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  1. The reason for this is that the old engine is incapable of utilizing modern PC hardware (among other things). Besides the engine itself, game development has significantly improved over the last decade (keep in mind APB is over a decade old at this point). Comparing APBs performance to such a modern title is not only unfair and pointless, but also very ignorant. If you want to criticize LO there is plenty, but at least do your research. @OP I work in development (not in gaming, but I studied game development in university) and even minor projects (miniscule compared to making a full fledged game) take a lot of resources. The first time around APB had millions to go with. I'll refrain from using the 100 mil figure because it's not accurate. Not even close to that amount went into development alone (look it up). It is however reasonable to assume that it had way more resources than LO could ever muster. Now keep in mind this was over 10 years ago. The cost for making APB from scratch would at a minimum be the same but (based on my experience so take with a grain of salt) most likely even more today. It is far more reasonable for LO to try and recycle so to say. Not to mention that this post is exceptionally greedy and clearly made from frustration (which is justifiable). The game almost got shut down twice, two new companies picked it up. This is the best it's going to get. Does APB deserve a from scratch approach? Perhaps, but given the history of the game we should all be thankful that where we are is where we are. The time for dreams and wishful thinking is over, be more realistic please. You will only torture yourself by doing that. At this point you just wait and see what the result is.
  2. The pandemic is essentially irrelevant to this game. Even if you lock up everyone at home, new people (at least an amount that isn't negligible in the big picture) won't just magically discover a game that has no marketing whatsoever. Furthermore, other companies (not just videogame companies) have driven extensive marketing campaigns to attract people to and make them use their new found free time with their products (this is why you see other games explode). It's easy to say that people leave because APB is simply worse than before, but once you give it a proper thought you'll realize that it's far more complex (even without these troubled times) than that. I think of all the people that need a wake up call, you are ranking high on the list Dark. Over a very large timespan you have failed to realize (or failed to accept) that the Engine Upgrade is a make it or break it type of situation and that we have no more time to negotiate. It is not worth it to invest resources into a short term player increase (be real with me here, nothing added to LIVE (that is realistically and reasonably possible to code for the old engine) will be anything but a short term increase) even if we were to somehow magically double our player base. It's not going to last. The only resources flowing into the LIVE client should be to keep it running. This isn't easy for anyone passionate about the game but silence and patience will get you further than your routine "wake up call" type post. Accept reality and be patient.
  3. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't very sceptical of this. You have set yourself a lot to achieve, but I wish you success. The one thing I dislike would be cross play, due to it most likely forcing the PC Version to match with console update cycles, which are usually slow. Having to wait several weeks for crucial bug fixes in a live service game is annoying to say the least. Not to mention that console players will get absolutely steamrolled. I cannot play the game in this state nor financially support it anymore, but for what its worth you have my blessings for success.
  4. Post that statement in future patch notes/blogs to avoid confusion. Not everyone will see this reply.
  5. Dont wanna sound too arrogant here but I certainly have better things to do than argue on this forum of all places. A couple years back I still bothered but those days are gone.
  6. This doesnt bother me at all because i didnt even bother to dislike 90% of the nonsense on here anyway, and still don't.
  7. This is nice and all but why remove the funny reaction too? I had a bunch of funny hahas that are now gone.
  8. Give this guy some slack. First he lost his pioneer and now his PMG. That must be like losing your own kid, twice. Even a certified APB Virgin can feel that
  9. I think any change to the staleness of the game is great even if I disagree with some of these. I don't play "meta" much anyway so apart from the carbine buff I don't really care that much. I hope to rejoin the game with the reworks of my non meta guns some day. I expect there to be tweaks and I hope it gives a breath of fresh air to people that still play.
  10. BE is always universally dislikes in all parts of the community (that i know of). Even SPCT doesn't like the switch to BE. It sucks but that is the way it is. Allthough BE being bad doesn't mean we have to accept garbage like this thread.
  11. We NEED some weapon balance changes. The meta is record amounts of stale.
  12. I use an equalizer which has a GUI that uses AutoIT. I get kicked for it which is a good thing for all of us and an inconvenience for me, but its manageable. I don't understand how your mouse would be "next to useless" without its software? It's not required and merely allows for some customisation most of the time. I very rarely even change anything in my own software and I'm someone with many profiles. I can just switch profiles on the go without having the program open. If closing the software doesn't help either then you might have to uninstall it. Sucks I guess.
  13. I used that service for some months when I only had my laptop and while it was great, a pvp shooter would be the last thing I'd play on that. Not to mention I'd assume that most geforce now users would be casual players so I'd doubt that we would gain any worthwhile population.
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