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  1. I bought a the hoodie ( hood down ) from the Clothes Kiosk and it says its not tradeable because a JT vendor item... Why?
  2. Give me a Glock reskin or even an FN-FiveSeven reskin >:0 You could even go gigachad and make it a legendary with piercing, idk, something plz, no need to give me royalties, use my idea freely ( Ill pay 20 bucks on fiverr for the model if you need me too ) plz and thanks LO <3333
  3. I don't need it to be a copy paste of another gun nor should it be OP but in it's current state it's more of an airsoft gun than a fucking shotgun. It's not viable unless you're on a corner and they're within 3 meters and they miss their first shot. x ___x
  4. Sorry for delay in response, life sux a phattie n wut not, but yee IDK chief. Here's some clips from when the day I posted this but Ill give it another shot later. Also sorry for shit quality, youtube butchered it for some reason.
  5. Love you Lily but quit being a stat nerd and actually equip it and use it ingame. I have a clip saved where I shot a dude 12 fucking times at like maybe 13meters? and it only did 84 damage. Yeah sure you can occasionally get a kill where youre on a corner and the opponent is completely oblivious to you and you pop off 3 shots POINT BLANK and that, and only then, is where the Thumper is remotely close to being a usable firearm in APB. Legendary weapons dont HAVE TO BE GOD LIKE but FFS atleast viable for use at all. Im so sick of only seeing the ntec and pmg and 45. Honestly the 45 needs to be nerfed, hard, its so stupid that a pistol out TTKs SMG's and Shotguns in CQC and even AR's at range. Fuck, while we're at it, let's enforce perspective from lower resolutions so stretch res isnt viable anymore like Fortnite did.
  6. Casually just shooting people eight fucking times and only doing 83 damage. Amazing LO. Thanks. Kinda sad the secondary .410 shotgun that was nerfed is still more powerful than a Legendary gun lmaooooo Not to mention the broken patootie 45 has 1/4th the TTK of a gun dispersing 12gauage. Very balanced.
  7. Jesus Christ, what did LO do to this gun, holy shit it's useless now....
  8. Please extend it or let me buy it, Im tired of having to char swap legendaries through mail / posting on the MP to cancel to have them in my mail.
  9. Extremely stupid that you can't shoot the EOLs from inside a car but you can with the OPGL....??
  10. Joker ammo audio is stacklooping hardcore and the ambience audio is doing the same. Especially in Asylum.
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