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  1. look i thought it would be cool to run around with just legs and floating arms and a gun
  2. it's been awhile since we've seen a juicy patch with numbers changing
  3. how'd you manage to make a fat female in apb that's wild
  4. cause i mean if it was the yellows, that's kinda racist
  5. i can bring the plates and cups yeah ill be that guy
  6. please don't bring religion into this game separation of church and game
  7. it ain't an outfit it's a lifestyle pls stop bully im a bird ok
  8. like i wanna see the 300th variant of the joker
  9. i saw a google maps street view and it looked like it was located in a shopping plaza
  10. dude don't laugh, litigation is a serious process. would this be the first time g1/LO has been sued?
  11. heavy hvr way before the nerf and way before it got heavy scrutinization.
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