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  1. Confirming issue resolved for me, try again jericho players.
  2. Thanks azukii, your response time was very quick! <33
  3. Hey just wanted to give an update that upon logging i recieve error code 9, i think login servers are down for jericho players, those that are ingame do not logout you wont be able to get back in. Hope this helps so you can nicely pat your engineers and see what they cant do.
  4. Its just stressful when ya you try and a trainee pulls out a ntec, does some bizzarre aerial spin kickss and lands everyshot, i try that and my gun blooms everywhere
  5. Looks like you favor cheaters so ima kill everone, im a crim. DEATH TO ALL AND FUCK THE TRAINEES
  6. yep no work even forums messed i click and nothing, seems like forum bugged too cant see my post
  7. Still getting "Contacting Server...." Failed ERROR 9.
  8. yep no work even forums messed i click and nothing
  9. Ima be the best drifter in 4x4, no one can take that from me. I miss apb so much its like a beer after a hangover, feels better, makes me feel like im wanted, community doesnt, but eff them without haters i wouldnt have a full time job every single day as a player. Then the coffee comes and its like "The heck i just say?!?" I care too much, i love yall working hard to bring back a game that hasnt been given love. Im stubborn, ticked off just as much as the dude who c4'd my base in rust, but in the end you get on your feet and still fight for it. Its human nature. I just want my game back, and thank you @ Matt Scott for doing your best with a very handsome team you have. I apologize for being a thorn in your anus. It's just...I can't find, play or review any other game. That should be enough to explain to you that even tho im a douchebag at times, i still do care. Hope yall can get it fixed. Im sure you will.
  10. Thats just how it is, welcome to APB Reloaded. Its a PvP game, people gonna hate on ya for the shit ya do, just show em the red flag and ignore em. LO knows who i am but i changed just cause i care too much, stop bashing dethreaters and enjoy the game, if ya cant do that, best ya move on brother.
  11. Yes, you are correct, but at 4am and silver ( golds paradise ) its emty, so players who are gold, cant play.....They dethreat to rejoin the population. Any smart person would do this reguardless of the haters, if they didnt....all these new players wouldnt have a opposition, district would be dead. Cant have that cause all of us CARE, we play to have fun, i still teach newbies about tutorial and how shit works. But im the bad guy cause i did it on purpose...tired of being sweaty against HARD golds. PS: I accept my ban if it infringes on the ToS but at 4am theres fuck all to fight, its all in bronze, im truly sorry.
  12. It is technically dethreating. When threat is lost from gold to silver, what else you gonna say it is? Dethreats happen to players who think they gold, but in reality just got gold off a lucky win. When you drop from gold to silver, its classed as "Dethreating" do not sugar coat it, thats the effing truth. Thats how it is, and you have to deal with it or in rare cases LO bans you for exploitation of the threat system. So either you accept you are garbage and get silver and be honest and its all goods, but if ya dont play a mission and stand there, yeah....you are a deliberate dethreater that scares off new players in bronze ( if they aint rerolls )
  13. If someone is on your case cause you got silver from gold, tell them "Enjoy silver district at 4am when its empty and all the pop is in bronze" they'll rage LUL
  14. To those complaining about dethreaters, i cant stress this enough...Some people get gold in bronze, think they are good and get shit on by real golds and become silver. They between good and skilled. A mix match that usually ends up as a infinite loop like this > silver > gets gold > players in silver, get rekt, gets silver, goes back to bronze, repeats. Thats how it is cause their threat system is fk'd
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