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  1. I am gonna tell you a trade secret. Keeping someone locked down behind a shield is arguably better for the mission than just making them respawn. Unless of course you only care about the scoreboard, but you wouldn't do that now would you.
  2. I actually quite like this. It seems that they will implement part of the 2.2 base into a hybrid of both versions. This should definitely allow development of the current version, which should make the current game better. However, without the complete switch I do not see much improvement for things like performance, as those seems to be intrinsically related to the engine. Overall, I will continue keeping an eye out and if there are any interesting patches I could see myself re-installing just to check them out.
  3. If I am paying the 5 bucks I don't want to see reasonable suggestions from you
  4. I would pay a 5$ subscription to have Todesklinge permanently muted on all accounts. infinite $ = infinite contenD out
  5. I'm not a doctor but I think your brain needs an engine upgrade
  6. I figured I might drop some ways to "counter" explosives in fightclub since I'm pretty decent with those things: Don't play around the item hold objective and try to avoid spawns that have chokepoints which are close to the objective. Explosives have limited ammo so shooting places without many people / high chance of hitting enemies isn't really worth doing. Avoid those spots and kill explosive users by getting the jump on them. This is something that you should do regardless, most of the decent players in FC rarely play the objective spots anyway. Roaming around and flanking enemy spawns is way safer and grants more kills anyway. This way you also avoid getting blown up for the most part unless the dude just happened to spawn close to you. If you want to avoid getting corner peeked by an OSMAW the same rule also applies. In general, no OSMAW user is gonna hold a corner where not many people come by. As for countering this situation directly, well you can't. If the OSMAW user gets the jump on you you're goofed, same way you are goofed if a dude with a conc is camping a corner. This isn't even an issue with explosives, it's what happens in a third person game. Similarly to avoiding high player density areas (to clarify, areas where there are lot of YOUR teammates, not enemies), it also helps to know where vending machines are. Explosive users will stay relatively close to those things, now more than ever, especially if its an OSMAW. Two very common spots in Asylum are the main plaza which has many ways to resupply and also one of the most common corner spots (the stairs into door when you come from crim contact to the plaza). Another would be the northern gate right next to the crim contact, where you can camp on either buildings. The vast majority of explosive users stay or roam around those areas. Move accordingly to avoid them or use a gun that can kill them. Obeya especially is absolutely horrible to fight with explosives if its pressuring you from a far. I almost never die to explosives and barely take any damage from them in general, because I know the way they HAVE to play. Yea, I get that it can be annoying but if you invest a little bit of time into learning how those weapons play in FC, you can turn them into mostly a non issue.
  7. I don't really think this is a good idea. If you remove explosions from Asylum it will just turn into even more of a frag grenade spamfest. OPGL is a great tool to flush out the item hold objectives and that is perfectly fine. The problem is the players, not the weapon. Being bad with explosive weapons (yes, you can be a good at something like explosives) isn't really that punishing. Accumulating team damage doesn't do anything to you as long as you don't get the finishing damage and that is a problem. I have four characters with chrome explosives (yes I'm a degenerate) and I have been using explosives every now and then in Asylum when I still played. Fun fact, when you score high, have low team damage and no teamkills, people are actually pretty welcoming. Excluding the enemy team of course. If the systems actually punished you for being an airhead and just spamming explosives mindlessly it wouldn't be so frustrating. There are only a few exceptional explosive players and if you had the joy of facing those kind of OPGLs users, you probably wouldn't even be upset. Proper gameplay on an OPGL is actually very difficult but it allows you to exert similar pressure to an HVR or even more at times. Furthermore I always find it amusing how certain players complain about an OPGL but think nade spam was/is completely normal.
  8. Adding new matchmaking or other large systems (assuming such as possible to implement in a reasonable time) to the current build is not something I would consider wise. This thing already runs bad enough. You would think that after half a decade of waiting, experienced individuals within the community would have realized that this is a silent waiting line. Nothing you can say or do will change anything.
  9. I am fairly certain that the threat removal was primarily asked for by NA players, which is completely reasonable. Although I am from EU, I used to main NA and even when I still played the game, it was only really possible on EU for several years. It sucked to see my main characters with so much personal history being essentially unusable. The reason why people complain now is because it was activated for both regions, whether it be a technical limitation or not. It might solve the problem for NA but it just turned EU into more of a mess.
  10. 1. CJ3 on DMR is optimal for killing cars (see my previous reply). I have many hundreds of hours on the DMR (all versions) and never had an issue hitting smaller cars like you described earlier. Can't relate. 2. Yes, the PR1 is technically better for player killing. However, I would argue the reason most people stick with the PR2 is not because it's "just better", but because getting the PR1 is just not worth the cost for what you get, or they simply don't know about the (very situational) "disadvantage". Either way I think the PR1 is just not worth to get outside of building a collection I guess. I personally prefer to swap between AV PR2 and SD, because those are the optimal DMRs for their specific purposes. If you want to use the PR1 that's fine and reasonable, but please stop exaggerating the "downside" of the PR2, because it really is negligible for the most part. Also I'm just gonna ignore your second "argument" because that's just a pointless rabbit hole.
