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  1. Y2Venom

    Crashing on Spawn

    this is still happening, anybody have any ideas ? ? I crash when chosing a spawn point after i am killed, it happens 1 in 10 deaths
  2. my point exaclt. Remove the abandonmission, make it compulsary to team with lower levels, stop golds being lazy and steam rolling the opposition. How do you know if the player is toxic if you have not teamed with him. I will create a new player today and start playing, i will screenshot every game and post it here. We will see where the toxicity falls.
  3. Every time i try to play, i am constantly seeing high level golds abandonmission when they have a new player. Essentially leaving pre made teams communicating against ungrouped players not communicating. Players getting trounced time after time. Players leave and play another game. This is not a new issue, its been going on for years. What i mean by this, experienced players refusing to team with new players.
  4. Y2Venom

    Crashing on Spawn

    Have a recurring issue in which i crash when clicking on a spawn point. Have had it for months, gave up playing the game. Installed it again, got onto the servers. But randomly if i try choose a pawn point i crash. It tries to run a report but is unable to.
  5. Maybe Migrate all the Rus IP's from Citidel to Nekrova instead? I mean Russians dont want to team with non Russians, pretty much a win win for everybody.
  6. I am pretty delighted hearing this. So lets be honest here. Its not just because you didn't want to play against golds, its because you continually griefed your own team mates who wanted to play against them. Essentially you made their difficult game impossible. I think you were lucky with 1 day.
  7. I have seen it a few times, some players let slip after they kill you and you can see them following where your team mates are. Some times they are very blatant when they start going around long ways as they know you are going to ambush them, they do this over and over again. There is one guy i know of, he has a few videos up. Somebody pointed him out to me before. He will come on with a sniper rifle and just annihilate teams. I remember one time i managed to get shot through a building by him. This happened during BE's first day. I have not seen him since......
  8. We are not talking about Hackusations, we are talking about stricter laws on banning cheaters. Hackusations is another topic completely. Good day to you sir ! You forgot the cheater deniers, they are like the flay earthers of APB.
  9. Oh look Cookie trying to discredit a poster with out adding anything to the conversation again..... Personally i don't think there is a way of fully getting rid of cheaters, they will always come on as long as its free to play. If its not free to play, the game will die. I also think its a very tough job for LO and the only thing they can do right now is manage the situation. There is no real solution but this is the kind of problem and its not something that you should tackle head on. Instead tackle the reasons why people turn to cheating. Bad match making. Experienced players vs non Experienced players. Players looking to get into top clans and keep their place. Players trying to make a name for themselves. This needs to change right now as the game cant survive. Clans need to be actively recruiting new players and teaming with them. It also should be easier to join a clan.
  10. Those figures make sense. 600 players 167 actually playing, 433 dethreating.
  11. I completly understand your frustration about name and shame. I am very vocal about dethreating. ON the bronze server this weekend 80% of games had a dethreater. (and i am being kind with that figure) . I also noticed that if i make a new character, the dethreating will be higher then if i have my level 255.
  12. Top Gold clans and their unwavering complaints about the game yet doing absolutely nothing to protect the community and new players. In the last 6 years Top gold clans have only stomped new players never team with them and systematically kill the community.
  13. I have seen a few cheaters since BE. I know a few cheaters who are sharing an up to date config through another medium and they are still playing and will probably never be banned. One was banned in the past and the ban took about a year and a half to actually ban him. Another was banned but the ban was overturned but i know that he and his friend are also using this "config" and are well known and well liked. When it comes to mistrust, its not just cheating. When you cant rely on your own team to actually take part in the mission and the other clans who are closed to the general public are steamrolling you. You have 2 choices. Leave because its not fun or cheat to get into a good clan.
  14. GM's actually came on, it was funny to see all the dethreaters try to buddy up to them. But damage was done by that stage. I dont think it has any long lasting effect. They will go back to dethreating tomorrow .
  15. thats great, that happens once every week and has little impact to the game. Today i am now at 15 dethreaters thismorning.
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