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  1. Why only old players stick around? "Can't teach an old dog new tricks ?" I've been playing since the summer of 2011. Back then I was playing with a group of friends I made in game. We had a clan of about 6-8 of us, and had a great time for a few years. Missions with voice comms was great. Then the all left. Too many cheaters they said. I stuck around just cause I liked the game, and I figured I could still enjoy the gun shooting aspect, less the competitiveness and questionable players, by sticking with Fight Club. Questionable players in FC was less of an issue for me than missions. I also like going into Mission Districts just to drive around. Great fun racing at high speeds avoiding traffic and what not. Waterfront is probably my favorite, and there is always some commotion/cluster f*ck going on at the Double B gas station. As an Enforcer, I also chase down runaway garbage trucks that are wreaking havoc in an attempt to pull them over. It gets pretty intense when 4 or 5 more enforcers are chasing after the garbage truck, sirens blaring, cars are being plowed through. It's all good fun.
  2. I think this is a great option, to try a weapon, vehicle .. whatever for free. for 30min. I would like to see this "TRY FOR FREE" option extended to at least, a 24h period. WHY ? In the case of weapons, the clock starts ticking, when you click the link. Logged in, was gonna head to FC to take full advantage of my 30min evaluation period. FC was full. OK, I'll do some missions.. and waited , a few times, before missions started. I was able to get a sense of the weapon I am thinking of purchasing, but was disappointed in the total allotted time for a 30min evaluation which amounted to maybe 13min. I suppose I could pony up some G1C for a full 30 day evaluation.... I just hate playing patty-cake, and would like an opportunity to fully evaluate the weapon/vehicle of interest, before I make a financial commitment. Am I wrong ?
  3. Hmm, an interesting point. This, I did not know. Things have changed, and I need to take note. Thank you. This is helpful. If only this little "tid-bit" was shared with us all. I was not aware of this. Documentation, Patch Notes , I should have read. It escaped me. Thanks for clarifying.
  4. If the N5/P5 Icon would NOT appear, that would be helpful. In these instances, they do appear, so , not very helpful. These players have the "Appearance of N5/P5" as it has always been. The only difference is, they take no damage. Confusing ... ? Yeah... Not true ... All players look at the N5/P5 Tag first, Player name second., We are playing the same game ? Yes ?
  5. I did not see any yellow. I saw the N5 ICON above the player. Was I vulnerable to be shot ? I do not know, and I did not wait to find out. I fired upon them, with wasted effort. THIS is the problem. There is no way of knowing, until after firing multiple rounds.
  6. They may not be able to interfere with a mission, but they sure do show up with the N5/P5 Icon. That's why , while in mission , I stopped and unloaded a hail of bullets. He was not in my mission. Wasted breath, and time. I had no way of knowing.
  7. I was in a mission. Spotted an N5... I fired many bullets at the player. He was not in my mission. How was I to know ?
  8. Well, to be honest,, there was none. I had to assume, or face grave consequences. That is the challenge that we face,
  9. You're right. It is a free game, for some. Although transparency regarding changes might be considered "too much to ask", I would surely like to know how these new changes work. I understand, I was asking for too much, and I need to step back. Thank you for speaking reason, where I had shown none.
  10. Great .. Absolutely great... Working as intended. I am in a mission, I spot an N5 Crim, he is most obviously in my mission as I unleash a hail of bullets upon him. But... he's not in my mission, or any mission for all I know. Wonderful. Great... Little Orbit... You "screwed the pooch" on this one. Fair enough ? How the hell we suppose to know ?
  11. I always attempt to /abandonmission as soon as humanly possible. Whether my Teammates are lowly Bronze , questionable Silvers or godly Golds. I'm gone. No, it does not leave me much after that. But still fighting the "good fight"...
  12. I envision the following scenario; Bounties across the map, some in mission, some not. Players out of mission start to ignore all bounties, as their experience has been they can no longer interact with them. (Shoot them) An out of mission bounty starts shooting and killing all nearby players, because players have ignored them. This would be a big help. Makes sense.
  13. This is what's confusing for me. There may be some bounties that are not in mission, but the only indicator of this that I am aware of, is to shoot them. If they are out of mission they will take damage, if they are in mission, they won't. Seems kind of wonky, or is this a bug ? Shouldn't there be some indicator to determine if the bounty is in mission vs not in mission ?
  14. Some questions concerning the changes to Heat-5 1) Since Heat-5 players are no longer vulnerable to anyone outside of their mission, does the Heat-5 player still have a Heat-5 Icon above them ? My guess is that they do. I noticed a few times while I was not in a mission, I was shooting at a Heat-5 player (indicator icon above them), and that player was invulnerable. If a Heat-5 player is in a mission, shouldn't they have NO Heat-5 icon indicator ? Players outside of a mission has no way of knowing if a Heat-5 player is out of mission and vulnerable until a player starts shooting the Heat-5 player and realizes that they are taking no damage. 2) What is the purpose now for a Heat-5 player ? Assuming that the only time a Heat-5 player is vulnerable to everyone, when does that occur ? After their mission has ended if they still have Heat-5 ? When a criminal is ram raiding & mugging ? What about an Enforcer ? Thanks
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