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  1. you should give us an idea of what you have in mind so we can all tell you it's a terrible idea.
  2. https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/music/2020/07/04/kanye-west-independence-day-tweet-running-president-2020/5378807002/
  3. hahahahahahahahahahahaha i was like "wait a minute" as well.
  4. err isn't vivox no longer in the game...for more than a few years now? edit: i can't read
  5. is there any way you can just show us a picture
  6. there's a lot of things in line from their priorities of how soon they should get addressed. a lot of things are waiting for the engine update to hit so they can hopefully have a cleaner foundation to work off on. while it's nice to brainstorm, changes, these threads come and go by the thousands. also, no respawn system would mean that the game wouldn't even attempt to place you near where your mission was? that sounds awful.
  7. wait, the basis of your rant is the respawn system implementing in the dynamic event, which is essentially a free-for-all deathmatch? it's designed to be fast paced, you're not suppose to be tactical in the dynamic event. play your games, get your kills, die a couple times, and get your joker tickets. it's just a mode for a quick 15-20 mins of APB if you don't want to commit to playing missions. the respawn system is fine the way it is for the fight club/dynamic event/etc. i haven't kept up with apb but it's definitely considered an improvement than the OLD system, where you could REALLY pinpoint their spawns, and constantly push those spawns back further and further.
  8. if you get the "character is locked in a world/instance" message, the only way to unlock it is support, or to wait it out (which seems like you've been doing already). sorry.
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