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  1. Cause its the same exact thing that G1 put into place. Cause you report someone and your still seeing them in game days, weeks and months later. While fine LO doesnt give any ban names at the very least there can be a GM on that can whisper you about your report. This at least shows they are looking into it and in a timely manor. They dont need to share results of what happened. ^ wut he said But not nearly enough to curb this trend. If it was we wouldnt still be discussing a dethreating problem.
  2. We really have no proof if it works or doesnt given that G1/LO doesnt give us any proof that actions are taken or that a report is acknowledged. Yes you get that nice little text saying it was sent but thats like the auto response feature of the old support ran by G1, it dont mean anything.
  3. Considering the 1080TI is still hovering around 900 its not going to anytime soon. Top tier graphics cards stay expensive for a good while.
  4. Has anyone ever been in a match with a hacker where you cant report them cause they arent online or in your district? When they leave or get off it bypasses the ability to report them and they can keep on ruining the game for others. LO should revamp the system to where if someone is online regardless of where they are they can be reported and someone can be reported up to 5min after logging off. This will make it so that bypassing the report system cant be done and more hackers will get reported and removed.
  5. Sake im sorry but the current anti-cheat is not where we want it. There are way too many cheaters out there both blatent and closet that easily get past battleye and the system needs to do better to detect these cheats and remove the players so they dont ruin the game any further.
  6. Ive noticed the increase as well as this community is filled with those who try to exploit the game wether it be bots, bugs or glitches. This game wont survive let alone thrive if people dont start playing better all around and a new engine wont mean much if new players see all this and dont have fun.
  7. Any form of shader is against the TOS and if found to be using one you will be banned. The new engine is soon so just wait.
  8. You pick the alig in tutorial, then you go to armas and buy a 3 slot alig to further optimize it. Then you buy the 3 slot reskin just for variation :^)
  9. Hard to say but I hope it does resolve itself
  10. We are a very small community and out of the entire community only afew of us were trying to get in. Theres no reason why the server shouldnt have been able to handle the load. If it cant handle a small % of people how will it handle the whole community?
  11. @Sakebee this display issue has been going on since the beginning and I really cant tell my prem time anymore. When this all started I had slightly over 700 days of prem time and now im down to 532. Will this be fixed anytime soon so we can have an accurate prem time count?
  12. Whats concerning is that this was only a small % of the already small playerbase the game has left and the server couldnt handle it. I hope this is a one off as this new engine being deployed without issue determines wether APB will survive or not.
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