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  1. Newer APB players be looking at those videos and thinking Runner Noobs.
  2. Poor matchmaking due to toxic playerbase. If good players only team with good players, of course the matchmaking is not going to be good. The downvotes will prove my point.
  3. I actually reported a player for this. Any time my team got near him, we froze and then suddenly we were all on the death screen. It was happening for about a week. The player was a well known "questionable" player.
  4. out of all the stupid posts on this forum, my one gets deleted
  5. 1v1 matches i am out. I just dont find them fun at all.
  6. Its very hard for me to play right now and i have the graphics right down. Very very jittery.
  7. I agree 110% with you. Which is weird
  8. Here is the thing about MatchMaking If you have 15 people for a 5 a side football competition. Taking part in the cometition are ... Messi Ronaldo Neymar Mbappe Hazard Pogba The other 9 people are just random people looking to play some football. Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Mbappe, and Pogba, will only play together and not with random players. There is no amount of match making that will fix this. Random players get trashed, they leave and dont come back.
  9. Y2Venom

    Crashing on Spawn

    I gave it a go, im not too bad now. No Memory problems, still got the spawn issues etc...
  10. If you do something which disrupts the other teams tactics, you get whispered. If you stand in front of them and lose, they wont whisper you.
  11. But there is always going to be a cheater problem and its at its lowest in a long time. Saying that there has been a rise this past week. I have had a number of team mates use wall cheats. I could actually see them run to where enemy was coming and take them out. I had some teams sit out some missions as there was cheating going on. But Toxicity is a hell of a lot worse then cheating, its nearly impossible as a single player to come on and have a good game these days.
  12. Personally i think this is a great idea, i hope it goes well.
  13. So Hate Group ,An organization whose goals and activities are primarily or substantially based on a shared antipathy towards people of one or more other different races, religions, ethnicities/nationalities/national origins, genders, and/or sexual identities. Union Jack flag, a symbol to oppress an entire Catholic country through protestant plantations displacing thousands of Catholic people leading to famine and over 1 million catholics dead. For sale on Arma's. Irish Flag, Illegally founded country of Ireland (at the time(, was considered terrorist propaganda which was responsible for war killings of Protestant people. Currently on Arma's Spanish Flag , The flag of Francisco Franco (The White Terror), Responsible for the second highest number of mass graves in the world (over 3000) With the execution of 200 thousand people. His Flag is for sale in Armas So the real answer is people will be banned at the whim of what the moderator finds offensive. Lets just make it simple. Ban Nazi's , they are idiots anyway.
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