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Found 17 results

  1. 𝙒𝙊𝙒 𝙏𝙃𝙀𝙔 𝙃𝘼𝙑𝙀 𝘿𝙀𝙇𝙀𝙏𝙀𝘿 𝙈𝙔 𝙈𝙀𝙎𝙎𝘼𝙂𝙀 𝙒𝙃𝘼𝙏 𝘼 𝘾𝙃𝘼𝙉𝘾𝙀 𝙄𝙏 𝙎𝙀𝙀𝙈𝙎 𝙏𝙃𝙀𝙔 𝙒𝘼𝙉𝙏 𝙏𝙊 𝙃𝙄𝘿𝙀 𝙏𝙃𝙀 𝙍𝙀𝘼𝙇𝙄𝙏𝙔. Maybe spend the time on Fix the game ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- APB NEW ENGINE promise to: !!!!!!!!!!!!! APB CHEATING SIMULATOR !!!!!!!!!!!! 95% Is Cheating ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wanna enjoy a no legit matchmaking? Do you want to play with Hacks and not be banned? YES YOU WANT TO BE A GOLD GUY ON APB! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nah aimbot doesn´t exist on Apb some guys said... NAH the videos you can see on Yt with AimBot, Wallhacks and macros are science fiction montages!!!! If you want to cheat APB SADLY is your game, just play leggit one match on a random day in the week, in one match you will see: - Gold guy making 32 kills. - A guy with terrible macro, pistol is more fast than png now - The guy who allways know where are you. - Server no account your shoots. -----------------------------------------(my only game last week and the last game at this was the same) Its a day a day for leggit players----------------------- But well.... everybody who really plays know it -----------U N P L A Y E A B L E-----------
  2. This is my first forum post. The game I have loved has been ruined by this new matchmaking. It's an absolute shambles if I say so myself. Sucking all the fun out of playing the game. So many missions are being miss matched. Me a gold being paired with a T rank and a low ranking silver vs 3 high ranking golds?? I've had many missions like this and speaking to players, many have had the same. Also BACKUP DOESN'T WORK??? I call back up and despite there being many players online it's like it's refusing to give me a team mate? No matter how good you are, you can't 3vs2 all the time and not get frustrated. What's going on with all this.
  3. APB originally doesn't allow 1v1s to happen but if there is 2 people without oppisition and 1 leaves it bypasses this. I want there to be a fix where if the other person leaves it should automatically end the mission.
  4. Regarding the current matchmaking issue. Would it be a good idea to remove the Advance tab in district selection and let the game choose a district for you with people of equal threat? I am not very familiar with how the threat level works but from what I know, there is a number behind that color(a skill number, MMR). The game can use that to put you in a district with equal or similar skilled players. And if that's not enough it could take into account even district pop or the gap between the lowest skilled player in that district and the highest. Edit: Friends can still join each other through the Group&Friend tab.
  5. Once phasing takes effect AFTER the engine upgrade goes live Now when an enforcer witnesses a criminal in the act, they Duke it out right there, after phasing goes live and the enforcer witnesses the criminal ram raiding, will they 2 be teleported to another map??? Sense now their in a mission which makes sense from the few post about phasing...
