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  1. When you have a community that implodes on itself like Innova, then that community moves to Necrova and implodes on itself. Moving to Citadel will implode also. Good, social players will just drift off to another game. They wont feel like going back.
  2. It would have been more entertaining to merge the Nekrova with Jericho.
  3. I love Russians but Russians dont like me because i am not Russian. This is why you see RUSBoris of Clan RUS with a Russian flag tattooed on his forehead. If Innova dies and all the players move to Nekrova, then Nekrova dies. Players move to Citadel. Citadel will die, its inevitable. You can already see the decline and this is one of the reasons. You will see a bust of population once the engine update comes out but that will start to subside again due to lack of community. I personally think Nekrova should be locked. US should be locked and Europe should be locked. Each server should be moderated to suit the Geo.
  4. No but at level 27 you haven't unlocked character mods, you are not able to drive certain vehicles. But you still have the experience to abandon mission until you get some more experienced team mates. The whole problem is not match making. Its experienced players unwillingness to team with new players.
  5. It always goes a little like this ..... You get to the Break in Point, you get it to 95% . /T Team : Wait for cops please You see him getting closer. Team : Wait for cops please He is getting closer and he is on a mission. /Whisper NewGuy Wait for cops please He is getting closer again. He reaches the point. He stops looks at all of us . There is an awkward stare down. He then steps into the 1 foot space between you and the window and starts to break in. You give him a warning shot. He unleashes all hell on you. Grenades and every bullet he has got
  6. It actually is if break it down mathematically it actually is. If the game is broken down into experienced and non experienced, 50/50 The Experienced players know how to abandonmission and to group up. Not only that but they know how to avoid groups of in-experienced players. This means that, the 50% of experienced players will group together. You have the other 50% which do what the computer tells them to do. They get grouped together, they then get rolled over, they quit and go and play fortnite. The game slowly bleeds out, which it has been doing. The only way to fix this is to have servers dedicated to clans, and clan competition. With the other servers purely computer match making. But experienced players dont want this as they want to be able to roll over other players and they would wine wine wine on how the game is ruined, if it were implemented.
  7. I like this, more things to do with cars.
  8. It does come from the Vets and their unwillingness to take new players under their wing. But that unwillingness stems from some of them being closets and the group almost being like a mafia protecting the rule breakers. Games then are Experience players on teamspeak Vs Players Un-grouped. They will happily slaughter those players over and over again, until they quit and dont give a dam about the community population. Add in the hackers and the dethreaters, the Russians who dont like you because you are not Russian and you have a big mess. But i do have faith in LO changing this. Something i didnt have with G1
  9. I dont want this to be that negative second comment but they have been very open, even posting news today.
  10. I think its a good idea. I think there is a lot of room for RP in this game. U used to watch a guy do Ambulance RP. I was always entertained by that.
  11. So i was just playing and i got teamed with these 2 guys again . Of course both were bronze and they lost the game on purpose again. 3rd weekend of these guys doing this, reported numerous times. Of course i got abuse for saying anything. These guys will be on all weekend getting teamed with new players who will then quit and play something else.
  12. J Just another example. There are 2 guys who have been throwing games for 2 weeks straight. They are both High level bronze. They are abusive, i have played against them with them running up to me to be shot. Complete disregard for their team mates. I have been teamed with them 5 times in the last 2 weeks, every time they threw the game. They are abusive if you say anything. Multiple reports from me and their team mates. Even my own team reported them when they were our opposition. This has been happening daily for a 2 week period and nothing. Whilst its hard to police the game, if somebody is able to get away with something like this fore more then 2 weeks, mathematically its worth doing if the punishment is a few days.
  13. Whilst the idea would actually work in getting rid of the troublemakers, the downside would be less players all around. The game would die a death fairly fast.
  14. I completely understand where you are coming from. As they know they are screwing you over in order for them to gain. I posted about it in another post. I wouldn't go for a permanent ban on this one though. Unless they are ignoring warnings etc... I also dont think any 1 to 7 day ban will work either. I think they will take that chance.
  15. I also agree with this 200% , it helps build community.
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