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  1. once this game dies, you treat it like an ex, you get rid of all the evidence. wait that sounds weird nvm
  2. what happens to spct standards i got reprimanded for less back in the days
  3. except that one time long ago where a forum mod essentially said there's nothing wrong with triggerbots lmao
  4. the cycle play game find issues report issues none/some issues get fixed get irritated realize there's not much you can do you either return back to step 1 or stop playing the game after a certain amount of loops in the cycle
  5. nah. i'll occasionally check the forums but there's really nothing new. i haven't played consistently in a looong time. almost like once every 6 months now it feels.
  6. yeah, the last thing one wants to do is commit changes to the live site, and then finds out it breaks several other things, and then its a wild goose chase going in on the background while regular users are going "uhhh what's going on?"
  7. im assuming this is over the entire timeline of apb, regardless of ownership. still gotta give big props for allowing tons of access to weapons/items through the joker distribution store that most likely would have not happened under old g1.
  8. I don't agree. I think the newly displayed information would be comedically too large. And it unnecessarily adds an extra click.
  9. true, i guess it depends on when they started playing. like for me, it's bizarre to think i'd want to spend more money on a game that's stayed relatively stagnant...obviously whatever improvements that have happened over the years are appreciated, but i think a majority can agree this game failed to live up to it's potential. even with the engine update, that'll just give excuses for people to keep waiting but i meaaaaaaan....
  10. i'll be the helpful one here i guess. from my understanding, they wanted to keep the GamersFirst name, although I think it has a terrible connotation with it. some G1 employees may still be around during the current LO era, but i'm not too sure. also, it seems that LO won't be able to create any spin offs within the APB universe, but have full control and rights over APB Reloaded.
  11. i think it looks beautiful. the only unuseful criticism i have is it took me a few seconds to realize where the 'next page' button was. it seems like each module opens up into their own screen so it's fine when you click on a weapon or vehicle. i guess im nitpicking but it MIGHT be better if the page number and arrows were centered at the bottom of each module. pretty awesome!
  12. Every time I play APB, nothing really changes. ...it's a bit weird.
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