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  1. Can I just say that this is about more than just the cheater policy. I named them as examples but it's not the only thing the thread is about. I did criticize their cheater policy previously in a friendlier tone but this is mostly about the volunteer system and general GM presence. @SillyBear I have been very vocal about this outside of the forums for a longer period of time. The only reason I am now taking it to the forums is because I feel I have been patient long enough. The forums seem to be the only place where you can reach LO in a reasonable amount of time.
  2. I think a thing that people often forget in range discussions is car game play. Thankfully the average player doesn't utilize the pioneer outside of some CQC rushes. There are a lot of areas in the game where you can completely negate the downsides of your weapon by driving around in the pioneer. This can be abused to a disgusting degree. One of the greater areas for this is around the skate park in financial. Play it right and you have no need to ever switch weapons. Perfect example is the JG, it has crap range on paper but all you need to do is corner peak them once and secure a kill. Then, you can car game their spawns (Obviously I'm ignoring objectives here for the sake of the argument). You can fight in open areas where normally your shotgun would be completely crippled. Equip a blowtorch and high burn fuel to completely negate AV weapons. What's the point in changing range values when there exists an essentially no downside way of positioning yourself unharmed. As someone who has used a lot of AV weapons, it's way too much effort to take down a fully slotted pioneer. It can survive an OSMAW direct hit at full health, the driver has enough time to jump out and with high burn fuel, even if I kill the car the dude won't die because of it. Then he can just proceed to OCA me down from behind the cover of the burned up car and I can't do anything because I'm committed to AV. Volcano can get a quick kill at longer ranges, but skilled drivers can avoid the second hit easily. DMR AV? It takes more than a mag to kill the car, that's 7 shots + reload time and then a couple more. 90% of the time the pioneer can drive behind cover or outside render distance. Even if I do kill it, high burn exists. Dog Ear is similar. My point is that if we made this overpowered tank more manageable, people would naturally switch to more appropriate weapons. As it stands currently, you can keep one gun the entire mission in a lot more missions than you should be able to, simply because you can drive this mobile bunker. Then, after we see a more accurate meta that isn't inflated by car gaming, we can start tweaking values.
  3. High rank spinbots are rare, but you can go to EU asylum right now, the dude should still be there blatantly botting. No spins but you get the picture.
  4. Hey, I'm starting to get really tired of this. There is absolutely zero in-game moderation. Garbage in district chat every day, cheaters who bypass BattleEye (albeit less overall) can rampage without consequences (Some blatant spinbotters are r200+ which is completely embarrassing to have in your game, but you don't care it seems). Your "GMs" are busy getting off on the attention from social district chat, or teleporting people onto roofs (Which is nice on its own, but when that's all they do, it's not). As I'm writing this post there's a r228 enforcer just blatantly aimbotting everyone down in EU-Asylum, zero attempt at hiding it. I wonder how many weeks I'm gonna see him around? I have made nice and structured posts about this before, but frankly why should I bother? I'll keep it constructive but you have lost my respect, and my trust when it comes to ingame issues. This is the worst the ingame moderation has ever been. You might argue that a particular horse enthusiast has done worse things, which is true, but I'm talking about the overall system here. Stop filling the game with people that lack authority. Why are you re-opening volunteer applications again when the system is this horrible? Does it not cross your mind how destroying the reputation of the GM tag is a bad thing? Give them their own separate tag so that I can know whether it's a glorified SPCM or someone who can help me. What are new players supposed to think when some dude who's blatantly snapping to all angles can go on unharmed because the "GM" they are in contact with can only watch and do nothing? You seem so keen on being transparent, so why not tell us what your GMs can do? Mute? Kick? Freeze? It doesn't look like they have any actual impact, just some tools to delay things. What's the difference between volunteers and GMs? It doesn't seem like actual employed GMs are ever around. Even for actual staff GMs, word is that they cannot ban. Is this true? The list of questions just goes on and on. Give us a blogpost about the current ingame moderation. Tell us what is going on. It's frustrating to see this part of your company be such a complete mess.
  5. I must say it's truly astonishing how some people that were banned on accounts with hundreds of dollars spent, start cheating again after being given such a massive second chance. I don't understand. Edit: Overall I don't think the situation is that bad overall. Still, seeing blatant spinbotters rampage for days is disheartening.
  6. Give N-tec 5 the Scoped N-tec stats. Scoped N-tec is a better range killer but it has actual downsides, Spotter is beyond overpowered. Even if they made it so that you can see when you are tagged, it's still a free wallhack for essentially no effort. Same goes for car radar. JG is absolutely busted. You can hit 1/3rd of the pellets and then still two tap. The counter argument here is the bad range but this can be completely negated with a pistol, or car gaming whenever you can. Especially with this being a 3rd person game, corner peaking with this thing is absolutely ridiculous. Nfas is stupid for the same reasons, all-though that one is a little easier to avoid. OCA has too much range and whisper is beyond brain-dead, As someone who has been practicing snipers lately, HVR is still insanely powerful. Quickswitching is also still viable if done at more than ~20m. If you play it right you won't even feel the clumsiness of that zoom nerf.
  7. What discrimination? These days gold district just means empty district and silver means full, really. If you are in a gold district that's fine, but doing it in an active silver district like that one person is, and I quote cookie here: - A banana move
  8. @Saxtus Perhaps if you got 10 players ready for some goofing, go to a gold district? It's not like players outside of your player events are necessary for them to work. I don't see how district population matters for something like that. Looking at the first clip alone, you got some people messing with the physics using a dumpster. Why are you taking up 10 slots or so for something that can be achieved just fine in an empty district? Also "bounty hunting" might be a legit thing to do (albeit useless in terms of value, really), but if you are just standing around doing nothing except sometimes shoot a car to not get AFK kicked, might as well do it somewhere else.
  9. Glad we got some people here with more insight in the topic than me. I really just wanted to point this out but I'm not that invested into the whole thing.
  10. Well, i'll just type it here again for context, but the chance of dozens of themes being perfectly recreated by ear is very small. Not to mention that cheats like this have existed before, so the possibility of a new breach seems more reasonable to me. They might have fixed the old way to do it but there's always more than one path.
  11. Hey, there are currently two or three accounts spamming the market with themes on citadel. These themes are stolen. I know this because I own several of the originals on NA. Furthermore, the themes listed are made by many popular artists, some of them don't even play anymore. Obviously the chance of all these different artists re-creating their themes on the same character is pretty slim. They are also sold for only 125k which is a lot lower than the standard for those (At least the once I know about). This sucks because it really devalues some of the more rarer themes (Yes, some themes are a valuable thing whether you want it or not). The money these stolen themes generate will most likely be used to buy legendary weapons in order to "clean" the cash. It's also a banana move and achievable only with cheats. I would like you to look into this please. Kind Regards Vanille
  12. To know, not know we must. In General, the rewards of the season announced will be. Only then, decision is a possibility.
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