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  1. I don't really understand why you brought in the "streamer" role here even though I didn't even mention it. I posted this forum post as a player and not as a streamer. But since you already started. What exactly do you mean I haven't contributed anything to the community? I've hosted events, giveaways and, together with CET, I've probably hosted the biggest tournament ever in APB, i have also critizied the game more than enough and added my point of view, despite that i am not here to talk about what i have done for the Communit and what not, but as I understand it, you seem to have no idea. And again, I'm not here because I'm a "streamer"and think I'll be better served, but as a player who just finds it strange what's going on with EAC lately.
  2. Not gonna lie, I wasn't really expecting anything smart from those that used to hate me for ages now and I also couldn't care less, but this post is made for the people that take it seriously since, am not the only one that is affected. So please do us a favour and try to be funny somewhere else.
  3. I would use it at all but since i get packetloss(only in apb) i am forced to use it.
  4. Dont get me wrong but the only thing i see from this text is that you barely or even at all play this game.
  5. Hello, i know there is already a topic about this but I'd like to say my two cents on the subject as well as show you some elements concerning the latest bans. I know that a TGM as well as dozens of other players have also been banned in the last month. Among them are casual players, silvers, veterans never accused of toxicity and/or cheating etc. and then there is me. These bans all or mostly EAC bans. However, as shown elsewhere they seem to be manual and for different reasons. Even today some people who rarely play APB, mature people, non-toxic players have been banned for cheating after years of never cheating or even being accused of cheating by the community. Bans that we did not expect and that remove from the game that last healthy part that you had left of it, that is, people who can devote the right amount of time to a game, without arrogance or being competitive at all costs. One of this case is about a player that received an EAC ban despite then, in later conversations with Support, he discovered that the reason for his ban was not related to cheating but more for ingame violation (using a certain symbol) so why does he get banned by EAC? I've contacted multiple of the banned players, to try and find out what kind of possible third party applications they were using and mostly what i got as an answer were VPNs which are allowed as far as i know. About me, i have never used any kind of unapproved Programs and the only Program that i used before starting APB was Mudfish which helps me to avoid Packetloss. Since this affected a lot of Players I would like to have a statement from Matt and the LO team regarding this matter. We just would like to know if there is any investigation already ongoing? @MattScott @Stitchly @Ritual @Sakebee
  6. People that are crying about it are the ones that usually play pmg 24/7 and think its no op at all. And everyone that thinks that the jg+snub combo is op go try it out yourself i would really like to see how you guys play it and realized that its actually not easy at all.))
  7. i want my 10k JT back if it gets nerfed.
  8. try Fightclub and you will face atleast one for sure. The worst thing is that peopel get to such a high level while aimbotting and even streaming like this guy here. How can it be that Players like this dont get insta banned?
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