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  1. Talking about extremely high IQ and using Ben Shapiro quotes? Why is everyone taking this bait again?
  2. As an expert in the "2 teamkills make 5 frags" strat, I wholeheartedly recommend explosives.
  3. "There aren't enough golds to play in gold district" I was there waiting when they locked it. I was part of that little group of peeps some years ago, who wanted to bring people into gold by joining the districts and waiting. I can use that as an excuse tbh. Regardless, ideally only the top 10% of current golds should actually be gold. Problem is with this pop we are looking at like 20 people in that case. Perhaps a new threat level above gold would be nice, but that will only be a nice change if we have more players. Hopefully after phasing and threat being reworked, harder measures will be taken against de-threaters as well.
  4. I would be willing to pay up to 50 bucks to have my characters reviewed and transferred to citadel. This would please whomever wants to play on citadel, but would also kill NA entirely for others, pop wise. There is no good choice here it seems.
  5. De-threaters are the worst pest of this game. I have reported so many of them (in case you don't know, de-threating has been put as its own re portable offense a while ago). However the report system is just placebo anyway. If it were me I would perma ban these people the first time I see them de-threat. I don't care about their reason, they are the scum of the game. Stop whining and get good at the game. If your friends are bad at the game and can't hit gold, take a break until phasing is in, or get good together. Don't ruin it for the few new players we still get because your group can't be arsed to put in some effort. It's pathetic and eventually, you will get punished. Also, I hate it when someone says "I get stomped in silver district". So what? If it's not enjoyable for you to get stomped, why would it be for others in bronze? If you're going to be this selfish hypocrite, at least shut up and just do your thing. To have the audacity to whine about it, is absolutely disgusting.
  6. It was most likely set to 1000 because it was intended to be completed over several years on the side, not all at once. Perhaps in the future, turning in vehicles will be made worth it, so a natural progression develops.
  7. At this point the jericho provider has messed up so many times I would really encourage you to change if possible. If not now, maybe for after 3.5 since having them fail on you again after such a big update just musn't happen.
  8. I don't think we'll get anywhere aslong as you keep making me out to be some condescending snob. Not once did I say that I have expertise in anything, or that I am some top tier player myself. I simply used some of my past experiences to try and add some context to where I am coming from. In fact, I purposely tried to make sure that I leave my person out of this as much as possible. What I called victim complex was the fact that you seem to feel attacked when there is no reason to be. In hindsight it wasn't the term I was looking for, so excuse me for that. Also, I have "assisted the cause" many, many times over the years. At this point there is not much to be said, that's just how it is. I have stated my criticisms to LO multiple times before and I don't see a point in repeating myself over and over. LO know what's up and they are working on things. This isn't me saying that things are okay, and it's also not me disregarding things alltogether. The problem isn't that LO doesn't understand, or doesn't listen. The problem is that so far we haven't found what we need. There is no need to point things out anymore, instead why not make proposals? Want a new anti-cheat? Other policies? Well do your research and make a thread with a proposal. Put some effort into it. We don't need people that point out things LO have heard 100 times before. Come up with solutions instead. And if you propose solutions and face major backlash. maybe it isn't a good one? This peanut mob or whatever you call them doesn't just come out of nowhere. I have made several proposals over the years with both good and bad feedback, that's just how it is. The way you deal with that determines whether or not you get a mob against you. I don't see this evil cult of trolls you keep referring to anywhere.
  9. I wrote these things for context to my answers/conclusions. There was no intention to "stroke myself" and neither was it meant to be condescending towards you. The fact that you interpret it like that is your problem to fix. If I can't bring my background to an argument, it has no actual meaning. Maybe if you stopped feeling attacked when there was no hostility, you'd also cry cheater less after you get beaten up ingame. Stop implying that I don't want the game fixed. You don't speak for me. I want these issues resolved just like anyone else who's a fan of this game. The difference is that I don't sit here with a victim complex, demanding LO change things while putting in zero effort of my own to come forward with solutions. You, who only complain and never provide anything useful, are just as much of a pest as those "trolls" you hate so much. For reference, this is actual hostility.
  10. Well I think this guy is probably a lost cause, so I wrote this mostly for anyone else that happens to read the reply and maybe rethinks some stuff. It also gave me something active to do while eating my breakfest instead of just auto-pilot watching some youtube video, so I wouldn't consider it a waste of time really. But yeah you are right, we'se seen a couple hundred of these cult leader type forum users over the years haven't we.
  11. Don't come to me with that "players who wanna get better" crap. I used to coach in overwatch from the lowest to the highest (non-professional) skill rank. I have heard that so many times it makes me sick. Almost no one, and i mean that literally, who makes these types of complaints has ever improved significantly. This is a mentality that persists throughout all pvp games, so it applies to APB as well. I don't wanna start a lecture here, but people who afters years of play still consistently make the same mistakes, have no room for shifting the blame. Neither do they want to seriously improve, because if they did, these mistakes would no longer happen constantly by now. The majority of these posts are just nicely worded rants, posted right after something bad happened in game. I know it, I've been guilty myself. There is no desire for constructive critiscism, only for people to chime in to the tune. This thread literally starts off with "We the remaining players of APB". That guy is so up his own rectum, he decides to speak for the entire APB community. And you want to tell me that he's just a player who simply wants to improve? Furthermore, can you explain what you mean by "blatant cheaters"? For me that's someone who helicopter snaps, maybe for someone else it's someone who min TTKs them with an FBW. See what I mean by "opinions change"? Also, I have been here for years. I know a lot of people through out all the different levels of skill. I have my ways of knowing what's going on in the game without actually playing 24/7. And what the hell do you mean that we are being ignored? They literally just implemented another new Anti-Cheat because "we the people of APB" said that BE was faulty. Is EAC the right decision? Who knows, it's just about a month old so give it some time. However, just because the implementation of EAC doesn't satisfy you, it doesn't mean that we are being ignored. As to why I wasn't constructive? Like i said earlier, this thread was never meant to be constructive, or to gather constructive feedback. This is a decision I made from my own experiences, so yeah I could be wrong, but I doubt it in this case. Maybe the fact that this is now the second constructive reply I've given to you in this awful thread, should ring a bell for you? You know just as well as I do that this is a run of the mill complaint thread with no substance, so don't come here critiscising me like some forum hero.
  12. The game will be dead after engine upgrade too because the engine upgrade doesn't fix the game, it only allows for it to be fixed. Whether pr not the thing hits tomorrow or in 2 months, we still got a long way to go.
  13. "jericho has a lot of cheaters" > jericho has 2 players and one of them is Sadira afking in Social
  14. I've criticised the way both LO and G1 handle cheaters several times. The difference is that I tried to put some effort into it. Not some "we the people demand" crap like this thread is. Apart from that, what you quoted was me making fun of the OP, not my actual opinion or anything meant to have substance in the first place. I haven't played a lot of EAC APB because I moved countries, but I could already tell from BE that it was significantly better for quite some time. I would assume EAC does similarly. Fact of the matter is that these type of demand threads rarely contain anything useful and are often made by players who barely manage to be average. Cry elitism all you want, but the opinions change throughout the skilltiers and you rarely see any top tier player say the game is "infested". Though, by the logic these people use, all the top tier players would be cheating and cover for their friends of course. As for actual blatant cheaters, I do agree that some sort of secondary mechanism to deal with the helicopters would be nice.
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