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  1. meh, always happens when i spend $34 or more, ima star spending on other steam games
  2. nope even after 4 hours after the ten, "OFFLINE" mode enabled. POGGERS.
  3. Customization, certant events and moments. I personally like the drifting in 4x4, reminds me of Burnout, nothing beats a drifting the park circle in financial
  4. Imagine being mad about a hardware upgrade. GG LO
  5. they have to feed the gerbils, so the wheel still runs poggers XD
  6. Muffler Hid Radar Tower While Coasting...probly why they didnt like it....so much for parking my car on objectives and using remote detonator....lol my loadout WAS Radar Tower / Muffler / Steel Plating 3 / Explosives 3. Back to Using Mobile Munitions ( or spawner ) / Nitrous 3 / Steel Plating 3 / Fast Fix 3. For those complaining about spotter, lmao ya might aswell remove flare gun, firework launcher and tagger. Its gonna be one of those topics that never ends just constant complaining about character / car mods.... and then you're gonna get a paragraph about these 4 below. xD Anywho hope yall having fun! o7 Radar Tower = Car Spotter Spotter = Xray Flare/Firework launcher = Xray Tagger = Xray Maybe make radar tower only work with a character mod that turns it on for 8 seconds?
  7. I get it but, then again i know what they have BEEN trying to do but...it seems like im walking through a ghost town, ya know. Poop happens, just a few bits of gathered up hope that got dropped.
  8. Gonna keep it short but respectful as i can. We all were happy when LO took over G1, and that was a great day! Now we have problems, stuff like LO saying "Were working hard on the engine upgrade, while restoring login servers to their respected servers". Okay cool you did that second part, but it's been how long now? I'm sorry but im beginning to think Little Orbit is GamersFirst in a new name. You promise, but can't show. You provide screenshots of so called update, but again, no show. You patch weapons and game mechanics, yet AGAIN no update. You unban pretty much every cheater in a unban wave that was banned previously cause you didnt know who was legit or cheat once you were in control. Easy Anti Cheat is obviously disabled on your end. Ima fill you in with some of my experience. Simple > infested with bots/cheaters/aimbots 1 Rust server has double if not triple the population of ALL of APB and wanna know the best part? There's only one developer "Helk" and he releases a update every month. How come it takes 18 moderators 3 developers and 1 ceo to not release an update after taking over, and its been 4 months. How bout instead of lying to the community and just raking in that ARMAS funding to go to Las Vegas like Tiggs did, just tell us ya can't do it? It's ballsy but you make almost $50 USD off one player that buys g1c. Never mind 10 other people, and you can't give anything back from what you take from them. I'm very upset, infact im not spending a cent on your game ever again til i get actually results. I don't just speak for myself, i speak for a vast majority of the community. Whatever you're doing on the other side....I'm not sorry, but if ya think selling off properties to china is better than fulfilling your promise....Take a hike LO. Now as for those that read, you can either get salty and toxic or help support whats left of apb, i know it, and you know it....It's gone to hell real quick. Little Orbit, I don't know what you're doing, but ya ain't doing it well. : / PS: Im copying this incase they try to delete to cover themselves up, not this time. Ima take the hit for this one and let it be known.
  9. Confirming issue resolved for me, try again jericho players.
  10. Thanks azukii, your response time was very quick! <33
  11. Hey just wanted to give an update that upon logging i recieve error code 9, i think login servers are down for jericho players, those that are ingame do not logout you wont be able to get back in. Hope this helps so you can nicely pat your engineers and see what they cant do.
  12. Its just stressful when ya you try and a trainee pulls out a ntec, does some bizzarre aerial spin kickss and lands everyshot, i try that and my gun blooms everywhere
  13. Looks like you favor cheaters so ima kill everone, im a crim. DEATH TO ALL AND FUCK THE TRAINEES
  14. yep no work even forums messed i click and nothing, seems like forum bugged too cant see my post
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