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  1. I used the nfas the other day and it was pretty good. Nowhere near overpowered though. That video you posted is also completely pointless. You'd be suprised how many guns can kill you in an instant if you're shooting a guy thats standing still. In reality, you should only get those mow downs when the fight starts in your favor. The nfas relies on a combination of corner popping and the surprise factor most of the time. Nade them, bait them into peaking and use spotter, or even use an OPGL to force them out of their comfort zone. You coulda had a legit discussion about the NFAS if you spend more than a minute typing this garbage.
  2. > join 2011 > complain about golds in bronze district > pick one You are part of the problem, just because you're somehow incapable of reaching gold (how), doesn't mean you're a fair match up for a new player. Shut your mouth and solve the problem by getting better at the game. Such hypocrisy lmao.
  3. Well like I said, in itself it's not really a problem. There should just be a cooldown to promote smart usage instead of spamming until it works. Even if you don't die to it and take zero damage, having to dodge a remote det every fight is just annoying in general.
  4. Quite amusing how some people here can't comprehend that there is a much better way to use remote det than to drive up to a person and jump out. We all know that that is very predictable and avoidable. The problem arises when someone uses it smart, blocking specific hallways and key points on the map with a pioneer/espacio and then detonating it when convenient. You don't need to average 10 kills a mission with a remote det for it to be considered broken. One smart use can win you the round. This in itself wouldn't even be a problem, but when there is essentially no cooldown on such an effortless way to kill, it just becomes frustrating to play against. I could admire a smart use of such a mechanic if there were any drawbacks to messing it up, but currently you can just do it over and over, which makes it more annoying than admirable.
  5. can you add a 4th poll option - remove remote det
  6. VanilleKeks

    Theme Creators

    PogoTheClown is the mozart of APB themes.
  7. VanilleKeks

    APB 2

    That's true actually, it's called APB Rewind and we're time traveling back to 2010
  8. VanilleKeks

    BattlEye attention to new accounts?

    if this guy was in charge I'd be banned 3 times over for simply restarting on citadel monkaS
  9. VanilleKeks

    New SPCT team

    Well good luck to everyone. Any news regarding SPCM revival while we're on the topic of volunteer programs?
  10. Because it gives you more visibility, especially in marksman mode fights, giving you an advantage over the enemy. I personally don't mind such config edits but I'd assume LO thinks something like that. If it even was confirmed to be banable, haven't found a source yet.
  11. VanilleKeks

    This never gets old

    The next step is faster response time to what does get through as well as cleaning up the garbage in /d. I've seen volunteer GMs tell people a bunch of times that hackusations aren't okay and it generally does seem to work, but I think that is because a good chunk of ingame only players don't know they have essentially 0 power, yet.
  12. VanilleKeks

    Least used guns.

    Oblivion is a beautiful gun, becoming one of my favorites quickly. NSSW is also criminally underrated. If you are looking for hidden gems, I suggest paying attention to players that are using non-meta weapons. If they are doing well with them they probably know what they are doing and you should ask them for advice.
  13. To counter out the wind up timer the NFAS atleast has a decent amount of ammo so you can mow down a couple people in a row. Adding a wind up timer on sommthing that empties out in like 1 second seems pretty counterproductive. You'd have to windup > Shoot > Reload in like 3 second intervals during fights which would be incredibly frustrating. Not to mention a wind up yukon would make it worse than the current one, which kind off goes against the entire idea of your wish to make it better. It was stated by the devs that the yukon fire rate was bugged. Whether that's true or a just a quick criticism dodge is debatable, but it's the official statement.
  14. VanilleKeks

    i can't buy guns in armas

    Contact support for that one
  15. in that case you can buy me a pizza and a sprite