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  1. OP already told all of us he has that PC and he cared enough to tell us again. PD: amd ryzen 7 3900x and amd ryzen 7 3950x > any INTEL cpu
  2. and people keep playing west over and over and over
  3. proof? i can't belieave what you're saying.
  4. weird, i have 250ms and I use CR5 and never noticed that..
  5. south american players are 50% of NA pop, that's what i'm implying.. asian/oceanic players should be really happy imo, since we play 90% of the time west districts. new south american district? should be hosted in brazil... Rio de janeiro or San Pablo (best option).
  6. 90% of the time, east districts are empty, even tho i clearly see more east players. For some reason, east districts are always empty. LO should think about this: remove east districts (JERICHO) forever and open new districts in South America. east districts are no longer needed. today: asylum west beacon west financial west (silver) beware: If you remove east districts, 50% NA pop will dissapear, so make sure to open new districts hosted in south america before doing that.
  7. i dont think this was the right forum section but video is good tho.. i wish i could play with those graphics... I think i would average like 70-80fps and that isn't good enough for me..
  8. TIER S: OBEYA FBW, colby .45, carbine, pmg, oca, csg/tas, ursus, obeya cr762, atac, oscar, euryale, manic, n tec, swarm, obir.
  9. what you mean? Aussies are the reason why we HAVE TO play west every single day. They still play the game. PD: I don't think any NA player could join districts.. am i wrong?
  10. what was fixed? i can't log in yet..
  11. 1 week in a row playing west districts, enough of it already. can we please play EAST districts for once?????????????? if we play in west districts, nobody of citadel will play. we need to play east in order for citadel players to come.
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