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  1. Probemlet är att om man nerfar skadan bara lite för mycket kommer alla scouts och andra snipers direkt vara bättre. Bästa hade varit om de aldrig lagt in den i spelet och scout hade varit standard tbh bara ge scout 850 så är hvr mindre cancer ))
  2. Being able to 1vs2,3,4,5 is a form of skill Taking down a single enemy in a coordinated attack is a form of skill Avoiding being outnumbered is a form of skill Aiming is a form of skill Ammo management is a form of skill Deciding when to engage is a form of skill Deciding when to disengage is a form of skill Knowing the advantages and limitations of weapons is a form of skill Knowing the map is a form of skill Utilizing the map to your advantage is a form of skill Understanding the spawn system is a form of skill Abusing the spawn system is a form of skill Knowing when to rely on others is a form of skill Knowing when others need to rely on you is a form of skill Do you want me to go on? Defining skill with a single sentence as "this is what it's about" is completely impossible. It has been generally categorized into mechanical skill and game sense but it's incredibly nuanced. Getting back to your example. Being outnumbered is one of the following: 1. Your fault for letting it happen (lack of that specific skill) 2. Proper movement by the enemy (showcase of that specific skill by enemy) It is entirely possible for APB to be skill-based without allowing you to instantly wipe the enemy with head shots. What you think skill is does not really matter in an objective discussion and if you wish to continue participating in those I would highly recommend to consider other perspectives before you make a statement. It makes the discussion better for everyone.
  3. With the abundance of car spawners I don't think this will be a problem large enough to justify not removing what is by far the most abused mechanic of the game. We're trading for a lesser evil here. You can already make cars unusable that way anyway, it's just a little bit harder.
  4. Getting out by teleporting when stuck is fine, getting in is abused like crazy, even if intended. If your car is blocked from both sides and you can't get in, well tough luck grab a civ car or respawn it.
  5. VanilleKeks

    two small fixes

    1. Preventing people from insta teleporting into their cars when close to objects 2. Reverting the last steel plating buff that G1 did. Approx 1 day of developer work for 134% gameplay improvement. Thanks
  6. High rank golds farming noobs aren't competitive players. They wouldn't be farming noobs if they had a competitive mindset because you WANT to play better players if you have that mindset. That same mindset helped me get to and stay within the Top 500 of the European Overwatch ladder. I wanted to play against the best, even if that meant getting stomped by semi-pros and pros countless times just to learn something. I believe the reason that many new players quit (apart from de-threaters stomping them) is because they are the wrong type of player. The way APB was advertised has been attracting a lot of casuals, which then play against the competitive mindset and feel lost. You can see that most people are casuals because the difference in skill within tiers is insane. There's bound to be different tiers of players in any shooter but I have never seen a game with THIS much divide in between. So what naturally happens over the time is that most of the more casual oriented players get filtered out and most of the competitive players stay. This results in any new players that aren't competitive in spirit getting matched against the competitive people who have spent a lot of time improving. To a large degree, this happens because of low pop and bad matchmaking. Sadly it is the devils circle we are stuck in until those things get overhauled. Edit: Just to clarify I got nothing against casual players. In fact over the last two years I've been going at APB with a more casual approach because high skill competitive missions became rarer and rarer (because pop ans matchmaking).
  7. People not playing against certain players has nothing to do with overtime. Overtime is a feature that was introduced to make those games that are really close in skill, more even. Overtime is not designed to be a crutch against enemies that severely outclass you and neither should it be. P5 and overtime were designed for different purposes so I don't think it's reasonable to discuss these in the same argument. Coming from a ranked Overwatch perspective, I know that overtime can be really rewarding without destroying the experience of the team losing because of it. In fact in Overwatch, both teams can manipulate the spawns by paying attention to some game mechanics (which I'm not gonna go into detail here), which means that both teams can potentially gain from the Overtime feature. I don't think it should be removed, in fact I think it should be improved upon. As an example, for some missions, capturing a point does not prevent the mission from ending, even if you are capturing all points at once because you just wiped the enemy. Fixes like that would make it even better. Overtime is a complimentary feature to decent matchmaking. In a world where you don't constantly go against people that are either way below or above your skill, it's a great addition that allows for rewarding clutch plays.
  8. This system has been consistently critiqued and ranted over for close to a decade now. If you want to confirm, browse the history of this and the old forum. I haven't been able to play missions (because I'm on a really bad laptop) but I have heard from within the circles of players I know that this is a great change. I also think it's a great change and I hope for it to be present when I have my PC in a couple of months.
  9. The point is that the Bounty System is bad at what it's supposed to do. It neither slows down or helps any players consistently. Which just makes it frustrating. If we had a pity system (which we shouldn't imo) that was a consistent challenge, I'm sure not as many people would mind.
  10. It doesn't go both ways. The difference is that for the person being bounty it only has a negative impact (Don't come with that negligible cash/standing increase) and for the guy that is against the bounty player, it only has positive effects. You get wall hacks and a chance that some schmuck kills your enemy, and the bounty player gets an almost unnoticeable increase in rewards. On what planet is that fair? The problem isn't so much the total amount of missions won/lost because of the bounty system, but the fact that it is completely one-sided, with one side getting all the benefits. Crims can at least pay off for some cash and lower the amount of times they get bounty by a lot, but enforcers? Well good luck. Also, I think you severely underestimate how often good (especially good enforcers) players get bounty. It is more than enough to be frustrating. If I got bounty once every 3 hours I wouldn't mind at all.