  6. How works the threat level system? Score tabs indicate the first 2 highest scores, and they gain +1 threat level (1 to 10, every ten is a threat level more, i donT know if 100% correct but works in this similar way) Then the lowest 2 scores decrease by -1, every -10 in a threat level less. What happens usually in a district? Usually, goldies stomps everything on sight. Score is about 20-1 or 15-0 ,a blatant unfair match, as we see. This means: lowest score will be ALWAYS the silver or bronze threats. DoesnT bother if win or lose. Results confirmed: Silver is going to disappear , and Bronze more, to green, and also the Silver in Bronze will be a green badge. Gold will be always Gold cause hardly will be in lowest 2 scores. Conseguences: A bad matchmaking, not only will carry new players away from APB to a safety distance until unistall, but also experienced and loyal players will see no motive for continue playing in mission districts. Solutions: There is no one, without including decent anticheat or a massive unreversable threats level (Gold= stay gold, for ever, no dethreating allowed), with MM getting insane opposition to goldies. Q: Are you bronze now? A: I will get green too in just 2 hours, with this MM. before unistall. Edit: New Question: Q: What you would do now? Stop Playing? A: Nah, just stay in social for do something like this ->
  7. imV


    Picture Hey all. Its about that matchmaking we are all familiar with. The problem is not a matchmaking itself i think, the real problem is threat levels. Does it even make sence of what i just said.. Just an example, when 3 bronze players gets a mach against 3 high level golds,, 2 silvers and 1 gold vs 3 golds, trainees vs golds/silvers, etc.. You all know... This happens mostly in bronze servers, maybe its because threat levels are too mixed up there. My suggestion is. You are in a broze server, you become gold, when you press K, an error message will tell you "your threat level exeeds this server's requiremens", as you can see in the photo i uploaded in the top. So basically, you would have to choice, but to go to silver districts. I believe that everything would become more balanced, and people will stop compaining all the time. I've asked players about this, a lot of them said its a good idea. Everyday i see people getting mad for this ^^
  8. Here i am again starting a new topic as if it’s gonna change something. APB NEED CHANGES I saw on a community that the gold and all that stuff gonna disapear (on console we never had those ) i searched a lil bit but couldn’t find anything bout it. This system GSB(gold silver bronze and copper*) it one of the most important things in apb it sustain the greater pvp it has been now 4 years i havent played on PC but in my times the matchmaking was just bullshoot and i think it still is but throw away the GSB* system is not the best idea but what if we could improve it? I thinked about two solutions : 1- K/D/+LVL i think that in 2020 every matchmaking its made by K/D/+LVL and apb should not be different the GSB system isnt made by K/D but by W/L like every other GSB system we can take rb6 for example it doesnt matter if u a piece of shit your friends can still carry u but when it comes to playing solo my friend nightmare begins. 2-stop with GSB districts Why? Tell me why someone approved that idea? It is not a really bad one but still sucks because that system is still W/L and evry1 just have to lose evry single mission to become a bronze/silver ninja and go to silver districts where evryone is lol so the conclusion those districts DON’T WORK. So when it comes to districts why not somewhere where evry1 is welcome? and the matchmaking is done right and we can have more populated districts with more pvp so less districts more pvp Concluding apb have been failing since the begining im impressed how its keep going and always coming back from the deads this whole community it’s like a big family a lot of players from 8 years ago still have hope for this game and so do i but the game need changes that i hope after this engine upgrade devs are going to keep working hard to change this game a lot because you guys can’t take a break, those 700-1000 ppl left in this game are counting on you guys. (PS4 EU servers got less than 100players active) If you guys got suggestions go on and just help me wt that
  9. Regarding Matchmaking, obviously the idea sounded nefarious for anyone who was used to trying many games, so were the sensations when I tried it, if it was already difficult to start in APB, imagine now playing against gold, we are in the jungle well survive in jungle is more easy. If what you wanted was to kill the game I congratulate you, definitely the idea is the best possible, it is the gift that they have given us to continue waiting even more, for an engine update that will surely be just an endless graphic change, sincerely the game deserves to die definitely, the creators are not deserving it, unless they show me otherwise with a competent engine update and not only with graphic changes but ... will I ever live to see it? What I do know is that I don't feel like playing, neither myself nor any of my friends who played APB, I honestly don't want to spend the whole game dying and I'm a notable player. How will new or casual players feel? =RipAPB Another thing that I have never mentioned, how do you intend to attract new people? Because all the menus are in English and APB is not easy if you do not have someone to explain how everything works. Now we add to the fact that we frustrate new players with an unplayable matchmaking for them. I have seen many players who did not play again because they painted their faces split if split as well, imagine now playing against people with 5000-10000 hours or more who are the golds. I also think that the pay to win is quite primitive despite the fact that they made the update interesting last year, it is good to work things out for you but if you want to compete with other games I consider that it cannot take so long to get a weapon because the player needs get gratification and satisfactions more often. Gun rental is fine, yes, but if you play when you can, obviously not, also even if you play every day of the week if not because last year there were gun games for the JT it would be surreal how long it takes to have Jokers to buy a. This is also another way to kill the game because people get tired and go to play another where they feel more compensated Regards to everybody and Mery Christmas
  10. Right now there is zero incentive for Criminals to finish objectives when assigned a mission without opposition, This is clearly a waste of the Witness system which was clearly intended to be a core game mechanic. Therefore Criminals should get normal money and standing for completing objectives/missions even without opposition while Enforces get extra money and standing for witnessing a Criminal in a mission without opposition. If Criminals actually completed objectives in missions without opposition it would give Enforcers a chance to witness the Criminals and start a mission, If Enforcers got extra money and standing for witnessing Criminals in a mission then Enforces would have a reason to search for Criminals to witness. It's very boring as a Criminal to get missions without opposition because you sit there on an 99% finish objective just waiting for opposition to show up, If missions without opposition gave normal money and standing then it suddenly becomes a fun and worthwhile challenge to try and finish a mission without being witnessed by Enforcers. Criminals being able to farm not just money but also standing on empty servers isn't an issue because getting a mission without opposition requires readying up for a mission which places you on the matchmaker which continues to search for opposition, Which means that as soon as an Enforcer joins the server and readies up for a mission you could get opposition instantly which doesn't happen with ramraiding which already exists. There is also "A civilian has witnessed you" which I don't think does anything right now but what it could do is give any Enforcer who enters your mission from the matchmaker the same money and standing bonus they would have gotten if they had witnessed you. Honestly this all seems to be how the game was supposed to work on release but they simply forgot to turn on rewards for missions without opposition making the witness system pointless.
