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Found 5 results

  1. Since the gun will get a buff ill start using it so what mods should i put on and how would the playstyle be?
  2. Hi how's it going, this thread is more focused on players that arent as skilled as the big veterans in this game. But I'm also very happy to know their opinion on this subject. Basically, I've got 360 hours in this game. And for some games that is a lot! And you should have some form of skill in the game, and I'm not wrong I do, It's very noticeable when I join a bronze district. But because I play so good in a bronze district I eventually become gold threated and I'm forced to play in a silver district. And this is basically where my hate for this game grows. It is hardly possible for me To make my way through these districts because I am being teamed up with these crazy ninja dudes and dudettes, I do not feel like I'm making any progress skill wise because I do not get the chance to actually do something. It's hardly possible for me to get even near these people, it only takes them 1,5 seconds to kill me with ex. an NTEC but when I do the same. I just can't manage to pull it of. Not because I can't get in control of the recoil but they always get me first. It doesn't matter who started the firefight. When I play in a bronze district I can literally play this game all day long, but when I'm forced to play in the silver districts, I usually leave the game immediately after getting anal fisted without any lube. I just want to know what type of changes are going to be made to make a difference in this. And what you guys think about it, how you deal with this. and if you have any tips for me. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, Gardenias.
  3. basically this is just a glorified blog website that'll sometimes have TLDR's made by me and also with quick references to other people's handy tools, and a few poorly made "tools" made by me. i'm hesitent on posting about this, but this is probably a small morale boost for me to see if there's any interest in this website again. the last interation a year ago was surprisingly hitting a decent amount of traffic but i never fully evolved into what i wanted it to be. at the beginning of 2018, i had a family emergency which took away a large majority of my time for 6 months, and was overpaying for hosting by a lot which led me to the decision of not renewing apbhouse.com. even then, this current new iteration might take a long time to be what i want the final product to be. regardless, if it seems like i'm helping people out, i'll be glad to do it. [funny side note, the only comments i remember from the last website was someone being very upset at G1 for removing Refer a Friend, and another person commenting 'good job, keep it up' which genuinely made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.] there might be some of you that remember this small website about a year ago. i don't even know how to summarize what it was before and i still don't know what i'm trying to make of it. it essentially seemed like a blog, but was also sort of a wiki at the same time, and kept archive of events and tracked g1 officials and tried to give criticism when deserved. it also tried to be new-player friendly in talking about certain gameplay tactics and technique. i guess if i want to live under it's true name, i want it to basically encompass everything. a house full of useful and useless shit. a house you can feel welcome to. i'm decently satisfied with the front page and think it's pretty useful at the moment. however, it is using a basic theme on wordpress but as time goes by and i learn more, it is definitely subject to change. house feature: what's the house feature? just an easy way to promote content creators and hopefully create more interaction within the community again. again, there isn't really a critera at the moment but since it's just me, they'll be handpicked and hopefully i have good taste. can be anything from youtube videos, twitch clips, deviantart pages, etc. doubt there'll be enough traffic to have it as a "daily" swap so featured people might stay on for anywhere from 3 days to 7 days. tldr blogposts: i've started keeping track of events since December 4th, 2018. the previous interation of apb.house probably kept track of events for more than a year but no more than 2 years. i definitely will consider going backwards to try and add prior events. right now i'm doing something what i call TLDR for the blogposts. it primarily just functions as a quick summary of what a blogpost is about so you can quickly skim through what the topics might be mentioned. also, i just noticed that the TLDR's might still be long for some but it still tries to be informative without excluding too much detail. i think LO deleted or archived the really old G1 blogposts. maybe I'll do something of a "State of APB" each month to