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Found 2 results

  1. UPDATE 12-25-21 I have restarted development of FESM, and in looking back there was one sample that many of you liked very much, that was not non-attribution and was a licensed sound. Someone on Freesound uploaded a modified version (slightly modified, not by much) of the shotgun sound from Fallout 3... I must take this sound out, but I have already replaced it with something I think is good and can possibly be made better. I have been able to access the raw decrypted files from the game files so now I can hear what sounds are what, whereas before I had to literally guess; making the mod a sort of crap shoot development project. With this information I have begun notating all sounds and replacing ones that need freshening up to todays standards. Not all sounds will need to be replaced, as some of the game sounds are actually great! As for now this content is totally optional, but if there are sounds desired enough to use permanently, that can be addressed with LO. INFORMATION BELOW IS OUTDATED - STAND BY FOR NEW LINK AND I WILL REPLACE THESE INSTRUCTIONS WITH NEW ONES. NOTE: The mod will uninstall itself after any some server restarts, and maintenance. Repeat Steps to re-install. UPDATE 12-25-21 PLANS FOR FUTURE: 1. New NPC voices to match the spirit of the 13 years of player faction lore based on the history of the game 2. New Faction Conquer Sounds for Territory (partially complete) 3. Re-vamped UI sounds. (partially complete) 4. All new sounds for Rifle, Pistol, Melee, Heavy, Throwables, HOPES AND DREAMS: A fully voiced Graham and Elena (I have the scripts) CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT FOR FESM 1.7 1. Much better vehicle sounds 2. #4 listed from above 3. Notation of all sounds from /sounds folder 4. Playtest and reviewing sector ambience 5. Lots of troubleshooting 6. New ability activation/casting sounds
  2. Regarding Matchmaking, obviously the idea sounded nefarious for anyone who was used to trying many games, so were the sensations when I tried it, if it was already difficult to start in APB, imagine now playing against gold, we are in the jungle well survive in jungle is more easy. If what you wanted was to kill the game I congratulate you, definitely the idea is the best possible, it is the gift that they have given us to continue waiting even more, for an engine update that will surely be just an endless graphic change, sincerely the game deserves to die definitely, the creators are not deserving it, unless they show me otherwise with a competent engine update and not only with graphic changes but ... will I ever live to see it? What I do know is that I don't feel like playing, neither myself nor any of my friends who played APB, I honestly don't want to spend the whole game dying and I'm a notable player. How will new or casual players feel? =RipAPB Another thing that I have never mentioned, how do you intend to attract new people? Because all the menus are in English and APB is not easy if you do not have someone to explain how everything works. Now we add to the fact that we frustrate new players with an unplayable matchmaking for them. I have seen many players who did not play again because they painted their faces split if split as well, imagine now playing against people with 5000-10000 hours or more who are the golds. I also think that the pay to win is quite primitive despite the fact that they made the update interesting last year, it is good to work things out for you but if you want to compete with other games I consider that it cannot take so long to get a weapon because the player needs get gratification and satisfactions more often. Gun rental is fine, yes, but if you play when you can, obviously not, also even if you play every day of the week if not because last year there were gun games for the JT it would be surreal how long it takes to have Jokers to buy a. This is also another way to kill the game because people get tired and go to play another where they feel more compensated Regards to everybody and Mery Christmas
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