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  1. Well I'd say it still applies. From my own experience it seems rank is also a factor in matchmaking allthough threat has priority. I noticed that while playing on a low rank in EU. Against some max rank golds in a 1v1 they could call backup. So in that case my threat was significantly higher than theirs, making the system ignore the rank difference. However in some matches that I considered pretty equal in terms of skill I could call backup cause I was a low rank. Now since I can't see the actual hidden threat, this is just a theory. However I believe in the example you posted, all of the 6 players' rank + threat nullified the difference and was considered equal by the system.
  2. High rank silver on your team was probably treated as equal to the lower rank gold on the enemy team. Threat doesn't represent skill anyway so it's just unlucky.
  3. Hey that's nice of you to say, thanks.
  4. Why'd you choose me for that example? Hmmm
  5. I posted multiple videos now of people cheating, and others have too. It isn't a question of name and shame, None of us are mentioning names. Were only showing a video off that is clearly showing content of people cheating who are evading bans. If you like watching videos of people cheating and think it should be allowed as long as they're making good content and bringing publicity to the game, then that's a different discussion. From the forum rules: - No Naming/Shaming If you believe someone is cheating please reach out to our support or to our GMs Also, 1. You don't have any objective proof they are cheating, 2. Your opinion is not objective proof. 3. The videos you linked belong to active players. Posting more than one youtuber doesn't change anything. Due to point 1 & 2 this makes it name and shame. It's really not that hard to understand. You seem to be rather unwilling to understand, so I won't bother anymore.
  6. It doesn't matter. Discussing whether an individual is cheating is not allowed on the forums. OP seems to think this doesn't apply here because anxiie posts public videos, but it still does. That's all I'm saying. Remove the name and shame and the mods shouldnt lock this. Aslong as people don't point to specific peeps.
  7. Where not talking about him, were talking about youtubers posting videos of themselves chearly cheating. I don't care if you like they're gameplay and content. Cheating is cheating and that's all that matters. Your discussion is alright. However the second you linked videos as examples, you have broken the name and shaming rule. In this context you are using videos to prove your point about cheating youtubers. Additionally, just because you think that is definite proof, doesn't mean it is. Since there is no objective proof of him cheating, using him as an example is bound to cause slander. Which classifies as naming and shaming. Remove the example videos and you can have this discussion without mods locking it soon enough.
  8. 1. The name and shaming rule is about not naming ingame players to harass, bully or otherwise negatively discuss an individual. Because the forums are not the place for such discussions. If you want to report a player for whatever reason it goes to support. I think you missunderstood the rule there. 2. is someone I occasionally watch and you should too. Look at anything other than his aim and you will notice the whole package. The gameplay is from someone who's a veteran like many others. Of course he could be cheating, I don't know. However considering the way he plays, his years of playing etc. Most likely not.
  9. On topic: I've been max cop for years and I occasionally do LTL. I've experienced this stuff too (not as often as you are claiming though). Keep in mind that in FC there is alot more players that could potentionally kill your stuns by accident or on purpose. I found LTL to be most enjoyable in premade missions. Still, I'd like to see some demerits for stunkilling etc. Off-topic: Now I've had several whispers from you over the years and they are generally not that friendly. I personally don't mind and I often try to reason and explain things to "rage" whispers. More often than not it works too. However even though it doesn't bother me, your behaviour seems to bother others so it's natural (not saying it's justified to grief you) that you would experience some flak back.
  10. For anyone else thinking about buying secondaries. The Joker RFP Fang (the one with IR3) is really the only secondary worth buying imo. The Colby .45 is often considered a viable alternative to the FBW, so try it out if you can first. However I find the FBW to be more reliable in most situations. If you want to learn the FBW way, buy the Sight Zero preset (it has RS1) from a contact, imo that's the best pistol in the game atm.
  11. Since your so keen about seeing and believing, how about you open your eyes and realize that not everyone that kills you is a cheater.
  12. As far as I know it's running on UE 3.0 or 3.5
  13. VanilleKeks

    Upcoming Weapon Balance changes

    The thing with quickswitching is not about whether it takes skill or not. It's about a mechanic that completely bypasses the intended shortcomings of a sniper rifle. When players find ways and quirks for certain things in games it can be good and bad. In my opinion the hvr quickswitch falls in the latter category.
  14. VanilleKeks

    Hmm.. Snapping

    I would suggest just to /report and move on instead of posting on the forums. Literally nothing happens when you post here, other than the thread getting closed.
  15. VanilleKeks


    While I agree that macro software is technically a third party tool, keep in mind that alot of the marksman players have used the weapons for hundreds or thousands of hours, allowing them to adjust the fire rate in fights in ways that can't be matched by any macro. You don't always want max fire rate.