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  1. Well im in the minority lol. I did enjoy it and yes I agree some work was needed on it but it wasnt this super horrid thing everybody is making it out to be.
  2. I agree its played cause its fun. Riot is a good change from the usual grind of the main districts that have been unchanged for yrs and yrs and it does have promise, it just needs the proper tweaking and lets be honest here there will always be ppl playing just for the sake of unlockables. We see it every event where ppl who arent playing anymore suddenly appear for a day or 2 to get the stuff and once they have everything they disappear again.
  3. Supposedly its supposed to have abit of everything but right now itr just skins
  4. Theres a reason im blind lol. Glad they listened to that but Matt killed it before it even had a shot once he said the skins would be avail in either armas or the joker store so its still dead
  5. That requires LO to actually do something about this and sadly they have yet to nor can they so long as GMs have no power to ban or suspend and are essentially just special players with a title, oh and Matt isnt actually actively trying to change the community culture for the better.
  6. I did but didnt see anything about the requirement going down.
  7. Same advice I gave weeks ago. Make riot an 8 player requirement to start and make the riot districts visible so ppl can see whose inside so there more likely to join
  8. Ppl in this game refuse to change no mater how much they themselves complain about the problem. Unless the community is willing to change it wont happen. Threat segregated districts is how this dethreating problem started in the first place, all thats going to do is make more ppl dethreat not to mention lower overall district populations. Yes LO needs to make a hard stand on this issue and enforce punishments but as I said above unless the community is willing to change and stop this it will continue to be a problem, much like hacking.
  9. Not only late they been blowing it off for 5yrs as not an problem rofl. Funny how its suddenly a problem when it applies directly to them.
  10. This has been going on for years, well before LO took over. Ive brought it up, others have brought it up and all we got was the report function to report dethreaters and a tos stating dethreting isnt allowed. A big help that does when the tos was never followed to begin with and theres no enforcement by the GMs on this or any other rule within it. Just like when G1 ran APB the GMs are a joke, moreso now then ever given that they cant even ban anyone. TLDR: Add it to the pile of problems that have been ignored for yrs.
  11. Hey Matt, Riot is still dead. Releasing these skins outside of earning them makes playing riot for them pointless. You still have the requirement of 16 to start which is too high. This is the biggest issue about riot as nobody is waiting for that many ppl to start a round. It doesnt mater what you do reward wise if nobody can actually play. The other thing is being able to see the riot servers to see how many ppl are in there waiting. People assume its dead and dont join and were right back to the 1st problem.
  12. Yea they voted me down as well rofl. Ppl dont get that its going to happen one way or another. Anyone remember han?
  13. Pretty much sums it all up. Wether with BE or EAC the same ppl are still bypassing the rules and nobody at LO is putting any pressure on them.
  14. Very very true sadly but all we can do is keep fighting.
  15. Yea implementation of only one system will easily be bypassed by the hackers if it isnt frequently updated and doesnt have other anti hack programs with it. Theres normally several layers of protection going on that keep anti hack programs as peak performance. Each time the program is updated the hackers must update their hacks to bypass it again. If they cant keep up then the hack becomes useless. There are server side and client side anti hacks that are normally used together to make several barriers to detect and prevent outside programs. APB used to have 2 in fail fight and punk buster, both of which failed miserably due to numerous flaws and the lack of updates. Since then there has only been 1 and its been gotten around. LO changing battle eye to EAC and still doing the same exact thing they did with battle eye isnt going to change anything.
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