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  1. I think the amount of macroers increased a lot... people that used to be bad with carbine now are god like carbine players.
  2. this. can't believe LO forgot to buff thumper. oh and OBIR remains useless....
  3. i would rather lose against blatant cheaters/shawcopters/speedhackers than against a closet cheater, especially when most closet cheaters LOVE to group with veterans legit players that whenever you call them "closet cheaters" those veterans instantly deny it even tho they KNOW they are cheaters. right now grouping with a veteran make you look legit. closet cheaters killed this game.
  4. you know what they say right? Once a cheater, always a cheater.
  5. FFBANS public was the best thing that ever happened to this game.
  6. if you play at 1920x1080p full graphics it's a different story
  7. ????? I have a ryzen 7 2700x 4.2ghz with GTX 1650 super. I average 160-190fps in apex legends with 1920x1080, HOWEVER I CAN'T AVERAGE EVEN 100fps on apb at 1024x768 lowest graphics????????????? so yeah, i want to average 144fps on this game, maybe fidelityFX will allow me to do that.
  8. premade groups with legit veterans mixed with closet cheaters are killing this game. hell, I even saw once an arranged match in twitch where each team had 1 cheater on its side, it was embarrasing.
  9. the point of AMD release is to be able to play games with OLD HARDWARE. what's the point of your post again? smh
  10. indeed, finally being able to play at a high resolution for once....
  11. Hello everyone. AMD Released AMD FIDELITYFX SUPER RESOLUTION, an open source that mostly improves fps average... (i dont have time to explain how it works, but you can google it) in most GPUS (even nvidia cards). The important thing is enter this link: https://explore.amd.com/en/technologies/radeon-software-fidelityfx-super-resolution/survey Choose APB, so AMD can actually add APB Reloaded to the supported games with FidelityFX tech. thank you.
  12. the point is to fill US servers not the other way around
  13. can we all play east forever so citadel players can actually play? if we keep playing west, nobody of citadel will ever play US servers.
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