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  1. Hollywood7098

    State of the Game 08/12/2018

    Baby this is wonderful, a true Ringa-ding, dig? well Ta-Ta baby P.S we will be better than APB very soon!
  2. Hollywood7098

    Old Premium Item Released

    If the GM's or so aren't up for placing a new Premium or new Cosmetic wardrobe or item into Fallen Earth, then can we get a old premium item returned?
  3. Hollywood7098

    Premium Reward Event

    Can we get Event now? It should be about time Fallen Earth get a 2018 Premium Reward!
  4. Hollywood7098

    I can't buy g1c

    The gamersfirst page won't open the credit card information page for, so that i can enter my credit card information. Can someone look into this issue for me.
  5. Hollywood7098

    Hello everyone

    Hey Adam, I don't do Pokemon, dig? But welcome to the forums! Ta-Ta
  6. Hollywood7098

    Players! ideas???

    Is there anything that we players can do, that would make everyone gameplay more comfortable? Is it a way to balance the gameplay in fallen earth? Could we come up with a Supporting Group that intervenes with the society of the game to make it all Great Again! Something us players can do, any ideas?
  7. Hollywood7098


    Hello Everyone!
  8. Hollywood7098

    More Cosmetics and clothes

    I agree we need more outfits and additional items, to give us a chase towards something different and the reason the items on ah aren't selling cause everyone has them already. We should have more diversity!
  9. Hollywood7098

    Dear LO Staff

    Honestly I haven't seen any Duped items flooding in the market. It really saved a dying community, I mean think about it
  10. Hollywood7098

    Dear LO Staff

    I feel as if with them unbanning a few accounts, boost the game revenue, and I can understand the business move. Keep it up Little Orbit!
  11. Hollywood7098

    Marketplace update!

    We could use a bit more on the marketplace, a wider selection of items to buy. New items. a Premium Event for membership or some sort, I believe its about that time, right?
  12. Hollywood7098

    Sooooooo much {salt and trolling} these dayZ

    I'm Confused of being confused by you?!>>.<<
  13. Hollywood7098

    Ringa-Ding-Ding . . {APB}

    Yea, just thought I'd swing by . . dig? I'm from the next dimension, where we got chops baby! #Ringa-Ding
  14. Hollywood7098

    Ringa-Ding-Ding . . {APB}

    More like @ Cupcake with ALOT of Sprinkles! ^^ #Giggity