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  1. Bro got owned and is probably not going to reply out of shame. Get owned furry
  2. EAC is doing the bans and the appeals. And from what i have seen people are getting banned.
  3. (419) i love LIDLORBIT AND SPCT TEAM BALANCES #2024ISAPBSYEAR - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiaO3Od3A_8 Cant add videos anymore i wonder why
  4. Might as well release the referral weapons on Joker Store or Armas then people have some new guns to play around with.
  5. Finally some good advice i don't mind this tbh
  6. Individual players face a significant disadvantage when pitted against coordinated groups in this game. Its age has rendered even skilled solo players unable to overcome the teamwork employed by these groups. Collaborative strategies such as flanking, assisting, baiting, and sharing information among teammates provide a substantial advantage. Skilled solo players get brain damage because the left over solo players are dumb game sense wise. Here is the code and fill it out int main() { bool playerInGroup = true; if (playerInGroup) { cout << "Access denied to district." << endl; // Your deny entry code goes here } else { cout << "You have access to the district." << endl; // Your allow entry code goes here } return 0; }
  7. Isn't it easily to proof by showing bank statements with G1's purchases?
  8. I hope you beat cancer, but you don't need to be negative 24/7 on a game with 400 players. If you don't like it, you can leave easily
  9. Bro get a life. You are 24/7 on this forum spewing BS. Just quit and leave already no one wants you here anyway.
  10. Yeah visually i didn't change but under the hood a huge upgrade with performance.
  11. Have you read what I mentioned? Their primary business model involves creating assets for other game companies. They acquired Gamersfirst most likely due to its low cost, seeing it as a potential future platform to launch new titles whenever they develop a game and believe the timing is opportune. I hope they decide to shut down the game so that those who constantly criticize it will feel disappointed when they genuinely want to play.
  12. Little Orbit isn't facing financial issues. They are focused on creating assets for other companies, which generates the necessary income for the company to sustain its operations and pay salaries. APB serves as more of a side project, typically worked on by one or two individuals. It's not a high priority and won't likely become one in the future unless it undergoes significant changes that make it worth re-releasing and marketing. Matt himself mentioned that they maintain the servers out of goodwill, as it likely costs more to keep them running than the revenue they generate for the game.
  13. You think every corporate does it out of ooh something new? They are doing it because Win 7 is EOL no more security updates and patches. *Pause* lil homie.
  14. Never had issues with Windows 10 on multiple PC's and Laptops. Sounds like skill issue just upgrade with a clean install or you will become a part of Ivans botnet soon enough.
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