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  1. Rally behind LO? Yea weve all done that from day 1. We want to see the engine upgrade SoonTM but we dont want to see all these bad ideas LO has brought in. Autumn Assault was a giant stain and is now the worst event in APB history. Any form of weapon balance changes has only made things worse and LO keeps listening to the wrong crowd. Q1 2014. That was when this engine was supposed to come out, add on the yr 1/2 - 2 yrs G1 put into it behind the scenes and its been almost a decade since this began and its still nowhere near ready.
  2. 2 yrs ago when LO took over. I was the one telling everyone to give em a chance. Well its been 2 yrs and they blew it.
  3. At the end of the day its just yet another balance fuck up by Matt that needs to be reverted
  4. You need to retain enough old payers while getting new players to make the money being spent to keep the game running viable. With nothing being done to retain the current playerbase and the new engine more then likely a year or 2 away the money being spent isn't worth it. Everyone can complain all they want that doing anything to the old engine is pointless but at the end of the day they NEED to do just enough until release to make all this time and money spent on the new engine worth it. All those ppl who stopped playing 2, 3, 4, 5 yrs ago to wait on the new engine, do you honestly think they will come back after all this time has passed? The longer you stay away and the more ppl leave the more likely it is that they will never return. The further delayed this engine is the more likely it is that ppl with give up entirely on the game.
  5. Lets see. Autumn Assault, geared towards tryhards 110%, 2 prior weapon rebalances reversed due to how unpopular they were, 2 more weapon rebalances now that are even worse then before. Yea Matt has learned from his mistakes over the last 2 yrs. Shields are no longer a consumable and timeout after x amount of time so you cant cockblock stairs and doors anymore. Ammo boxes also timeout now and no longer resupply explosives of any kind including nades. Medspray got a buff and with the other 2 nerfed 6ft under its now strictly meta. Whatever it takes to be a toxic tryhard in APB to stroke your own ego.
  6. So after 2014 weve had new content? Wheres a new map? New missions? Proper balancing? New game mode? Since 2014 its been strictly milking the cow for all its worth without putting anything into it. No duh everyones leaving when theres nothing new to keep you playing. LO needs to keep ppl playing in the current engine while they finish the "new" engine. That wont happen unless they make some changes and add some stuff now to keep enough ppl playing. Otherwise you wont make it to see the new engine and no amount of new engine advertising will help.
  7. If by now none of you have seen how bad the pop is your blind. All of the recent decisions by Matt and the lack of addressing anything in the current engine have left everyone flocking away. Unless you shift focus to the current engine to try to salvage what's left your engine work will be pointless as nobody will be playing the game. APB pop has been dying at a faster rate then anytime in its past, and this last yr is during a pandemic where everyone is home all the time and everyone else (other games) saw increases. Wake up LO, wake up Matt time to come back to reality.
  8. Standard long maint with no fixes to address any of the problems that are killing the game
  9. Its amazing how many anti cheats have been implemented and failed to do the job properly cause G1 and then LO were/are too lazy to take the next steps to make sure things actually work properly
  10. The imbalance is also the prior mentioned stuff that was nerfed into the ground. Ammo boxes didnt need to become as useless as they are and med spray didnt need a buff. That happens when you have closet try hards wanting to try harder and a company that is listening to the wrong ppl about game direction
  11. So first it started with shields till that was nerfed, then ammo boxes till that was made useless and now were onto med spray. Everyone wants to complain about that now since the other stuff was made useless? News flash there will always be a metta in a game, you change something and something else will take its place. We keep this up were guna complain about how everything is underpowered and...... oh wait, we already do that. How bout we stop asking for nerfs and instead ask for buffs and proper balancing before everything acts like water balloons.
  12. And lets be honest. Does /report actually do anything?
  13. Oh I read that, but its alot of hot air. Griefing has been unacceptable for many yrs and LO hasnt done anything to curb it in the 2 yrs they have owned APB. Actions speak louder then words and the actions by LO staff to date has been big whoop to enforcing the TOS. Weve all been here long enough to know that words are 99.99% of the time just that, words and nothing more.
  14. GMs and LO staff are completely lazy and incompetent. Gl getting anybody to actually do anything and enforce the TOS.
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