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  1. I just play this game for fun when I have nothing else to do. APB sucks a$$ in general but it still has some little moments that can make it fun, but apart of that is just the game working like shit and an endless amount of cheaters and sweats that will make fun of you for not having a perfect aim 24/7.
  2. The "blind fire shots" (if you mean when I was in cover) look fine to me, I hit most of them. About the shoots while he was visible: - I was tunnel visioning the crosshair to see the red marks while I was in cover, so I reacted really slow when he popped up. - When I tried to track his movement it's when he just teleported like that, leaving me shocked and breaking all my focus. Is not easy to stay focused while playing when BS like this starts to happen, and less when you play APB after a long day of work, something not many APB players will experience at all.
  3. Now I understand why cheaters are always so hard to hit, comparing with legit good players.
  4. A packetloss that harms me instead of him lmao
  5. Servers working perfectly as usual:
  6. This is well known but Volcano rockets explode after traveling 100 meters so if someone's at that distance just aim directly at him and the rocket will explode on his face, killing him instantly because of the distance travel damage ramp up.
  7. I saved that photo instantly when I saw it, it is so hilarious (and sad) EDIT: I'm a rude piece of shit and I made that photo a cover for my profile lol
  8. Damn this is like opening an APB's time capsule, thanks a lot for the photos!
  9. I played some Social and Waterfront and I really like it, really nice lightning and colouring with a smooth framerate, so spikelags at all. What I don't like is that I cannot wheelie with the Vegas anymore, that's so sad Edit: I just moved around an empty map without doing any missions or fights at all, so my "smooth framerate" experience is just based on that.
  10. This is an example of what I'm talking about: https://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2020/06/30428 On the actual client characters tend to blend way too much with the environment, making it difficult to spot their positions and sometimes track their movement. There are situations where they blend so much that the only reference you have for their positioning is just the red name above their heads, which instead of appearing instantly it has a little delay before you can fully see it, making you waste some precious time you could use to aim and start shooting instead. So I really hope the Engine Update takes this into account (apart of the better lightning).
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