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  1. My only two questions are; 1.)How is LO affording to keep APB up as it currently is? 2.)How much longer will they be able to financially be able to keep APB servers up before doing what G1 did? I really dont want to see APB die but I also understand that this game, as it is right now, aint worth the continuous loss of money keeping it """"alive""""
  2. ^ Maybe just make quickswitching not a thing and boom, quickswitching is removed. Pogger gamer moment.
  3. Just curious since it's already half way through the month and it's one of my favorite ones :I
  4. Thanks for the info, I will give this a try! ^^ Will update you on if this works! Imma wait for you to come to my house and give me headpats, well see which comes first~ Mind TLDR'ing it for me? Have shite memory sadly Welp, Im fucked then.
  5. Got the urge to play again after not logging in for 8 months and still got the same crashing issues lol I mean, the one rare time that FC actually has more than 4 people and I can barely play because of the constant crashing over and over, its really annoying. Merged. Crash number 9 in 40 minutes now.
  6. not sure how anyone talking about the post is bitching but okay focus on not being so hypocritical lmfao
  7. are you still bitching about people still bitching about game?
  8. Meant to comment this but on this topic since it was newer. Im sleep deprived from constant 12's plus brain is smole so I apologize lmao
  9. Ah yes, Im sure that reimbursing me 6000 dollars and deleting all of my customizations (that I spent probably a thousand or so combined hours making) just to make the game not look old and run without getting a stutter every 5 minutes will make me want to come back and play it! Honestly; APB has been the same forever now and people have stopped playing for " x " reason so what will changing how it looks/runs do??? Im not saying I know how to fix apb but I do know scraping everything and starting from square zero again will make me never touch this game again. ( Same reason I refuse to move over to Citadel; I have nothing on that server so why should I then also deal with the shitty connection lmao ) I understand where youre coming from and the frustration youre feeling, but doing what youve proposed would just lead to a quicker death than were already dealing with ontop of *countless* hours of wasted hours and money for everyone invested and involved.
  10. i9 9900K 4.7ghz on all 8 cores with 16mb cache, RTX 2080 Ti 11GB GDDR6 , 32GB DDR4 (2933), and the files are on an SSD. [ Very High Settings @1920x1080p 144hz ] Sitting on the outskirts of Financial, facing away from everything, I sit at 130fps and in Social I never dip below 144fps. I'd just love to see the nuclear lighting fixed because it looks atrociously bad; Had an instance in Asylum where someone was behind the halfwall window thing at the pool and they were invisible and was unable to recreate it again.. Oh! And the severe amount of frameloss in the Inventory screen is rough, really rough. Scrolling through gun skins dips down to 10fps and trying to swap guns and change out the mods still takes forever because of the sluggishness of the UI. But other than that Im pretty damn happy with where its at. If only the core problems of APB were directly focused on and fixed would this game be viable to play again. Please dont just give up Little Orbit. ^^^ also this. Took about an hour and a half in total.
  11. They dont give a god damn flying fuck at all and thats super fucking clear now. You can make models for LO, go into literal paragraphs into the lore for the new contacts, draw map plans/edits to improve, but your effort is meaningless. They dont care, youre not a Dev. :^) You can polish a turd and paint it gold but its still shit m8. Ive already turned blue trying to blow on the paint on the wall that is APB Reloaded but its better to just walk away and do some other shit till it decides to dry.
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