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  1. why can't we be diplomatic and all convert into becoming pacifists. war is too expensive.
  2. have you tried entering the code? edit: yeah, these arent the ones that were being sold on newegg for like $5. dont think these give you anything anyways.
  3. what if you slowly gain it's trust and develop an intense complex relationship which eventually produces offsprings that are hybrid human-trees that produce various flavors of cheeseburgers upon its branches.
  4. im not telling you, you gold seller.
  5. good lord i dont think any video game has had a conversion ratio that bad. you're in the wrong place if you can drop $200 for 100k apb money.
  6. i remember back in the days when gold sellers constantly advertised in social district.
  7. Aeronaut


    these things suck
  8. oh how the weak wander aimlessly in this cruel world
  9. ahh. a taste of real man. ...wait a second.
  10. ahh. a man of real taste.
  11. you're going to start sounding like an account i made to push a series that hasn't been going for awhile now.
  12. ill be that guy ill bring the plates and cups and salt
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