make it sound more dramatic. ads: if there are ads, the only ones i'll utilize are banner ads. no pop ups, no full screen, nothing intrusive. if you do see any ads that don't sit nicely and out of the way of the main content, please tell me asap. ads will be for the upkeep of website > community contests/giveaways/events > money to buy a nice hot bowl of pho. that's the priorization of the pennies i'll receive for the forseeable future. i also like to be as transparent as i can with things i work on because i enjoy being a helpful and honest individual. i'll most likely keep this post updated with what im currently working on and what i want to add/fix/remove in the future. if things look funky on website, that means im currently breaking, trying to add something. currently working: getting started guide + scrim organizer in queue: scrim organizer still need a logo more fucking content marketplace tax calculator loadout randomizer getting started guide [big] finished: marketplace tax calculator scrim organizer edit: scrim organizer is finished, able to enter player names, and it'll create two teams for you. it'll also assign random weapons but i don't have a complete list for that. later functionality should include checkboxs to customize ability to randomize ONLY smgs or ONLY secondaries. the list of weapons available to randomize isn't complete either, i haven't played in so long, i wasn't sure which weapons are just reskins. if someone has the extra time to state them, that'd be neat and appreciated. edit1: okay i do it. gathering all the names onto an excel sheet because i don't keep up anymore. default randomizer will only random weapons available to everyone without ARMAS/Joker Tickets. checkboxes will allow options to randomize certain categories, and add weapons obtainable via ARMAS/JT. visuals would be nice later on but obviously just aiming for clean functionality at this point. design isn't my forte. should be done within a day or two. i always find motivation late at night. maybe it's because i know i can avoid doing it because i'll probably sleep soon. edit2: three options available for the scrim organizer, default, joker ticket, and legendary. edit3: added a g1c calculator that was totally not inspired by ffbans
  4. STEAM GUIDE By Dexem Check out Aural's Guide too! Forum Version | Steam Version ABOUT I've been working on this guide for the past couple of years. For beginners it covers threat, how to get the best start in APB, car choices, and understanding modifications. For advanced players it goes over some simple strategies on how to contest some of the most difficult spots in the game, as well as utilizing effective communication strategies, and self improvement. With a few tips n' tricks thrown in there for anyone who doesn't know about them. I highly recommend checking it out as I'm sure there will be some sort of information for someone at any skill level. It is also being constantly updated so always check back for new sections! SOMETHING MISSING? If there is anything you would like to see in the guide that I have not covered, feel free to leave a comment and I will get to implementing it as soon as I can!
  5. 1. "Ammo Lasso" - Imagine getting caught into a lasso (except, it rejuvenates bullets!). When caught by this "lasso," you can move around (iirc, it has a 5m range) and if you're by a wall/obstruction, you can wrap right around it and CONTINUE to receive ammo until maxed or interrupted. So if you're getting ammo and you start getting shot at, move to cover if there is any within 5m. With the consumable Resupply Box, you can receive it's ammo through walls immediately (without having to go near the box to, first, get "lassoed") AND change weapons through walls. (P.S. A lasso is basically a rope that has an end that is formed into a loop, or circle) 2. Reload On-the-Go - You can reload your currently equipped weapon while entering/hijacking from the PASSENGER door, regardless of how long it takes to reload. As long as you hit the reload key before you enter the drivers seat, you'll reload your weapon no matter what the TTR (time-to-reload) is. Note: Normally, as a passenger, you can reload your weapon, without having to stick out the window. You can also do this while hijacking from the driver's side, but your TTR will matter. So if you enter the driver's door, then, not only will you have less time to hit the Reload key, but the weapon's reload time must be short enough for the "on-the-go" reload to occur. 