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  1. i personally have seen 2 cheaters in the last 2 or 3 months, one is a known cheater (banned many times, he admits he still cheats) and the other guy was also banned many times, but this last guy is annoying asf, because he groups with other 2 or 3 veterans so no way u can call him "cheater" because inmediately his 2 teammates will start defending him. also, he doesn't need to blatantly cheat, because his 2 or 3 veterans teammates can easily win missions without that cheater. So the cheater actually doesn't need to toggle on, hell, maybe he only toggle on against good players and toggle off against bad players.
  2. tried to enter the district 5 times, everytime i had to use task manager to end apbprogram getting stuck in "entering district: abington towers" JERICHO NA edit: can't join social, abington or financial (silver).
  3. actually the silver was really bad, and the gold was like r200 and he play all days.
  4. today i was playing with a gold against 2 golds and i was able to call backup. next mission i was with a SILVER against 2 golds and i wasn't able to call backup.
  5. every 3 missions i gotta restart apb because i don't see my teammates, tasks or drop offs. I'm tired of this.
  6. when that happens, usually, one of the two will invite the other one to a group, and will start playing together and defend each others against "hackusations". I've seen streamers say "XX is cheating, this is so sad", 3 days later they were playing together.
  7. you're always complaining about n tec on district chat.. want to beat n tec in cqc? use any cqc gun, want to beat n tec in medium or long range? use obeya cr762. hell, you can even use n tec to beat n tec if you're good with it. n tec isn't a p2w gun so please stop complaining about n tec..
  8. new mod that allows you to use 2 mods of the same colour at the same time. for example: CJ3 + IR3 + the new mod
  9. Jericho getting ddosed again. clearly new anti ddos isn't working.
  10. use the "trial weapon" before buying a gun, you will have a better % discount. I don't remember right now but i think it was 35 or 40% even without premium.
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