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  1. Hollywood7098

    Fallen Earth Celebration 09/21-10/01

    Join in pal, the Water is fine #Huehue
  2. Hollywood7098

    9 Year Anniversary Events

    Yoooo it was totally wicked broooo!!!!!
  3. Hollywood7098

    Happy Anniversary Fallen Earth

    This is a "Big Thanks" For those who hosted today's event! You all were Great! For all those who came in support, thanks for coming and active crowd. The fights were crazy, I got beat up though #Lool I guess I swing like a girl, but other than that everyone enjoyed themselves pretty nicely. It's Holly Baby^^ #Ringa-Ding = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Special Thanks to :-: : Mutare Nebula : Lukasocz : Op Hooligan : Artemi Six
  4. Stubby if I have to tell the truth, if its going to take a year to get that entire process going in FE, I honestly doubt that its Players won't be around, you could honestly shut the game down what im saying. I advise releasing items that the current engine can maintain and promote and sell the items to keep a profit for the game. #SUPPORT THE UNION
  5. Hollywood7098


    Dude this is a good #idea, i'll be hunting fish basically everyday, just catch me in New Flagstaff baby! #Dope
  6. That's right fellas Fallen Earth will be the future of "The New World" dig? Ring-A-Ding baby! Ta-Ta
  7. Hollywood7098

    Role-Play Blog

    Yea that's what I was preferring a RP forum thread, we could use one of those on the FE Forums!
  8. Hollywood7098

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    Will we be having any Premium reward? When will the payment issue get fixed? We will get new Game events? Events Shall Boost Morale
  9. Hollywood7098


    Does anyone knows if we will get the halloween event
  10. Hollywood7098

    Ohh I wonder

    I wonder with this Q&A coming up we will get "Action" and not just "Answers"
  11. Hollywood7098

    Role-Play Blog

    Should probably add a Update Channel for [RP] it'll probably bring Rpers closer together and most likely let them be aware who all is within game!
  12. Hollywood7098

    Marketplace Update

    Marketplace could also use a update remove some limited times items. place a Premium award item on the marketplace and probably add a new Car to the marketplace "Mount" listing just a couple ideas to let LO know that this would boost game morality!
  13. Hollywood7098

    A New Cosmetic Release

    How about 5 new Clothing/Armors within game planted on a boss or Veteran. More Serenity items within the Game! would make gameplay more adventuring and something else to look for within the game while the Game Experts work on the tinks of the game!
  14. Hollywood7098


    It's not an actual black hole but their have been problems with entering doors! Ex: You enter a place and fall through it and you end up in a stuck place within the floor in game also a bug needed looked into for comfortable gameplay
  15. Hollywood7098

    Upside Backwards

    Well I guess I'll report the issue with Ex: I will be walking or driving and the game would flip my car around and have me drive backwards and it doesn't even turn!! Check the bug or mounts