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  1. Servers have been trash for the better part of a decade and have only gotten worse with time. Why should they suddenly fix them now?
  2. At least there working on stuff. Not every patch will have fixes, even tho that would be nice. It takes time.
  3. Finally. After 9+ years APB is seeing progress. Hopefully this will continue on and hopefully some events that havent been rotated in a number of years are rotated in. Like the orig Anarchy event hasnt been run in well over 5 yrs and it has steam achievements to it. Which is another question. Will LO be working to fix the achievements so they show correctly in steam and add more to steam so players have more to work towards? Afew examples Threat achievements. Getting silver and gold gets you achievements on steam. Weapon role achievements, Weapon role leveling for the vets is a big thing and having them on steam would be a bigger reward for sticking to a weapon class for awhile. As It currently sits you dont get anything as a reward untill you max out a role, in which you get the chrome skin. Every 5 lvls and max (16) would be something to fill the gap.
  4. So whatever happened to premium time? During the pandemic LO gave it out and my timer has counted down the entire time. That bug where the time still counted down was never fixed was it? Cause as of now im missing about 2rs worth of prem time.
  5. Part of playing games is playing with friends. Ppl wont play as much if they cant play with friends
  6. Im pretty sure it was during LO. When did Tiggs ever do work like that?
  7. You cant balance weapons based on non existent hitreg and bots that make weapon stats unrealistic. You guys did a rebalance based off of weapon use and KDR at one point in time and with the constant closets and blatents out there all you did was ruin the weapons. These KDR stats arent accurate or genuine so long as bots are the majority. You also cant get accurate weapon stats when hitreg dont work. It has been proven countless times it doesnt work and this if it did work properly weapon stats would be much different. TLDR: You cant even begin to discuss weapon balancing untill core game flaws are fixed
  8. @MattScott Glad your finally starting to listen to the community but its abit too little too late. All of these problems that we have voted on and have said countless times in this forum over the last 5 yrs could have been adressed long ago, like on day 1. Unless you guys can pull a rabbit out of your hat to resurrect the game most have moved on already. Its only those few of us dedicated who even pop up on the forums and log into the game. But even we get tired of the same bs thats been going on since 2014. Were going on 9 yrs since the last major content update and APB is stale. Very stale.
  9. It all sounds good @MattScott however weve been burned so many times over the last decade that its too little too late. This needed to be done years ago and now there just isnt a pop left. You guys need to do something here and now to live to get players back. Most of the weapon rebalances have been negatives and frown upon by the community. Most of these need to be undone and a proper rebalance needs to be done only when hitreg is fixed and stats of the weapons arent based heavily upon bots and cheats. Fix the threats and matchmaking here and now as well to ensure ppl have fun playing. Most legit players left when you removed the threat segregation. It needs to be reimplemented.
  10. @MattScott @Ritual Just run the original Anarchy event for a week. It hasn't been run since 2015 and alot of ppl would come back to play it. Im sure its still in the game files so running it shouldn't be difficult. This would also give the community a chance to get some locked steam achievements for APB as Anarchy came with 2 of them.
  11. Matt having the big brain that he does sold the rights to APB to a chinese company. You will never see APB 2. Ever.
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