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  1. The post above you is Matt literally saying the servers are back up
  2. Its after 5PM, odds are not till tomorrow at least.
  3. Its better then nothing at all and we know how G1 was with doing nothing.
  4. When LO took over we saw GMs in districts doing what there supposed to be doing, now you dont see em at all. How are they still doing so if you dont see GMs anymore?
  5. This all goes back to the orig problem, the spawn system as a whole is broken.
  6. You guys might as well pin this up, issues keep occurring.
  7. Game just went down again @MattScott @Lixil @Amayii
  8. LO has to bite the bullet at some point
  9. Its also thurs, with the weekend approaching it will speed things up
  10. There is Jericho and Citadel. 2 different servers, Jericho is for NA and Citadel is EU.
  11. When was APB not stale? The only time since 2014 was RIOT, which everybody shit on.
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