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  1. I wouldn't be so sure that this wont happen in the future. I know discussions are being had about such a thing or something similar.
  2. Title says it all really, what is it that brings you back to APB. Personally for me its the customization. Its almost like an art. You have something in your head and you want to get it out on the canvas. The fact that you can customize pretty much anything. No other game has come even close in the last 10 years and that is saying a lot. There is nothing as great as a balanced game, its just a back and fourth trying to get item to your base. You do have days in which nothing goes right, there are no cars when you spawn, you keep hitting traffic or keep getting double teamed. Then you have games where you are so much on point you almost feel sorry for the opposition. Then there are the times when you are in a fun team and fun unexpected things happen, in which somebody shoots a rocket at your car then you hit a bump and somehow jump the rocket. Another time in which i hit a bump flew through the air and managed to perfectly hit a team mate mid air as he was jumping off a building. The randomness of it all, so many fun moments.
  3. You have wolves dressing up as chickens in order to get into the hen house and your solution is to fix this is putting all the wolves and chickens in the same house.
  4. A bit of a negative one, but i am just wondering if there is any in game moderation going on. Any at all? Im not even asking for a lot but i see the same old culprits day in day out griefing missions, running at the opposing team jumping up and down to be shot. I have been teamed with a player who for the last 4 weeks refused to use weapons ?? 4 weeks and nothing done ??? Yet i see a guy on youtube who puts up an offensive image once and gets a lifetime ban. I will be honest with you. An offensive image has less of an impact on me enjoying the game then people constantly ruining games. Its all there to be seen out in the open.
  5. You cant transfer money, but you can transfer mods, clothes, vehicles, music, logos and certain weapons.
  6. I was unlucky to run into these guys again today. They were probably the best players i have ever seen on APB. No Lie, even with the star, we had no chance against them they were that good.
  7. Same player had a very unlucky game against me today.. He managed to kill himself 4 times and was then called away from his computer for something very important. I hope he is ok.
  8. I believe that and i know exactly what you mean by how good you are playing is based on mood. We have now entered an age in which to hackusate seems to be a bigger sin then cheating itself. I loved fairfight as when i saw players that i played against get banned, it filled me with delight. I really dont believe that brushing all the cheating under the rug is the right thing to do either. In fact i think the players should be named but i also think that the clan should be named also.
  9. this has been asked for a few times but we never got anywhere with it. It is much needed.
  10. "We want to be as clear as we can possibly be – this behavior is unacceptable and has no place in our game and in our community. Hate speech is unequivocally against our TOS. Engaging in this kind of behavior will get you permanently banned from our service."
  11. The thing i dont get is, you can cheat and grief for weeks on end without any consequence. But if you do anything against the Community Standards post, its an instant ban ??
  12. I have a solution. Take the Nekrova players, they are great, you will love them. They have this crazy font that they type with, i don't know what it means but i know its just bursting with love. They will ask about your mom a lot and tend to step away for a lot of missions. But this is due to all the humanitarian work they do. I think it would be great for APB and diplomatic relations between Russia and the US.
  13. This is a great video, so many new players need to see more tutorials like this.
  14. And the award for bringing pointless negativity to a normal post goes to .......... Thanks for that info. When it comes to handguns they are not named, so it a mystery to me. I know some casual players like me and they have no clue.
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