  11. Chello! Pls fix the Matchmaking.. I played with 1 other bronze (i was silver) against 2 Silvers.. I requested backup and we got another bronze.. But.. Why? BTW. The enemies did request backup too. And we were all low Rank.. (20-40) and the Enemies were high ranks (167-244).. Real talk: That's bullshoot! Most of all, that happens to me every day ... That spoils just the fun! Pls.. Just try to fix it.. It makes 0 fun.
  12. the problem I see with matchmaking is that there are solo players and then grouped players. if one faction has no gold solo players and the other faction has all premade groups... it will attempt to pool together some silver and bronze players to match the premade team's threat combined threat level. if it cannot match it it will match them anyways then give them the option for backup... which doesn't help at all anyways as it can just create further imbalance. how about you make 1 server for financial & waterfront for grouped players and another for non-grouped players? this way it will have an easier time matching since everyone will be in proper size groups (2,3,4 man) no random players with mis-matched threat vs premades. solo player server will match players alot better also since it will be 40 solo players on each side instead of 4-5 solo players and the rest grouped that aren't using the alliance feature or never call backup anyways.
  13. Instead of separating districts by their respective medals (bronze, silver and gold) as it was before, there should be some mechanism keeping the districts the way they are today, a district for everyone, however, with selected matches. I don't know how to do that, but in my layman's opinion on the matter, there should be some mechanism to detect a limit of matches in which a certain player won to reach gold. A player with many matches played to reach gold is certainly a normal player, a player who played few matches to win gold, he is out of the ordinary. So, with this information, the mechanism would put the "players with the most matches played to win gold" together in a match (both on one side and the other - enforcers and criminals), this would happen in the same way with the players with the fewest matches played to win the gold. This would encompass the entire match, not just for one side, but for both sides (criminals and enforcers). Detail: I'm talking about a mechanism that aims to find matches only for golds, it doesn't involve silver or bronzes, it's only for golds. For silver and bronze, it continues as it currently exists. EDIT: This mechanism could fail sometimes, it could be that due to some failure some bronze or silver drops in a match with a gold, but these cases must be rare, the essence of the problem must be solved. Essence of the problem: Normal players and beginners fall into disadvantaged matches against old and experienced golds. They must be separated. Golds must play against themselves, they must be treated differently from other players. However, this should be done the way I wrote it here, you shouldn't separate the districts by threats as it was before, because the golds are few compared to the amount of them with the rest of the players (most are bronze or silver), that would discourage the golds from playing, as I said before, this system must be flawed, no can be 100% (maybe 85% faithful - it must be complicated to make something extremely faithful with these descriptions [ but it has to be flawed, but not too much {you won't waste time doing something shitty}]), rare cases should happen that golds fall in matches against normal players, but this MUST BE RARE. ---> When I say "but it has to be flawed, but not too much" I am referring to these "rare cases". I want to make this very clear, because it wouldn't work and it wouldn't be healthy if these "rare cases" happened all the time. • When by chance, if the district at any time had few golds, then this mechanism could only, only in those cases, confront gold against bronze and silver. Leave your opinion in the comments. EDIT: I actually rambled a lot. Thanks anyway for the comments, there are many ideas from yours that are valuable. I tried to give some idea on the subject, but I don't understand much. But anyway, the intention was good.
