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  1. Now, to follow up on this topic, concerning the removal of explosive weapons in Asylum..... From my experience , which is a bit limited, the explosive weapons do add a moment of "unpredictability" . Unpredictability can and in fact, and has caused problems for some players. A bouncing grenade is not a trajectory that is easily tracked. Where will it land ? Do I need to run like hell for the door on the opposite side of the room ? Will I be safe ? Yes, explosive weapons do initiate a certain level of unpredictability . This could be a problem for the opposing team. As far as FPS. My personnel thoughts might be to ; - upgrade your graphics card - add more RAM - Swapping out the Mother Board is a huge step, will probably need to ; - New CPU - New GPU (graphics card) - New RAM Until then... RUN LIKE HELL Play safe
  2. "Should they disable explosive weapons in Asylum" ? Absolutely not. Grenades, and more so the OPGL, are great tools for clearing out or softening up targets in hallways and rooms. Shock & Awe baby..
  3. Umm... I did not mean to trigger you , and for that, I am sorry. A prejudice attitude is not healthy for the soul. And just to provide a bit of enlightenment, if it helps, right-leaning players love all people. That includes minorities and women. Hell , I do.
  4. Thanks for the quick response Matt. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ G1 added these masks to make a buck. It's a novelty. Not a big deal really. The Nixon Mask has more of a Mafioso kind of look to it, more so than the Trump mask. Kind of like Humphrey Bogart seeee.... So get your Nixon mask now while still available, and, 20% off. I personally was never triggered much by these masks, I just thought they were funny. And yes, some people do get more triggered than others. Not sure if @MartinPL recommended IQ test for registered players would weed out some these overly sensitive players. Hell, it might even reduce the number of griefing reports. That's a good thing right ?
  5. Will you also be removing the Richard Nixon mask which is still available on ARMAS, or will that be staying ? (20% off BTW) https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&productId=2723 Also, for those people that did purchase the Trump Mask, will these player be allowed to keep them, or do you plan on removing them from players inventory ?
  6. This. I have heard through the rumorville, that accounts are getting banned for using AutoIt, AHK and whatnot. Triggerbots, no-recoil and such. Those players got a 3 day temp ban and subsequently a permanent ban. This is not related to the OP's situation, as he has a new laptop. Not sure what the Make and Model is, hopefully he gets this resolved with support.
  7. Is it ? Or did LO have all of the appropriate monitoring tools in place to capture issues, anomalies and crashes ? If they did , good for them, This influx of players definitely tested this new system. YEAH... mission accomplished. They already said that this Test uncovered "critical issues". YEAH ... mission accomplished. Was the expectations of those that participated in this "Test" , thought that this was "Play" time ? Well that would be unrealistic. Predictions into an unknown, is just that. Unknown... But they knew what the population might be with this beta ... Yes, based off of a UE 3.0 (32bit server & 32bit client) with custom code that has been replaced to work with the 64bit env and UE 3.5. I disagree that nothing good came from this test. They found critical issues during this test. YEAH ... mission accomplished. Yes,, yes , many player wanted to "play" , and were very disappointed. Some, even angry ... But testing the functionality of District play time has to first pass the other Application layers. Login World Server ..and then we play and report "those" bugs. I am curious,., when we do get to Test District play time, and there will be bugs, will we see the same level of outrage... ? I have no predictions ,,
  8. You seems to be still biting on the "stress test " Not at all. I'm not pushing Stress test or anything specific, you are. You see today's test as a failure. You were disappointed, maybe even angry. I get it. Get over it. And do not set yourself up for disappointment in the future. Wait for the live release of the Engine Upgrade. You will be much happier. Cheers
  9. Well, you seem to know what you're talking about, so I will have to stop here. I will add one small suggestion. The next time LO has a Beta test, you might want to sit that one out.
  10. You really have know idea. Seriously, there is no cure for you my friend. Either you understand Application Testing or you don't. Not everyone does, give yourself a break. Oh, and by the way, Performance Testing is not the same as Stress Testing, is not the same as Unit Testing is not the same as System Testing.
  11. "predict the stress(POP)" I'm sure they did. Based on a UE 3.0 config (32bit server & 32bit Client) Guess What ? It Didn't Work. But why didn't it work for a UE 3.5 (64bit server & 64bit Client) ? Perhaps it had something to do with a completely different application ? Ya think ?
  12. I posted this in another thread, but I thought it would be helpful to post this here as well, for the benefit of those "who have little knowledge" about Application Testing. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ I think some people might be missing the point of this open Beta test. Yeah, it would have been great if we could have connected to a district and test the game. So instead, we are stress testing the application layers that allow us to connect to a district. Login Server - (Application layer) World Server - (Application layer) District - (Application layer) The dev team only ever had more than a handful of testers connecting concurrently on their test servers. Not 100+ players trying to connect. So the benefits of today's test is to isolate root cause at the different application layers. I only connected to the District select screen once after multiple tries. Once these issues are resolved, they'll have another Beta test where we can test the game. For those that are expecting a finished product, play the currently released game.
  13. I know.... I know. I hate myself.
  14. We get it , you're a gamer. You were expecting to play a game that is finished. You goofed and stumbled onto a Beta Test server. My suggestion, play the currently released product, and leave the testing to those who's expectations are in check.
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