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  1. there's a way to do that actually, I have a 60hz monitor (overclocked to 80hz) and i capped my fps to 122 (i didn't try 144 yet) You have to use CRU (custom resolution utility) in order to create a new FAKE RESOLUTION with 144hz (i only tried 120hz). So i did this: I made a new resolution 1024x768 (the one I use in apb) and I put 120hz instead of 60hz, so now I have 60hz, 80hz and 120hz. APB thinks I own a 120hz monitor when I actually have a 60hz monitor overclocked to 80hz. For example: you have a 60hz monitor, u will make a new fake resolution with 144hz (again, i didn't try 144hz yet) but u will keep playing at 60hz but with 144fps capped. Right now I'm playing with 122fps capped but I'm using a 80hz resolution.
  2. N TEC DVAH STOCK and JG-1140 Tactical should be FREE for those who already bought n tec dvah 3 slots and JG 3 slots from armas marketplace (reskins don't count). for example: - you already own n tec dvah and you're rifleman 16, n tec dvah stock FREE. - you already own joker cr5 and you're rifleman 16, n tec dvah NOT FREE. Same with JG. This would mean that those rifleman 16 (or pointman 16) would have to buy n tec (JG) from armas marketplace in order to get dvah stock for free (or JG), so more profit for LO. EDIT: Same with OCA.
  3. indeed, stheno and dog ear are both good choice, especially the first one.
  4. yup, I did. when I realized that all semi auto guns are crap while playing with high latency (ghostshots). my main weapon when I used to play with low latency: CARBINE my main weapon now that I play with high latency: N TEC you can guess why I stopped using carbine right?
  5. saying no other game has the same issue means there's something wrong about APB and must be fixed, right? and nope, i can't fix my latency. LO must fix the latency issue or I should play in a brazil server (for example) in order to get a better latency... in case you're wondering what's my internet speed, it's 500mb/sec.
  6. why did u move it? I'm saying LO should fix the latency variation between action and FC, i don't need to know what other people think about it. It's a GAME SUGGESTION (fix latency??)
  7. why do I have more latency in action districts (financial and waterfront) than in FC? This is the only game I play that this happens, in others games no matter how many people is ONLINE, latency is always the same. Correct me if im wrong tho? Isn't there a way to have the same latency in all districts? I have 35ms more in action districts than in FC districts.
  8. that's exactly why FFA is better than obir, less zoom. It's easier to shoot once with obir and change inmediately to fbw to finish them.. it's easier to zoom in/out while shooting.
  9. when is new york district going to work??
  10. 2 days ago I had a mission like this: me (gold veteran) and 3 golds against 4 silvers and 1 bronze (all below r80) in silver distict Jericho. XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  11. Kokoe (3ps3) is a very good gun and it's >>>>>> fr0g SD version.
  12. of course it's about cancer awareness.
  13. what you mean? trainees/green/bronzes and silvers MUST play in bronze district. And only golds should play in silver district (or in gold district ofc).
  14. yup, i have been saying this for years, remove the "advanced tab" and make it MAIN TAB (and remove main tab). imagine playing another game like apex legends, you play the first 3 matches and u get sent against players that have been playing apex legends for 7 years (i know apex legends is a new game, im just giving an example), wouldn't you quit the game instantly? I would. This is actually happening, new players play their first 3 or 4 matches in SILVER DISTRICT against veterans that have been playing the game for 7 or 6 years, they finish 0/20 every match, and quit the game because they think "it's full of cheaters!!".
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