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  1. The games been on life support since 2016. And while there is a settlement now there wasnt one when LO first took over. Since then they didnt even bother to attempt to fix the flaws in the live server that everyone had been telling them to fix. If they had focused on the live server to fix said issues maby there would be a much bigger server pop now. Maby if they did better weapon balancing then the ones we got (and nobody likes) wed have more ppl playing. Maby if they did more to resolve the hacker problem wed have more ppl playing. At the end of the day LO had years to fix these problems but they decided to ignore them all and work on a engine update that was never going to happen. Ill give them credit for keeping the game open however if LO had just done what needed to be done right away we wouldnt be here.
  2. So new hires who know nothing about APB or the code that nobody else knows about. Seems like things will get done quickly.
  3. Pretty much. On this list how many players are confirmed blatants or closets and were banned. You cant be gud if your cheating and or hacking to compensate.
  4. 4-6 hrs for maint that doesnt make the servers anymore reliable. Either whoever is doing this is making bank for 3-5 hrs of doing nothing or you guys have some horrible IT. Also wheres Matt.
  5. Is it really that wierd? For how many yrs did ppl encourage cheating and protect them from being called out. Its not wierd when all these yrs its whats been happening
  6. Not sure how you can call anyone good when unless you cheat your not considered "gud"
  7. At this point new kits just wouldnt be enough. They need actual new content.
  8. Everyone stopped playing the event on day 2. Event districts have been a ghost town since then. As I have said already. Events that dont give anything new to vets who have been playing for thousands of hrs over years wont draw them to log in and play. You needed new weapon skins and possibly a new weapon as rewards to go along with titles that in all honesty are lazy and quite lame this yr.
  9. These titles are cringe. Nobody cared to even put any thought into them and it shows
  10. Sooooooo new titles? New weapon skins? Are we getting anything new that will encourage vets to get on and play? Or is this like it has been since LO took over, all the stuff from yrs past that 99.99% of the playerbase already has giving us no reason to log on and play.
  11. Can we have some actual updates? I have yet to see any QOL patches to address long plaguing problems LO has ignored
  12. As the title says. I've brought this bug up numerous times in the past and its still not fixed. When spawning in WF as an enf there is a spawn point that the game randomly calls a forbidden area when it isn't. See the link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yxyvvi1bd1bzm8s/APB Reloaded 2022-04-02 20-11-08.mp4?dl=0
  13. Because it was an alpha test. It was nowhere near the final release and that was stated from the getgo. But hey we lie in the bed we made so now we have to figure out a way.
  14. If this community actually gave RIOT a chance maby we would have found matches. But hey everyone shat on it and said they wanted no changes... as it has been since 2014. Well 2022 and no changes, the community got its wish. And if only Tiggs and the old G1 gave 2 $@&*$ about the game. All they wanted was money. Matt had a chance to right the ship but instead ignored the live problems and focused on an engine that couldnt be done. Now its too late.
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