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Found 12 results

  1. This is my first forum post. The game I have loved has been ruined by this new matchmaking. It's an absolute shambles if I say so myself. Sucking all the fun out of playing the game. So many missions are being miss matched. Me a gold being paired with a T rank and a low ranking silver vs 3 high ranking golds?? I've had many missions like this and speaking to players, many have had the same. Also BACKUP DOESN'T WORK??? I call back up and despite there being many players online it's like it's refusing to give me a team mate? No matter how good you are, you can't 3vs2 all the time and not get frustrated. What's going on with all this.
  2. Can kill's by blowing up a vehicle PLEASE count toward role progression? For the longest time it has made no sense that APB would have dedicated anti vehicle weaponry like rockets and AV machineguns or even AV Snipers and then force people to instead injure cars and hope to kill the enemy once there out of it just to get kill's toward there role. It just makes no sense, why it wouldnt, get a kill with that sweet as hell long range conc throw blowing up someones fleeing vehicle? Why should you not be rewarded for your efforts? calculate your enemy vehicle route and spawn in to intercept blowing up there car with a Volcano, why should you not get credit for that? Surf around on your buddies car chasing down players that are relocating with your dedicated AV gun, why should APB deny you just cus your killing a player by using there vehicle against them? Please Little Orbit, common, make it happen.
  3. We all know that this is a dead, old, and unloved game at this point, but there are some things that can be done to give it a second chance. If anyone at Little Orbit does find their way to this post (which I doubt), I beg you to at least try and implement these things, you really don’t have much to lose so what's the risk. The steps that will be listed below are not only meant to help the game before the completion of the engine update (if that ever happens lmao), but also to help “rebrand” this game as something actually new. Honestly, I have no clue how demanding many of these features and changes would be as I only have a limited experience in coding and 3D modeling. Nonetheless, I’ll attempt to order these from most important to least important. 1- Anti-Cheat: This is self explanatory, the game needs one. If Roblox devs can afford competent ones, I think LO can too. No excuses. 2- Joker Store Additions: Every weapon, clothing item, and vehicle (kits too) on the Armas Marketplace should be able to be purchased through the Joker Store as well. I don’t exactly understand why this wasn’t already implemented. 3- Permanent Weapons and Trading: All Weapons purchased on Armas Marketplace should be bound by account, whereas all weapons purchased through the Joker Store are bound by character. If someone owns a character permanent weapon purchased through Armas, it should be converted into an account based one. This will clear up any confusion and it's not like LO will be losing copious amounts of money in doing so. When it comes to trading, permanent weapons (both character and account based) should be able to be traded between players similar to clothing, symbols, etc. New players will finally have a fighting chance to get their hands on capable weapons without spending money and veterans can trade weapons they don’t want or use anymore. To help limit possible confusion, Account and Character permanent weapons will be distinguished in a way so it's obvious to players trading what they are acquiring. 4- Login Bonus: The simple addition of a daily login reward would be more than enough to have players at least get on the game more frequently. Other users such as imV have more in depth ideas on said topic and others. Go check out his posts, if nothing else. 5- Gun Game: Keep the Beacon map as permanent and have it exclusively as a gun game (both free-for-all and team deathmatch), and have it function similar to fight club. This is probably the easiest suggestion on the list as everything is already done, just need to get rid of the Christmas theme it currently has. The added bonus of this would be the fact that new players could try some of the weapons out in a combat environment. 6- Suggestions: Actually paying attention to the game suggestions forum, it's that easy. There are a lot of great ideas in here, far better than the ones in this post, that could realistically improve this game that are sadly neglected. For instance, just look at the clothing suggestions, that alone has more than enough content to bring people back.
  4. Hi how's it going, this thread is more focused on players that arent as skilled as the big veterans in this game. But I'm also very happy to know their opinion on this subject. Basically, I've got 360 hours in this game. And for some games that is a lot! And you should have some form of skill in the game, and I'm not wrong I do, It's very noticeable when I join a bronze district. But because I play so good in a bronze district I eventually become gold threated and I'm forced to play in a silver district. And this is basically where my hate for this game grows. It is hardly possible for me To make my way through these districts because I am being teamed up with these crazy ninja dudes and dudettes, I do not feel like I'm making any progress skill wise because I do not get the chance to actually do something. It's hardly possible for me to get even near these people, it only takes them 1,5 seconds to kill me with ex. an NTEC but when I do the same. I just can't manage to pull it of. Not because I can't get in control of the recoil but they always get me first. It doesn't matter who started the firefight. When I play in a bronze district I can literally play this game all day long, but when I'm forced to play in the silver districts, I usually leave the game immediately after getting anal fisted without any lube. I just want to know what type of changes are going to be made to make a difference in this. And what you guys think about it, how you deal with this. and if you have any tips for me. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, Gardenias.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm playing APB for a long time, and I noticed that one of my biggest flaws in this game, is indeed my aim, I struggle sometimes hitting the enemy's, specially in close quarters situations, I looked online for a way to find the perfect sense, but there is no videos our forum topics speaking about this subject. I know besides any change on my aim settings it's all about training and getting used to, but I feel at the same time, that maybe my sensitivity is not as it supposed to be. Any method to find the perfect sense? Thank you everyone Ximin
  6. STEAM GUIDE By Dexem Check out Aural's Guide too! Forum Version | Steam Version ABOUT I've been working on this guide for the past couple of years. For beginners it covers threat, how to get the best start in APB, car choices, and understanding modifications. For advanced players it goes over some simple strategies on how to contest some of the most difficult spots in the game, as well as utilizing effective communication strategies, and self improvement. With a few tips n' tricks thrown in there for anyone who doesn't know about them. I highly recommend checking it out as I'm sure there will be some sort of information for someone at any skill level. It is also being constantly updated so always check back for new sections! SOMETHING MISSING? If there is anything you would like to see in the guide that I have not covered, feel free to leave a comment and I will get to implementing it as soon as I can!
