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  1. Its been 2 days and the event districts are already dead
  2. It has alot to do with the playerbase. If we had the 2014 pop we could segregate east and west and wed not have an issue. Theres alot of work that needs to be done. Game lag wouldnt be so bad if we didnt have laggy BRs in the servers. East or west it doesnt matter when a diff country is connecting with 200+ ping.
  3. The bigger issue is that Matt decided to further segregate a server that didnt have the pop for the segregation it already had
  4. You've got about 90-95% of the remaining APB pop as vets who have been playing the game for thousands of hrs and many yrs who already own everything and have all past event items with only 5-10% being legit new players. With this being said events should be heavily geared for these vets with titles and content that are new and make them want to log in and earn them. This increases pop overall and keeps events populated for more then 2 days, past that everything goes back to normal and theres no pop gain. So long as this happens APB wont stick around, not to mention new players cant play the event if the districts are too dead to play.
  5. Abit of constructive criticism here. The last few events have all been geared towards newer players with the ability to unlock items and titles from prior years (this years easter included) with very little for vets who have this stuff already. Can we also bring more new stuff to give vets a reason to play and continue to play? After the first few days event districts flat line in pop as theres no reason for vets to continue to play past that with a lack of new content to keep us returning to play.
  6. So all the prior years titles and rewards for the egg hoarder role. What incentive is that for vets who already have all those titles?
  7. They dont and they should have em. Works well for just about anything.
  8. They do all that when making said tail. Can it be done yes, will it idk.
  9. Well thats what happens when Matt doesnt learn from prior mistakes (Halloween anyone?) and repeats a problem from a prior event. If Riot was truly going to replace FC then it should have started with 4 ppl (not to mention pop problems that made it hard to get enough to begin with). There were ppl who didnt like it outright, were ok with it but didnt play due to lack of rewards (which was stated rewards would be after the test season) and then those who enjoyed it for it being new. Beta run, meaning it will be buggy and with problems. That part was to be expected, as for anarchy I agree id rather that myself
  10. It is possible if they decide to make it. Thats all thats keeping it.
  11. RIOT was the 1st true new content in over 5 yrs for APB and the vets shit all over it like no tomorrow. Yes it needed tweaking but thats why it was released as season 0, it was a open beta test to see what needed changing and working. Complaints later about bugs and the fact there werent any rewards it was dead without giving it an actual chance outside of beta, yet ppl say they want new content. When we had it the actions were you wanted to keep things unchanged the old way, well thats what we have yall got what you wanted same old gameplay.
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