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  1. Deep Impact is good but it's hard to use. It's not better than the OPGL in terms of kill potential because the OPGL is actually OP when mastered. Don't play the DI like an OPGL, play it like you had 12 concs and a pistol. The DI concs have a bigger blast radius than the normal which many players don't utilize. You don't have to be as close on target with the nade to deal full damage which is amazing when mastered. In terms of explosives, opgl, osmaw, volcano and DI are what is viable. Just to give some context, I have atleast 800h on explosive weapons and I consistently fragged top 1-5 with 90% explosives (rest being pistol kills) in fightclubs. I was also able to beat above average players consistently, but there is a point where you need to swap. Going against stacks of decent (for me that means better than above average) players with explosives just ain't viable. I'm aware it's basically anecdotal evidence with a pinch of bragging but I just wanted to tell you that it's viable if you practice. Kind Regards Keks
  2. Hello will ue fix my bad fps? Game unplayable Specs: Can't believe I can't run such and old game! 20 FPS uncceptable !! thanks for reply
  3. I'd be down for it to return. I think it would make more sense to launch it parallel to the engine upgrade as an extra incentive. You'd essentially reward people for testing the thing.
  4. I compromised the website and made it so that whenever you check the HVR page a giant dong pops up on your screen
  5. I'd prefer that they let me rent the guns for half the price or perhaps even for free once I had maxed the role. Since they aren't on ARMAS anyway I don't see the point in not making them permanent or pseudo-permanent. If not that just put a 3 slot OPGL in the JT store I guess.
  6. I can say that not playing any games for over 2 months now and starting some other hobbies has positively affected my view on gaming. I no longer see gaming as part of my daily routine and have gone back to viewing it as a fun past time activity. I now have a list of games in my head that I will play once I have built a new computer some time next year. All these games I've always wanted to play but never did because I was "busy" playing "name of go to game". If you want APB to become more fresh again, or perhaps gaming less stale as a whole, I suggest staying away from all gaming for a little while and make some new connections in your brain. Kind offtopic but just my 2 cents
  7. The only difference between a bronze and a high tier gold is aiming? What? Regardless, I'm not for silencing people based on their threat, so lets just leave that point aside. If aim was the only difference we'd have newer players who blatantly cheat dominate everyone and yet high level golds can easily defeat them. Different threats move around the map in different ways, their split second decision making skill is completely different too. There's so many more nuances to this, as with anything skill involved, but lets keep it short. You can't just cramp it down to one deciding factor. There are people who do not aim like the top and yet they can compete with the top because they got ahead in other areas. Elitism doesn't get us anywhere but we do need to acknowledge that higher tier players are capable of things that lower tier ones aren't. When it comes to detecting cheaters, the odds are that the higher tier player will notice things that others didn't. Whether this means he's right more often is debatable, but disregarding tier differences is just as pointless as making them the end all be all. Every perspective needs to be considered within its context if you want a discussion that yields something.
  8. At this point I don't really intend to come back to APB and I'm rapidly moving away from gaming as a whole. Still, I have been here so long that I want to watch the end, regardless of outcome.
  9. My favorite camp spot counters are the OPGL and the DMR (if two shot is possible). While getting good with them is guaranteed to clear the spot for you, you need to have teammates that can capitalize on your move. This is because you don't want to be in a vulnerable spot so that you can maximize your pressure on the location. However it's really difficult for people to realize what you are doing without proper communication. Try to tell them in teamchat what you are going to do and just hope for the best. Unless you happen to get matched with a very good player who reads your move, chances are that you have to capitalize on your action yourself and just somehow try to wing it. As someone who solos 90% of the time let me tell you that breaking a spot against a premade when you are soloing can be essentially impossible. You can manage to lure premades into doing mistakes which can open up an opportunity. Still, my go to mindset in such a scenario is that I don't feel like prolonging the stomp anyway. The best advice I can give you in that scenario is to just play for kills and ignore the win. Try to cause as much disruption as you can so that next time you have an opportunity to break a hold, the practice you did in those impossible scenarios will be of value to you.
  10. Don't know if this was answered but, SPCM disbanded. As an ex-member I can tell you it was a complete joke anyway. Outside of the chat tag we didn't get anything from G1. We had a forum to post suggestions in but almost every single one was either slammed or ignored. 80% of the questions answered were just about asking what SPCM means. It's probably the most half hardheartedly thrown together players helping players program you've ever seen. The only good thing I got from joining that program was the contract, which I sent a copy of to Tiggs when I had lost access to my account. She accepted that as proof of ownership, lucky me.
  11. this was a good change but as always another win to titles disabled gang
  12. I think you need to have a look from outside yourself and stop projecting your reasons onto others, assuming that everyone quit because of exactly the same reasons. I would like to elaborate, but I only have so much free-time these days and I won't write more than two rows for a reply you won't even attempt to consider.
  13. I have played on Jericho for thousands of hours and by now, hundreds of hours on Citadel. De-threaters have always been an issue. Jericho is mostly dead now but on citadel I used to see at least one every day just recently. Considering that I have not had access to bronze servers for around 6 years now, my viewpoint is rather limited. Still, I'm confident in assuming that even worse scum is in those districts.
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