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  1. how does the JT progression works? The gun i want is at 0% right now...
  2. so, you bought two computers in 3 months difference? lol
  3. hopefully hotfix fixed the issue.. EDIT: it didn't fix the fps issue.
  4. time to revert the patch.. I used to play with 120-140fps now i'm playing with 60fps. GPU: nvidia 1650 super waterfront district.
  5. revert back all the secondary buffs/nerfs to like they were before in like 2019-2020. we now can buy those secondaries on joker shop, what's the point of not reverting all changes? in the past, some guns were extremely OP, but now you can buy almost everything on joker shop.
  6. I bought the rfp fang and it was nerfed the day after.. I bought the manic and it was nerfed the day after.. never used those two guns again.
  7. everyone apb favorite weapon: pmg + kev 3 + medspray + 4x4 car
  8. can you please LO teach new/old players how to kick someone from the team? 85% of people doesn't know how to do it. thank you.
  9. it wasn't a monitor crosshair, it was apb crosshair, shader crosshair.
  10. I see people using crosshairs.. aren't shaders not allowed?
  11. I can't believe players keep uploading videos to youtube while aimbotting. I reported many of them and they are still playing. And then they say "upload proof", THEY ARE RIGHT THERE, IN FRONT OF U and u do nothing about it...
  12. I find crosshair very useful for OSCAR and useless for the rest of the guns tho
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