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  1. i like fish. i've had lapses where i don't play post and then post. but i don't really post anything to this degree in asking for account information.
  2. Aeronaut

    check out my jedi moves

    kylon bed's dead baby
  3. Aeronaut

    check out my jedi moves

    “meat daddy”
  4. Aeronaut

    check out my jedi moves

  5. Aeronaut

    Would you help a fellow streamer?

    can you not yell fam my eyes are dialated
  6. gamersfirst started okay, with meh communication but it deteriorated to a stage of nearly non-existent communication. regarding the engine upgrade, they had us hooked initially stating the the engine upgrade was almost done. then they made a statement where it definitely needed more work. and then we were hooked again when they didn't specifically state that the PC engine upgrade would be finished after console release, but that it would soon regain priority. sprinkled with NDA's and vague announcements that rarely dove into specifics. anyways, do you think Little Orbit is the type of company that'll be completely upfront and honest about the progress, or will they try to hide the severity of the situation similiar to GamersFirst?
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    i tried looking this up but i was wondering if anyone else has knowledge about this is it possible to be allergic to meat? if so, is it possible to be allergic to certain types of meat? (beef edible, goat allergic)
  10. Aeronaut

    Let's talk Shotguns

    flamethrower attachment? or equip blowtorch into one of the slots. csg no longer has that perfectly circle spread right? that was years ago since it's been changed?
  11. Aeronaut

    Issue with the account

    yeah when i got forum banned for the hamster thing, you can't reply back on that account when you're banned. which is funny when they ask you to privately message them. this happened under the g1 era, but it's sad to hear that they haven't passed on that information on. or maybe it was just an oversight.
  12. pls no anytime someone has a <GM> tag on, you potentially have an effect of where players stop playing and just try to talk to the GM. hidden gms are best gms