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  1. just not optimal in how the population pool is set up
  2. damn dude oops i forgot i cant react post anymore this thread is spicy wait this is still a reaction uhhh what does give up the soap mean?
  3. this probably won't work but matt can i talk to you about a huge favor regarding names
  4. everyone, don't send me all your btc
  5. first of all, read op's questions. he's asking for clarification. this unit game company has no search results on Google. they also don't describe what sort of mobile game it'll be. they also want clarification on the IP stuff cause a majority of us aren't lawyers and have no experience in what exactly happened in this transaction still. but I doubt LO would gimp themselves that hard if any.
  6. it's just merch guys. chill out. but real talk, how much of a cut are you guys getting? you reaching deep into my pockets at that price tag.
  7. can i write it for you im good at writer.
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