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  1. Hollywood7098

    Johnny Is A Bad Apple

    lol the girl did and she was outside naked until the cops came
  2. Hollywood7098

    how is FE doing?

    I kind of felt that too honestly, how many people are often online?
  3. Hollywood7098

    Survivor's Refuge needs YOU.

    Ella has her way with words. It made me want to join LoL
  4. Hollywood7098

    how is FE doing?

    What been the activity in FE lately?
  5. Hollywood7098

    Hello shy lo

    Hey pal ✌
  6. Hollywood7098

    Halloween 2018 Events

    Well that's awesome, an event
  7. Well basically everyone can continue to do what you please, but I'm not playing FE anymore until they have completed the process to playing the game again. I'll be active on the forums though, I understand both sides from old players and their accounts, to people who don't wish to slow the process and just wants to play the new version. With that said LO please reach out to the players and get our thoughts. All the neglecting leads us to argue amongst ourselves and that's bad for our community, but so onnn Love and not Hate people. Adio ✌
  8. Hollywood7098

    Wipe Server Clean

    I mean where my attention goes, is do you want to keep playing a game that's not getting, seasonal events, nowadays lag awful and we hope for a restart to loosen up the playstyle. I for one is tired of playing like that. The more people request LO to do for the game it pressures them. APB is a global game, played on Xbox 1 etc. It's just allow the team to start fresh so things can be much simplier, to get gameplay back on rolling. We're wasting time and before you know it 2 years go by with same FE program no events, new items, or new game features. Just saying though baby
  9. Hollywood7098

    Johnny Is A Bad Apple

    Johnny O`l Johnny 1 day Johnny invites a girl friend of his over... She says "Johnny baby I need to make some money" Johnny advises being a escort . Johnny assist they money they make love 1 day Johnny goes to shop and decide to surprise her when he gets home.... "Skips chapter" the girl tears up the house and try to commit suicide in the shower, stands outside naked and is taken to jail... Poor Johnny
  10. Hollywood7098

    Turn The Tides

    I understand that many of you wish to keep your old accounts stable enough to enter the new FE server but I wish that you all put pride to the side and allow a server refresh. The LO team are dealing with so much it's incapable of doing all of the needs. If it comes up just ask for a alpha or beta tester reward on the new server and waste more time without playing a better version of the game you love the most! P. s I love you FE
  11. Hollywood7098

    Wipe Server Clean

    I have to say I have tons of rares and Max level accounts, and yet I hardly care.... Wipe the servers clean, give us our new image look and I'll pay hundreds of dollars over again just do it already please!!!
  12. Hollywood7098

    my car got broken into last night

    Swiper no Swiping
  13. Hollywood7098


    I wonder how that's going to happen where will all the transferred gears will be stored
  14. Hollywood7098


    Ohhh OK, sounds cool. Was guiny there lol? Well with the transfer you mean, like the account you have now on FE you can bring it over to the new game? I thought a sweep was happening and everyone start fresh
  15. Hollywood7098


    Well that was quite a speech, my sir.... Uhm I guess FE needs a revival, has any update or anything new?