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  1. Of course it makes sense. Especially if you have a very cancerous community with an outdated system when it comes to revenue. You let the game die. Hope the old players move on to something else. Then relaunch the game with an advertising campaign. With many of the features now behind a pay wall. How that pay wall is implemented is a whole other thing.
  2. I used to team with a former developer who explained the coding for apb was like a ball of elastic bands and was a nightmare to add things or take things away. It needs a lot of people to work on it. That was 6 years ago...... so who knows were it is now.
  3. First of all anybody has to visit your profile and look at your past posts and numerous attempts to discredit and demean a poster without adding anything to the conversation. Maybe when puberty passes you might be less angry and will be able to discuss like an adult. With regards companies letting things die intentionally. It happens all the time in business for a variety of reasons. It doesn't matter if you spend a lot of money on it or not. To assume that this doesn't happen ever is idiotic so clearly you don't have any experience with such things, but then again you write like a child so maybe you don't have experience with much of anything.
  4. Can you still play Fallen Earth? After a long 10 year run, the original Fallen Earth servers were taken offline on October 14, 2019. Little Orbit is now working on an all-new reboot of the game. You still on a mission to discredit people and their posts with out actually adding anything to the conversation. Now back up your statement as to why its a dumb conspiracy ? Use punctuation please, we are not children.
  5. This has been on my mind and its something that i go back and fourth with. I really dont want to be negative about the game, i have great fun playing it, but i keep getting this feeling that its purposely being left to die for some reason. Have the community reach an all time low and then release a statement "due to low population, it wasn't feasible to keep the servers going" Then maybe relaunch under a new owner, in which we have to purchase everything again and start from scratch. I look at what is going on, on the US server, Citedel is not quite there yet, but with the same griefers being online day in day out, same griefers day in and day out, so much so we all know them as they have the time to establish themselves. When LO took over we were all overjoyed with the news.I guess i, dont want to be let down by them.
  6. You know why this will not work ? People will de-threat to bronze or green, as soon as they hit silver, de-threat again. So you would probably end up seeing more dethreating. APB is great for freedom of choice, who you are, how you want to play. Unfortunately there are a lot of players whose goal it is to exploit these freedoms for personal gain.
  7. Look at it this way. When the servers get ddosed, its an indication that somebody has been banned recently. I derive satisfaction out of this.
  8. This is my personal belief and hope what is happening. The game is free for now with a relaunch on the horizon. With the relaunch, will come advertising and a push for new players. Once this happens the game will be moderated properly. From protecting new players from farmers, from griefers and cheaters.With the all round goal of having a fun competitive game. A couple of things that may happen... People may be given a warning before 2.0, that if they are up to anything to drop it right now as community standards "will" be enforced. I am sure the usual suspects will be looked at closely. How do you find the usual suspects ? Give free premium for a period of time and study the player database and get to know your clientele. Use analytics from the player database and study the players who see who is having a negative influence on the server for what ever reason from griefing, dethreating to cheating. Through this, you can start a high priority list in which any individuals who peak in any of analytic recordings will be informed that they are on the watch list and is under probation for a time in which they need to be on their top behavior..... Instead of banning for griefing, tweak the existing game system and put them on a kick list, meaning that anybody can kick them from the team, even with no demerits. Trade lock them, put them in negative escrow on their account for a time period, as well as freezing their legendarys. Until their time has passed.
  9. Blowing a car up = Fun Peeking around corners killing people with your OP pre-made team over and over again = boring
  10. its funny, when you go into steam and you look at the "this game is dead threads" all the people who say it last played APB 2 hours ago
  11. If you have a restaurant in which is only half full of Mafia. You get those Mafia arrested and removed, it will empty the restaurant for a short amount of time, until you see a new customers who feel safe to come back again and again. Its done in business all the time.
  12. You hit the nail on the head, drive new customers and hold onto existing.
  13. That seems the be the stance for the last 5 years and we lost half the player base...... But we lost the players who dont grief, who just got fed up.
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