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  1. radar tower didn't save you from dying. Medspray does...
  2. i should have added another option like "not removed but fixed" my bad
  3. Medspray + flak jacket is annoying... every tryhard literally using 10-15 medsprays per mission.
  4. that's nothing... I have played with greens and bronzes against veteran golds.
  5. Of course, the higher the latency the worse the gameplay. latency affects: shoulder switch driving skills shoot register (more ghostshots with high latency) huge delay when opening doors/cars harder to use semi auto weapons huge delay when using nades more dificult to carry medium-heavy items (exploit) etc basically, anything over 160ms is unplayable.
  6. They changed to FBW because snub nose is garbage.
  7. no it isn't, new players think FBW is garbage, so they don't use it (fbw imo is the best secondary). Even some veterans don't use fbw because of the same reason, in that case, i recommend them to use Nano.
  8. Nano is a really good gun, if all new players knew this, they wouldn't finish 0/15 every single mission, because, literally, new players (and some veterans) DON'T USE their secondary weapons. I have seen people with more than 25000 kills which didn't complete Gunslinger role, amazing...... Of course, new players don't have Nano but with a quick research they should realize they will need Nano.
  9. ?? I would rather get owned by rage cheaters (shawcopters, speedhackers, etc) than by closet cheaters. Closet cheaters are the worst that ever happened to the game, because they group with legit veteran players in groups of 4 and they do 25 wins in a row everyday. Closet cheaters are also harder to detect, so they can cheat for longer. If i see a rage botter/shawcopter, I don't even play the mission (because I don't care about losing against rage botters). If i know there's a closet cheater in the enemy team, I try to win anyways (will probably end up with a loss, and will be very frustrating). About the macro stuff, you can still win against macroers, just get oca/CSG and car gameplay.
  10. no, it's not just "a bit" Citadel has like 10x NA pop, maybe more.
  11. yes, only armas marketplace. In the past you were able to get firehawk kit by using the refer a friend system, but that's really old. Did you check social? Maybe you can unlock vegas kit spending joker tickets.
  12. ???? you drop the item with left mouse button, you don't need to press X.
  13. imagine getting banned on a forum... I saw CBT veterans that are actually NEW on this game. For example: Hoplon (former brazil server) and Russia server had their own CBT title, which means that people that migrated CBT veteran accounts from those servers to LO APB can use CBT title even when they made their account past 2011.
  14. If you're a RTW player, why did u join apb in 2012??
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