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  1. It happens to me too, dont worry bout it, sometimes get that but the bottom line saids general protection fault, just skip it. Be glad it doesnt happen when booting the game up, then it would be a problem. Kudos! Edit: Also forgetting that APB isnt meant to run on newer systems, i think the first time apb release was on a CD for like what Windows 2000 could be wrong.
  2. Good Job Little Orbit! My head was in the sand hole for a long time, not anymore! HOORAY!
  3. Dog Represents the entire community trying to login and the cat is the database center.
  4. I understand, engine update aint no walk in the park, sure its taking forever we get that, may not even have the players we recently had, ya cant rush creativity, cause that what dev's do, you play their game they still developing, how they in the wrong, g1 never did crap and LO did. You need to realize every game like this goes through the same process. Stop getting so mad. Who knows what they'll add, might get helicopters and we're all fudged, but you don't know that, neither do i. Just relax and try to have a good night, wake up and bam game back on. Its not just about you, we all in this together, and god dannit i feel pain too, relax guy, we feel the same pain, we play how many hours of our day? Now ya know, a dev has a life too, lay off for awhile.
  5. Hey guy no one forced you to play their game, when you accepted the Terms of Service, you accepted to "THEIR" terms, so unfortunately ya just gonna have to wait. Play it while ya got it, don't get butthurt when it's offline, no one here wished this at all. We just the same player like you that wishs to login and play. Thats all. Relax.
  6. Wasn't intended, not everyone feels the same as you do, relax, stuff will get fixed, give it "time"
  7. Sony doesn't even exist anymore, who owns a playstation, its all desktops/laptops, portable stuff, we wanna play on the go, not a item that runs an eye across a disc. Truth. Sure desktops arn't portable but its the master technology, and for those that own a desktop, they enjoy the joys of its power, reguardless of what game you play.
  8. AquaSensei

    Satchel Buffs

    Thats what most grenadiers dont think of, its a type of grenade, c4 if you will, make a use for them but they do need a CD decrease @BrandonBranderson
  9. To add, i jumped around, movement is good, no lag when i jumped around so the servers are stable. Its the Login Server, Contacting District login.
  10. Hey guise did some testing myself, the login servers do adhere to a wrong password but when the correct password is put in, it takes a good while, just wait im in social right now. Theres something with login servers attempting but cant complete, i suspect something of a player involvement, but when ya wait you can get in. I have a small notion someone or something is making the login server actions withdraw. Im not a tech so i dont know but this my experience hope this helps. Posted 7:48pm 2019-05-03 CT
  11. this is what i get for being a weeboo XD oh shit i dont know how to respond
  12. I dont know how to include my post with my last but LO if ya need funding for better ddos protection let me know, just looked at cloudfare plans, they offer a wide variety and commercial security, biggest plan is $39 USD, ill help only if ur willing to accept it, hit me back or calll me, i got a phone aint posting it here.
  13. its some mad kid obviously and it needs to stop bout to make an offer to LO for better ddos protection im severely tired of this crap. I dont mind spending 19 dollars a month for good ddos protection, i love this game as much as the next guy
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