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  1. Legend says that if you take Matt out on the best date of his life, all permanent valentine weapons will appear in your inventory the following day.
  2. If by mobility you mean the sprint speed I agree that shouldn't be touched. If you are referring to the insane jumpshot accuracy, the almost instant zoom in allowing for corner popping with zero risk or the fact that you can insta pistol swap after a 450 damage burst, then yes, one of these things should be looked at imo. The burst pistol swap cqc OBIR is so braindead that even I can do well with it. Then again I really dislike that forced delay they put on snipers, that's the main reason I use a DMR now. Honestly if they make it so you can't jumpshot as easily, I'm fine with the rest.
  3. That has never happened to me and I've never seen anyone claim this was an actual issue until now. Furthermore, you can turn off all titles which you should be doing anyway since they obstruct vision, especially in a packed fightclub.
  4. A lot of people have been using this for years, myself included. The reminder is appreciated though. It's a nice QoL change with very few downsides.
  5. I was gonna write a proper response but then I saw who made the thread. Realizing that I just saved a good ten minutes of my life by not writing it, was a strangely nice feeling.
  6. I think you gotta keep in mind that this is a third person shooter, which makes holding angles a lot easier. Grenades need to be powerful or the odds of you successfully pushing a lot of spots in the game become very minor (assuming equally skilled opponents). That said, the grenade spam from ammo boxes and maybe the yolos need further thought, luckily this seems to be on LO's mind already. As a good example think of the spot at eva orlandez. It's essentially all corridor entrances, try pushing that without nades against a good enemy. I can agree that it can be annoying to dodge five nades before getting pushed but nerfing them too much would make certain places painfully hard to attack.
  7. @MattScott How will name changes work for characters with the same name on both servers that are on the same account too? Do you get to choose which character keeps the name or does one of the two get the namechange applied randomly? Furthermore I'm happy that I can play on EU with my mains soon, I have been waiting a long time to do so!
  8. These sort of people are the worst scum in the game, far beyond cheaters and other stuff. The punishment needs to be more severe. Sadly we've been asking for it so many times over the years without a major step forward. I'd agree with martin here on a very lengthy ban, preferably permanent. I don't think this is appropriate for every de-threater but this example is just loath worthy.
  9. I feel as though there was zero thought put into how APB would be made ready to work on such a platform. Not to mention the cost and effort required vs the outcome. All games I've seen on the google stadia list so far are from major companies, I don't see how LO can afford this from any standpoint. Nevermind the fact that the game still has major issues outside of performance and hacking (which isn't a major issue tbc). There is no instant cure to anything.
  10. I find this pretty amusing to read. The level of ego that you have to be on to believe LO has a bias against you while other people go free. You are no more than a number, time to land on the ground.
  11. Who could've thought that griefing other people would have consequences? Good riddance.
  12. They aren't required to post these numbers for the PC build, only for the console builds. If they wanted to be scummy they could have announced the new drop rates for the console builds but keep them the same for PC without saying anything. All though that would be a stupid move. That's how I understand it at least.
  13. Shortly before they pulled the plug, OC was pretty much only used to make high rank trainee chars. In hindsight I would have liked to push my trainee account higher than r40.
  14. There are ways to get your message across without using insults. If you gotta do it, do it in a creative way that's sort of roundabout and the mods won't notice :^)
  15. I hope the permanent OSMAW lease stays in the game. I am unable to play APB at an acceptable performance level until I build my new PC in the future. As a big explosive fan I really would like to earn this collectable OSMAW later on.
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