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  1. Thats like feeding breadcrumbs to the starving or putting a bandaid on severed limb with little or no impact to the casual players. Also a lot of this was done pre threat segrigation and yet with everything in place people still wanted to avoid the Gold Servers, because they " dont work" Just avoidance measures about what really needs to be done.
  2. I dropped my resolution which helped a bit. Its a bit more playable now. Although, somebody comes at me with NFAS, i am gone :D
  3. None of these changes are for the casual players .... Threat calculation has been the worst its ever been. But it can only do so much when players stick together. Threat segrigation removed = protect the golds, who killed their own servers (because they wont play with others) Anti-dethreating measures = there were none. Sprint shooting = never a big issue bounty = protect the golds No weapon mods were for casual players. We all know the top kabal of players exist and there are a few different groups. They only stick together to stomp PUGS. Some of them have alts in different clans. They have multiple accounts should they lose one. Some of them identify through their profile picture and not a clan name. When an update is done, some of them use their alts to test it, so they can make some changes to their "configs" to share amongst each other. If too many of them are banned, they throw a hissy fit. (wont go into detail there) If you were going to look after the game as a whole. You remove pre-made teams from the servers. Servers are all PUGS Vs PUGS. Have servers purley for clan warfair, let clans compete there. Have purgitory servers for suspected cheaters who have new accounts as well other players who have been bold for what ever reason....... If people are continually losing on purpose in order to enter a server or stay in a server. That server is doing something right. Now its gone.
  4. I am having terrible trouble with the game as soon as i engage with somebody. Some players its really really bad, others not so much. As soon as my aim is on a player and it goes red,i completely lag out. I manage some shots but ultimately i completely lag, then ragdoll. The rest of the game is smooth as a cucumber. I have my graphic settings right down but still having this issue. Its now become unplayable. Sniper is impossible to use, again nice and smooth but as soon as i land on target, stutter and i jump off the target.
  5. Just because you use a service it doesnt make you an expert. It makes you an expert in what suits you and all big changes that have been made were to suit a small powerful demographic in the game. This has come as a detrement to the wider community. In terms of the changes that can be made to the game, from the suggestion forum. I really think the game is limited in what can actually be done. I remember TW adding 1 clothing piece and breaking the whole game. Huge updates had to be done.
  6. Ah the obligitary first response to a thread. To completly ignore the thread and to immediately discredit the poster in any way possible whilst adding nothing in value to the conversation or community.
  7. They are the worst people to ask. They are the imbalance. If they were not there, the game would be balanced. I worked for a subscription based service for a long time, with a very militant group (much like apb) . The job became appeasing the militant loud few on a daly basis (who all know how to run a company and what is best) We had to do this by email and chat, whilst making decision on actual subscription growth and looking after the casual. Its the casual subs that actually make the money and they need to be looked after, just like in any business.
  8. Its absolutely true. They had their shot over and over again and the game declined in population faster then it should have. The experiment of threat segrigation proved it. Gold servers were Empty. New clientel chased away by the existing, unwelcoming, teritorial locals (Case Closed) Any business person would look at those stats and understand its not viable. Its like the upper class who pretend to know about the homless situation, they dont live in it, have no problem stepping on them, but will only kick up a fuss when there is even a mention of a change that effects their lifestyle.
  9. because things are so bad right now. 70% of games have at least 1 person cheating and thats a conservative figure. Pretty much all missions start with a team mate calling out the cheater in the opposition and to watch out for him. Mods silently came on last night and somebody called it out on the server (that there were 51 people on). Needless to say, some people went AFK others left the server. My team mate had a long conversation with the opposition who were only on to test their cheats with their handguns. Worst thing is, you dont have to go looking. Since the 64 but update though, i am seeing players do strange things, almost like snapping again. Players who are unable to shoot a player directly in front of them, because their aim is locked on a player behind a wall. But at the same time, i am seeing a lot of re-rolls which makes me think that there are some bannings going on.
  10. I think the best way a dev on APB put it, you can never be kind of pregnant, you either are or your not. Same goes with cheating. Going by what Kyoukidotexe says. You dont even have to play the game to catch cheaters. Just go to youtube or twitch. There are a lot of low hanging fruit there.