  11. 3PS3 on a AV is a very risky thing because it would enable quick switch. Especially after hitting a car with a nade they would have no time to react at all. While I would love it, I doubt we will ever see it. The intended downside of the AV compared to the SD is that the AV is less viable for player on player combat. Although the actual impact of a 3PS3 enabled AV is very discussable.
  12. Okay as these are some of my favourite weapons and also some of my best weapons (before I quit anyway) I'm gonna chime in with my monthly post. Do NOT buy the PR1. The advantage you gain from not having CJ3 is very situational, to the point where it's not worth it. The PR2 is just all around better, here's why: 1. You almost never want to stand at the two shot distance with a DMR AV. Only do this when a car phase transitions to a qualified point and you have no time to swap. Your job as a AV user is to hammer the crap out of vehicles and this is best done by doing what I always referred to as rapid firing. If you want to camp with a DMR or render distance abuse, use the DMR-SD which is vastly superior for that purpose due to open slots and the silencer. If you position well and make use of peaking as much as possible, you will be virtually undetectable by 90% of players. What is rapid firing? Simply put it is when you fire before your crosshair is closed (visual aid) but what it actually is, is shooting before the accuracy has recovered. Up to 50m on players and around 60-70 depending on how thicc the vehicle is and where you are aiming at (preferably the middle on a vegas for example). As mentioned before, use the crosshair as a visual aid. Shooting somewhere before 50% closure is the sweet spot but it takes practice. Also keep in mind that due to APBs bloom you will just randomly miss, although the hitrate can be at like 80-90% depending on how good you play. 2. Using this rapid firing tech you can decrease your TTK on cars significantly over the course of shooting an entire mag. Especially pioneers get dunked on by this. Therefore, if you know a car will pass you, stand close and not far away. The only time the increased hard damage becomes relevant is when you have already shot a car several times and it's heading towards render distance. Those last few shots of bonus damage should preferably be used as finishers and not be the main source of your vehicle damage. 3. Using rapid fire against players is also why you want the PR2. The DMR is one of the few long range weapons that doesn't have the forced "fix" for reverse quickswitch. Although you would preferably swap weapons when in CQC, if you got no choice you can play the DMR as a budget pre "fix" OBIR by hammering 1 or 2 shots into someone with rapid fire and then pistol swap. That's my 2 cents on this as someone who actually played all DMRs regularly for years.
  13. The reason for this is that the old engine is incapable of utilizing modern PC hardware (among other things). Besides the engine itself, game development has significantly improved over the last decade (keep in mind APB is over a decade old at this point). Comparing APBs performance to such a modern title is not only unfair and pointless, but also very ignorant. If you want to criticize LO there is plenty, but at least do your research. @OP I work in development (not in gaming, but I studied game development in university) and even minor projects (miniscule compared to making a full fledged game) take a lot of resources. The first time around APB had millions to go with. I'll refrain from using the 100 mil figure because it's not accurate. Not even close to that amount went into development alone (look it up). It is however reasonable to assume that it had way more resources than LO could ever muster. Now keep in mind this was over 10 years ago. The cost for making APB from scratch would at a minimum be the same but (based on my experience so take with a grain of salt) most likely even more today. It is far more reasonable for LO to try and recycle so to say. Not to mention that this post is exceptionally greedy and clearly made from frustration (which is justifiable). The game almost got shut down twice, two new companies picked it up. This is the best it's going to get. Does APB deserve a from scratch approach? Perhaps, but given the history of the game we should all be thankful that where we are is where we are. The time for dreams and wishful thinking is over, be more realistic please. You will only torture yourself by doing that. At this point you just wait and see what the result is.
  14. The pandemic is essentially irrelevant to this game. Even if you lock up everyone at home, new people (at least an amount that isn't negligible in the big picture) won't just magically discover a game that has no marketing whatsoever. Furthermore, other companies (not just videogame companies) have driven extensive marketing campaigns to attract people to and make them use their new found free time with their products (this is why you see other games explode). It's easy to say that people leave because APB is simply worse than before, but once you give it a proper thought you'll realize that it's far more complex (even without these troubled times) than that. I think of all the people that need a wake up call, you are ranking high on the list Dark. Over a very large timespan you have failed to realize (or failed to accept) that the Engine Upgrade is a make it or break it type of situation and that we have no more time to negotiate. It is not worth it to invest resources into a short term player increase (be real with me here, nothing added to LIVE (that is realistically and reasonably possible to code for the old engine) will be anything but a short term increase) even if we were to somehow magically double our player base. It's not going to last. The only resources flowing into the LIVE client should be to keep it running. This isn't easy for anyone passionate about the game but silence and patience will get you further than your routine "wake up call" type post. Accept reality and be patient.
  15. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't very sceptical of this. You have set yourself a lot to achieve, but I wish you success. The one thing I dislike would be cross play, due to it most likely forcing the PC Version to match with console update cycles, which are usually slow. Having to wait several weeks for crucial bug fixes in a live service game is annoying to say the least. Not to mention that console players will get absolutely steamrolled. I cannot play the game in this state nor financially support it anymore, but for what its worth you have my blessings for success.
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