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  1. Oblivion is one of my favorite guns. It can 4 shot up to like 95m with CJ3. Also you can run Reflex Sight and still have perfect accuracy while strafing. Also keep in mind that 3 shots of the oblivion are like 95% health gone, with that much over damage you can really pressure enemies. It also means that just a small bit of damage to an enemy turns them into a 3STK.
  2. I'm sorry you didn't have a mother figure in your life but this isn't really the place.
  3. Hell no. At least with the star on the minimap you can still fool people by using vertical environment to your advantange. For example the stairs in the middle of asylum, with 3 different floors. The VIP marker reveals your position entirely.
  4. I've been having the stutters too, but I've also had some weird kinda of lag where everything except me moves normally, but it feels like my character is taken control of. Like my char would keep moving in the same direction or walk somewhere completely different.
  5. As someone who has actually used both DMRs for several dozen (if not a couple hundred) hours. Don't use the DMR-AV for cars, atleast not as a goto choice for AV. You are better off using an ALIG or a Dog Ear. The DMR-AV only really shines at 85m+ or if the enemy isn't running a pioneer/vegas. Don't get me wrong, it has insane hard damage. BUT it is too slow to consistenly deal with the vegas/pioneer meta. Enemies will almost always manage to drive out of your line of sight or out of render distance. They will also manage to successfully drive up to you and attempt to kill you before the pioneer is even remotely close to critical damage. The DMR-AV is however the best choice for squishy car missions, if you can play from 85m+ range. ALIG being the king here again.
  6. Spotter A free wallhack with the only downside being that you can't resupply ammo, which is useless since there are ammo boxes and car suppliers. A spotted player has no indication of the fact that he is visible to all. Only gamesense can help you. Blowtorch This thing can outheal 90% of the hard damage in the game. Even AV guns struggle to kill a pioneer that is being repaired by a blowtorch. In fact it isn't even worth trying to do, it's easier to just kill the blowtorch user. High Burn Fuel This has enabled car gameplay like no other mod. It is absolutely game breaking. Even when I'm using a conc and an ALIG, there is still more than enough time to hop out of your car and take 0 damage from it blowing up. Even worse, you can guarantee that the remains of your car become cover by turning the driver side away from the guy trying to blow it up. Remote Det I don't mind Remote Det in Missions, but have you played Baylan recently? People just drive to the spawn points and suicide bomb you. Even if you kill the dude, remote det still works after the users death, which is just fantastic. Every couple times I spawn somewhere, I have to dodge atleast 1 or 2 remote dets before I get to shoot anyone. It's not fun. Teleporting into Cars This is the most abused "Feature" in the entire game. It is manadatory that you do this or you will never be able to compete at the higher skill tiers. Pioneer/Espacio Do I even need to say anything? -- What do you want to see balanced? Keks
  7. Why release a Shotgun when you seem to still have the rebalance going on? I doubt the last patch will be the final one in the forseeable future. Imagine winning this thing just to have it reworked next month or so. Edit: Apparently it's not a shotgun by game mechanics, but only visually? Where are the stats?
  8. I'm glad this was finally pointed out by someone. Can't believe it went under the radar for the entire 9 years I've been here !!
  9. Probemlet är att om man nerfar skadan bara lite för mycket kommer alla scouts och andra snipers direkt vara bättre. Bästa hade varit om de aldrig lagt in den i spelet och scout hade varit standard tbh bara ge scout 850 så är hvr mindre cancer ))
  10. Being able to 1vs2,3,4,5 is a form of skill Taking down a single enemy in a coordinated attack is a form of skill Avoiding being outnumbered is a form of skill Aiming is a form of skill Ammo management is a form of skill Deciding when to engage is a form of skill Deciding when to disengage is a form of skill Knowing the advantages and limitations of weapons is a form of skill Knowing the map is a form of skill Utilizing the map to your advantage is a form of skill Understanding the spawn system is a form of skill Abusing the spawn system is a form of skill Knowing when to rely on others is a form of skill Knowing when others need to rely on you is a form of skill Do you want me to go on? Defining skill with a single sentence as "this is what it's about" is completely impossible. It has been generally categorized into mechanical skill and game sense but it's incredibly nuanced. Getting back to your example. Being outnumbered is one of the following: 1. Your fault for letting it happen (lack of that specific skill) 2. Proper movement by the enemy (showcase of that specific skill by enemy) It is entirely possible for APB to be skill-based without allowing you to instantly wipe the enemy with head shots. What you think skill is does not really matter in an objective discussion and if you wish to continue participating in those I would highly recommend to consider other perspectives before you make a statement. It makes the discussion better for everyone.
  11. With the abundance of car spawners I don't think this will be a problem large enough to justify not removing what is by far the most abused mechanic of the game. We're trading for a lesser evil here. You can already make cars unusable that way anyway, it's just a little bit harder.
  12. Getting out by teleporting when stuck is fine, getting in is abused like crazy, even if intended. If your car is blocked from both sides and you can't get in, well tough luck grab a civ car or respawn it.
  13. VanilleKeks

    two small fixes

    1. Preventing people from insta teleporting into their cars when close to objects 2. Reverting the last steel plating buff that G1 did. Approx 1 day of developer work for 134% gameplay improvement. Thanks
  14. High rank golds farming noobs aren't competitive players. They wouldn't be farming noobs if they had a competitive mindset because you WANT to play better players if you have that mindset. That same mindset helped me get to and stay within the Top 500 of the European Overwatch ladder. I wanted to play against the best, even if that meant getting stomped by semi-pros and pros countless times just to learn something. I believe the reason that many new players quit (apart from de-threaters stomping them) is because they are the wrong type of player. The way APB was advertised has been attracting a lot of casuals, which then play against the competitive mindset and feel lost. You can see that most people are casuals because the difference in skill within tiers is insane. There's bound to be different tiers of players in any shooter but I have never seen a game with THIS much divide in between. So what naturally happens over the time is that most of the more casual oriented players get filtered out and most of the competitive players stay. This results in any new players that aren't competitive in spirit getting matched against the competitive people who have spent a lot of time improving. To a large degree, this happens because of low pop and bad matchmaking. Sadly it is the devils circle we are stuck in until those things get overhauled. Edit: Just to clarify I got nothing against casual players. In fact over the last two years I've been going at APB with a more casual approach because high skill competitive missions became rarer and rarer (because pop ans matchmaking).
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