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  1. After an incredible 30 seconds of googling I've found numerous cases of Battle Eye blocking files used by re-shade. So most likely it won't let you start the game, and if it does I wouldn't risk it. Not to mention APB already runs horrible so I wouldn't wanna impact the performance further.
  2. i only kill carspawners when they happen to be in my path or if they are absolutely crucial for the enemy. Consistently estroying car spawners and mobile radars is tedious as hell. And also boring
  3. If you reported 30 people in one play session, you are the one that should be punished.
  4. Well since they both increase the same form of bloom you'd be looking at one hell of an inaccurate weapon. But, what if we just removed the orange mod category, and turned, HS,RS,HMS into red mods? Then you'd have to actively choose and sacrifice one bonus for another. Want more accuracy in marksman (HS)? Well you gonna have to lose out on lesser TTK (CJ) and more effective range (IR). I'm not saying this would be a good thing, but I'm interested in seeing how that would play out.
  5. this is an idea i just got in my head and spent around 2 seconds thinking about, but what if they just made IR a orange mod
  6. No, can you stop spreading false information
  7. No, V switching does nothing else than move your camera & crosshair.
  8. The only advantage that V switching mid fight gives you is moving your crosshair left or right. If used correctly in close range it can minimize the time to readjust your aim should you have to. Using this the right way (not just spamming it like an idiot) is a nice high skill technique that rewards those who practice it. It shouldn't be crippled at all. The same goes for people who use the lean function correctly. We don't need to cripple whatever skillgaps are still existent. Edit: Of course it's not just close range where it's useful. It works at long range too, especially snipers can benefit from the crosshair movement since at a certain distance (don't have the exact number in my head, you just kinda feel it) the V switch moves the crosshair the perfect distance to land on strafing and dodging enemies.
  9. The reason people are better than you after 2 years is because the good players that beat you have been here for atleast 3 times that amount Gotta stock up on them years lad
  10. Lets say I coudlve payed off 8% off my student debt instead
  11. Red names for scanning in general. When looking through glass or doors that hide player names, I go off of the memory of the enemies character in my head. When the opportunity arises I can also use this to my advantage by quickly swapping to a different character outfit. A good amount of players will think you are a seperate player from the mission aslong as they can't see your red tag. It's a very situational strat though. Also keep in mind to run with your secondary out while trying this so they can't identify you with the help of the scoreboard.
  12. Don't wanna be that guy but a GM being professional in his ways is the bare minimum imo. Sadly this standard seems to rarely be kept these days so I will commend anyone who can keep it uo.
  13. Gunplay is the one thing that has been consistently enjoyable through out the yearts. Apart from some weapon imbalances, it's just right for what APB is. Changing anything major here would be an awful move imo.
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