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  1. havnt played in months and i know exactly who you are talking about.
  2. for some reason i still see people playing APB when saints row 7 is out.
  3. I dont think he is fighting. Pretty sure he is just moderating the bad language and offensive graffitti which is quite clearly ruining the war not to mention the hackusation.
  4. Strange thing is, i think i know exactly who you are talking about. Did this happen in the construction area of the Finanacial District by any chance ?
  5. I have rose tinted glasses for APB, this is true, i think i always will. I remember all the DDOSSing also. I always took the ddossing like it was a child going "wah wah wah", i would throw my fist in the air like it was the 80s, in celebration. But i also agree with you, under EAC, was probably the best it ever was. You got the odd cheater at the weekends. Closets were still an issue.
  6. There is no headshot in this game.....? There are snipers with macro. What you are saying is fundimentally correct. But when it comes to guns, some guns respond better to cheats then others. The go to right now is Ursus and Colby .45, but the Colby .45 with cheats is way too powerful. Right now cheating is way out of control. If there were other hand guns that were as close to the .45 you would see it but there is not. It needs to be nerfed ASAP.
  7. All those things did exist during g1 but not as bad as it is now. Right now there are almost cheaters in every game either in your team or against your team. But worst of all, there seems to be an acceptance of it.
  8. cheating was never this bad under G1. You can go onto twitch streams and find somebody cheating one way or another. If i want to buy cheats, i know who to whisper because their clan name is advertising that they are selling them. G1 fought fire with fire and cheaters were banned.
  9. I agree, but there was never an emphasis put on protecting the in game community as well as protecting the forum community Although i do think, the intention was there. There is no emphasis put on protecting new players or the decent players coming into the game. I think cheaters were protected the most out of the community by stopping the name and shame. I think LO was nothing but fair to the cheaters. They offered them an olive branch and let them all back by saying the bans were questionable. But lets be honest, we all know they were cheating or doing something against the terms of service. cheating has now comback with a vengeance. Unfortunately allowing cheaters anonymity to cheat over and over again, essentially created a cheating haven for them. It felt great seeing that fair fight banned somebody. considering G1 staff were being targeted at their homes. It was a brilliant move.
  10. you ban cheaters and within 5 minutes they come back on go to armas and buy the colby .45 again and will cheat for another few months. Pool their money with their other cheater friends stock up and legendarys and they are good for another few months before they do it all again. It needs to be nerfed ASAP, there is no risk and reward its all reward for cheaters and encourages more cheaters.
  11. I think there are a mixture of things going on. The game in its current state can only support minimal expansion. The money and man power needed to make a dent in expanding the game doesnt make financial sense so best to go slowly and surely. The moderation of the game takes up a lot of time and money also. Some very passionate players out there react badly to any news at all, either good or bad. Some not so nice players out there also. If EA owned this game, they would pull it and you wouldnt be able to play it anymore. So i thank LO for keeping it going.
  12. AKA the cheaters best friend. Its way too overpowered. I have seen people beat players with a Medusa players over and over again with this pistol. Way too many players hitting 100% of their shots over and over again.
  13. People are giving reasons why abandonmission is good. The kick anybody was good also, you could kick griefers, or cheaters without a demerit, but it ended up being abused to kick the low levels off the team which ended up in one sided games. Abandonmission is used for the exact same reason and it leads to uneven games. Simply because the people who dont use it are lowlevels and dont know about it.
  14. you mean cancerous gold cry babies who ruined the game day in and day out, so much so that people would lose on purpose to avoid those servers. Like a secret society protecting each other and the cheats that they are using all whilst stomping the new players who accidently join the server then leave the game forever. As a social experiement LO should have looked at the situation and seen that gold and silver servers are dead and people are avoiding like the plague, bronze are alive and well. Answer, lets put the wolves in the hen house with no protection for new players what so ever. Essentially rewarding the cancerous players who have been ruining the game for years.
  15. Its not being used, and lets face it, no suggestions are ever going to be acted upon. They were good at one stage, but right now the mods only seem to be using them as a recycle bin for threads that are not wanted in general discussion.
  16. You dont sound like a loon, i heard the exact same thing. But i dont blame LO either. I would have probably done the same thing as them. Everything except the Engine upgrade. I would have nipped that in the bud and put more work into the existing game.
  17. Being a customer, i felt a lot better seeing the ban statistics knowing there is something being done. Radio silence and seeing level 255 clans openly selling cheats (right now) doesnt fill me with confidence.
  18. There was a guy with a very very questionable account (still around) at one stage was a completly blacked out character. He would wait for our team to attack. As we got close to him the whole team lagged out, cut to his death theme. Blitzkreig after Blitzkreig . This happened over and over again for about 2 weeks and i took a break for a while. I reported it in of course. Later i learned that there was a lag trick that people were using. This guy was one of those players, if he wasnt dethreating, he was doing something else questionable.
  19. You need to watch Field of Dreams. Nice TzickyT , It actually looks like a lot of fun.
  20. They are in a coma, they can hear you but just cant respond. We will get through this...
  21. I think the scope in which you can make changes in the game is very limited.
  22. Y2Venom

    District chat

    you dont miss much, its either about having sex with somebodys mother or trying to justify the war. But i am 100% behind that idea.
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