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  1. Aeronaut

    tips for bottoming for the first time

    lucky. i wish i i had multiple buttcheeks.
  2. Aeronaut

    tips for bottoming for the first time

    we really need to address your alcohol problems.
  3. if you owned a business, your number one concern would be the amount of money flowing in because without money, there is no company. if you kept track of customer purchases, you would want to encourage sales when you notice that there's less customers making purchases on average. how can you cause a surge of purchases at a relatively low cost? discounts/sales as a customer, if you saw that company X was announcing a discount soon on this date, what would be most likely happen? purchases would drop significantly until that date in which you'd see a huge spike of purchases. why take an unneccessary action like announcing a discount and minimizing your maximmum amount of purchases when you can announce it out of nowhere and make it seem like a surprise and special. if people are willing to wait seasons for the next summer sale on steam, then it's not unreasonable to assume that people are willing to wait a few weeks for an announced sale. tldr - please stop asking for sales.
  4. Aeronaut

    New Yr Same Shitty Servers

    sorry i partied too hard. jk i spent my night playing monopoly fallout edition and getting fucked by the system. 6 hour game believe it or not.
  5. Aeronaut

    Happy New Year!

    lemme do my best fortune runner impression
  6. Aeronaut

    Happy New Year!

    lemme do my best cookypuss impression GG
  7. Aeronaut

    Did social just die?

    you can't just go around asking that
  8. Aeronaut


    so if i lose the original device that had google authenticator, what are my options? contacting support? also, for some reason, i've revoked 2fa on my web browser, but on my phone, it still asks for a code?
  9. Aeronaut

    State of the Game: APB 2018

    hi matt, thanks matt.
  10. Aeronaut

    tfw you have a really bad lisp

    it's a stretch tbh. it'd sound more like "sith on my fath"
  11. what is that suppose to mean is this a threat do I need to call my lawyer
  12. and you tell her to "sit on your face"
  13. Aeronaut

    We have melee weps?

    take the blowtorch neck thingy and jab it into your enemies orifices. no need to turn on the burny function otherwise you'll create smelly smells. wait, how violent can text be before it gets deleted from the forums?