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  1. So basically allowing the launcher and now the subsequent ban waves due to all the launcher confusion (abuse) isnt a mess? Ok sure.
  2. So? If this was any other game youd only have 1 choice, take it or leave it. Having a 2nd launcher is whats causing these issues to begin with. There should only be one launcher allowed and thats the basic launcher that is automatically installed with APB. Having a 2nd launcher not developed by G1 and LO gives an extra excuse for ppl to download launchers to cheat. Just deal with it untill everythings fixed its that plain and simple. "Oh gee bad performance" Thats what EVERYONE in APB has to deal with when the games unoptimized its not just a select few. Grow a pair, stop trying to take any advantage possible and deal with it.
  3. I have everything as well yet I still play on a regular basis. Again its called populating the servers. And 3.5 will never happen if nobody plays the game to warrant its release. If everybody did what you did the game would have fully shut down by now.
  4. Heres an idea, populate the game so this way it will live longer and give LO some support by buying afew things. You really want something you gota give something back so they can actually do said something.
  5. There are those forum warriors who only log into the forum and complain instead of getting in the game to actually populate it.
  6. Easiest way not to get banned over this, just use the basic launcher given with the game. Its official and 100% guaranteed not to get you banned. If you dont like the specs oh well just wait till they improve it.
  7. I like the person who disliked my comment lol. Kid thats the truth and if you dont like it then plz stop gaming. If you cant use what is provided to you by the devs (were lucky there allowing an outside program like the adv launcher as anybody else wouldn't allow it) then you got no reason to play.
  8. The APB community is notorious for trying to get any advantage they can and while some people might not know many do and willingly try to cheat the system. With that being said hopefully prople are getting the message to stop cheating and learn to play faiy.
  9. All games give out something to testers as a way of saying thanks for testing out the game. Some get in game items, others get clothing, the titles are what these folks got in APB. If you dont like it then tough, they earned them so let these ppl enjoy them.
  10. Putting servers in both LA and NY would be the most ideal way of doing this as this will Cover both the east and west coasts of the US keeping pings to a min.
  11. So basically you have districts of about 20 ppl max with long wait times to que to have an opposed mission. Yea thats not a problem at all #sarcasm
  12. Darkzero3802

    WF Area Bug

    This bug actually came about after LO took over
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