  14. You have a new matchmaking system planned for APB 2.1 (that my computer wouldnt run...) and its more needed RN more than after it turns a top line computers only game. You are thinking for top line pc newbies than for people who already knows the game but just cant find a match for 5FPS computers... (BTW, we dont know how its going to workout for them on APB 2.1 as they probably will have to wait long before some highend newbie gets matched). And no, going to empty green districts is not solution for that as they are... EMPTY
  15. I checked 3 times during these missions to see if I have chosen bronze district correctly. Why gold threat players with insanse skill play on bronze district? Why they keep dethreating and play on bronze even though they are good enough for silver district? What is the purpose of completely discourage new players for hanging out more than 10 minutes in this game? What is the mindset of these players? Really curious.
  16. Battle Royal - simple version - Battle royal in districts (finan. & waterf.) with matchmaking off - groups of 4 team deathmatch (the option to see where are the rest of players ; skill based battle royal) - 80 players auto grouping (20 groups) when enter district (also after every battle) - only groups of 4 already made can join district - when player dies gets out of the battle and can wait till ends (cant make damage or whatever) - time limit for each battle: 15 min (will ends even faster) - all weapons,cars and mods players have are allowed - reward for the winners: similar to easter,halloween events Additional explanation: cant be solo,no wall closing,no event boxes to open,no restricted weapons,cars,mods etc because many reasons i thought about it Matchmaking Removing threat and threat mission districts.Only open conflict to stay because matchmaking is not working anyway.So basically open conflict with matchmaking off (ranks to be visible,current solution only ofc not long term) and another finan. & waterf. districts called battle royal Customization and weapon roles - increase number of clothing decals for free players from 3 to 7,vehicle decals from 7 to 10 - remove weapon roles rank 16 (players can unlock chrome skin and 3 slot weapons on rank 15 completed) small changes like this i think your players gonna appreciate P.S. I add alternative to the battle royal check my last comment
  17. Before I begin. I love apb and everthing good that this game has to offer. Even tho I'm an old player (since 2013) I never played this game for too much. I play for week - two, for month and then I mostly leave it for a half of the year. I started playing more constantly since G1 been bought by LO and I never woud've write any of this since I know my opinion is just "add it to the pile" but I really want to talk about the stuff I'll adress. Okay, good to know, so what's your freaking problem? I'm not gonna adress all the optimization issues and matchmaking, simply because it's topic since ever, I guess. Yes, I think matchmaking should be reworked simply because 1gold,3 silvers VS 3 T-players match is complete and utter bullshoot, not to say 1 V 1 missions shouldn't exist at all. Optimization should be impoved and I know it's not coming until 3.5 atleast. While some of you not suffer from optimization, some of us do. I have a crappy laptop wich are giving me 40-50 FPS on max setting in APB with constant freezes, fps drops and crashes. But regardless if i'm playing on max setting or potato graphics using advanced launcher, low fps and freezes and crashes never leave. While it's really frustrating sometimes, I'm still dealing with dying because of freezes and with drops to 5 frames per second because somebody uses LMG or NFAS. I deal with all this stuff because there's no other way for me to play this game. But this is not what makes me really upset, this is not what makes me wanna quit the game. Guess you can really imagine now that APB is something special for me same as for all of us, I guess. What really makes me wanna quit the game is a threat system. I'm between regular silver player and superiorly good gold player. I can't play on silver bronze because in most of the cases I will get gold. I can't play on silver simply because i'm not that good. I'm tired of getting demolished, tired of doing my best just to instantly die. I want to enjoy the game, I want to just chill and relax not to get a depression because 9\10 matches I'm just being raped and teared to pieces. And if you're reading this and thinking "just get gud lul", just stop reading and leave. Silver district is punishment for me, for being too good for regular silver. I don't want to dethreat, why do I have to always dethreating to enjoy this game? I want players who are +- level of my skill. I want fair fights, I want to win, I want to lose, I want to have fun, I want to enjoy the damn game. For all this years of APB existence it wasn't really a problem since I wasn't that good to be gold and most of dethreaters were better than me, even tho I was dethreating from time to time myself. I hated dethreaters, I was sreaming in my mind "go to silver server for god's sake!". Not as I'm a bit better, when I play on silver I'm simply happy to see dethreaters (don't get me wrong, deathreating is not right, but now I understand why most of dethreaters doing this), because I know, that even they still can kick my patootie, I'm not that worse than they're, meaning there's a change i'll have a fair and fun