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  1. What are community standards? Ppl grief, purposely shame others via a broken threat system, doint want to play against their own skill, dont help others. APB has no standards no matter what the TOS says. Its not enforced and ppl have been getting away with it for yrs and still do. That will never change due to the type of ppl here and the refusal to change.
  2. If it works then there wouldnt be any hackers. If it doesnt work hackers get past it and we see them in game. What other between work and doesnt is there?
  3. Anti cheats either work or dont so in a way yes it is that straight foward.
  4. If there was constant GM monitoring in the background aka nobody knows there on, a comprehensive anti hack and hack det system in place it wouldnt take that long as all the info is right there. It might not be enjoyable to have to sit and wait however you cant have your cake and eat it too. If ppl want this kind of stuff they gota be willing to roll with what comes with it and if they arent ok with it then remove all anti hacks and just let things run their course then nobody has to worry about interruptions or consequences. Theres a difference between wrongfully banned and suspended over suspicion. A suspension means its not perm and can just as easily go away. As I said above ppl gota be willing to put up with what comes with this stuff and if they arent then they should stop calling for stronger anti hack measures. Nothing is perfect and any kind of measure like this has its chance of false positives. LO isnt G1 they actually care and arent just banning for nothing so I see them properly vetting these kinds of things unlike Tiggs did with her power abuse.
  5. It wouldnt. If your suspected of a crime dont the police arrest you and do their investigation and if ur found to not be the person then released? Thats how it should be here give GMs ban power and let em do their job keeping servers clean and if its found these ppl arent hacking there allowed back into the game. Right now as it stands GMs are a joke.
  6. Lets be honest here. Did you really expect anything less when the GMs dont have the power to ban? There just reg players with an extra feature or 2 no real authority to moderate and keep the servers clean. As long as this continues and LO doesnt make cleaning up the servers a higher priority its only guna get worse.
  7. Many ppl have been saying for awhile now that LO having the engine upgrade and riot top priority is the wrong thing to do and the playerbase decline is proof of it (as well as other things). Hacker count is once again on the rise and we have ppl joining for the sole purpose of being able to cheat and get away with it while legit vets who have soldiered on through all this are leaving making the quality of play that much worse. LO needs to prioritize hackers and balance as #1 as getting rid of these ppl and making it so threat and matchmaking work will bring ppl back. Then maby something like my thread below to make ppl want to play for new stuff and create stuff will draw more ppl back and while ppl are going after this stuff LO can finish the engine and new contacts/content for the main districts along with riot.
  8. The JT store can be utilized much better then it currently is and can be used in a way to offer legendaries for gaining JT via just playing and getting to silver and gold in both FC districts.... oh wait that would give FC a reason to be populated wouldnt it? 1. New user created clothing in the joker store 2. Limited edition perm weapons that rotate in and out 3. Limited edition perm cars that rotate 4. All of this doesnt require spending money in armas to get
  9. Uh lets see, the fact that your abusing something ur not supposed to just cause u wana ruin things for others? Cause your using a program that isnt allowed to be used? Because if your not hacking and doing things properly this wouldn't happen? What relevance dont hackers have here? If hackers are migrating to APB from other game cause they can hack then its a giant red flag that LO cant ignore.
  10. This only furthers the reason to make getting rid of hackers priority one above all else including the engine upgrade.
  11. At one point JT cars were top tier but once you could improve on them with 4 open slot cars JT cars became useless. Unless LO putds in limited edition cars in the JT store they will never be worth it. 2nd reason is for low rank players to have timed versions of locked weapons, mods etc but that only works till u hit 195 then that part is useless.
  12. This is new content, user created conted fyi lol
  13. Part of the reason the JT store was brought in was to have user created content in it with sev design contests a yr to create new gear and rotate out older stuff. Its been sev yrs since the current content was added and I think its time for another contest to freshen up the store and bring a reason to spend JT. Adding inv expansions would also be nice as there is never enough clothing inv.
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