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  1. how do they hear the ocean tho
  2. a couple lives depend on this, please no boozle.
  3. ...but they are. Like several others have discussed, if you are taking up a slot in a mission district without participating in missions, you're messing up the matchmaking algorithim because you're reducing the eligible pool of players that can be placed in matches...If there are free empty districts then just utilize those.
  4. I don't keep up with who's who. I haven't played this game like I used to in the past. I played one mission yesterday afternoon playing for a few months. I'm saying this with no bias. If a player wants to host events, the considerate thing to do would be to host it in an empty district. Everyone is fully aware or should be aware of the matchmaking problem which includes the limited active player pool causing issues with creating fair matches. I agree OP should have presented in a more neutral tone. But I don't think there's any contest that when possible, you should take non-mission activities to empty districts to be considerate to your fellow players.
  5. i feel like apb is the only game that would be understood and deserving of a few weeks of downtime so the team behind it all can have a non-rushed environment to work out the kinks. of course this isn't reasonable because downtime is a big no-no regardless of the reason...
  6. you ticked the wrong difficulty mode
  7. be patient. apb is currently going through a transitional period. should at least give a minimum of a week wait time.
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