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  1. overclock your monitor to get higher refresh rates.. u might get 15hz or 20hz more. google CRU utility. increase 1hz at time, if appears "out of range" pop up, means u reached highest HZ and u gotta go back to the previous hz reached. for example: if you have a 60hz monitor, try 61hz, then 62hz,etc. however i would highly recommend you to use LOWER resolutions than your native full resolution. I have a 1920x1080 monitor but to play at 80hz in apb i use 1024x768. All the other resolutions are still with 60hz. I have a very bad generic monitor (60hz) and overclocked it to 80mhz (when I tried 81hz a pop up appeared with "out of range" so i went back to 80hz (pressing ESC).
  2. absolutely wrong, the only reason why there are a lot of russians and BRS playing the game is because THEY HAD THEY OWN SERVER. and both countries have high population. They are 2 of the most biggest countries in the world. Russia and Brazil always have they own servers, for example fornite, apex legends, etc.
  3. Disable smooth frame rate, and you can also overclock your monitor, my 60hz monitor can run up to 80hz overclocking it.
  4. first of all, you should disable "smooth frame rate" in video options, in order to have more than 62fps. second, I see you have a very good internet speed, u should try OBS and stream all this issues you have, because i don't see it happening honestly..
  5. so the new "merge" is in october? damn, time to take a break for a month..
  6. Salvick is wrong. Rio is more northern than sao paulo, that's why RIO is actually a worse location to arg, uruguay, chile, etc. Sao paulo is closer to all those countries.. Rio would be a better host for those in colombia, venezuela, even Mexico (ofc USA hosts are better for mexicans). I had 50ms in Hoplon and salvick said sao paulo gives almost the same latency as a USA host? I play NA with 180ms. Sao Paulo current ms in apex legends: 48ms
  7. São Paulo is a better city to host APB. Apex legends, for example, has a server hosted there instead of RIO.
  8. i always do that.. who is in the wrong district? a bronze playing in silver district while bronze district is full. Or a gold playing in silver district while gold is empty? please, read again what you just said. that's not true, there's always a bronze district full.
  9. today I faced a r12 bronze and a r9 trainee in SILVER DISTRICT (i'm a gold veteran from 2011, always been), the r9 trainee probably played his first match in APB (he didnt even know how to SPRINT). That trainee finished 1/7 (he killed my gold teammate) and inmediately after mission finished, he became SILVER!! So he just started the game, after his first match in APB he became silver and now he's going to play against silver/gold and some of them veterans. Don't you think this has to change? PD: mission was 2 golds against a trainee and a bronze. Probably they didn't know how to call backup.
  10. I hope NA players come to play in south america region, i would like to face all of them but this time with a lower latency.
  11. When are you going to remove the advanced tab and making it main tab at the same time??? Seriously, LO you don't get that new players go to silver district and finish 0/20 every mission, and uninstall the game 15 minutes later??? REMOVE ADVANCED TAB ASAP. Or make "advanced" letters bigger so they ACTUALLY SEE it. New players aren't playing against new players or less skilled players, THEY ARE PLAYING AGAINST VETERANS.
  12. I have been waiting the last 4 years to see if they will ever fix ghostshots..
  13. Jericho also suffering from this. I have 50ms more than usual, unplayable.
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