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  1. But you cant throw matches as its against the TOS so by all rights you have to keep trying till the end. I personally rather hand the hacker a loss as they are losers irl anyway for needing to cheat.
  2. Im writing this cause ive replied multiple times on this ticket (#108126) and while they looked at it about 10 days ago they havent responded or done anything with it. Its been a month since I submitted this and its unacceptable @MattScott @Lixil @Sakebee
  3. It still doesnt change the fact that there isnt a population to split between this and the reg dist. They wont get the data so long as the pop is so low nor will they be able to accurately change weapons when hitreg dont work.
  4. I am well aware of that its happened to me before, but it is what it is. And in a way it does as how often do you see bronzies, greens or trainees go P5/N5? Majority of the time its golds. So what happens if in the mission your opp is 15-0 and cant be stopped? This is where P5/N5 comes in as now this gives the other team a chance to move on with the mission and lets them know where this person is. Or if said person is hacking, nothing will be perfect even if its changed but by making it so that P5/N5 doesnt trigger in a mission then someone doing that well can just keep rolling over everyone and in that case the other team will stop playing the mission.
  5. You guys really want ppl to play in the test districts your guna have to entice em. The playerbase is too low to draw away from the reg districts.
  6. You cant restrict P5/N5 during missions thats just stupid. If someones doing really well they get P5/N5 and now they have an extra element to contend with besides the opp that has struggled. Its a form of checks and balances in the game, those who do really well get it more often as those who dont do so well dont get it often. Changing this will make it even more unfair for lesser skilled players especially if they have to go up against vets.
  7. Unfort I dont think anythings guna change as Matt hasnt looked in this topic
  8. The VAS-C2 TM has muzzle flash, its just not as bright as guns without a silencer, same thing for the whisper. I get trying something different but it doesnt make sense if the gun has muzzle flash that you see by default. If the gun had a mod that removes flash entirely I get it but nothing in APB has that.
  9. The blue muzzle flash from the nutcracker weapon skin doesnt work on some of the weapons in game like the VAS-C2 Troublemaker and the OCA whisper, to name afew. Might want to go through the weapons and see which work and which need fixing.
  10. You havent been playing very long have you. The dethreating golds are perefect examples of ppl stomping over lower skilled players, made worse by a dethreating premade. Another example is when gold players threat shame silvers cause there silver. What does your threat have anything to do with besides where your skill range is?
  11. Simple answer, toxic community. Golds think lowly of anyone lower then gold (even if they have few hrs played) and then crap all over newbies so they look good. Learning is def needed but ppl arent going to put in the time when they arent given the chance to learn against others of similar skill lvl.
  12. If the person who owns it stops playing or gets banned yes its gone.
  13. They could bring em back, but they havent and as long as thats the case it will remain as it is.
  14. Its only rare cause of how few ppl have em and you cant buy the JMB for it anymore. That brought the price down but most of said ppl are banned or stopped playing so it mostly recovered and since you cant get the JMB that has em anymore these guns are gone for good.
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