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  1. welp, i have been playing with 190ms since 2011 and now I have to play with 230ms on west jericho districts.. I wish i was you tbh...
  2. stand from 28m with thumper and u need twice the bullets you need for nfas?
  3. is https://apbdb.com/ updated? according to apbd dow thumper is now 3stk up to 17m. nfas with IR3 is 3stk up to 28m. Seriously??
  4. i also felt something weird with the gameplay. I have an average of 115fps and when it went down to like 95fps i felt some kind of input lag that made me miss every shot. Also, instead of 155ms i had like 180ms..
  5. hoplon brazil was only allowed for BRS for a long time. It wasn't until its last days that the rest of the south american players could play it. Also, only BRS were able to buy weapons. So nope, it was never a south american server, it was a BR server.
  6. It's impossible to lose a mission (deliver items final stage) if you have agrotech, u can literally blow every car in 4/5 shots from 90m and your enemy will be never able to deliver items by the time you got in a car, you're already dead because the agrotech user blew up your car.
  7. Not if you're on a 4x4 vegas zig zaging around like many people do. Also, you can always do this: shoot from 90m and blow everything up
  8. If you have agrotech (NON SD) along with carsurfer in a item hold mission or delivery final stage, you automatically win the mission. So HVR 762 and agrotech are best snipers.
  9. is that a coincidence my latency is high when the district is "unknown" ?? sorry about caps and all the questions but my main language isn't english and sometimes i write a lot more than it's needed
  10. yesterday i was looking at where my friends on the list were playing, all of them were playing in waterfront WEST except one: that one appeared to be playing in WATERFRONT UNK WEST (UNITED KINGDOM???). Could be that the reason i have more than 350ms sometimes??? 5 minutes later that someguy happened to be playing in the same west district at the rest of my friend list. Whenever i can, i will take a pic and show it here..
  11. idk, I had 190ms since 2011. And 155ms in fight club..
  12. Make one day east, one day west, repeat... It's been almost a week now since last day EAST district was filled up. I have been playing since 2011 with 190ms latency (really high) now i gotta play with 225-270ms in west districts? PD: it isn't just me, i'm talking to defend all south american players who can't stand playing with 225+ latency. As you can see, west districts are always less populated than east districts.
  13. At this point, i don't think we will ever be able to play east again...
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