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  1. As I asked last time. What is the current situation on available resources for the game? What is the future investment going to look like? I work in this industry and without any information on what kind of investment we can expect, I can't really take any of your ideas to heart.
  2. I'm going to download this game exclusively so I can hump your character. and by your character I mean iRawwwN specifically.
  3. It's for comfort. You can see it all times and never really need to put a thought (whether conscious or subconscious) on it. Being able to see it at all times also helps lining up shots in case you are flicking while looking at the edge of your FOV, or when a lot of stuff is on the screen. Since it's an exact marker always in your view. Not like APB usually has a lot going on onscreen but the concept still applies, it can make a different in regards to a more pixel perfect movement which might matter in some situations. Kind of like how you can just drive your car perfectly centered in your lane subconsciously, but still appreciate the markers on road in a comfy sort of way.
  4. As a knowledgeable person not from lo company. You can't do this. Thanks and bye
  5. I opened a Hexerin post and my wife left me. Just a heads up.
  6. It's only APB that works this way. I haven't checked the exact speeds but in every other game I use upscaling the performance stays about the same. I have checked every power saving related setting that I could find to no avail.
  7. Just wanted to share a little thing. I play on 21:9 3440x1440p ultra-wide and the game was struggling to even hit 100fps with my PC. This is due to: 1. Having an older Ryzen that has many cores but not very great single core performance (compared to new CPUs) 2. My 4070 being virtually unused by APBs wacko engine. I recently tried up-scaling through NVIDIA control-panel to record some footage for some other projects. Trying this in APB without expectations, I was surprised to find that I almost doubled my performance. My best guess being that it somehow forces the game to offload more work on the GPU. Not sure. Ended up playing smoothly for over 4 hours with an average of 160fps+ in either full Asylum or mission districts, which is pretty impressive considering the final simulated resolution of 5760x3240. Qualifying GPUs have the DSR- Factors setting below in the 3D settings tab of the control-panel. You will need to put your monitor res at the up-scaled resolution and play APB in borderless. -- Putting this out there to try for anyone who isn't a 4:3 glue-sniffer
  8. Is it possible for you to share some information about the resources (thinking mostly team size, man hours) that are roughly being used any given month?
  9. You know, I wish you all the success you could possibly have, but it's really hard to see a future for this game without substantial resource allocation. Even if you have competent and well meaning staff. I write technical specifications for a living and I have a good idea of what is achievable in a 40h work week for each of my developers. The amount of work that I personally consider needed on APB is monumental compared to the (outwards visible) representation of your resources. It doesn't help that your team was also recently referred to as "our developer" in an official forum post. Although, word of mouth is that it is the truth. It would really help to settle expectations if we had any information about what form of investment we can count on seeing for this game. I am aware that revealing such information would have an impact on your business, but the players are really searching for breadcrumbs at this point.
  10. Reading through this worthless ego battle that completely derailed the thread, I could feel my empathy increasing through a growing feeling of pity for the people involved in it. Never did I think the APB forum would allow me to grow as a person.
  11. Of course, but I am talking to people with no audience. Not that person.
  12. Hello, I have heard some concerns about potential false bans due to the recent ban wave. These are from people I have known for years and although I can not proof their legitimacy, I am willing to put what little reputation I got left into vouching for their innocence (when it comes to cheating). -- Looking into it, I have found multiple games with alleged hiccups in EAC blocking players. The most recent one being in Black Desert Online, where using VPNs and lag reducing software such as ExitLag would ban you until 2055. However if you did not use ExitLag you could log in as normal after some time. My theory here is that there could have been a false flag in EAC which caused an automatic ban in APB. Yet there seems to be no way of automatically undoing these bans once the false flag has been lifted. There is currently no way of appealing APB's EAC bans with either LO or EAC (from my research). It seems rather strange to me that players without as much as an account warning in 12 years of APB are now facing permanent bans. Before anyone asks, no, I am not banned. I would like to request a statement from Matt and the LO team regarding this matter. It seems a lot of people have been affected.
  13. Please refer to Prof. Hexerin, Dr. Todesklinge and Prof. Dr. QueenOfLove who have personally peer reviewed this theory
  14. we need to allow re-rolls,without it game die, 100% playerbase cheat afterall
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