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  1. Some had a valid opinions but the community backlashes on those people no wonder they don't bother trying to give you there opinion. The only reason this game dies is because the small people that still play like how it is while the other 99% hate the shitty mechanics and how you can cheese to win. If i have to compare new games to apb no wonder we get no new players this game sucks for 2020 standards.
  2. Not enough money but with out EAC we are back to skinny edgelords closeting again for months or perhaps more then a year to get banned. But now they don't even closet anymore just have full aimbot. I can't post a link since cheaters are protected on this forum. I know that Lidl orbit knows there is a cheating pandemic but they don't care about the main game and people that play they let it self manage and focus fully on the Engine upgrade and hope it is gonna be successful.
  3. I got a legendary but its still stuck on a alt account and the worst is its on a r20 character. #Dutch/Belgiumlivesmatter
  4. 2 hours and 10 minutes gone
  5. Yeah its funny how they are going back to a anti cheat that was bypassed instant it was released. Cringe.
  6. if (JG + SNUB { Snub equipment delay = true } else { Snub equipment delay = false }
  7. You do know when Battle eye first was introduced it was instantly bypassed on the first day. Saw a max rank snapping and spinning in fightclub on that day xDDDD.
  8. Gateron


    Nah seems like some second life cringe shit.
  9. I though you quit the game for good like 5 times lol? Or where those other posts you made a lie
  10. Game is not that very big so i don't see why LO just doesn't reach out to streamers. Most streamers don't apply because LO claimed that the usage of configs = Automatic declined. With out config the game runs garbage as fu so i don't blame them.
  11. Wh0re is used gender neutral. Wh0re is not a good word to use while this game 18+. Maybe you should also go cry on the GTA forums about how the main charachters insult strippers and say the word b1tch and wh0re enough times. This is just Virtue Signalling and Gtfo. Its not 100% only used on women because you heard from other feminist. You are not a creditable source.
  12. Yeah don't give attention to those people and there words have no meaning. But here you are fueling it. Also you don't even know what e-boy means. Can you explain to me how someone using the title Wh0re affects you in a bad way? Do you feel insulted do you think people using the title directs it at you or something i really don't get it. Wh0re is also used on man and women so don't go into simp mode and say but it is used on womhaans and it disrespect them. Imagine losing to words yikes how weak you must be mentally.
  13. keep crying because of a word... Go do virtual cringe shit with your e boy Tigrix lmao. A word has no meaning until you give it attention good job btw. Its a TITLE if someone uses it it doesn't hurt you or other players. Unless you see yourself associated with the word Wh0re KEKW.
  14. It was always a strong weapon lmao and easy to use.
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