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  1. HS3, IR3 and mobility sling. HS3, IR3 and 3ps3
  2. I also reported plenty of twitchs/youtube videos and they are still playing.
  3. but HOW?? @ticcitobygaming1 said the SD one is the same weapon as the no SD one!!! I disagree 100% using AV for close-medium ranges, if someone is approaching you at max speed with pioneer or any other good car they will kill you before the car explodes because you will have to face him/her with a secondary gun and maybe they have oca/pmg/any cqc-medium range gun. Yes, the enemy could have lost all the items inside the car but they can still pick them up and use another car. By staying far away from the cars, you blow them up and every car they take are insta blew up. that's why I use AV for long ranges only not just against cars but also to camp targets from far.
  4. and u still say they are the same weapon? okay
  5. you know that when u shoot the agrotech PR2 "kicks" a lot more than silenced right? try it yourself, go to a wall and shoot both guns with same mods and u will see that agrotech sd "kicks" a lot less than agrotech without silencer. LOL
  6. agrotech silenced is a lot different from unsilenced one.
  7. do you even play this game?? If the car is 5m away you don't care about the bloom because you won't miss, if the car is 90m away YOU CARE about the bloom.
  8. right, I meant to say bloom not recoil. And yes it's, especially if the car is far away, cj3 gives u no advantage on that gun. And there's also enemies you know, not just vehicles.. I have both guns and I like the PR1 more.
  9. dmr agrotech is an op gun, fixed it for you. PD: agrotech pr1 is better than pr2.
  10. how about making a proper "spectator system" (like in some games) where you can see people gameplay (with some delay otherwise you can stream snipe or help people to win missions). There should be a spectactor system where you can also RECORD that gameplay and insta report it. Nowadays people can only record those who are stupid enough to stream while cheating (there are some). I guarantee you aimbotters will dissapear (except blatant cheaters who are probably banned 24/7), smooth aim users will dissapear, so are speedhackers, teleporters, etc. only closet/wallhackers will still play and u can still figure out they cheat anyways.
  11. since when you have ghoshots due to averaging more tha 128fps? I used to play with 101fps and I had ghostshots anyways...
  12. Agrotech PR1 (better than PR2) Colby 45 CSG PR1 (or TAS) OCA-Whisper PR1 Oscar 3 slots Are all good choices.
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