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  1. Joker ammo audio is stacklooping hardcore and the ambience audio is doing the same. Especially in Asylum.
  2. My only two questions are; 1.)How is LO affording to keep APB up as it currently is? 2.)How much longer will they be able to financially be able to keep APB servers up before doing what G1 did? I really dont want to see APB die but I also understand that this game, as it is right now, aint worth the continuous loss of money keeping it """"alive""""
  3. ^ Maybe just make quickswitching not a thing and boom, quickswitching is removed. Pogger gamer moment.
  4. Just curious since it's already half way through the month and it's one of my favorite ones :I
  5. Thanks for the info, I will give this a try! ^^ Will update you on if this works! Imma wait for you to come to my house and give me headpats, well see which comes first~ Mind TLDR'ing it for me? Have shite memory sadly Welp, Im fucked then.
  6. Got the urge to play again after not logging in for 8 months and still got the same crashing issues lol I mean, the one rare time that FC actually has more than 4 people and I can barely play because of the constant crashing over and over, its really annoying. Merged. Crash number 9 in 40 minutes now.
  7. not sure how anyone talking about the post is bitching but okay focus on not being so hypocritical lmfao
  8. are you still bitching about people still bitching about game?
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