  7. So I thought that since mods like steel plating reduce speed, why not have a mod that makes it so that it has a slightly higher top speed and better acceleration but takes more damage from weapons? Something like Weight Reduction 1-3 or the likes. Maybe even high torque mods? Just something so each car is more unique than the kit and colours it bears. Just minor differences, maybe nothing that is meta shaking or anything. Like not overkill on increase in top speed, maybe by 1.2 kms or so. (for reference the cisco has a top speed of 80 or so kmph, and the normal vegas has a top speed of 83 or so.) Just a thought, I'm sure someone has thought and talked about this before but I'm curious on how the community would feel if given the choice. And if you do think they could add something of the likes, what would you like to see as a vehicle mod?
  8. I would like to gather some ideas for the possibility of making factions matter in game. Feel free to add suggestions! (Please don't fight though... these are just suggestions not ultimatums. There are no wrong answers.) It may or may not be a focus but, might as well have a list for reference. Here are some that I like the idea of.
  9. Hello Gamerfirst or Little Orbit. I'm here for some propositions for APB. 1- The simplest proposition is for the height for the characters creation. I would like to see the real height of the characters in imperial and metric measures for have more realism when we create our characters. 2- The second proposition are little bit harder, but I would like to see APB translated in other language (French, Spanish, Italian, etc.), one of reasons is because English is my second language and it's easier for me to have the game in french (not very much french people like to play in English) and an other reason is the game will be have more players (it's an advantage for you because it's make more players for premium, for example) and maybe it will be better for the threats, sometime i become Silver, but the most of the time i'm Bronze and for play into Waterfront i'm obligated to play into Silver server and the community and me don't like this. We see some Gold into Bronze server when we play into Financial, but i can't just say to Gold going into Gold server because the server Gold is empty and there is not enough player can play into Gold. 3- The third proposition is delete the threats from the servers and replace by some modifications into the matchmaking and rise the slot of servers for have only East and West (North America, for example) 4- For the fourth proposition i'm not sure, but i think it will be better to deactivate the team damages, it will be easier for beginners and sometimes we see some bug into the game and sometimes we kill our team with car because we don't see the person travel the road for example. I hope you will take in consideration my propositions (i recommend highly to check if the second is possible, it will be a big advantage for you, for the game and the community). And i would like to say the last updates are really good
  10. Hi! Coming back from other shooters, I have learned to either shoot in bursts or taps, whilst not moving when doing so and strafing while I am not. The problem is that the recoil or spread of the weapons is heavily RNG influenced. There is no pattern to memorize and to do training around. That's why I am baffled when I encounter players that run or even jump while shooting and actually hit my noob a**. I have seen people jump with the sniper and sniped me while they were in mid-air. Also, veteran players seem to spray their whole mag at me and hit me with every bullet. How do they manage to do that? I mean isn't there recoil and spread for them? Additionally, the crosshair is bugging me up as it is dynamic and not static. I can't pinpoint where I am aiming at and it is making things really difficult for me. Are there any tips to handle the weapon recoil and spread like they do?
  11. So, after looking at the number of players over the last three years there has been a steady decline. We're getting just over 200 players now every month where there used to be 2000+ in the early days of APB. There was a nice jump up to 1000+ when Little Orbit took over development it seems, but since then a steady decline. Apart from the maintenance patches and holiday events, what is Little Orbit going to do to change the state of the game? Myself, and I'm sure the entire APB community, would like to know what the future of APB will be. Will any new mechanics be implemented? i.e., new objectives in missions? New zones? New contacts? As a player that played back in CBT, I appreciated seeing the 2021 Roadmap. It was a nice and seemingly fresh engagement with the community. I think we need more of that from Matthew Scott and other developers at Little Orbit in regards to what the future plans for APB are. I think there should be more of a dialogue between the devs and players in regards to these future plans as well. I would love to see a revival of this game because the game and gameplay have always been great. I would hate to see another team mismanage this game and let it die....again. Here is the population of players through Steam across APB's lifetime. https://steamcharts.com/app/113400
  12. I'd like to see a single player mode ... it's not so impossible! A very obvious example and world of tanks, initially it was a game only for PC-multiplayer (ONLY MULTIPLAYER) with the years it has improved a lot. 1) the possibility of having bots, because it often happens that you want to connect, maybe shoot two shots and there is nobody online. Even divided on instances a bit like the division. 2) remove the possibility of buying weapons in time, it would be really a good thing, at least those in play, to buy them permanently without ruining the tactical factor of the games which, being timed, the minutes are precious to change tactics depending on the situation. 3) a more lively city, perhaps with some dynamic element in the maps. for example the police stations are practically empty, they have no characters inside. 4) increase the level of weapons without buying a lot of different kinds, an example could perhaps be a branching tree with all the weapons related to the cost and level in which one has. 5) better, more fluid clan management. 6) create a small district for those who start the game, it would help a lot those who approach for the first time on APB. Not to run into games with people who have much more experience, perhaps limiting the district to the completion of the tutorial that almost all do not complete and then it's always the same people complaining that they don't understand the game mechanics. 7) the possibility of choosing multiple languages because it seems to me almost a paradox that there are skins of practically all countries (20) but the selectable languages are only 4. Europe English) Ireland-Netherlands -Scotland-United Kingdon- French) France German) Germany Italian) Italy Spanish) Spain America Portuguese) Brazil English) Canada-United state Spanish) Mexico dedicated languages Polish) Poland Russian) Russia-Ukraine Swedish) Sweden Turkish) Turkey Japanese) Japan Danish) Denmark-Norway
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