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  1. Obvs I remember Dopefish but he stopped playing wayy early on but Yes he was a really good player as well no doubt.
  2. Hey guys I am an APB player from India and just wanted to ask you guys who was the most difficult player you have faced in APB. ( I used to try hard with 150 ms xD ). I think most of the Bitfenix players were pretty tough to play against. I'm just gonna list some honorable mentions of some decent players I remember. LIF ( Obeya Pistol player only) Reaperthebutcher ( Shaw try hard ) Poshdoll Syntax ( Obeya only?) CrossShadow ( Italian Beast ) Obscure Aspasia Clan ( Not sure if they were legit) Daruma Anastasiya S*x Kempington Dogfish AnxiE Anyways you guys are free to share your stories. I really miss the good old APB days man when life was easy lol. APB will always be part of my childhood. Man what a unique game APB was no other game comes close to it in what it offers. I just hope one day it gets the love it deserves. An absolute masterpiece of a game. I remember watching the dev diaries of APB and getting excited to play it one day .
  3. As a proud player from India since G1 days who has been lurking on the forums in hopes to see this game which is one of a kind and way ahead of it's time to get neglected by every company that touches it. What I don't understand is why did it take 4 years for the project lead to decide that the Engine upgrade is not achievable. This game can still break the market even now for how unique it is. I feel Matt and team should try to make small optimizations to the current build to improve performance and also add certain features that will allow streamers and players to play without griefers. I feel like LO tried to bite more than they could chew with APB. The way things have progressed APB 2 seems more realistic unless LO manage to get funding or an experienced development team to take over and get the job done. We as APB fans are not even angry anymore just disappointed. Right now there are more chances of Jesus returning / Aliens making contact with us than the Engine upgrade ever coming to fruition. ~Best Player from the Indian Subcontinent.
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