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  1. That is a horrible idea. There are many people that have macro capable mice and don't use it for anything malicious. I specifically got a mouse with 8 buttons on the side to set up hotkey macros for my workplaces software, as well as Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects. I also did custom keybinds for Final Fantasy XIV Online, since I just started that too. Should I now lose my 8 year old account that hasn't even had so much as a warning? Because of something that has nothing to do with APB? Can you try thinking outside of yourself?
  2. The answer is ro hit 6 shots every time no matter what you actually need
  3. It is gamebreaking
  4. Have you tried upgrading to UE 5 up there? I think doing so will give you a meaningful answer to this question.
  5. I will say that there seems to be a small influx of cheaters on EU. It's just a feeling, but I find it hard to believe that this many people with the game sense and playstyle of a silver/bronze just happen to have high tier aim with (for example) OSCAR.
  6. The range is perfectly fine but I'd like to have the visual effects represent it better. Every now and then it feels like you died to something that you shouldn't because the VFX is smaller than the actual range.
  7. You essentially more than doubled your TTK by switching here. Quickswitching can still be really strong but at least use some better examples. These clips make QS look bad which is not a good thing if you're trying to argue about how strong it is .. This is basically like showing off your super fast Ferrari while driving 50 Km/h in a City.
  8. Have you read any of the stuff LO has said? Ever? That is literally one of the first things that will come with the release of 2.1.
  9. please link it, i need this video in my life
  10. Do you have the Colby Experience from imAustria/ebnko?
  11. bring back the coin sound when you kill someone
  12. To me that's only really the kind of people who try pull out some cheese strat in the last stage to gain that 600 score by any means possible.
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