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  1. Now I haven't played since Monster Hunter World PC release, but from my experiences and what I hear and see around the community. BE is doing a good job. However there will always be cheats (almost exclusively private cheats) that will make it through. I will say that that blatant triggerbotter twitch streamer still being around really is a big hit into the stomache though.
  2. VanilleKeks


    It's nice that Matt helped you out, but lets not just spam him with messages to exploit that.
  3. A certain amount of toxicity is just part of online games. Some are more sensitive than others, which is fine. It's really hard to set a straight up threshold after you ban the obvious racism and hate speech. I would however prefer if they started enforcing the anti-dethreat rule, because I feel that is objectively bad for the game.
  4. VanilleKeks

    Proof Shredder Is Imbalanced

    I don't know how good the hipfire of the shredder is, but I'm fine with a medium range shotty. It essentially is a dog ear for mid range. I do agree that shotties in general are way too forgiving atm though.
  5. VanilleKeks

    Fix /who It's Broken.

    This would be nice if Jericho had more than one action district.
  6. VanilleKeks

    Cheating in apb

    lmao i reached silver threat with hb3 snubnose and i still get hackusated
  7. For now I still appreciate them making changes. I'd rather have a few wonky ones than no changes for years. I doubt we have the population to survive many more wonky changes though.
  8. VanilleKeks

    radical idea

    Here's what I would change if I had the choice. Car Surfer: It's a meme mod. Fun to use but will get you killed more often than you actually benefit from it. Against decent players this is a completely useless mod anyway, since you are presenting yourself on a silver platter. Doesn't really have a priority for me when it comes to mod changes. Radar Tower: Remove, it's a bad mechanic. Spotter: I use the mod all the time, still same logic as with the radar tower. Free wallhack is a dumb mechanic, remove. Improved Rifling Change to 5/9/12m Make it so the weapon does not do 100% damage when exceeding original maximum range. Basically like the damage drop off system works. Lets say weapon X does 10dmg/hit outside of its effective range. Its damage within its effective range is 20dmg/hit. With IR3 We can go past its effective range by 14m. However instead of giving us the maximum 20dmg/hit (like it works atm) for an extra 12m, we do 15dmg/hit within those 12m. This would still make IR a mod without a downside, but I don't think it necessarily needs one. We just make the benefits a little less strong. My suggestion is gonna take alot of effort because it has to consider all the different damage curves though, so it's probably not viable. In essence, I'm saying that instead of extending the range in which a weapon has min TTK, IR should only decrease TTK at range a bit, Pioneer/Espacio meta Reduce max hp slightly. General car strat Implement a mechanic that prevents you from popping out the car at high speed. Or make it so you can't have full accuracy after doing so. This will slow the game down, but the car rush meta is incredibly boring to play or play against, with the 4 heavy car version being outright frustrating. (This is coming from someone who plays with his chrome osmaw all the time, I can counter this strat pretty reliably but it's still boring). 3PS Make it so swapping to your secondary takes 36% longer. Disable 3PS for all secondary weapons. Kevlar Increase max health gain to 40% Remove speed debuff Add 30% weapon swap time Make marksman mode accuracy gain 20% slower Fragile Change gained speed to 25% There's lots more stuff I would change but I just created these from the top of my head. They are not that thought through, but I still wanted to write them down.
  9. VanilleKeks

    Seriously anticheat

    no the game is not infested
  10. Most likely wont be having two versions, but if the EU goes as planned there should be an increase in performance, not decrease.
  11. VanilleKeks

    IR3 Preset Refund

    I doubt you will get a refund, it's more likely that IR3 wil be changed until players are satisfied. Now that LO has made actual balance changes a thing, I'd recommend only purchasing open slot weapons in the future unless that option doesn't exist.
  12. VanilleKeks

    EU vs US

    I like to imagine that HAN is a tiny group of deep friendship, sharing everything from work to relationships with each other.
  13. I used Hitfilm before I moved to Premiere and AE. You just gotta sign up and you can get the express version for free. It's premiers little cousin, pretty good for a free program.
  14. Personally I've always preferred CJ on weapons. I like the overall idea of nerfing IR, however I do agree that all of this went a little too fast. While a change of meta weapons is definitely something refreshing, the non meta weapons must also be considered, so I agree on you with that. I like to use an ALIG with HS3 and IR3 as I find it to be severely underrated for player killing. However with the new IR3 this isn't really viable anymore.