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  1. Why is this rediculous ? In every competition around the world this systems are put in place to stop this kind of behavior. If a team is not good enough, they get religated into a lower league to compete in, until they are good enough to step up into the higher leagues. The Teams is the higher leagues are not allowed follow them down there in order to beat them some more.
  2. Get rid of pre made teams. Problem solved.
  3. Lets be honest, APB needs a lot more of these players.
  4. I think existing players should be rewarded for taking rookies under their belt. New rewards for teaming with new players. New players get to learn from experienced players. With the current structure, you make more money steamrolling existing players.
  5. Newer APB players be looking at those videos and thinking Runner Noobs.
  6. Poor matchmaking due to toxic playerbase. If good players only team with good players, of course the matchmaking is not going to be good. The downvotes will prove my point.
  7. I actually reported a player for this. Any time my team got near him, we froze and then suddenly we were all on the death screen. It was happening for about a week. The player was a well known "questionable" player.
  8. out of all the stupid posts on this forum, my one gets deleted
  9. 1v1 matches i am out. I just dont find them fun at all.
  10. Its very hard for me to play right now and i have the graphics right down. Very very jittery.
  11. I agree 110% with you. Which is weird
  12. Here is the thing about MatchMaking If you have 15 people for a 5 a side football competition. Taking part in the cometition are ... Messi Ronaldo Neymar Mbappe Hazard Pogba The other 9 people are just random people looking to play some football. Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Mbappe, and Pogba, will only play together and not with random players. There is no amount of match making that will fix this. Random players get trashed, they leave and dont come back.
  13. Y2Venom

    Crashing on Spawn

    I gave it a go, im not too bad now. No Memory problems, still got the spawn issues etc...
  14. If you do something which disrupts the other teams tactics, you get whispered. If you stand in front of them and lose, they wont whisper you.
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