  11. This is how APB Matchmaking works... You have 8 players. 4 top players will only team with each other (because they will only team with each other, the pool of players is 4 making all matches unfair and 1 sided) 4 bottom players will team with anybody. (because they will team with anbody, this means there is a pool of 8 players to choose from and you can actually have fair match making involving everybody) The result 4 top players stomp 4 bottom players over and over again , 3 bottom players leave and play another game. Top players cry that there is nobody to play. Anybody will tell you that the broken part of the matchmaking is the 4 top players who will only team with each other. Anybody who would tell you otherwise dont want to team with other players.
  12. If you are in a car chase on Financial District and your opponent is in a flat taxi, cut across the green and the taxi will almost certainly hit a kerb and do a 180 and reverse itself. If you are in the taxi, you can do this for a quick 180 turn around and drive back in the opposite direction, and gain some valuable distance whilst your opponent is doing a wide turn.
  13. What do you expect when the "Insanley good" players wont team with anybody else share pointers etc.... Whilst existing in their Secret Society of a clan that nobody can join. I mean, what are they hiding .....
  14. thats ok, thats just a cancerous player and is essentially the reason for the games population. So good riddance. We need to start looking at growing the playerbase and keeping a playerbase. Cancer needs to go in order to do so. This is all new players get lumbered whith because of the /abandonmission.
  15. Remove \abaondonmission. Its only used by players to abuse matchmaking. Matchmake premades vs premades, if backup is needed they can dip into the Players ungrouped players. Matchmake Players Ungrouped vs Players Ungrouped.
  16. Had it plenty of times, it should come back. Especially when i was stomping a team, it gave them the breather they needed and a way to balance up the game. This was never big issue in the game. again this was a non-issue, nobody came onto the forums posting about it. again, this hardly ever happened and didnt impact matchmaking as much as /abandonmission was a very good addition to balance out the game, espectially a game with a lot of pre-made teams. Hardly ever used to grief, why ? because nobody ever posted about it as an issue. this is the cancerous attitude that plagues the game. If you truely like the game, you would carry and teach other players as much as possible. Instead of hiding behind your pre-made team and stomping new players. The more players that are carried, increases the population.
  17. They are. But you can also just use your eyes. Its done in professional sports all the time ... PLayed a guy today, level 255 with Obir and Colby .45. Got up close and his Colby fires like a machine gun and hits me with every shot. This continues, i look at his profile and he is advertising that he cheats.
  18. I think its because LO is like having a wife in your 50s. We dont notice all the work she does behind the scenes and because of that she is too tired for some fooling around. Then once a year she wants to have "a talk"
  19. I always tried to be optimistic when it came to LO, but a little burned out now. I know their heart is in the right place. I asked questions in the AMA 2 years ago about really really simple changes for quality of life, nothing happened. Right now if you look at the game and weapons, you can see the biggest Overpowered weapons are handguns for many top players. They are also a go to for cheaters and should have been nerfed 2 years ago. What was done ? Nerf explosive weapons..... I know Matt is excited about the car EMP, but again this is at the detrement of newer players. This will be used by PMG's (Pre Made Golds) against PUG's (Players UnGrouped) to stop them from getting away. MAking the game go from Fish in a Barrell to Fish in a Bucket
  20. LO seem to be very very lenient when it comes to cheating. So if you are banned there is good reason.
  21. You just have to watch who is rocking the Obir and Colby . This time last year i was the only player using the Obir, now there are some amazing Obir players. Whos hand gun has been blessed with the accuracy and firepower of a Medusa.
  22. If LO want to save this game, they really need to start talking to the casual players and playing with the casual players. The casual players best represent new players. Understand why they play and understand why they switch off. See what they go through when they go in game. Lets be honest every move Little Orbit has done has been at the detriment of Casual, new, players and their quality of life in game has just gotten worse and worse. Every big move/change has been to appease the little kabal of top players.
  23. Had my first game in 4 or 5 months. I was up against a well known cheater. Somebody i really thought he would have been banned by now. You can even google his name and see videos of him cheating etc.... He is essentially low hanging fruit to be banned. When the low hanging fruit are not being banned, it kind of gives the impression nothing is being done. Saying that its no were near as bad as GTA Online
  24. yes hide behind matchmaking. It was this exact mindset that helped kill the games population.
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