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  1. For what its worth, if there was a genuine error within the process that caused this; I do hope this gets resolved. Otherwise, that second paragraph really just makes me pity you. I am German. My grandma lost all her siblings to disease and famine during and after the war. She almost died herself at the age of 11 and considering that, I'm lucky to be here. After all that, at the ripe age of 85 my grandma can make and/or appreciate a well timed nazi joke. The same goes for me. Humor helps us to process awful things. However, what you are doing is neither humorous nor creating interesting discourse. It just shows a lack of character. I hope you choose to grow up eventually.
  2. Hello, Vanille here for Lidl Orbit. Boy do I have the deal of your lifetime. If you stop posting I will instantly stop creating any low rank characters on my account. I'll even throw in a bonus. I'll delete one of my low rank characters named after an adjective today ,you heard me right, today. That way, you and other specimen of your kind will no longer have to live in fear immediately. Sounds interesting? Just call me at +1 654-10008-69 any time.
  3. I would remove teleporting into cars. It's one of the main factors as for why we have car gaming.
  4. I said shoot from close to medium range. I did not say that you should challenge enemy vehicles in a duel on the open street. You have teammates and the map at your disposal to maximize your AV efficiency.
  5. Old post I wrote a year ago: -- Do NOT buy the PR1. The advantage you gain from not having CJ3 is very situational, to the point where it's not worth it. The PR2 is just all around better, here's why: 1. You almost never want to stand at the two shot distance with a DMR AV. Only do this when a car phase transitions to a qualified point and you have no time to swap. Your job as a AV user is to hammer the crap out of vehicles and this is best done by doing what I always referred to as rapid firing. If you want to camp with a DMR or render distance abuse, use the DMR-SD which is vastly superior for that purpose due to open slots and the silencer. If you position well and make use of peaking as much as possible, you will be virtually undetectable by many players. What is rapid firing? Simply put it is when you fire before your crosshair is closed (visual aid) but what it actually is, is shooting before the accuracy has recovered. Up to 40m on players and around 60-70 depending on how large the vehicle is and where you are aiming at (preferably the middle on a vegas for example). As mentioned before, use the crosshair as a visual aid. Shooting somewhere before 50% closure is the sweet spot but it takes practice. Also keep in mind that due to APBs bloom you will just randomly miss, although the hitrate can be at like 80-90% depending on how good you play. 2. Using this rapid firing tech you can decrease your TTK on cars significantly over the course of shooting an entire mag. Especially pioneers get dunked on by this. Therefore, if you know a car will pass you, stand close and not far away. The only time the increased hard damage becomes relevant is when you have already shot a car several times and it's heading towards render distance. Those last few shots of bonus damage should preferably be used as finishers and not be the main source of your vehicle damage. 3. Using rapid fire against players is also why you want the PR2. The DMR is one of the few long range weapons that doesn't have the forced "fix" for reverse quickswitch. Although you would preferably swap weapons when in CQC, if you got no choice you can play the DMR as a budget pre "fix" OBIR by hammering 1 or 2 shots into someone with rapid fire and then pistol swap. That's my 2 cents on this as someone who actually played all DMRs regularly for years. 2022 edit: I did wanna clarify one thing I didn't last time. Since you have CJ on the PR2 it will make the accuracy recover slower than the PR1. That means that the longer you go the worse it's gonna be to rapid fire on the PR2. However if you play long distance with the AV versions you are playing the weapon wrong IMO. The advantage of CJ3 for closer and medium range vehicle DPS is that you can re-fire faster while rapid firing. Even with longer accuracy recovery, if you are closer to the car you can re-fire much earlier during the recovery time and still hammer in many shots.
  6. I'm not sure if this is considered tech, but there is a thing that I call render distance abuse. It is possible to shoot enemies that are not rendered on your screen after 100m. I never bothered with the exact distance but it's somewhere in between 100.1-102m. This is only ever really useful when holding an objective on weapons like DMR and Oblivion but it's incredibly potent when it works, because the enemy can not see you.
  7. You know part of my job is to write technical specifications for software. I had already been relatively merciful on LO because while it's not for games, I did and do work in a comparable industry which gives me some good insight. Half a year ago I started working for a big player with decades of history. We have some old software, and I mean OLD software that is our own, with even some of the team left that created it decades ago. Whenever we have to work with these old versions it's horrendously tedious and time consuming and we created the damn thing. Now to imagine working on old software and code, when you haven't even written it yourself and you have (most likely) limited documentation from the previous owner: At this point I respect LO for even being at it after all these years. Working with APB probably sucks patootie.
  8. I would like to hint about the fact that the APB playerbase has a very skewed representation of skill levels due to the longevity and state of the game. A lot of players that you see are players that most people would never be matched against in a comparable shooter. Those who are considered good are heavily invested into the game, some even for a decade now. Whether they have invested years into legitimate skills or are cheating does not really matter in this case, as the end result gives the same impression to players unaware of this fact.
  9. I am gonna tell you a trade secret. Keeping someone locked down behind a shield is arguably better for the mission than just making them respawn. Unless of course you only care about the scoreboard, but you wouldn't do that now would you.
  10. I actually quite like this. It seems that they will implement part of the 2.2 base into a hybrid of both versions. This should definitely allow development of the current version, which should make the current game better. However, without the complete switch I do not see much improvement for things like performance, as those seems to be intrinsically related to the engine. Overall, I will continue keeping an eye out and if there are any interesting patches I could see myself re-installing just to check them out.
  11. If I am paying the 5 bucks I don't want to see reasonable suggestions from you
  12. I would pay a 5$ subscription to have Todesklinge permanently muted on all accounts. infinite $ = infinite contenD out
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