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  1. you have your fps capped at 60? You should disable smooth frame rate and tell me how it runs..
  2. I don't know if this social district section is the right one for this thread but.. I'm going to buy AMD ryzen 7 2700X for the already gigabyte RX 560 GPU i have (yea, i know I should have a better GPU for that ryzen but I don't plan to buy a new GPU). will this new AMD ryzen fix my fps drop issue? I have fps drop every 5 minutes.
  3. i don't know but I have 155-165ms on FC and 185-195ms on financial/waterfront, the higher latency is on social tho.
  4. I don't think so. Getting out of a car or driving one, and switching shoulders/opening doors is a lot different in FC than in financial/waterfront. So pretty sure it also affects shooting gameplay.. -30ms makes a lot of difference imo..
  5. I have -30ms on FC than in districts, and believe me, I feel like I play a lot better in FC (less latency always makes u play better).
  6. OFFTOPIC: why do I get a better latency on FC than in action districts? It shouldn't work this way ,don't come and write "less people in FC, that's why there's better latency". in fornite or apex legends, there isn't a better latency when there are less players remaining.
  7. new meta is putting apb/login offline on weekends..
  8. nope, some people complain about having 70ms, imagine having 180-220ms, i'm talking about those
  9. time to put apb offline again, there's no point in having apb opened like this.
  10. yet people think playing with high latency is an advantage. playing with high latency is annoying, more ghostshots, harder to click (fire rate) with semi auto guns, harder to drive, usually die while u are already behind walls, sometimes you can't even open doors/climb fences, even harder to SWITCH GUNS in your inventory.
  11. i wouldnt mind waiting if there were actually people playing the game, but it's empty.
  12. will bring pop back due to new contacts and better performance i think.
  13. 20 people playing on financial (silver district) NA on a saturday.. 0 people playing baylan or abington.. cancel riot mode and put all your efforts to new engine.
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