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  1. I had a break between the xmas event and now. Only thing to change in that time is the active event going on.
  2. Ive been here since 2011, didnt bother with the forum till 2014 im well aware of G1. When LO took over it was a breath of fresh air and ive defended them many times however were past the 2 yr mark with nothing new. LO could have easily taken care of many issues before this Q1 2014 engine upgrade and they did when EAC was brought in. But they reversed that when they went back to BE. Theres no reason why they couldnt have fixed threat and matchmaking within these last 2 yrs along with making the community shape up. You dont need a new engine for any of that.
  3. How to make fun 1. A proper threat system and working matchmaking 2. A actual quality anti hack that will work and ban quickly 3. A community that cares, helps others and plays the right way 4. A company that does more then blow smoke at the community 5. New content
  4. Whats there to buy? LO could have easily released new pink guns for valentines this yr and everyone would have bought em. Instead they rinsed off the event with no changes, not even new titles so whats the point to the event let alone spending money. And now the main event, whats the point spending money on a game that has no future. LO hasnt shown effort in alot of things nor are there fixes. Hackers are still a thing, community is still toxic as hell and matchmaking/threat is still garbage not to mention the highly negative reviews of recent gun balance changes. LO doesnt give us a reason to spend money and support them.
  5. Did you really expect cookie to have a srs discussion when they admitted they dont care about the game in the past? APB has horrible pr via word of mouth, when newbies try the game and see how toxic this community is they spread negative word around and others dont try it. If only ppl played the right way. Now lets not forget all the negative wording in the forum to LO and about LO and they dont do anything. At this point the staff has gotten lazy and just doesnt care anymore while Matt has his own idea about the game that nobody likes or wants. The wakeup call will be when Matt realizes all this work on the engine upgrade was pointless cause they didnt do anything with the current version to make the playerbase happy.
  6. So a GM watching them do it as it happens isnt the quickest confirmation of someone cheating and the easiest way to free up resources? If thats the case have the CS team log into the single populated action district in Jericho so we can get quick results instead of waiting months. Sak read this You know what is quick, easy and accomplishes the goal of getting these ppl banned quickly? Having GMs investigate as it happens so they can have proof as it happens. Or ya know they can watch all these twitch streams of cheaters ruining the game. God forbid they did some work. Cheaters publicly post their proof all the time, its called twitch. Its public proof of the lack of work GMs and the CMs do to ban them. When the community can actively show off their cheats and get away with it its just pathetic.
  7. The community is already against eachother and against the GMs. The in game report system is nowhere near sufficient enough and when you have an entire district telling a GM to go look at said person and the GM doesnt do it and tells everyone to basically shut up does that make the players like the GMS? No, it turns them against the GMs more and reinforces the uselessness of the report system, how unproductive LO is in dealing with hackers and turns the community against one another as its legits vs hackers. And guess what the hackers will win so long as this continues. This in turn causes ppl to give up on reporting problems and give up on the game and the pop decreases.
  8. "it sounds like you are saying something along these lines "The recent changes made to APB weapons had an impact on the playerbase" Yes its had a big impact on the playerbase. since they were introduced to the live version playercount has tanked and there have been many negative reviews of the changes and many asking for a revert, put 2 and 2 together. "If the use of configs does not provide any advantage, why do you think the gameplay is unfair even before a match starts." If using configs didnt provide an advantage then why are so many ppl using them and why does it matter if there allowed or not? You yourself just complained about the stuttering so if a config mitigates that and your opponent doesnt have that config and has more stutter doesnt that mean you have an advantage? Wouldnt you say you had that advantage well before the match starts? Wouldnt you say if everyone had the same exact 1 config this wouldnt be an issue? "What do Advanced Launcher and custom configurations have to do with the game learning curve and newbies." Newbie doesnt know game mechanics and doesnt know the advanced launcher exists, they have more stutter and less fps then you do cause your using a config and the adv launcher. Doesnt that put them at a further disadvantage? If theres a bigger disadvantage isnt that a steeper curve? You cant make much sense out of it cause you refuse to accept the fact that configs do more harm then good. You just want to have what you want.
  9. Dont forget about the closet cheaters. You come across those constantly and thats what makes cheating the biggest problem in APB.
  10. You mean the LO weapon balances havent done that already? Some things LO should listen to the community on, other stuff such as configs they shouldnt. Right now you have those who use configs and those who dont so before you even log in the playing field is imbalanced. Now lets add in the fact that newbies (if they existed) all use the default launcher, this only makes an already impossibly steep learning curve that much steeper. Its just yet another reason why newbies never stuck around. Those that do learn about other APB launchers get the wrong thing and get banned and never return. Everyone talks about improving the game yet the actions say screw that I want what I want. Configs are a perfect example of that. I dont go into social unless im changing clothes lol. I dont artificially inflate the player pop by afking in social all day unlike most vets. You will always have to "deal with" something in a video game, they arent flawless. And out of those config players how many of em would be banned anyway if we had an actual anti cheat that could detect the programs being used to "git gud"?
  11. Why dont we ban all configs and be done with this? So long as certain configs are allowed while others are banned this will always be a problem. To anyone who says they cant deal with basic APB, pull up your big boy underwear and deal with it.
  12. @MattScott @Sakebee You guys couldnt at least rotate new v day weapons into this reuse? We all have these same v day weapons and roles from 9 yrs ago
  13. If only Matt and LO realized this.....
  14. Its not all blatants were talking about, there is a thing called closet cheating ya know
  15. FailFight is trash, thats why Valve threw it in the trash years ago. Why go back to something thats proven worthless from day 1?
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