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  1. I would really like to see an item (injector) that stops leveling. And another that enables Leveling. The reason being is that people level toons for s2 pvp, s3 pvp, and the debuffs for bringing a 55 are the reason really. a person could level to 25-35-45 and cut the XP gain, and have toons that can pvp without debuffs, and have conflict in all zones. I know a lot of people that would buy those. hell, if you wanted to you could put them on a timer, so you can constantly make some income.
  2. Event was a success. it's a pvp zone, more coming soon.
  3. Exile, Saints, and Outlaws will be Hosting 50 rothium Harvesters to All factions at Center Keep in The District (increased resource gain there) We will need about 40 players or more to set them all down. This will be a fun event and stress the server a little. PvP is encouraged, but if the keep gets flipped, I will not do another event like this, it's expensive. a Full 3 hours of FFA Loot on rothium. Everybody wants it, everybody needs it. Fight for it. Don't fight for it, claim your little spot, harvest for a while. Whatever goes just don't flip the keep and throw away 50 perfectly good harvesters that everyone will benefit from. Everyone from every faction is invited. I would like maximum participation so a Weekend is probably better, We'll tentatively set the date for Sunday June 1st at 6 p.m. Central US (time conversion) The keep will be Tech or Trav considering there are probably 50 tech/trav's that will be available to set harvs up. FORM UP: 5 p.m. Central Time (check your local time with link above) Form up will be an hour before in: Los Alamos; in the Parking Lot Crow, Gapetta, Misbee Haven, Zaraphina, Cerc: (Main Party Members) will distribute the harvesters. once we flip center, we will travel as a group to get them set up Some Fuel will be available for harvesters. Raid Leads are: Misbee Haven () Crow Bennett () Cerc () Gapetta () Zaraphina () Whitehorse () if you think this list should have your name on it. send me a tell. If we get 2 Raids, we'll split them faction wise. Raid Leads regardless of faction will be in communication. DISCORD LINK TO BE CREATED DAY OF EVENT (RESERVED) Additional Info: This is not a trap Please Encourage all levels, and your whole clan to come. ALL FACTIONS WELCOME This is not a PvP event Per Se; but it is in a pvp zone so be prepared to be killed (that's what happens in the zone) if anyone flips the keep on 50 roth harvs, you will get your lulz. and our materials vault can crank out another 50, but you'll get none of it. So relax and enjoy a sunday of farming rothium. LETS SEE WHAT 50 ROTH HARVS CAN DO! It also gives me a chance to listen to the sounds i have edited in FESM 1.7 and Record a little bit as the demo. I'm not GM, but if you start shit over getting free roth... i mean... that's just silly.
  4. have fun one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve center haietta
  5. All sounds are Creative Commons License Non-Attribution. I'm sharing this with the community so if you don't like it, don't use it. FESM 1.2 DOWNLOAD GDRIVE (basic mod: includes guns only) FESM 1.5 DOWNLOAD GDRIVE (UI, Guns, Explosiongs, PvP, Crafting, Mobs, Lifenet, Equip, Motorcycle, ATV) *fixed mount gun sounds FESM 1.6 DOWNLOAD GDRIVE (EVERYTHING ABOVE + MOTORCYCLE REPLACEMENT/INTERCEPTOR-FASTBACK/MOUNT GUN) To install: 1. Unzip FESM to a folder on Desktop or wherever, OPEN FESM 2. Copy everything from the sound folder 3. Paste into GamersFirst-FallenEarth-Sounds Folder 4. It will take about 3-5 Minutes, Overwrite Everything; Yes to All NOTE: The mod will uninstall itself after any some server restarts, and maintenance. Repeat Steps to re-install. PLANS FOR FUTURE: 1. New NPC voices 2. New Faction Conquer Sounds for Territory 3. Re-vamped UI sounds.
  6. Had a blast guys. Hope it didn't get too ugly at the bar after I left.
  7. We have had a ton of donations from multiple clans for this event. Giveaways, contents, and a race to new flagstaff, duels, mounts to give away. and if we get a flagger in new flag, we will have a 5 gold chip reward for the 1st place winner, 3 for the second, and 1 for third place
  8. I updated the Fallen Earth Sound Mod in time for the Event. New Motorcycle sounds. Download from GDRIVE here on the Marketplace Forum Section
  9. if you are connected with RP'ers I would like to know if you could ask around for a good time to do a poker run with Iron Sights. Mutare or I will host and the ride will start in Embry and end in New Flag. This is a follow up event from the meeting of the clans 2 weeks ago. it is ok to contact me in game. Crow Bennett Corban Dallas Lelu Dallas o/
  10. My Favorite LB clan in the game. If you are a lightbearer, I advise joining this clan.
  11. Greetings Wastelanders / Clones Exile is a Tech Primary Clan Allied with Saints (Traveler) and any other Single Faction Clans Exile was Established in 2010 and has been involved in most of the major conflicts since 2009 Exile was formed from the Remnants of Fist of the Empire (est. 2008 pre-alpha) We like to take the game seriously, but not ourselves too seriously We prefer 18+ At this time there are about 10 active members and recruits are being scouted We encourage crafting, player run events, training in PvE and PvP Exile is currently not at war with any faction or clan; although we do have KOS lists for omni-faction clans Features: REAL LIFE COMES FIRST-YOU WILL NOT BE GRIEFED FOR HAVING TO BIO/TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY/GO TO WORK/ ETC. We offer what are called P.O.R.'s (Positions of Responsibility) - These are Volunteer positions that players can sign up for that are subdivided into 5 categories S1 - Recruiting & Personnel S2 - Intelligence and Information Gathering S3 - Operations / PvE and PvP S4 - Logistics / Crafting S5 - Technical Officers / UI mods / FESM (fallen earth sound mod) Reasons to join: Carefully Managed Resources Allows us to provide new players with Equipment, Guidance, and Character Development throughout the entire Leveling process all the way to end-game P.O.R.'s allow people to become their own leaders and learn how to be self-sufficient in game, as well as contribute to the development of other players many of our members are long standing members and have not left, we have a high-retention rate over time, however, having been the large clan on the server, we are susceptible to spies, freeloaders, and trolls (wearing an exile tag will not generally make you a lot of friends) How to know if Exile is not for you: If you cannot maintain a standard of discipline If you like to talk trash If you spend a majority of your game time chatting in global If you are not interested in helping players that are not Exile If you are into the idea and concept of omni-faction clans If 1v1's and 2v2's in Embry or Los Alamos is your mainstay in PvP How to Join: You will need to get a referral from an Exile. Any Exile can refer you, and that Exile is your point of contact to start your provisional membership If you are scouted, you will receive an in-game mail that you can respond to or private message the Exile that mailed you After 30 days of Provisional Membership, you will be officially inducted into the Clan SEE YOU IN THE WASTES
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