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  1. I started a trial on a weapon to get an additional -35% but it doesn't apply, is that intended or a bug?
  2. I knew perfectly about the discounts with premium and weapon trials when making this post, but I still want to know if there will be a Black Friday or not.
  3. So, will we get some discounts on Armas? Anyway I'm seeing a lot of trouble on the Armas page itself, so if it needs to be fixed first I understand.
  4. Will the code expire in the same date as the end of the event?
  5. Mat_fullbright 1 right? This is a command I used a lot on a TF2 rocket jump server because mappers were so lame lighting their maps. I'm not asking for this on APB but at least way less contrast between shadows and light in general (without having to disable Bloom).
  6. Being honest, I like the lightning much more like this (at least for the environment). Shadows prior the update were too dark for me, too much contrast with the lighted areas. Hope we get on the engine update a more advanced menu for shadows and lightning editing so we can choose what we like the most.
  7. I'm starting to have this trouble a lot and I tried to fix it by lowering some graphic settings with the Advanced Launcher, but it just keeps happening. This video is a quick example of what I'm talking about. It's so annoying when it happens at the worst moment, on this case at 0:21 (I have another freeze at 0:11 but is not that important)
  8. Alright thank you. Got the files from a streamer and thought at first it was legit because of that lol
  9. On my case I want to edit "EnvironmentZones" and "Emitters" from "Audio\ParameterAssets" to remove ambience sounds, specially the Asylum ones. But before I do anything I want to make sure if it's allowed or not.
  10. Tried them and I still prefer an OCA or a PMG, in the future I will see which one if buy (or none at all, I'm practising with different loadouts and I may end up not using a SMG at all)
  11. Alright, that's really good news for me. For worse, g1 has such a bad reputation that keeping its name and logo just scares away potential new players, specially those who may come on the new engine release. But that's for another topic, here we are talking about Armas' SMGs and I think I got all the info I needed, so thank you very much for posting and helping me out
  12. So G1 is no more? The "old G1" developers are gone?
  13. So G1 is still getting money from Armas even if they sold APB to LO?
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