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  1. Agree about the idea to make an APB 2. Well there are only 2 ways from make APB great in a normal opinion. -First One: Engine Update + Game Updates like cars, maps guns... -Secon One: make an APB 2 if the first one still a lot of years and time...
  2. Some people said that the engine update would never come out, that the apb always promised and never ended up fulfilling, it is more since this had already been said years ago. I honestly did not understand these people, but every time I understand them more. Please do it before the game dies at once and get it right. It would be good if they are taking a lot of time to put new weapons, new cars, even new maps.... to give freshness to the game and also do a good business for the company because if they do it well the word will spread and old and new players will come. That would be the smart thing to do, but I'm content with them getting the new graphics out. Regards To Everybody. See you this summer on the San Paro Streets
  3. Ye my english is so poor sorry. I respect your opinion, regards.
  4. This new gamemode increased in summer and olso now in christmas is so bored and long, was good for summer for the anniversary it was the novelty haha fun in the first days, but I'm not for the trouble of waste a lot of hours bored to get four JT, I already complained in his day and some guys who probably they dont have nothing better to do in their life they said that in a short time they would get rewards, false you had to spend a lot of hours for only get the limmit per day is a waste of time and totally not fun, long, repetitive and bored matches. One year later was so fun stay with my friends conected on Christmas playing matches waiting the event start, nervous for the event to start and once it started with a precious adrenaline was so fun, obiously some matches wasnt good others was good but everyone could win a gun game thats a reality, my friends and me really love it. Now on chrismas im lonely cause my friends berto, pablo, kevin are tired about the game who continue working on the betta who never is finished, and they see there are this bored event now for christmas, which neither will bother to play. I only can say what I all times say when i write here continue working on the betta this game cant die please, and take into account what has been said above Regards.
  5. Summer is over and the new engine is still not ready I feel sad and without illusion, and surely I am not the only one, please work hard on it, game need it, regards.
  6. 2H medium incluse more, 1h 30 when you make very good matches ( 50JT) and ALSO when they finish fast, I want to play the normal game modes, I dont want to be forced to play all days for get the JT when classic GUN GAMES was 1h and get 6500JT and we are talking about a 10 YEARS APB incredible special EVENT. Also if I want to play with two accounts it is already 4h per day (although that is personal). You are talking with a boy who in 1month play 500H on the game so ye I know what im talking about about rewards. I honestly think you have not understood the message correctly regards.
  7. Hi everybody, first of all I would like to thank for taking into account the game players. I know it is a temporary event for the 10 years of apb but I would like us to give our impressions: On my opinion having us "forced" to play a set time for 500 JT a day seems completely unjustified to me to be a unique event, it also takes a long time to get them. I think that the old gun game was much better since there was more excitement for wanting to win and the rewards were good due to a special event. I personally have ended up playing by playing even reluctantly for the JT even surely I will not play anymore, although I like the event. The only thing I see good is that you can get JT for your secondary accounts. About the new game mode many people have complained about the issue of FPS, personally the shotgun mode with instant kill seems brutal to me is incredible fun,I personally I like the new gamemode. I think I have already given the most important impressions I leave you to the rest in case I forget something! I hope that with what we discuss in the forum, developers can do good things with our opinions. --------------------------------------------------REGARDS SAN PARO!--------------------------------------------------------------
  8. The idea is very OP for the tester gun opcion on JT. But the prizes for 7 days and month are totally not rentable. In my opinion it should be very rentable the prizes, cause, nobody will buy it for 1 month and 7 days, normal will people safe money and pay for the permanent gun, so he unique update will be the test guns and that is why should be very rentable the prizes to use the new posibilities. Regards.
  9. I played 2 times this week a 1vs1 it seemed strange to me, you can't callback. I prefair matches with a lot of poeple but np too
  10. Totally True "A lot of people like gun games" im waiting for new gun game , can get JT, the matches are so fun and is very fun see all the comunity happy and toguether on the end of the event. Is very painful cause a lot of "maxed or experience" players on this game are being despective and have 0 empathy on new players, I've even had to read verbatim things like "I don't give a shit about new players" another type of monkey brain probably a chimpanzee IQ We have to be good with new players cause when you are new at this game, is one of the most strange and hard i have ever played and is only on English, still nowadays I continue learning some new aspects on it. Dont be Inappropriate language removed. - Azukii and have empathy, cause if u really love this game u would like too see full, not died, dont be negative IQ like people who use explosives with hard camp for win a match Regards.
  11. 2 of my friends uninstall the game for this reason, two more dont uninstall but they are bored at the game, and I know more people on districts who thinks the same I will try all your "ideas" for counter it im glad for your time but I continue thinking the same.
  12. So you guys are telling me that I have to buy a rocket, take a camper position, stay all the match there, when people delete a lot of my HP cover myseft, and thats the fun for the player rocket? so sad. I respect my seft for no do it that LOL.
  13. I can undestand it obiously, but Its a think should be change if game want to see more new players and dont want to see some players uninstalling the game, cause is not fun, in some situations you cant defeat a rocket man for example if he have a good position with cover and have the point in front of him and other players support him . I dont want the item deleted of the game ( although i would love to) cause i understand people spend time and money for get it but the develovers have to resolve this problem cause make matches TERRIBLE BORED.
  14. I said what I had to say later when the game keeps dying more and more and the new players who enter last 2 days in the game as always, in the case of my friends, you will blame any stupidity and not these things, although Well seen what I have seen, a lot of new players sweat it to me not.
  15. Me and more of people are fucking tired to play vs this explosives guns make the games EXTREMELY BORING is 0 skill for the boys who use it a monkey can play with rocket and make kills, and 0 fun for other players. Me and a lot of players thinks this elements of the game sucks, it make the pvps incredible bored and with no sense, good players and start players want to play the pvps leggit with guns, and be fun not want to waste our time vs losers who only know spawm a rocket or a explosive, is totally stupid. Two of my friends delete the game for this reason and maybe if I get tired I will be the next, it make the game looks like monkeys playing with negative IQ. Regards.
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