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  1. I have seen many players , playing a Team based game. and not playing like a Team. Not the first time. You are not the last. Do not take it harshly ... You are a good player. Just not a Team player, judging by your responses. Let's review... This is GOLD ,.,, Yes,, I would like to group up with this player ,,,, maybe ... Anyways .. Please do NOT invite me to your group. Much thanks
  2. I have read your comments with great interest. Some I understood, most .. I did not understand. It may be a Language thing. I am not one to run away from a fight, but your demeanor is not one that I would sign up for. You do not appear to have the composition of a team player.... just my thoughts. I wish you the best.
  3. Yes... I agree, the Tutorial , more than likely, is starring you in the face. and when it is not, you saw how many forum posts required to get an answer. 3 How many District Chat inquiries would you guess , before an answer was provided ? You see my point ?
  4. Ahhh , yes... Another learned response by an experienced APB player. DO NOT HELP ANYONE.. for they will drag you down. I still have questions .. ? Too fucken bad. We have our Motto.... But I just started yesterday ,,,, And your point ?
  5. Ahh , a Knight in the dimly lit veil. Thank you. So we have an idea as to what a player may experience with the same question in district. Your Honor... the Defense rests.
  6. Great news... I will look for it. Hoping for the best.. praying for the worst. Curious, how do I invoke the Tutorial ? 3rd time I have asked in the forum. A place of sound mind .. and ... EDIT: Can you imagine the responses in game .. ? I have asked twice, in the forum. A place of decency and forgone of district chat hypocrisy. But no answers here. You get my drift ?
  7. Uhhh, yeah... good advice. How do you invoke the Tutorial ? Do I press 'T' Any help would be great. Thx
  8. Reading this thread, there are three issues that stand out. The 1st issue which the OP has expressed, that any questions that new players ask to the playerbase to understand the gamplay, what do I do ? how do I equip a weapon ? How do I get a car ? how do I ........? "git gud" are met with toxic, nonsensical or otherwise useless replies. The other issue, is just toxic or harassing comments in general. The 3rd issue is deathreating. @LittleGamersFirst raises an interesting solution to one problem. The problem with this approach is, that as new players ask questions in district, in order to "git gud", and are met with anything other than advice, but more toxic, nonsensical or otherwise useless replies. Those players will have a difficult road to "gitten gud" Cause, no one is helping them to "git gud". @LittleGamersFirst, please take note. Please keep in mind, that one of my primary objectives when I play APB, is to NOT, in any way, ruin someone else's gameplay. This is my first, and foremost objective... in any online game. Their entertainment and enjoyment of the game, during my playtime, is of the utmost priority and importance. The hell with what I want. Even, if I want to "git gud" and ask questions. As far as just toxic trash talking, This !! This may very well help with a fair amount of issues. I never really did follow down the Tutorial path. Not even sure how to invoke it. T ? I'll look in to it, as I am curious what is offered to new players.
  9. Haha... Only when you use a USB adapter. ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
  10. I totally appreciate the effort and can't imagine the level of frustration that Matt Scott and team are feeling as a result of these delays. One suggestion, unless already being performed, and if there are enough resources to implement, (hardware/team availability) would be to conduct "dry run/practice runs" of the cutover to a "copy of the Production env". Testing patches in a Test env is one thing, the deployment of a bundle or upgrade can introduce their own issues. My background is with ERP business applications, and our team would perform dry run cutovers to a copy of production to test the technical aspects of the deployment, as well as the speed and timing of each task. One project I was on, we had to perform 4 dry runs before the actual cutover to production. (Starting on Friday 5pm thru Monday 3 or 4am was typical run time for our Upgrades) The 1st two cutovers would identify and resolve any technical issues, the 3rd run would identify tasks that could be sped up. (running multiple processes in parallel ... etc) Anyways, good luck next week.
  11. @MattScott, if possible in future updates, would it be possible to add Consumables to the Joker Store. Right now there is one Consumables available. Medium size Mobile Supply. Thanks
  12. Pretty damn impressive. A separate company not affiliated with Gamersfirst other than a licensing agreement for the use of a Gamersfirst product, shutsdown, and Little Orbit makes an effort to compensate those players from another companies system. Impressive !!
  13. Well this is most disappointing .. My biggest nemesis has been @NotZombieBiscuit, as he has forcibly encouraged me to "git gud".... And I have. I have excelled my skills beyond all means. I "got gud"... And now this .. ? I don't know....
  14. What the hell are you saying man.. ? We have been told countless times that there really isn't a cheater problem and we all just need to "git gud" I'm so confused.
  15. Using a macro to auto fire a semi weapon seems to be a bit lame. Thankfully any rumors concerning macros to detect colors for a potential triggerbots or mouse correction to reduce recoil is a myth. I feel a bit more comfortable about people using macros.
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