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  1. They are. But you can also just use your eyes. Its done in professional sports all the time ... PLayed a guy today, level 255 with Obir and Colby .45. Got up close and his Colby fires like a machine gun and hits me with every shot. This continues, i look at his profile and he is advertising that he cheats.
  2. I think its because LO is like having a wife in your 50s. We dont notice all the work she does behind the scenes and because of that she is too tired for some fooling around. Then once a year she wants to have "a talk"
  3. I always tried to be optimistic when it came to LO, but a little burned out now. I know their heart is in the right place. I asked questions in the AMA 2 years ago about really really simple changes for quality of life, nothing happened. Right now if you look at the game and weapons, you can see the biggest Overpowered weapons are handguns for many top players. They are also a go to for cheaters and should have been nerfed 2 years ago. What was done ? Nerf explosive weapons..... I know Matt is excited about the car EMP, but again this is at the detrement of newer players. This will be used by PMG's (Pre Made Golds) against PUG's (Players UnGrouped) to stop them from getting away. MAking the game go from Fish in a Barrell to Fish in a Bucket
  4. LO seem to be very very lenient when it comes to cheating. So if you are banned there is good reason.
  5. You just have to watch who is rocking the Obir and Colby . This time last year i was the only player using the Obir, now there are some amazing Obir players. Whos hand gun has been blessed with the accuracy and firepower of a Medusa.
  6. If LO want to save this game, they really need to start talking to the casual players and playing with the casual players. The casual players best represent new players. Understand why they play and understand why they switch off. See what they go through when they go in game. Lets be honest every move Little Orbit has done has been at the detriment of Casual, new, players and their quality of life in game has just gotten worse and worse. Every big move/change has been to appease the little kabal of top players.
  7. Had my first game in 4 or 5 months. I was up against a well known cheater. Somebody i really thought he would have been banned by now. You can even google his name and see videos of him cheating etc.... He is essentially low hanging fruit to be banned. When the low hanging fruit are not being banned, it kind of gives the impression nothing is being done. Saying that its no were near as bad as GTA Online
  8. yes hide behind matchmaking. It was this exact mindset that helped kill the games population.
  9. You are correct, there are 2 populations within the game. One population was sustainable, it was random groups being pitted against each other. It was always fair, and allowed for learning etc... The other population was cancerous and essentially killed their own server. Despite little LO being told by "casual players", introducing this element to the servers will initially kill the servers. They did it anyway, without even any safeguards which just baffles me. Removing "\Abandonmission" is a safeguard. Removing pre-made teams is a safe-guard. Having a server for pre-mades vs pre-mades is a safeguard. Thats why the mind boggles and maybe they just want it to die so they can release a new version.....
  10. havnt played in months and i know exactly who you are talking about.
  11. for some reason i still see people playing APB when saints row 7 is out.
  12. I dont think he is fighting. Pretty sure he is just moderating the bad language and offensive graffitti which is quite clearly ruining the war not to mention the hackusation.
  13. Strange thing is, i think i know exactly who you are talking about. Did this happen in the construction area of the Finanacial District by any chance ?
  14. I have rose tinted glasses for APB, this is true, i think i always will. I remember all the DDOSSing also. I always took the ddossing like it was a child going "wah wah wah", i would throw my fist in the air like it was the 80s, in celebration. But i also agree with you, under EAC, was probably the best it ever was. You got the odd cheater at the weekends. Closets were still an issue.
  15. There is no headshot in this game.....? There are snipers with macro. What you are saying is fundimentally correct. But when it comes to guns, some guns respond better to cheats then others. The go to right now is Ursus and Colby .45, but the Colby .45 with cheats is way too powerful. Right now cheating is way out of control. If there were other hand guns that were as close to the .45 you would see it but there is not. It needs to be nerfed ASAP.
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