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  1. G1 back in the day went with a single easy to bypass hack detection system and nothing else with no active GM over watch, which failed epically. LO since taking over has continued this practice with the same results regardless of which hack detection used. So long as the same known failed system continues to be used this problem will forever plague APB. Also so long as the community embraces hacks and cheats of any kind and doesnt shun those who are known hackers they will continue to flaunt them. We the community have a part to play in this as well.
  2. Ive been saying that for yrs. LO dont listen and now its too late. There is no pop.
  3. 8 hrs this time. Whoever is doing the server maint is really taking their sweet time for something that can be done in 1 hr
  4. At this point 1 is the only way as the pop has finally moved on. Unless they focus on the current engine and revert the gun changes and make some serious QOL updates all this time and money spent is pointless, hell its pointless to even continue working on the engine any further tbh.
  5. Jericho is ded cause Matt hasnt even attempted to fix the problems in game currently to retain the pop for the new engine. Everyone has finally realized he cant handle APB and has moved on.
  6. What is the point of maint let alone 6hrs of it when nothing changes?
  7. Cause its unique and has potential. Its just been held back by a company and ppl who didnt care and the last few yrs a company that cant handle such a small game.
  8. This game hasnt changed since 2014. And when a change was attempted in the form of Riot everyone said no keep it exactly as is unchanged. What makes anyone think there will be any change after 8 yrs?
  9. Maby if whats left of the APB playerbase started playing properly we wouldnt have this issue
  10. APB hasnt changed since 2014. How its still online today is beyond me.
  11. Know when to fire and when not to. If you dont know the difference then gitgud. Regardless of friendly fire its a fundamental requirement for a shooter.
  12. Does it really matter when its a ded game that nobody is playing cause LO cant handle it?
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