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  1. I did some digging and found a solution. >Close APB >Clear Cache >Load up a different multiplayer game that saves a custom character >Fully load into online on the other game >Close the other game >Retry login on APB
  2. UPDATE: EVENT TIME MOVED TIL LATER IN THE EVENING. Will be announced in social.
  4. Server is Xbox: North America Location is subject to change pending our events team.
  5. LAST MINUTE EVENT TELL YOUR FRIENDS Date: 7/4/2019 Time: 2:00 PM EST Location: Xbox, Finnancial District, Memorial Park Host: SPPD On July 4th at 2 PM EST the San Paro Police Department will be hosting a get together at the Finnancial District's Memorial Park. After hearing that there won't be an official event on Xbox, we've decided to host one. Bring your friends, fireworks launchers, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, and if you don't have that any other kind of explosive will do. We're going to try to set an explosives air barrage record and hopefully not crash our already fragile servers. See you there! -JustinCarter Chief, San Paro Police Department
  6. No they cannot, they are claims.
  7. I've been having an issue here and there where only two of my 5 characters would load in, the other three would display infinite loading spirals, and I have been unable to load my other characters. I've already attempted hard reset, clear cache, and game reset. None have worked, some days they load, some they don't.
  8. SAN PARO POLICE DEPARTMENT The SPPD is a Non-Roleplay, Casual, PVP Clan on APB: Reloaded for the Xbox One.  _________________________________________ The San Paro Police Department Clan was founded back in June 2016 by JustinCarter when APB Reloaded released on the Xbox One. The SPPD is dedicated to improving community quality by helping others and hosting community events. We are looking for individuals who want to be apart of a large active organization that: utilizes tactical communication and strategy to win, is heavily involved with the community, and aims to enjoy the game while at the same time working to make San Paro a better place. _________________________________________ To join the SPPD you must: Be mature. Be respectful. Be professional. Be able and willing to follow clan rules and guidelines. (Listed on the Clan Rules and Guidelines page on our site.) Be of age 17 or older. Be an Xbox ONE user. Be active. Have a mic. (NO STATIC, NO ECHO, NO VOLUME ISSUES, NO KINECTS) Speak English. Have a clean community reputation To apply, go to: www.APB-SPPD.com/recruitment
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