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  1. Westford

    Support is trash

    Good points. I had not factored in any escalation in submitted tickets. One can only assume that the ticket "triage system" they have in place, prioritizes those tickets that truly need immediate attention.
  2. Westford

    Support is trash

    I thought this too. Matt Scott was providing regular updates for their "Customer Support" stats regularly from June - Nov 2018. The last update provided was in Nov 2018; Right now we have 2358 total tickets open (unsolved). 1944 of those tickets have not been touched (contacted). 208 of those tickets are waiting on responses from players. 2358 total number of open tickets... I think support has done very well from a total of 70,000 Job well done in my book. I did look at the APB Steam Charts for November 2018. Now..... not everyone playing APB is also registered through Steam. I'm not. What % of the APB player base is using Steam ? Good question. 50% .. ? 25% .. ? 15% .. ? Less ..? Who knows ? I dunno. I went with a 15% value and the Nov 2018 "Open Ticket" count .... just to "guesstimate" some figures. The peak number of players in Nov 2018 (according to Steam Charts), was 1076. ( I am assuming this is for all servers ) Let's round it down to 1000. If we go with a count 1000 from Nov 2018, and 15% of the player base are using steam, maybe we can "guesstimate" that the remaining non Steam connected playerbase of approx (85%) to be around 5000 players. So a total of 6000 players .. errm Characters ... whatever... not concurrent players, but the total playerbase. We could say that with an avg of 2000 open tickets per month .. (it may be much less)... and 6000 players possible opening a ticket, that would be like.. ; 3 tickets per "Character" opened , each month ... WOW !! "But I have never submitted a ticket.." Same here, I never opened a ticket. There's probably a lot of players that haven't. I have asked question here on the forum, directed at the LO staff, just like many of us. Admittedly, I was hoping to "skirt" the 3+ month wait time for a response. The LO staff have answered some questions or responded to players/customer concerns here on the forum, which is a good thing. Me personally, NO question that I have directed specifically to LO has ever been answered here on the forum. I have not yet perfected this art, but I am working on it. Customer Service Customer Satisfaction Customer Perception Customer Retention Yeah.... It's a fickle beast, and I applaud the level of communication and level of transparency thus far. Many of us , have "ALL" followed with unequivocal resolve that APB was/is, a diamond stuck in the ruff.
  3. I was not aware of this. Good to know. As far as the other complaints with regards to the suggested removal of certain Mods/Weapons in Fight Club, such as "Explosive Weapons", Radar Tower, Car Spawner...... I say... NO way. Keep them in. Are these annoying to some players ? Sure. So what ... Boo f*cken Hoo... "But it messes up my FPS" Use the Advanced Launcher, or upgrade your 2004 computer. "But it's like Wall Hacking" Although there are very few, if any cheaters since PunkBuster, FairFight , BattleEye & FairFight have been implemented, Radar Tower will aggravate some of them that slipped through. Besides, it makes me smile . So many times in FC I see all these crazy symbols in my radar... I see OPP's Radar Tower, Vehicle Spawn .. etc I will often dedicate a full FC mission to destroy all opposition assets. Yeah, I drive around with the purpose of destroying the OPP's assets. All of them. That's what I do. Is that not part of the strategy and team play ? And so you got 'owned' by a 195+ mod...... and the solution is to remove it ... ? I VOTE NO !!! EDIT: As a follow up, specific to the OP's post. If the Radar Tower is indeed bugged.,.,, than it needs to be fixed . Peace out.
  4. Westford

    gm no help???

    Just be careful.
  5. Westford

    Question: Are crash reports still of any value ?

    Got me another CRASH Report request pop up. But... hadn't heard back on my question, so I'm figuring these reports are no longer serving any purpose. So .... I cancelled. Did not send. Much Thanks....
  6. Jericho - 2/9 : 1:03am EST Login Servers are working . After login / character select / works... District Select fails... reconnects to Login Screen
  7. Daily 'I am True Gold(™) and there are very few, if any cheaters since PunkBuster, FairFight , BattleEye & FairFight have been implemented. You must be a silver, and just need to "git gud" ' thread. Add it to da pile.
  8. Westford

    option to pause premium

    I like this approach. Least ways, you could choose not to login during inoperable times, and preserve your Premium time for another day.
  9. I play once or twice a week, and usually during any of these two sessions, I inevitably experience a "crash" that provides the following option .... Not always, but at least 1 in 3 crashes during a 2hr session.. Are these still useful ?? Should we continue to send these Crash Reports ? Thank you ... EDIT: If these reports are no longer needed, I can just close out the window ... Thanks
  10. Westford

    tips for bottoming for the first time

    Begone silver before your sensibilities get the better of you.
  11. Westford

    tips for bottoming for the first time

    A silver telling another silver to be quiet. That's pure gold.
  12. Westford

    Repost - Marksmanship mode bug

    I do have an older mouse. Microsoft USB IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 This issue has been happening to me off an on for a few years in this game alone. Will experience the issue for a few weeks, and usually after an APB update, the issue is corrected. No problems for months, and then the issue comes back. I don't know if DDOS mitigation could be a factor. When I 1st had this issue, I thought that the RMB was faulty, and time for a new mouse. But when playing another game that uses RMB to zoom in, never a problem, only this game. I'll get a new mouse and see if that resolves the issue. EDIT: I tried a wireless mouse that I had laying around, and RMB was working as intended. Odd that the RMB would intermittently fail like that. Time for a new mouse. Thanks
  13. Westford

    tips for bottoming for the first time

    And I thought my posts were borderline cringe... Holy Christ EDIT: Yes, this is my nephew, Erwin ...
  14. Westford

    Repost - Marksmanship mode bug

    I thought that I may have been pressing the SHIFT key periodically over the years. So I logged into the Financial Server to test this out. No OPP, just aiming at NPC’s. ( I was incorrect when I stated "This does NOT happen when aiming & shooting at NPC's ... ie civilians ... only opposition." ) Apparently this bug is prevalent when just aiming. · Not moving · Crouch mode · Not strafing Left or Right · No Shift Key pressed · Just looking around It looks like I should submit a support ticket ... Thanks for the input.