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  1. atac 3 slots with HS3 + ms and IR3 used to be the most op gun along with manic and nfas..
  2. remove all consumables or at least epinephrine injector. I see some people using the epinephrine at least 10-15 times IN EVERY SINGLE MISSION (most of the time they use it when they are losing/playing against good enemies). also buff thumper.
  3. repair doesn't work..
  4. Anyone else has been playing with packet loss in west? I have had packet loss in west for the last 1 month and half. EVERY time I join west i have packet loss, however in east everything is fine...
  5. Uhtdred


    Sup i'm trying to update apb (last pach) and it doesn't let me. It shows a red "Error" button and I can't repair apb either. How do i fix this?
  6. buff thumper please, probably the worst gun in the game right now.
  7. I think the amount of macroers increased a lot... people that used to be bad with carbine now are god like carbine players.
  8. this. can't believe LO forgot to buff thumper. oh and OBIR remains useless....
  9. i would rather lose against blatant cheaters/shawcopters/speedhackers than against a closet cheater, especially when most closet cheaters LOVE to group with veterans legit players that whenever you call them "closet cheaters" those veterans instantly deny it even tho they KNOW they are cheaters. right now grouping with a veteran make you look legit. closet cheaters killed this game.
  10. you know what they say right? Once a cheater, always a cheater.
  11. FFBANS public was the best thing that ever happened to this game.
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