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  1. how is possible that game shows me "the game may be down for manteinance" ?? how do I fix this?
  2. can't join the server and it isn't my internet connection.. am I the only one?
  3. you bought golden nhvr? That was a bad choice.
  4. Close NA LIVE for today.... we all should play the beta. Open NA live tomorrow again.
  5. will NA be opened tomorrow?
  6. input lag feels lower, good job!
  7. I asked one GM in game and he told me ghostshots weren't going to happen in new engine.
  8. I had 50ms in Hoplon and here I have 150+ms, which means ghostshots is latency related. I can't believe we're in 2020 and it isn't fixed.. I would expect a bad reg (like in most games) with a high latency, but I don't have "ghostshots" in other games I play with high latency.
  9. does that mean Hoplon (former Brazil server) had more than 30 fps? I had no ghostshots there.
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