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  1. what if the reason why people who claimed to be probe are actually juicy targets to be drained of their septics because they're actually a valuable commodity in the outer space worlds
  2. Aeronaut

    Cooling Jacket & Improved Rifling

    how big are your hands (relevant question to stay on topic) what would you recommend the cj3 on?
  3. Aeronaut

    i just had a scary thought

    may i condiment your food
  4. Aeronaut

    i hate the new system trade

    it's not even that. im pretty sure an overwhelming majority of people coming to the forums to complain about how they got scammed was because of an insecure, nonexisting trading system. and the advice people gave to them was: "never go first" which is funny because if both sides actually utilized that advice, it basically means: "stop trading you fucking idiots"
  5. Aeronaut

    worst guns produced

    yeah. just the thought of being in a warzone using a weapon that has a higher risk of not operating normally is terrifying...
  6. Aeronaut

    Feeling love for someone you should hate?

    it is if you take the time it takes to send snail mail to respond. ...im not shy.
  7. Aeronaut

    oatmeal raisin cookies

    its like comparing apples to oranges
  8. how else are you going to make your car go faster? bullet holes = less material = more aerodynamic
  9. Aeronaut

    i hate the new system trade

    then just get scammed like all the people before this system lul it still blows my mind how many people allowed themselves to get scammed. where is common sense?
  10. Aeronaut

    worst guns produced

    wikipedia? didn't professor teach you wiki ain't credible. and where's your bibliography and proper MLA format? gonna have to dock off 10 points.
  11. Aeronaut

    oatmeal raisin cookies

    what does that have to do with anything nice typical modern packaging
  12. Aeronaut

    Stackable lease?

    g1-esque. as minor as changes may be, they really need to be publicly documented...
  13. Aeronaut


    makes sense. its an early access game which means they're still developing it. it'd be weird for them not to be actively working on the game.
  14. Aeronaut

    When you get a feeling

    someone sounds like they're getting their peepee touched! congrats!