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  1. can we all play east forever so citadel players can actually play? if we keep playing west, nobody of citadel will ever play US servers.
  2. off topic: will AMD fidelity super resolution (or whatever it's called) work with APB? maybe we're in front of a fps booster after a loooong time.
  3. I already tried it. Firework launcher needs 1 less shot to kill, try it yourself. maybe it was nerfed tho.
  4. firework launcher needs 1 less shot to kill than flaregun. also, it's easier to spot/tag enemies with firework launcher. so, firework launcher >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> flaregun.
  5. every game I know (even older games than APB) benefit from lowering resolution down to 1024x768 except APB. You just wrote all those sentences for NOTHING.
  6. LO should have focused on improving game's performance instead of new engine.... I cant believe i can play apex legends at 1920x1080 (min graphics) while streaming with an average of 140-170fps and here in APB I have to play 1024x768 with only 100fps average(not streaming).
  7. car spawner was a good idea because spawn system was working really bad.
  8. i have had this error a couple of times but not in the last month...
  9. mugging to r255 would take years.... open conflicts districts weren't opened enough time to lvl up from r9 to 255. so yea, he/she was banned once.
  10. replace your GPU for AMD Radeon RX 6900XT PD: I own NVIDIA card
  11. - performance : 6 - gameplay: 10 - community: 1 - guns: 8 - items: 10
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