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  1. “Bothered by everything” is quite an interesting take on this. I came here to see if there was a quick solution, not bitching and moaning or demanding some policy change now that I’m aware there’s nothing to be done about it. You’ll be okay, I promise. Also, since apparently it’s difficult to comprehend, when I’m editing symbols on my back, someone standing behind me/constantly following me stops me from seeing what my designs look like outside of the editor where the quality is better and not always accurate in game.
  2. Is there any way to ignore someone that that removes them from my screen completely while in social district? It isn't a huge deal, however I'm pretty sick of people coming up behind me (female model) and humping me via emotes and proceeding to follow me around the world when I try to move to a different area. Just annoying as hell when I'm trying to edit clothes/symbols/outfits and being followed around and emoted on constantly. Been a girl gamer my whole life so the antics aren't new or surprising, its just old and annoying. Anything I can do?? Also, not looking to report or give names over stupid harmless kids emoting but am actually curious, does this type of behavior break any rules?
  3. Oh, I'd love to hear your explanation for this. This would only be a comparison if we were talking about the US flag. No, the flag of some failed army is not comparable to the flag that represents a country as a whole. Name a part of UK throughout history that unilaterally decided to secede from the union in armed rebellion. THAT would be a comparable flag.
  4. The flag of the army that fought to own slaves is, and will always be, inherently political. "It represents rebellion." And the confederates were rebelling in order to retain their rights to do what? To own WHO? I don't care about the flag, but you geezers need to realize that time has passed and the confederate flag does not carry the same meaning for a lot of the population as it does for you. Because Dukes of Hazard is no longer culturally relevant to new generations. The confederate flag is now mostly seen as exactly how it was intended to be perceived by those who started flying it - a flag to represent the army who fought to enslave people. Failed traitors. Whatever you want to call them. Just because the flag is not political TO YOU, does not mean it isn't to tons of other people. As a business, with an already struggling playerbase, it is not surprising whatsoever that stuff like this is not allowed anymore. And to the comment "its been allowed for the last 15 years" .... how about we think how many things that were considered normal 15 years ago are now unacceptable. That's is just what happens when time passes.
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