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  1. (Xbox)Soldato Eterno0

    E. E. C. European Enforcer Corps

    If you read carefully the description of my clan you can see that it is not my goal, I tell you so as not to incur errors like that. I follow you on the YouTube channel and you have also contributed to the European server I try to bring together as many people as possible to play on the EU, in fact one of my goals is to have a more unified and less jagged community. you will also have seen that the maximum number of players always on the European server is about twenty players, so if in my clan there are 4.10,50 in the end it is not my fault if the game does not allow new players to stay. There are two types of player categories: beginner players and casual players for me there are not noobs. to reiterate what you write see someone else around on the forum dedicated to the Xbox? even if you want the biggest clan of criminals (hackers) they are a dozen active components so we do not talk about anything. I'm so sorry for frankness and a good day!
  2. (Xbox)Soldato Eterno0

    E. E. C. European Enforcer Corps

    you asked me if I was lucky !! and I answered yes! I thank you so much ||
  3. (Xbox)Soldato Eterno0

    Last person to reply to this thread wins.

    Soldato Eterno0, server EU Xbox! Forever
  4. (Xbox)Soldato Eterno0

    E. E. C. European Enforcer Corps

  5. (Xbox)Soldato Eterno0

    Explosive weapons in FC

  6. (Xbox)Soldato Eterno0

    APB Reloaded Xbox One UE

    The aim is to create a European community to cope with the deficiency that afflicts it. It is to find companions, friends, players to share the victories on the city of San Paro. https://www.facebook.com/groups/992261590940698/
  7. (Xbox)Soldato Eterno0

    E. E. C. European Enforcer Corps

    thanks for your advice!!!! Soldato Eterno0 server EU XBOX
  8. (Xbox)Soldato Eterno0

    E. E. C. European Enforcer Corps

    (European Enforcer Corps or EEC) unites all European performers. Born from the initiative of Soldier Eternal0, the goal of bringing together the many players scattered on the xbox platform, find enforcer on the EU server and report who preferred NA for lack of activity on European servers. the command is on the xbox platform, UE server. The EEC is composed of police forces from all over Europe, there are no special requirements to have. Only your national flag is required on your tag by adding your nickname. on request it is possible to have the machine and the uniform of the corps. The ultimate goal is to be able to create a community of European executors to cope with the shortcomings that afflict it. You find mates, friends, players to share the victories on the city of San Paro .