to solo players and premade groups, where solos face off against solos and premades against premades, this issue could be effectively addressed. It is crucial to consider this solution, regardless of any concerns about district population, as it should have been a fundamental aspect of the game since its inception, in my opinion.
  5. They all sound like some edgy cringe lords would use.
  6. account history meaning the account being transferred multiple times and different IP's indication of the account being sold and owned by multiple people. That is what they usually mean with that.
  7. It's not little orbits fault. The tool probably hooks in a malicious way into the game. 10 years ago we didn't have a anti cheat well it was there but, it let everything trough. Well all i can say is good luck trying to get the account unbanned.
  8. Game Pay to win? Far from being P2W when F2P guns mostly dominate the meta lol. For new players the struggle would be getting outgunned in range by Improved rifling and being able to tap faster with HS3. But mostly its just veteran players trying their hardest by grouping up with their 3 other veteran buddies playing this competitively against silvers and bronzes killing the game. People aren't able to get better in a linear way and quit the game. Make a new rank that is above gold and force these people into separate district. I don't how else you would want new players to have fun.
  9. When you get banned temporary you get a e mail with a explanation. At least i did.
  10. EAC works lol now you are delusional. There are some with VIP cheats those are hard to catch.
  11. First EAC works very good. Since BE i wasn't able to get a winstreak of 15 playing solo that changed its so easy now. I don't get ttkd anymore by fishy/edgy no names. Second i agree it shouldn't be a permanent ban if it's your first offense. I got 3 day ban for team killing a guy that helped the enemy team by trying to kill me. Good tip if you want someone banned just try to kill him and when he fights back record and report lol.
  12. Nah after all these years i won't give them a dime. Let them proof first that they can handel closets who have been going ham for years get banned in a timely manner on their mains and alts.
  13. When we had EAC it stopped most of your regular closet and cheaters till it was removed. What it couldn't do is server sided. This means it couldn't detect wall hacks and triggerbot. Your most hardcore cheaters like rage king became idiots that played like bronze/silvers with trigger and walls. BE is bypassed since release of the anti cheat. It probably only banned free cheats from 2013 or something. Fairfight didn't work since it had false positives. They where just banning people A that where blatantly obvious or people on speculations for a long time. Mostly they where right though but, there are also false positives. EAC will probably clean most of the cheaters up. When we had EAC there where probably like 8-9 people with real private cheats.
  14. Must be a social owner. If he joins fightclub in the weekends there is a big chance Name snipped ~@mayii plays. A guy that got banned 40000 times. Out of revenge he cheats on alt accounts blatantly and doesn't get banned for a month or three. Lidl orbit doesn't seem to care much. Shit man can't even play fight club these days.
  15. Protect this man at all cost before the 4 man Russian premades find him
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