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  1. Please treat the hamsters with more care! Give them extra treats while youre at it, my dumbass bought two mirages.
  2. Petition; Finish the god damn product you've already sold.
  3. Im pressing extend lease and it does nothing and I dont see the guns at the contacts so was this only a 7 day trial reward or is something not working as intended here?
  4. My experience as a solo is waiting 5-10 minutes to match and sometimes when the pop is 36-40 Ive even spent upwards of 20-50 minutes waiting for opp. I think its more balanced than before but the amount of downtime is really annoying... I dont like spending 2 hours waiting if I only have 5 hours of time to play. I will take a moment to say that for 3 man groups, ESPECIALLY for 4 man groups, its nigh impossible to get matches.
  5. If you try to read before posting all smuggly maybe you'd understand the nuances of me posting no updates an hour later on my post about waiting for a reason for the shutdown.
  6. yeah you were hallucinating cause 51 minutes now there is still no update on why or how long. Shut yo goofy patootie up
  7. Not my own - I play on max with forced 16x anisotropy and 8x anti-aliasing and the games beautiful Grabbed pic from a stretch res sweat streamer xd
  8. title. btw this is how minimal settings player see the new car xd
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