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  1. It would be nice if enough ppl were playing to actually test this out
  2. My point is that accuracy damage is kinda the point of headshots. Headshots deal extra damage obv outside of APB and if theres guna be accuracy damage then make headshots a thing.
  3. Damage scale based on accuracy is extremely dumb, especially since headshots don't exist in APB
  4. Alot of these changes are interesting, mainly love the HVR and the perc nerfs as they were needed. The scout really didnt need to be changed though as its a 3 shot weapon. As it was having CA on + damage dropoff meant you recovered enough hp to where the 3rd shot was required 100% of the time at range. Add to this that there is no comparison to an HVR at range since it doesnt have a dropoff the scout is UP more then anything else. I would have left the scout alone as is given the HVR nerf.
  5. Simple idea, revert all weapon changes to back when RP was still around and dont change anything untill RNG hitreg is addressed. Then weapons can be properly balanced based off of good data and not data where one day hitreg is okish and another where you cant hit the broadside of a barn. Then lastly fix the cheating so data based off of blatant and closet cheats doesnt heavily influence anything.
  6. Its been that way for many yrs As Hex said, most vets were or still are closets and by the cheats being discovered that means they actually have to put effort into being gud. Most of these vets lack the skill so cheats are used as compensation. It straight up toxicity and ego stroking. Id have to say closets are still alive and well and as I said above they are protecting themselves so they dont have to show just how bad they really are. Alot of the ppl who say it isnt an issue are also forum and or social warriors who dont actually play the game and dont care about the game anymore.
  7. Enforcement wouldnt be so much of a problem if the in game report system was better, staff looking at reports asap and if GMs actually did their jobs enforcing the tos while being online daily. But hey LO is fine with having tolerance for rule breaking. As for dethreating ive said this many many times, LO needs to revamp the threat system now and not yrs down the road not after the engine upgrade comes out sometime in the not so near future. Its only been 2+ yrs since LO took over and its not like they couldnt make the game better within this time so it survives to see this new engine. Soon™
  8. The in game report system is useless. You get an auto generated reply with no actions taken as months later these ppl are still around. GMs are as much of a joke as the in game system, they are never around in the single populated district and as you said you cant bring attention to anyone cause name and shame. And to complete the trifecta BE is a joke as since its return there are more noticeable hackers in game. Wonder why Jericho now barely gets 100 players.
  9. What new players will stick around for dethreating golds to stomp all over em and constant threat shaming from toxic vets because the newbies (and anyone for that matter) are lower then gold threat? This toxic community has been driving newbies away for many years and for some reason its not a serious problem to them.
  10. If anything the pop now is more accurate of whose actually playing since the social warriors arent logging on to sit in social all day as that was an inflated pop number. If Matt and LO dont do something now with this engine there wont be anybody left for the new engine.
  11. Gms were online and in the event districts making sure everyone played by the rules?
  12. It was. There was a small time period where the old G1 made it so that if you were gold threat you couldnt be in any other dist besides a gold dist, if you went gold while playing you were kicked out and forced into gold dist. Since golds didnt want to face others of similar skill lvl they came up with dethreating and this forced move backfired so horribly that G1 was forced to change it to what it is today. However dethreating hasnt stopped cause ppl want to stomp all over newbies.
  13. We might be different servers as im Jericho NA. Aside from that failed period where golds were forced into gold dist which brought on the wrath of dethreating green and gold have never been populated in NA. Matter of fact green threat in its entirety has never really seen enough ppl to warent green districts to begin with.
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