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  1. remember when we NA players were able to play in citadel (when east was temporally hosted in EAST NA?). open that district again so EU players can play with us in EAST, let EU players play with EU characters they already have. ty I know EU players don't want to play in NA because they would have to make a new char, that's why I'm asking for EU players to play with their EU characters in NA.
  2. no love for dow thumper? buff it a little
  3. pretty sure "known" streamers took advantage of all OP guns. Instead of playing with all the guns available, they kept using those OP guns and they are "skilled" so i'm not sure what you're talking about. I have seen streamers in the past play 24/7 with nfas, trouble maker, shredder and atac.
  4. yes, it's a latency issue. When I had 50ms i didnt have ghostshots at all or very few ones..
  5. I'm selling URSUS, send me a PM if you want it.
  6. carbine will be too OP... PD: WTS URSUS, send me a pm if you want it.
  7. tried CJ3 but didn't fix it... besides oscar is useless with cj3 imo
  8. he plays in silver but he's so bad he should play in bronze.
  9. there's an annoying gamer in JERICHO that writes in district 24/7 thinking he's the best player in APB, but he's really bad (and he used to cheat in the past). so everything HE DOES is the most toxic behaviour in apb, reported him/her many times, nothing happened.
  10. south american players stopped playing apb when people decided to choose west over east...
  11. i said it a long time ago... delete NA (move all characters to EU) and make a new south american server for all BRS and south americans (they aren't many, but still 50% of NA). LO doesn't have to add 10000 districts to that south american server, just 1 financial and 1 waterfront and that's all (no social, no FC). These south american players would have to go to EU for social. people from USA/CANADA would have more latency in that south american server than in Citadel, so move all those chars to EU.
  12. Hello, I have a GTX 1650 super, and when I play APB it only runs at 375mhz (1024x768 resolution) instead of 1530 (base clock). The boost clock of this GPU is 1740mhz. In other games, when using low graphics, it always run at 1530mhz, and when I put 1920x1080 it goes up to 1930mhz. what can I do to make the GPU runs at 1530mhz at least in APB??
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