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  1. So Matt literally gave a talk about some of the changes coming to the game in future. The fact that banning cheaters is "whack a moll" (more fish barrell) making it more difficult for cheaters to come back, trade bans etc... But you choose to listen to a cheater in district .... The fact of the matter is it was already mentioned that they are keeping the game open for the fans, they could have closed it down 2 years ago.
  2. Nope again. When players were caught snapping, videos were clipped and sent in with reports. So cheaters would fake snap, throughout the games, pretending to be trolling when in fact it was to hide that they were cheating, when the real snaps happened. Again you dont know these players because they were both banned and the player we are talking about in particular was banned a few times. He was also banned on CS.
  3. Nope as i said, cheaters started doing fake snaps to hide the real snaps when they slip up. The same way wall hackers use the fireworks to hide the fact that they are actually using a wall hack. I mentioned CS as the player in question also played CS and was banned, just to show i know what i am talking about.
  4. The fake snapping was done by cheaters to "pretend" that they were not cheating. No good player does that as it gives away postion on the radar. It's just like the wall hackers who use fireworks to hide the fact that they were wall hacking. Ven was also a CS player, and there were discussion about him being banned, he even turned off comments on his video as he was called out on it. He returned under another name, very similar to his original name.
  5. I know he was banned because i read about it in a discussion. You dont have to look to hard.
  6. It was Max Payne 2 or 3 when i first heard of this. I heard other games had the same issue. The cheaters were secretly always matched against each other. GTA had a similar thing, but GTA and RDO are infested. There is no one thing that works. It goes right back to in game moderation.
  7. I have been away so didnt get a chance to respond to this. First of all its hard not to be in a clan without cheaters these days. I also have not spoken to or played with that clan since finding out. I also reported them. We didnt "hang out"
  8. 2:21 You can clearly see aimbotting in that video. You can see the old fashion snapp when he starts shooting the wall towards the other player. Then he re-ajusts to kill Summit1G. 3:00 you can clearly see his wall hack. He starts cooking a grenade but Summit1G runs in the other direction. To which he stopps cooking the grenade, runs in the opposite direction to catch Summit1G. Excellent bans .
  9. Sorry Frosi but that is wrong to say and that comment is 5 years out of date. I am currently in a clan with cheaters. The leader of the clan got fed up with cheating and approached a certain French streamer who uses cheats, now he is using cheats. Cheaters are in 90% of games. The reason that percentage is so high is because a lot of the good players have left and the population is in decline, whilst cheaters are staying around.
  10. Would rather you be here a little more, even if you dont have an update. Even if its just to listen to players vent....
  11. It wont make much of a difference. There are only 300+ players. 50% are cheating and 50% are grouping together. Until premades are abandoned matchmaking wont work.
  12. How exactly will the "world server" help the matchmaking ? Considering all the good players will still group together and will not team with the new players ?? You cant say that it will have more of a pool to pull from. Simply because when we had 2000 people on a server to pull from, we had the same issue.
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