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  1. BattleEye is a thorn in many players' eyes for many different reasons. Cheaters, crashes, bugs or kicks for random stuff. I don't want to discuss how good or how bad BattleEye is more than I have to, but I want to inquire about any future plans. Be their reasons justified or not, we are losing players fast. This is unfornutate because you just released an amazing patch that finally gave us a breath of fresh air. I suppose some very dedicated pioneer users decided to take a break, but it's clear to anyone active in the communities around this game that there is severe dislike towards BattleEye. BattleEye seems to struggle. While it does kick for macro programs like AutoIT and probably bans free clients, the amount of cheaters is rising. Even within higher skill communities there seems to be pretty wide spread acknowledgement of the problem (similar to late stage FairFight). Surely I can't speak for everyone but I have not heard anyone praise BattleEye. Yesterday we barely managed to keep two silver districts alive on a friday night. A pop of 133 was online at around 1AM. Sure that's late but the drop in players even around prime time just confirms the fact that we are sinking. What I also dislike is that there doesn't seem to be any solution. I don't have one and from my research there isn't that much more that would be worth it for such a small game. Bundle that together with the overall "meh" reception of the beta test and I think we got some tough times ahead.
  2. Cloud based password management yikes. Rather use a file based manager and keep spare copies on USBs.
  3. Imagine blaming LO for decisions that the previous company implemented while also completely ignoring the solutions that LO has made/plans to correct the bad decisions of the previous company.
  4. What a useful cheat. I'm including that in my new release of Cl0wncoreprogram
  5. How do you not recognize that footage instantly? That is APB Culture
  6. Making the game more RNG to "counter" Macros and Cheaters is probably the worst idea. There will always be bad apples so making the game a casino is just hurting everyone else. I don't need recoil which is exact like in Counter Strike, but I also don't want every gun to be a Carbine. There is certainly a balance to achieve. Make guns with simimar accuracies to OSCAR (little RNG) and PMG (manageable RNG) and we're gucci.
  7. I'm fashionably late to this party. Thanks for thinking about me. Good patch. My mission is completed ... for now.
  8. At this point they only serve as arenas for arranged games, the occasional ramraider or guy testing some settings.
  9. Hello Sakebee, high burn fuel not having any downside is really leaving a sting in my heart. Luckily I'm not allergic !
  10. I am going to re-schedule my Clubnight with the boys for this. I hope I don't come to regret this decision. Good fortune to all.
  11. You know what else should last 4 hours? A cooldown fror high burn fuel. Thanks team
  12. I'm only here to ask for nerfs and removal of the bullshoot in this game
  13. It's overused because the other green mods are absolute garbage, with flack jacket being an exception as it can sometimes be good. Clotting Agent is fine on its own, just buff/rework the other mods.
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