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  1. people have been trying to anticipate when apb is going to die for quite some time now. and it's still trotting along.
  2. not that weird but definitely an interesting keyboard i used to play on a logitech k310...a washable keyboard. it didnt support n-key rollover...shudders
  3. and the constant reminder that people who have spent an absurd amount of time, like top 1%, have incredible game sense at this point. it's muscle memory. they make it look easy because it is easy, for them. i know there are various gunfight scenarios that can happen in this game, but if you're using an smg and a guy with a scout is beating you, i think that says more about the player than the scout.
  4. i used to think damage dropoff was dumb because it makes the game feel "smaller", and it still feels that way. but it definitely put weapons into their niche. you gotta keep in mind that a good player with a weapon "outside of it's niche" would still win over a meh player with a gun playing in it's proper role. that's just how the game is, but i don't think it'd be a good idea to make weapons completely useless outside of x, because it would increase the feeling of how garbage a weapon feels in this games odd hitboxes, hitreg and rng.
  5. why would it offend this guy and not the people who made the update/upgrade?
  6. but isn't that the point of having weapons that have strength and weaknesses? the weapon roles marksman and pointman are named so for a reason i think.
  7. the thing i miss the most is just being able to kill your own GROUP members without being kicked for it. i understand the tk-kick mechanic in an actual mission, but if it's in an unopposed mission, why bother? not that i've ever cared about my kda, but the fact that the scoreboard stats do not reset when you actually start an opposed mission is wild to me.
  8. keep talking that way i'll ruin you
  9. well, no one can even think about saying LO is trying to milk this game.
  10. despite the grim looking future, no milkies here.
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