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  1. he did 8/11 with thumper, listen to him, he's an experienced thumper user!!
  2. what does that pic show?? I don't understand, you keep posting screenshots about random missions/fcs, that doesn't make any sense. you're not even gold, calm down.. can't even read the names on the enf side.. I don't understand whats your point, winning is all that matters in a mission, K/D does not.
  3. ??? If you arrest someone, you add 1 death/arrest to your enemy, and the enemy have to spawn once? that count as 1 kill to me, and in cop role if you arrest someone, you add 1 to the count. I never said playing with fragile is an advtange.. quite the opposite, it's a disadvantage/bad modification, just like using kev 3. Only new players/bronzes/silvers think fragile is a good mod. But in your case, you use fragile to run and arrest easily. for a silver like you, it's a lot easier to arrest 1 guy than killing 2 enemies, especially if you are facing noobs like the pic you showed. That's why you finished 8/11 with the best gun in the game (thumper, according to you).
  4. you finished 17/15, that's a really bad score, you only finished first because of arrests and targets (usually people that do targets in FC are silvers/bronzes). I see you're using fragile (only silvers or bronzes use that) and you probably went with percs too. In the pic you showed there's no good criminal I wish you went 17/15 with thumper, oh wait, you can't.. EDIT: I just saw the pic you finished 8/11 with thumper, I seriously recommend you to quit APB right now.. I still think thumper is one of worse guns in apb but I never did remotely as bad as 8/11 in 13 years of apb. Done talking with you.
  5. Actually my main role is markmanship and JG >>>>>>>>> thumper. Again, last time I saw you you were silver, you're writing here like you're godlike player. People didn't even use thumper when it was a good gun and now u think people should use when it was nerfed?? Makes sense.
  6. people gave up about selling thumper, nobody buys it. I can't believe you're not aware thumper is a bad gun, there's a reason NOBODY use it right?????? Thumper nerf was just too much. Only NFAS should have been nerfed that bad, you see someone using NFAS? that's right, nobody use NFAS (thankfully). and please don't go "showing lack of skill", last time I saw you on Jericho you were silver. If thumper was a good gun, everyone would use it, it's that simple. PD: I have over 300k kills, trust me I know which guns are good or not.
  7. nobody shoot thumper as fast as nfas, it's a semi auto shotgun not auto. And JG is only a good gun if you buy at least the 2 slot one, which means you need to get the one LO give u for free (after buying a lot of G1C) or you need to lvl up your pointman rank unlike the thumper which u can buy for cheap in social. Thumper is easier to get than JG, yet everyone use JG instead of thumper. so yes, JG >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> thumper and it's not even close.
  8. if that was true, everyone would be using thumper since acording to you is better than JG and is one of cheapest guns in the game.
  9. it's one of the worse guns in apb right now, when in the past, used properly, was one of the best shotguns. Actually it was the second best shotgun after the NFAS (when it was the best gun in the game). PD: Buff thumper please, I can't sell it because nobody wants to buy it....
  10. any gm or mod can explain me why did my latency increase from 155ms to 220ms and 2 packet loss since live 1.30???? it's unplayable...
  11. If im losing fps gradually because I alt tabbed, can I fix it by switching to windowed or windowedfullscreen and switching to fullscreen again??
  12. what's up with the increased latency?? I have 45-50 more latency than I used to and I have been playing with 1-2 packet loss since 1.30 live. anyone else???
  13. anyone know what's the subject of the mail stuff for apb cash? I made a new char and i dont have any cash.
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