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  1. I am still a fan of Matt, i believe his heart has always been in the right place. I miss him not being around talking to us like he used to but i think he has a tough job with APB. But yeah i know what you mean, all this work weapon balancing going on, yet new players are left scratching their head how a players rate of fire with a handgun seems to be higher then their main weapon.
  2. That would make too much sense. Players dont want to team with a terrible ally and thats why we are in this situation. Its all about cancers that exist in the game. The first cancer we had was Strong players farming new players. Strong players would instantly kick a new player from their team as the game started in order to overload their team with other strong players. Measures were then taken due to the kick button being abused too much and players now needed a demerit to be kicked. Farming still persisted however as strong players would then /abandonmission as soon as they were put into a team if the team had new players or low ranks. This still exists. Farming got worse and worse, You have strong players on discord in open communication facing teams of Players Un-Grouped not communicating. (PUGS) being Farmed over and over again. It had gotten so bad that, players would go afk so they could lose on purpose to avoid these servers or even just leave the game. Essentially refugees escaping a hostile/unfair environment. This happened so much that a name was given to this, "dethreating" Measures were taken against this and going AFK would lead to a demerit and you could essentially kick the player. Players wanted to avoid the silver servers so much that they then waited doing nothing so the game would be over, in order to de-threat. This quickly became a new cancer causing more players to leave, essentially the cancer from the lungs moving to the brain. Interestingly, the bronze servers had higher player bases then the silver/gold servers and you had more of a chance getting even games from these servers. Like the old saying goes "you make your bed you lie in it" and this is exactly what happened with the silver and gold servers with the collapse of the population the misers of APB wanting to keep everything to themselves, with the walls crumbling around them. What happens ? Words were had and the initial cancer within the game was rewarded and was introduced into a new body to ravage, with the exact same problems that existed in the first place. Were any precautions put in place to protect the current player base with this move ? ? No. What are the results? Games like this ......
  3. So i don't even know what the SPCT is to have anything against them, I really don't. I dont know who is in SPCT. Besides yourself i know an other person that just ignore because he ads nothing to any conversation. But lets get back on track by what was avoided. I said health of servers by population. Using population as a benchmark for what works and what doesn't work. Servers by population health Gold = dead Silver = dying Bronze = healthy Bronze had its issues but always had a larger population then silver and gold. Why did people do everything in their power to avoid experienced players ? ? Why is this issue being ignored, why has absolutely nothing been done about this. Also you mention the SPCT has housed the most experienced players, who represents the new player ? ? What about new players trying to level up, this has become increasingly harder by this move. What about new players trying to level up weapons, has also become increasingly harder by this move. Are servers going to be policed when teams are waiting until the last 20 seconds to prolong the game and get more kills. Which is already happening. The answer No its not. Why is it a good idea to put a new player with rubbish weapons, rubbish cars, no modifications in an ungrouped team Vs Experienced players communicating with all the best weapons and full mods on the same server? I have been saying it for years and years. Experienced players need to be teamed with inexperienced players in order to grow the population which is the most important thing. But the experienced players always stuck together in their little clique and now we are in this situation.
  4. You listed 2 different things, which are not even issues within the game. I was only entertaining your straw clutching response.
  5. Answer : Remove pre-made teams and have golds team with new players = fair teams more exciting games. Note : have server for clans to compete.
  6. So you don't believe the Gold players are farming other players, why were the gold servers empty why did players lose on purpose to get away from them ? You bring up analytics leave out a lot of figures so lets make this really simple analytics and judge the servers by population in terms of colour. Gold Server = dead Silver Server = Dying (only reason for this being alive was new players were automatically being filtered or fed to gold as they join) Bronze Server = Healthy (you alluded to this yourself) Which of these servers did the Top players reside in? in both the dead and dying servers. This means there is an imbalance amongst those players. What was done to fix this imbalance ? Nothing So now the gold players have over-fished their pond. You are just throwing them into the healthy population pond. What do you think is going to happen there? They are going to kill that population . Maybe that's the plan ? (Alluded to in another thread) You talk about upsides and downsides, what are the downsides of this move to the "gold players" ?
  7. I see your point, but every big change has been to appease the top players. Same players who refuse to team with new players. The same players who farm, day in and day out and own all the best weapons. Making a change like this is essentially feeding the top players making no concessions to help new players or casual players in the process. Its lazy. Now you go on and all you see if "Top players" bunching together "as expected" not even using their main weapon. They are so deadly with their handguns that they dont have to. Yet top players dont like explosive weapons (Nerfed) Now players are not even finishing missions, going AFK as there is no point to play and we are back to square 1 but worse.
  8. A potato graphics card plays APB beautifully. Its the new graphics cards that it struggles with
  9. Hey APB we have a problem with hens escaping the hen house and getting eaten by wolves, can you fix this ? APB : Yes we can put the wolves in the hen house with the hens, that will stop them escaping.....
  10. Yup, at one time i played internationally in an FPS game. There were 2 guys in my country that i could not beat. At the extremes one guy, his game-play was just perfect but shots were not. The other guys shots were next to perfect and the best i have seen but were not consistent. He is now a surgeon which is no surprise. In APB you can hear the consistent rhythmic shots of the botters with handguns.
  11. So my first game in a long time, teams are hideously unmatched as expected. Players quit and went AFK. Have you ever actually played APB? Because you sound like that mate that pretends to know about football in order to talk to people.
  12. Its funny how all the big changes are to keep the elite players happy. The same players who wont allow new players in to their clan.... or even show them the ropes.
  13. There are many different kinds. There are cheaters that just dont care and want to cause a Rukus. There are cheaters that use Fireworks to hide the fact they are wall cheating. There are cheaters that dont equip a main gun , they de-threat a lot and only use a handgun if they have to. There are clans of cheaters who if one gets banned, they have a number of re-rolls within the clan, they just have a clan mate send them new guns. They make millions every week and can afford to do this. There is the closet closet cheater that will toggle on and off as there is less of a chance of him getting caught. Sometimes gives away his cheats if he gets mad or takes a beating. There is the cheater that thinks nobody knows that he is cheating and is over confident. Scripters whos guns shoot rhythmically, usually a fan of sniper rifles. And all of the above cause less hassle then the dethreaters/grifers.
  14. But there is no other game that has even equaled it or even got close to it in my opinion. It always annoys me when you go on youtube and they give the top ten character creation in games and APB doesnt even get mentioned...
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