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  1. AquaSensei

    Car Height

    Heya, i had an idea for those that enjoy modifying their car. How bout the ability to raise/lower car height on cars. Something about a lowrider creating sparks on pavement makes my palms tingle.
  2. I guess ill move on then, i dont know what input lag is, im sorry im brain dead. My apologies.
  3. Even with advanced launcher ( have tried it) you still get stutters anyways, i dont know how many times ive either turned a corner in a car to crash into a wall or shoot a rocket and a civilian just pops infront of me at the beep (XD) But yes we all know lag sucks, it happens, heck it happens with all the games ive played and ya just learn to get used to it. I noticed its alot less of a problem in you get a few beers in ya (18+/21+) Meh i do feels tho, hope it gets fixed.
  4. Advanced launcher makes APB look like "Unturned" why the heck would you play APB like that when most of the community has a gaming rig meant for high everything *shrug*
  5. All i see is a bunch of players making up an excuse to cheat or gain unfair advantages. Use original launcher, don't like it? Theres the door. That simple.
  6. Used to have atleast 80 (even that is sad) players on at 4am, now its less than 30....Thanks for unbanning the cheaters and banning legits that got mouthy or rude or griefed or did something that didnt involve cheating. By the time you release engine update, your game wont have anymore players, probly just SPCT's and your staff. I don't know how you think anything can save this game, its like a burnt piece of toast now. No value anymore, no reason to login. Had fun, lost one account, thought i could continue on a reroll and realised you dont care for the community anymore. You're the same as G1. Promises and promises. But just a dead cat on the side of the road. Time to move on. Sorry bois, but as off 5:22 am, Jericho has only 17 players online down from the usual 60. Guess ya dont have to worry about banning anyone now, you have no one to ban hahaha. o7 peace
  7. Cool so ill get matchs against a player with the same weapons i have and still get rekt, thanks, glad apb ridding all the non pay to play players, good game LO.
  8. Oh yea ima just join silver and get pooped on every match and end up 0-20, least i get a kill in bronze. Dont pull the "its more fair in silver" bs, thats a fat lie and you know it, you just want kills for your next role -.-
  9. Joker ticket weapons from ophelia are not permanent and do have an expiry. Its a lease. You use them to level a certaint role to unlock a ingame cash version.
  10. Cause those threads arnt explaining, just crying about it.
  11. Hello all, i figure after reading the constant "Ima cry, im getting rekt by a dethreat player" threads, i decided to break it down for you. Trainee - Can achieve any threat depending on K/D and win. (Can join all threat districts) Bronze - Can achieve Green and Silver threat. (Can join all threat districts) Silver - Can achieve Bronze and Gold threat. (Can join Bronze and Silver District) Gold - Can Achieve Silver threat. (Can join only Silver district) Now onto the more extreme reasons why you see a gold in a lower threat district. 1) They aint good enough, they become silver, they can join bronze. 2) Their friends play in a lower threat district, they dethreat and join them. 3) Toxic but > They dethreat on purpose to have easy opposition. 4) They dethreat just cause they can. Theres no explanation but ill keep it brief. - You're new. Learn something. (Upthreat/Dethreat) - Reroll, well guess it wasnt a good time at that time. (Upthreat/Dethreat) - Maybe they did gain a unfair advantage via an aimbot or something. (Major Upthreat) -You didnt play. (Dethreat) -You chat more than actually play. (Dethreat) -You went afk. (Dethreat) -You drove away from objective (Dethreat) I get upset too but after awhile you realise its easier just to not cry about it and move on to the next match. Watch their score too, pretty easy to identify a legit from a cheater. If ya get a 4v3 and they can't call backup, you may or may not get rekt. Varies. Now to the point. Dethreating is bannable but is more of an offense if you team kill or not help your team at all. If ya stop tryharding, you can join your friends wherever, and whenever but at the same time least rock a car spawner and supply ammo to your team, otherwise yes, you are useless and considered a dethreat.
  12. Sorry @CookiePuss but just because it says so dont mean they gonna follow it. You must be a enforcer cause no criminal follows rule. I don't know how, when, or where you grew up, but yea no....Just cause it says in rules dont mean people will follow it, 11 players have been banned for this stupid rule and they have told their friends that used to casually play apb to quit and find a new game...1 player gets banned from dethreating, they tell their other friends and you banned one but you lost another 30 players, nice job. At this rate apb gonna be so dead that elvis wont be able to breathe anymore. gg (yes i know elvis is dead)
  13. Listen guy, if ya want the truth, fine. They dont care. They havn't gave two poops since they came into control, not to mention the unban waves that unbanned pretty much all the cheaters and as for dethreating...welcome to apb, where if you play in bronze you get rekt by stasis gold that is silver but is actually gold. Don't like it? Delete system32 or uninstall, simple. NEXT!
  14. Do what ya gotta do right? Its your "Briefcase" who knows what in it, we don't care for that we just want to keep it away from opposition. :3
  15. Carsurfer, 4x4 and having a certain weapon isnt an "Exploit" Its called common sense. Lets say the basics, you dont bring a sub machine gun to a hvr fight, same thing here, don't bring a non modded character or car to a briefcase fight. Don't have the proper guns, mods, you will lose, thats just how it is dude. Sorry you felt this was a "Exploit" but it isnt, a "Exploit" is like hiding a briefcase under the map with a shield or abusing a broken weapon or doing something that isnt suppose to happen. Running with car surfer and osmaw is legit. Not considered an "Exploit" Im done here.
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