  11. When did I mention veterans? Good players don't have to be veterans. Also the change is making it easier for everyone. By how much is determined by skill. No one gets a harder game from this change. Quit acting like you'll lose a lot more missions now because your enemy can't be killed by out of missions anymore. If the outcome of your missions is consistently decided by this gimmick of a system, you have other problems to focus on. The bounty system is either useless or completely unfair, that is part of it being badly designed. If you really like the bounty system, advocate for a rework and quit protesting this change.
  12. I think the problem is that people see this as a primarily open world experience, when in reality it is a shooter with open world elements. This distinction is important to point out, because I believe it to be the reason that a lot of new players quit the game very fast because of this misconception. The core gameplay loop is always a shooter. Sure you can interact with and see players on the entire map, but you're mostly just directly affecting people that are your enemies, apart from the occasional car crash with some other player(or if you actively grief, I guess). You can do ramraiding, mugging, turning in vehicles or hunting bounties, but you can tell from the fact that these system are not fleshed out and not worth your time, that it wasn't the focus of the developer. Social is also just essentially a separated skin store, where you can chat. You go to social, "craft" a nice skin for you, your car or add some music, and then you go back to a separate instance to shoot people. APB is only an MMO by definition, in reality it's not as black and white. It doesn't offer nearly as much of freedom as you think at the start. I hate the comparison, but in GTA Online you can do a lot more stuff than just shooting other players or stealing stuff. APB needs to be marketed as a shooter with an open world setting. Marketing it as this cops and robbers MMO has been attracting the wrong kind of crowd. The crowd which doesn't like competitive shooters. While APB is certainly not ready for a competitive scene, it is competitive by nature because it is a PVP shooter. Getting back on topic, the bounty system is not something I dislike the concept of. It's just not enjoyable in its current state. Yes, it is a problem that is more annoying to high tier players than the average player, but does that make it ok? No. Since you didn't like the comparison to an FPS, lets go with one from an MMO. If I grind my patootie off getting decent gear and mastering my abilities in an MMO, nobody is gonna punish me for that, in fact it's the opposite. So why should I be punished in this "MMO"? Punishing people for being good is NEVER a good idea. What if you (not you specifically Salvick, I'm shouting into the room here) find a game and it turns out you're really good at it? You wouldn't like it at all if something tried to slow your progress on purpose. I can guarantee you that.
  13. The Bounty System is not tense after the 1500th time, hell even after the first 50 it probably isn't. It's not like many people these days actually go out of their way for bounties. I remember years ago it actually felt tense, but nowadays people have learned that it's just not worth their time. It's not "Wow the entire District is going after me, I need to be careful!". The reality is: That one dude with an HVR who just happened to have their own mission next to yours can potentially lose you a mission. Even when you consider it as a negative feedback loop, which it hardly even is, it's not a good design choice because it isn't consistently slowing down the good players. It's simply RNG. Most of the time it's just slightly annoying and the other times it can be absolutely mission ruining, which no one enjoys. Imagine if I have a decent score in CSGO and now there's a random chance that my bomb explodes on me when planting/defusing. That's what the Bounty System feels like. The Bounty System was bad at what it was intended to do, so it needs to stay removed or be completely reworked.
  14. If you honestly believe that I don't see you having a good time coming back. No amount of changes by LO will ever fix that mindset.
  15. I consider being told to quit and play another game a valuable piece of advice. The manners are a little off but otherwise it's solid.
  16. Deep Impact is good but it's hard to use. It's not better than the OPGL in terms of kill potential because the OPGL is actually OP when mastered. Don't play the DI like an OPGL, play it like you had 12 concs and a pistol. The DI concs have a bigger blast radius than the normal which many players don't utilize. You don't have to be as close on target with the nade to deal full damage which is amazing when mastered. In terms of explosives, opgl, osmaw, volcano and DI are what is viable. Just to give some context, I have atleast 800h on explosive weapons and I consistently fragged top 1-5 with 90% explosives (rest being pistol kills) in fightclubs. I was also able to beat above average players consistently, but there is a point where you need to swap. Going against stacks of decent (for me that means better than above average) players with explosives just ain't viable. I'm aware it's basically anecdotal evidence with a pinch of bragging but I just wanted to tell you that it's viable if you practice. Kind Regards Keks
  17. Hello will ue fix my bad fps? Game unplayable Specs: Can't believe I can't run such and old game! 20 FPS uncceptable !! thanks for reply
  18. I'd be down for it to return. I think it would make more sense to launch it parallel to the engine upgrade as an extra incentive. You'd essentially reward people for testing the thing.
  19. I compromised the website and made it so that whenever you check the HVR page a giant dong pops up on your screen
  20. I'd prefer that they let me rent the guns for half the price or perhaps even for free once I had maxed the role. Since they aren't on ARMAS anyway I don't see the point in not making them permanent or pseudo-permanent. If not that just put a 3 slot OPGL in the JT store I guess.
  21. I can say that not playing any games for over 2 months now and starting some other hobbies has positively affected my view on gaming. I no longer see gaming as part of my daily routine and have gone back to viewing it as a fun past time activity. I now have a list of games in my head that I will play once I have built a new computer some time next year. All these games I've always wanted to play but never did because I was "busy" playing "name of go to game". If you want APB to become more fresh again, or perhaps gaming less stale as a whole, I suggest staying away from all gaming for a little while and make some new connections in your brain. Kind offtopic but just my 2 cents
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