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  1. In business school, you learn about productivity and nonsense in a workplace. A study that was done to see if it was possible increase productivity and cut down on nonsense in the workplace. Somebody put forward the theory that if you dim or brighten the lights this may effect peoples moods and increase productivity. So they chose a factory that was known for a lot of nonsense. They ascertained that the lighting in the factory was not up to standard and got to work increasing the lighting. The team then started the study. As per their findings, productivity went up and nonsense went down. Delighted with their findings, they decided to dim the lights again to see what happens. They dimmed the lights and productivity went up more and nonsense dropped even more. Scratching their heads they decided to dim the lights back to the way they were before. Again productivity rose and nonsense came down even further. It wasn't until they realized that the light dimming or brightening had no effect what so ever. It was the fact that the workers knew that they were being watched which caused productivity to increase and nonsense decrease. It is also known that communities with a strong police presence has less crime.
  2. community ? We are more of a small dysfunctional family at this stage
  3. saying that, i died on the ramp in the big ship. Literally dropped dead.
  4. I had a couple of strange/funny things happen this week which made me think back to other things that i have seen happen in the past. This week i was in my car. Shot with an osmaw, it killed me but my car survived. This happened twice in the space of a week and its something that i had not seen before. I spawned my car another time to which it catapulted another car very far away which i thought was funny. So it got me thinking about other things in the past which i thought were hilarious. 2 occasions years ago, i was in the height of a mission and i was hit and killed by an NPC car. I was also hit and killed by another players car from another mission, that one i got a little mad with as it was at the worst possible time. I think the funniest and by far strangest thing was in Waterfront during a 3 on 3 mission. All 3 of us were in the little fin apartments across from Jindo. We had just captured a point and took the exit down the steps. I was first, down the steps followed by one of my partners, the 3rd partner then came running down the steps, collapsed and fell on the ground. No gunshots, literally looked like he fell down the steps. I thought maybe it was just a glitch i was seeing. Then he was backup running towards us. My other partner chimed in and said, did you just see what i saw? To which i responded about him falling down the steps. To which we just couldn't stop laughing. The strange thing was, the player in question didn't have that experience, we had to describe it to him, which made it even more funny.
  5. I think you are being a bit harsh, the cheating is a whole other beast, then the general mission griefing that is going on. My main gripe are the players that are doing it day in and day out. If i could ignore those players so i dont have to team with them, that would be great.
  6. You know when you are in the wrong when the bald options outnumber the long hair options. I think though, the hair might be one of those features that if you try changing anything its like taking your thumb out of the dam.
  7. 6 months ago was not as bad as it is right now. But i also believe that cheating is cyclical, so the bad patch that we are in right now will level off and its business as usual. Then you have the cheaters that are very difficult to catch for what ever reason. You also have cheaters that are also toxic to their own team, toxic within district chat, all round obnoxious in the way they play, GG EZ .
  8. yeah its the same items for the last 2 weeks.
  9. We used to get updates in armas every Friday, but it has been the same clothing for the past 2 weeks. Anybody know what is happening.
  10. I wouldn't be so sure that this wont happen in the future. I know discussions are being had about such a thing or something similar.
  11. Title says it all really, what is it that brings you back to APB. Personally for me its the customization. Its almost like an art. You have something in your head and you want to get it out on the canvas. The fact that you can customize pretty much anything. No other game has come even close in the last 10 years and that is saying a lot. There is nothing as great as a balanced game, its just a back and fourth trying to get item to your base. You do have days in which nothing goes right, there are no cars when you spawn, you keep hitting traffic or keep getting double teamed. Then you have games where you are so much on point you almost feel sorry for the opposition. Then there are the times when you are in a fun team and fun unexpected things happen, in which somebody shoots a rocket at your car then you hit a bump and somehow jump the rocket. Another time in which i hit a bump flew through the air and managed to perfectly hit a team mate mid air as he was jumping off a building. The randomness of it all, so many fun moments.
  12. You have wolves dressing up as chickens in order to get into the hen house and your solution is to fix this is putting all the wolves and chickens in the same house.
  13. A bit of a negative one, but i am just wondering if there is any in game moderation going on. Any at all? Im not even asking for a lot but i see the same old culprits day in day out griefing missions, running at the opposing team jumping up and down to be shot. I have been teamed with a player who for the last 4 weeks refused to use weapons ?? 4 weeks and nothing done ??? Yet i see a guy on youtube who puts up an offensive image once and gets a lifetime ban. I will be honest with you. An offensive image has less of an impact on me enjoying the game then people constantly ruining games. Its all there to be seen out in the open.
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