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  1. I dont know, its like banning weed from professional sports simply because it masks the real cheat.
  2. yes he carried the game like Pablo Escobar carried the Colombian economy. Also has very very close friend still playing, doing the same thing.....
  3. Coding aside, the issue is, when it comes to APB and new content, is instead of playing the game like its supposed to be played, a large faction of the playerbase automatically try to exploit or look for exploits to gain advantage. This makes things very very difficult for developers to come up with new features etc.. If they were to flesh out the crims, you would really have to be very very carful about what you are going to do. Otherwise you would have to back peddle.
  4. While i agree with everything that you are saying. I do not believe somebody would purchase something in order to make it worse. I believe their heart was in the right place. and tried out some new features that the community just didnt take to. I too would have given people accounts back as an olive branch. Even though it annoyed me no end to see certain names who got away with cheating, cheat selling and griefing for years. Yet players who stayed through all the mess hoping to see change didnt get rewarded for any of it. Threat segrigation worked and servers were full,why was this ? Mainly because it was Players Ungrouped Vs Players Ungrouped, the oppertunity to have fun, casual players vs casual players. Whilst silver servers were pre-made teams. I will give you an example. I have been playing this game since G1 took over. I only ever play Play Ungrouped. There are players that i only ever see in Social District. I have only ever played against them and never with them. Now if i start a new character and i go into a team. All the golds /abandonmission and i am left 1V1 . I created a new character the other day, the golds abandoned mission 7 times in a row. To make it even, just switch off this feature. G1 switched off 1 v 1 pretty much over night All people want from this game is a little fun and fairness. There is the other group of players that dont want the fairness as it gets in the way of their fun. Cheating, well thats just out of hand now and gone beyond a joke.
  5. I wont go into full detail on this but. I know of a clan that was cheating for well over a year. Reported multiple times and nothing was done. It wasnt until another player joined the clan got the chat logs and reported them directly. Finally something was done. In 2023 there are about 5 active clans that have been cheating for over a year, nothing has been done. About 20 - 30 players (possible alts included). Everybody knows who they are, so much so that there is an other clan that is called "Clan A and Clan B are cheating clans" They have been around since early 2022. I have teamed with them and have seen them cheating whilst on my team. Because its so prevelent players now seem to think its ok to cheat because nothing is being done, they see the same players getting away with it day in and day out. Then they are being scammed by these cheaters who are selling them the bogus cheats that alert on EAC. Here is a chat below with a player that happened to. Needless to say, he got scammed for money, and lost his account in the process. Yes its his fault. Inaction of properly policing the game is causing more and more people to fall victim to situations like this, simply because cheating is being normalized. Its another customer gone. Whilst i understand EAC can be bypassed and is not 100%, dare i say its not 50% effective.
  6. what you are saying makes complete sense. But a lot of the "good" players would like you to stay quiet about this... 1. players want to avoid teaming with new players and stomp them instead. So they use the /abandonmission to do this. New players all end up being bunched together because they dont know about this feater, get stomped, uninstall and play COD instead. This was highlighted to Matt as soon as the changes were made. Nothing happened. You will no doubtably get kickback from players for suggesting it. 2. Completely agree with you about the district threats. District threat worked, If the gold districts were not working, why was there no study into why they were not working ? Bronze were full all the time. Bronze worked. They just took down the districts as offered no safeguards to stop the stoming of new players. 3. Cheating is bad. If you want to catch the low hanging fruit cheaters, you just have to look at Obir players. A gun that was hardly used over the past 10 years, is now the cheaters go to with new cheats that are out there. The Obir and hand gun obviously dont flag on EAC. So plenty of them around. But they cannot ban cheaters unless they flag..... . Yet in professional sports, you can ban a player for cheating by just looking at him and observing.... 4. I dont know anything about this. But i agree mostly with what you are saying as it makes complete sense. Now watch other players try to tear your ideas down.
  7. I think he hates banning anybody, but unfortunately he has to do it. I think he does know what he is doing but is limited in what he can do. Not to mention the fact that the playerbase is very very difficult to manage. Look at the forums as an example... Here is a thread about stopping cheating, which you would think would be something that everybody can get behind. Yet people feel the need to shoot down the post whilst trying to character assinate the poster or anybody that agrees.
  8. Riot Helmets / Half Face that can be painted on Long Dreadlocks / more longer hair Hair Kimono Polotop for men that can be worn with a suit. New nicer looking suits Waste coat Dickybow Biker Cut. Cat suit More Glasses options / shape and size
  9. yes, it was a blanket term used as an olive branch to return accounts back to players that everbody knew were cheating. It is something i would have done myself, if i had taken over APB. Plenty of players openly discussed getting their ban reversed as a "false ban" despite them actually using cheats. I would suggesst that of all the players "False Banned" 99.9% were cheating in some way shape or form.
  10. EAC is nothing like it was before. I know multiple cheaters who have been cheating for months. Lots of people reporting them. They will probably still be using the same account this time next year.
  11. I can name you multiple players who were "false banned" , all of which were cheating. We know they were cheating after they accidently discussed it openly. All the legit players i know, no one false ban ever.
  12. They were not false bans, they were cheating. They were the equivelent of somebody who does the crime, getting off on a technicality or a mistake on the paperwork. Everybody knew they were guilty, could see it happeneing, but they had done enough to evade the system. G1 simply put the foot down on them. I think this is where LO put their foot in it. In offering the olive branch and bringing back the cheaters. They set the presedence of "falsebans" and only using Anticheat to determine who is cheating and who is not. Now we are all left in this situation.
  13. The whole point of the post is the fact that there is no 100% Anti cheat. But if professional sports can use the human eye, why not a computer game. People say that certain shots can be re-created. Yet no proof has ever been posted.
  14. Personally i thought G1 did a very good job against cheaters and griefers. I remember them coming onto the servers and kicking dethreaters who were farming bronze players and issuing bans. LO came in and offered an olive branch to the cheaters, gave the accounts back. But they never really addressed the issues in the game. Every move since then was cutting their nose of despite their face. They listened to the wrong people. I still hold out hope. Matchmaking can be fixed, but they need to grow a pair and do the necessary which will upset the "so called Golds"
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