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  1. Yup. These servers couldn't handle APB from day 1 and its only worse now then back then. Yes the netcode is trash but these servers are just as bad if not worse. At the end of the day new servers should be brought in to better handle the game and the better engine on the way. It will only strain the servers even more and I hate to see how bad they would be if unreal 4 was unleashed let alone the disaster that has been unreal 3.
  2. I admit at 6yrs old my pc isnt new but its more then capable of handling APB and far from a potato
  3. Were playing when theres an inf loading screen and crashing districts?
  4. Well obv mitigation isnt working then if the pattern is this repeatable cause it should prevent the crashes.
  5. Jericho just went to 35ms server side then fin-5 crashed. Can we fix these servers already? Or better yet replace them. Edit: Inf loading screen when trying to re enter a dist.
  6. You guys are also tasked with helping new players if they existed so once again your looked up to and as such your role models for the community
  7. Not everyone can just be a tester ya know. If that was the case everyone would be a SPCT.
  8. Another shitpost from a SPCT member whose supposed to be a role model in the community. When are we going to resolve these hacks and DDos attacks matt? There way too common and frequent. Right now a dead FC server in Jericho has reaction lag to key inputs and then inf loading screen on server change to see whats up.
  9. Even if the engine upgrade is done its not going to save the gave when you have plenty of cheaters roaming around, matchmaking that doesnt properly segregate, a threat system that doesnt properly reflect skill, ancient servers that cant handle the game in its outdated state and hitreg that is so horrid the broadside of a barn is a challenge to hit. If all this stuff worked there would be a population in the game now.
  10. In all honesty this mode should have been released with the engine upgrade. As APB sits currently with its massively flawed everything its not going to go over well. The new engine should come out followed by severely needed fixes to matchmaking, threat, servers and hitreg before any new gameplay.
  11. Usually for me hitreg depends on the day as no 2 days are the same when it comes to these servers (which they should all be the same all the time) one day my reg can be fine and the next im shooting beanbags at others that even though clearly hit dont count as a hit. Then there are those days where hitreg starts out fine the 1st half of the day then dont work the 2nd half. With this sort of instability in the hitreg its more then just the netcode. Im on the US east coast so im not far off from the servers compared to others on Jericho so id hate to see their issues with hitreg. Servers could handle much to begin with anyway? If LO got state of the art servers that can handle the latest games then a game as dated as APB shouldnt be an issue even with the customization thats around.
  12. Its a collectors item more then anything else now. I still got mine sealed up so its value is worth something at least.
  13. Its both, if the servers lag (and lets be frank they lag quite abit and often) it messes up reg further.
  14. Its a server issue and one thats been around well before LO took over. The pcs were building over the last few yrs could handle APB better then the current servers can and it wont be resolved if these servers continue to run APB.
  15. Thats griefing no doubt. Blocking any roadway, spawn or spawn ent/exit is griefing and is suspendable under TOS. Use the in game report feature to report each person u see there under the griefing/cheating tab.
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