game. When i'm playing on silver 4\5 matches look like this. My team: 3-4 players R30-100, golds, most of the cases 1-2 silvers. Enemy team: 2-4 players R200-255, in most of the cases same clan. And score 1/10, 3/15, 3/13 ect while enemy team just feasting on our agony with their 20\1 10\1 KDs. I can't predict every enemy move, I can't land my every hit with 100% accuracy, I can't throw a granade with perfect timing always hitting my target. I can't shot with N-tec like it's a laser rifle and got no bloom with TTK of 0.7 second while being 50m away, I can't land every shotgun hit while dodging all the bullets and outshot sniper with carbine on the distance when the game simply stops rendering players. Sure there was a fair matches in silver district, but why do I have to gamble everytime I press K for that 20% chance of fair and fun game. I met a guy I I became friends who happened to play APB in the past. He haven't played more than 100h hours because of the "unfair matchmaking and P2W guns" but I teached him to play the game, told him about it's not the guns, but the way you play and pick your loadout. He finally had fun with the game, untill he got gold. Now he doesn't want to play since it's unplayalbe for us in silver district and not everybody wants to spend time dying to dethreat. I know that @MattScott and LO overall knows that matchmaking should be fixed and I know that it's not coming until engine upgrade. But what I think is also should be mentioned and worked on is threat system. You simply cannot devide players into Silver and Gold. Specially in game like APB where skill plays a big role and a lot of people have different level of skills. I don't have to struggle to play the game only because I'm too good for silver and too bad for gold. Imagine games like R6 and CSGO having only bronze, silver and gold. (I don't want to talk about bronze cause if you're still bronze after 10 hours of missions, then you probably need 10 seconds of brain processing information to start shooting a standing enemy). You have to add more levels of threats, atleasts 6, shit, even 5 would be better! Why golds who are just better than regular silvers should play against players with years of non-stop playing and skill of an enormous level. This and broken matchmaking (plus a lot of other reasons) is why noone stays in this game. I love the game, but if I simply can not enjoy it, what's the point? Honestly this is first time when i'm having such a bad time with the game, and reason I haven't left yet only because I love APB and times when it can be fun game, besides APB has so much potential and you know there's no other game like APB. It drags me back, I can not leave, I don't want it to die, not yet, not until there's no better successor. My opinion on future of APB. While i'm still here might as well adress my thoughts on APB future and LO decisions as well as few suggestions on improving overall experience for players, specially new comers. First of all I want to thank @MattScott and LO staff for keeping the game alive. I understand that different people work on different stuff, not every LO employee have a knowledge of C++ and OPP required to work with engine not to mention time needed to figure out how APB works. (people sure really understand this). While I think APB is sure need content and RIOT is not a bad thing (if done right, can be super enjoyable) I feel like doing it separately from game engine is might be mistake. This is why: Most of people doesn't want to play game untill new EU and even if they return for new content they may just leave pretty fast since apb didn't change much. If you'd let your people work on new content and game engine and then fixing all major problems (perfomance, matchmaking) and release it all together I honestly think it woud've brought more old players and created an opportunity to advertise the game to people who never heard of it or heard of it's being not really a good game, create a whole "we turned apb into a new experience/made an new content and improved game/ or even apb2" thing making it interesting for more people. I feel like APB need a fresh start. Some of my thoughts how to make the game more friendly for newcomers and making them want to stay. Overall I think APB as it right now is not the game that everyone can enjoy for reason listed lots of times. Also please consider all already said major issues. 1) Refer-a-friend system. I know it's been abused in the past, but after all it's might have brought some players too. And even if it's abused, meaning people gonna spend time on APB getting those rewards and later stay in the game to enjoy and play with those rewards. I think it should be brought back. 2) Tutorial. Tutorial as it is i think it's something players ignore mostly, even i back in the day didn't know it's existed. You need to create a special level or mission where players must go over all basics of the game including how to use chat channels and customization. 3) Make the game more rewarding. Game is very grindy and not everyone are get along with it. Add rewards, add perma guns selectors through contracts. For example STAR LRC isn't that popular and even got removed from armas, why can't you then add it as something you can get from contracts? But anyway, I think this is something that deserves it's own topic. In general we all want APB to a better game we all can enjoy. Thank you for your time.
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