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  1. Hmm, I can't speak much for the "anime geeks", but I can say, as I'm sure all of us can attest to at on time or another as a "New Player", that they just want to learn the game. Challenges ... ? yes Insurmountable Challenges .... ehh,,, not so much. Let me learn the basics of the game first so I can somewhat compete.. That's what I hear from new players. We have not yet established "Who" is the vocal minority or the vast majority. But we can all guess. Just as an Example of Jericho population 7:30pm EST 4/22/2019 Granted this is a Monday, but I have not seen much of a change last Friday or Sat. It is what it is. Can LO implement a "quick fix" (alternating different districts) as a short term measure ? .. or They may very well be knee deep in pushing the RIOT content out, and segueing from that path adds risk to their current objective. We just need to be patient , and wait and see.
  2. I agree somewhat, but even without a threat system, a player's "load out" does give some indication as to their level of experience & expertise. Most newbies are starting out with the STAR or NTEC, rallied up against opponents with ............ (add whatever weapon, legendary, whatnot} Will these STAR bearing newbies get their patootie kicked ? Probably. How many times might this happen before a newbie says ... "Ok, that was kind of fun, but ... " and then never to return again. I would rather add game mechanics to retain new players, than an attempt at changing the mindset & attitude of new players to .... conform. Just my opinion.
  3. Pertaining to the OP's suggestion to alternate live districts , every other day, not a bad idea. I mean, we do have the following Districts available, not including threat specific districts. - Financial - Waterfront - Fight Club-Abington Towers - Fight Club-Baylan Shipping Storage - Dynamic Event-Financial - Dynamic Event-Waterfront That's 6 districts that the current NA player base can not populate. And that is not including threat specific disctricts. If LO were to alternate FIN and Waterfront, I'm guessing the Silver Districts would be the way to go. Least ways , Bronze, Silver & Gold could join that district. If a player has his/her mind set on FIN, but only Waterfront was on that day, they might see a pop increase in the FC districts, which would be nice also. (Fight Club has also been struggling with population in the last few weeks) I would rather not diminish any district, by adding those contacts to the other district. As much as all of us would like to believe that the engine upgrade will be the "Magic Bullet" that draws a huge population increase. it won't. But it is a major stepping stone for future content.
  4. I suppose one might ask if there is any truth to the old adage; "The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior" Who knows ?
  5. I am curious why you believe that the upgrade to UE 3.5 would be the death of APB (PC version) ? I know that RTW created a bunch of custom code to compensate for the lack of features .. etc with UE 3 Do you believe that with UE 3.5 we will lose some of these features ? I have read here, that w/ UE 3.5, that the Vegas 4x4 will no longer be able to pop wheelies, I'm assuming that this is the case on the console version. Not sure what other features are missing on the console version. Just curious to hear your thought with some details.
  6. Oh yeah ,, the redeem codes, I forgot to ask. Good question ... Haha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  7. I did did not participate, didn't really see the momentum "build up" until later yesterday. Hopped onto Discord, and saw a flurry of activity in the "Redhill" channel. and immediately came back to the forum for updates. Hats off to the LO team for the amount of effort and brainstorming to come up this whole "conundrum". I liked how they "leaked out to the public" by swapping billboards in mission districts. Nicely done. And advertising a website on the district Billboards. And the amount of content & detail provided on the Redhill website was beyond impressive. I drive around district once in while, never really pay attention to the billboards. Hats off to the players that initially reported these billboard sightings. This is officially when "The Game is afoot" Hats off to @Ketog for the chronological updates. Was a great read, and brought me, and I'm sure a whole lotta of other players that had not yet jumped on the "wagon", up to date. Hats off to @Eyepop, for taking the time & effort, and sharing a "Brute Force" password cracker script. Whoa,, haha, I'm thinking the LO Team was like; "WUT ??" "Wait,," They weren't expecting the amount of resourcefulness and "GODDAMM" determination to crack the password. It was funny. I hope@Eyepop, is rewarded accordingly. Hats off to @SK4LP, with their visual acuity, I gotta admit , I was lost ... Hats off to everyone that was involved, either Discord or the Forum, and collaboratively solving this puzzle. It definitely gets you thinking about the new content. Redhill.... Hooyahh...
  8. You can always "white list" the domain, and you should be good to go. My understanding is that the M16 line , A1, A2 M4A1, A4, were all designated as the rifleman's basic assault weapon. Admittedly , I am not as familiar with the Sniper rifles used today by either the USMC or the US Army. I thought the article was interesting. To the person who "Down Voted" my post; I ask that you not "shoot the messenger", I figure that this game being a shooter type game, with a huge arsenal of weapons to choose from, that this post would be of interest. If your motives were more personal, such as; "I really hate this sombitch" Well, THAT I can understand.
  9. porcupine_omg may very well be a sad Silver Panda, and rage quits on demand. Who the hell knows.... Haha !!
  10. Well one point of note concerning UE 3.0 , official support ends in 2020, not sure about UE 3.5. I saw this post somewhere on the UE website. Not sure what date specifically support ends in 2020, and no, I don't' have the link handy. (but I'm sure if you look, you'll find it) So any game on UE3 that wants a supported product, they'll need to upgrade before support expires. So stuff is happening. New content has been one of the HUGEST request from way back. And now we're getting it. Yaaaaa !!! I'll reserve my comments on the new content "after" I have had a chance to check it out. Looking forward to something new. (besides a reskin)
  11. I had a girlfriend once... Didn't much care for the engine noise as I drive her around in my Vegas. Picture of where I took her in August... on vacation... She left me soon after... /sigh... I still have the Vegas.
  12. Thanks for the update. Glad to hear things are moving along. As @IROCkiller stated, are there any plans on releasing performance benchmarks for the PC version ?
  13. I would have liked to have seen a third option also. I do not care. Makes no difference to me.
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