3. Look Back/Back Grenade Throw - Go to Options and bind a key to "Look Back." Now you can look back with that key! To throw a grenade backwards, cook/hold the 'nade and then press and hold the look back key. While looking back, release 'nade. Note: You can only throw back if you're, FIRST, cooking/holding the 'nade. You can't already be looking back, before cooking/holding the 'nade. 4. HVR-Accuracy and Piercing Mod (CAP40 'Sergeant'/Colby Commander) - Hugging a wall minimizes all accuracy loss, giving you HVR accuracy... to a wall. You'll be able to hit that same spot on the wall, so long as you manage recoil. Since the Commander and Sergeant can pierce, you can put that accuracy to use by shooting through windowed/metal doors (doors on buildings/fences/walls, that require the action key to open). Someone 40m out in the middle of the road with you? Whip out a shield, crouch, and lay waste as your enemy questions, "Who is shooting me and how're they so accurate???" (Yes, those weapons can shoot through those consumable shields!) Someone behind a blue ticket booth? If you used Spotter (Character Mod) or have them tagged via Tagger (Weapon Mod), then you can track 'em and shoot 'em with HVR accuracy! In the spoiler, I've included a video proving the effectiveness and my understanding of this trick. There is also a list of things that can be shot-through with the Piercing Mod. 5. Throw/Launch Grenade further - If you jump and throw/launch a 'nade before you reach the apex of the jump, then it'll fly further. Sometimes those heavy Frag 'nades could use an oomph--throw that 'nade at a certain angle, while jumping, and you've got yourself a faster/further 'nade throw... but don't mess up like I did in this gameplay video of me... 6. Enemy Spawn Detection - Whenever a spawn-point is blocked due to an "enemy being near the location," it... doesn't necessarily mean they are near. In fact, it can also mean that the enemy has picked that spawn! That's right. The enemy can be on the SAME spawn map as you (the opposition my share a couple spawn points with you, depending on where y'all died) I knew this because I clicked a spawn point about 40m apart from a "blocked" spawn and then I spawned and looked in the direction of the area that was allegedly blocked due to an enemy being near... Turns out they spawned just as I did (their name was temporarily grey; spawn protection was active); they weren't near that spawn-point at all--technically, they were on the spawn screen as I was. With this, you can conclude that when an enemy dies, as you die, you share the same spawn timer. 7. Fall Break (No gravity damage) - While near a ladder, pressing the Action key just before you hit the ground, allows you to grab onto the ladder to break your fall entirely! Also, by minuscule chance (this'll happen most accidentally), you can bounce-off/bank-slide-off (idk how to explain bcuz its probably a bug, but thats how it can look) on an edge of a surface to immediately reset the velocity at which you fell. 8. 'Nade-to-Weapon Sooner - Instead of waiting for the animation to finish after throwing a grenade, you can, as soon as your 'nade is in the air, swap to your weapon (scroll up for Primary and down for Secondary). Doing this will skip the animation that plays after you've thrown your 'nade and will move on to your weapon-equip animation. Keep in mind, the speed at which you pull out your weapon is based on the weapon you are switching to (i.e. each weapon has a "time-to-equip" before you can fire)--so you'll still have to deal with that. Now, imagine: LowYields-to-SNR ... 'Nade Barrage! 9. "Kempington Shuffle" - While aiming, lean in any direction. Then press the shoulder switch key repeatedly while moving. You'll look like you're dancing! Looks funnier if you do it while looking all-the-way up/down. 10. "Jesus, take the wheel!" - You can teleport into a vehicle, whenever trying to enter through one of its "blocked" doors. Either when the vehicle is tilted on it's two wheels, doors are blocked, or even when it's in the air (so long as you are within range of activation, about 4m), then you can and will teleport into it. While on foot, I was rushed by an enemy (who was in a vehicle) and, luckily, as he slid toward me (with the drivers side toward me), he got out and was close enough to me AND the driver's door that when I press F (action key) I was then warped into that opp's stolen car (bcuz the door-way was blocked by opp) and drove away! Probably one of the funniest moments I've had! 11. Sneaky Takedown - After finishing an objective, if you've seen the enemy leaving for the next objective, then you can assume that by the time they get to that next objective, they will think you and your team are coming from the same path they took (East, for example). When heading to the next objective, instead of heading East, you can take the long route (Go North, then East, then South to the objective). When you're 80m away from the objective, just exit your vehicle and go on foot. You'll then be able to take 'em out from their back! Muffler (Vehicle Mod) makes this method easier, allowing you to get closer sooner, but it can be done without it. TheSxW made a good point about the range at which you should exit the vehicle, for number 11. Should be at 80m.
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