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  1. We dont need to see player names as to who got banned. But certainly LO can do better in proving to us that they actually care and are actively trying to clean up the game.
  2. The title does mean they test things and give their feedback. So much of the changes within the past year has their imput in it. Unoffically it also means they set the standard for community behavior. Which we see how most of them behave.
  3. There has been a serious exploit on EAC that has been found and hackers are abusing it. An APEX tourny was hosted recently where all the streamers were hacked mid tourny and all went offline. This goes for any game that has EAC installed as its anti cheat..... Which will include APB. @MattScott what are you going to do about this?
  4. Yea lets add a server chat that will allow everyone to see the general complaining chat we already have in game
  5. PUBG has how many more ppl playing then APB does? tens of thousands more? Ofc there will be more cheaters there are more ppl playing. But unlike APB PUBG actually tries to do something about removing cheaters where in APB LO couldnt care less. There are more cheaters in APB then legit players and its one of the biggest reasons ppl stopped playing. @MattScott could easily change this and crack the whip but he turns a blind eye to it as do the Gms.
  6. Sounds like a good reason to populate FC
  7. LO its time to stop hiding this and its time to start showing us your actually trying to make an effort in removing cheaters and hackers from APB. One of the biggest gripes from the community is the lack of transparency as to LOs efforts to clean up the game and make it legit. GMs have no ban power nor do they honestly show any caring for cleaning up the game. They are glofified babysitters and even with them online ppl continue to cheat cause they know they can get away with it. If LO wants to show us they are trying its time to show it. One of the biggest games today PUBG shows weekly ban stats and breaks down the reasons for the bans. Not only that but they release a weekly list of account names that were banned. There are other games out there that also release ban stats so it is very possible LO can do that as well. Nobody here says you have to release account names but you can most certainly release stats like how many were banned in total and break that down as to how many for what reason. This shows us your actually trying to make an effort into cleaning up the game and it would bring some people back who arent playing cause of the hacker problem. It also encourages players to submit player reports as they see you are taking action.
  8. Once again LO listening to the wrong ppl and not the community
  9. If only we had a threat system that at 5 made you visible to the entire server and used to be able to kill them even if you werent on their mission
  10. There is server population for segregation?
  11. Yea. Twice aint worth anything. We both know to understand the game you need at least 500hrs of playtime. Maby he does have a personal account and we dont know it? But going off the decisions hes been making and the shift away from what APB is. I would have to say no he doesnt play nor does he understand what makes APB APB.
  12. Worth alittle. But considering Matt makes the decisions and he hasnt played
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