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  1. ?????? financial 1 is NY (155ms) waterfront is still LA (225ms). I play with people from south america and they also have 225ms in LA districts. can you please stop saying waterfront is NY?????? they could make so that financial is NY and waterfront is LA (or the opposite) and not BOTH DISTRICTS LA, you get my point? Financial 1 (NY) only appears when financial 2 IS FULL.
  2. kevkof (or something like that) showed here that waterfront is hosted in LA. waterfront right now is 20/20 and financial is FULL. What about the ny district (financial 1), EMPTY.
  3. nop, waterfront is always LA. abington should be LA and baylan NY (or the opposite).
  4. financial 1 is empty, and it will be empty the entire day. Because people keep going to financial 2 (the one that is always UP).
  5. dude do you understand that waterfront was always a LA district? if you had high latency in the financial NY district you only had to change to waterfront. now BOTH DISTRICTS are LA. Do you understand that? i'm not saying "remove LA districts", i'm saying that there should be a LA district and also a NY district. Apparently, financial 1 appears only when financial 2 is FULL, and when that happens, people keep going to financial 2 and nobody go financial 1.
  6. we all have 220ms in LA district (people from south america), it's been already 1 week without a NY financial or waterfront. All these days is the same, there's only one financial and one waterfront available, both are LA district. 1 year ago I had the same 220ms but in CITADEL. Now i gotta play with 220ms but in a LA district????
  7. again, there are only 2 financial available right now, prototype financial and financial 2. Financial 2 is LA so AGAIN, NO NY DISTRICT TODAY.
  8. financial 2 was the only one available when I entered the district, i didn't see financial 1 but I see it's empty now.
  9. 330ms right now on Financial Jericho. I used to have 155ms one week ago.
  10. waterfront was already hosted in LA, there was no point in making both financial and waterfront to be hosted in LA. any explanation please?? FC LA, FINANCIAL LA, WATERFRONT LA. no longer NY districts?????
  11. can anyone explain why there isn't a NY district (financial or waterfront) today? ty.
  12. I don't use AV weapons anyways, i was just saying sometimes you can't shoot under cars
  13. sometimes you can't shoot under cars who were blew up tho. There's no red crosshair depending on how cars are laying on the floor.
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