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  1. Has their been anything new regarding to the server tho?
  2. all I want to know is when will the FE2 is goin to be up.......... Rip to old server baby #Ringa-Ding
  3. I have no clue what's going on............. But where does progress stand with getting the new server? Literally, has anything happened? Is the new server ready, are you test playing it, I mean when you love a game like this it kinda makes you want to know, I just wonder if it's a future, can we even get some legit and straight forward information , has anyone received news on direct progress for fallen earth ?....
  4. Lmao.... How I get a dislike by saying I love it? #Salt
  5. hello, just wondering if anyone seen the account. Toon name Hollywoodzz in the FE gameplay?
  6. lol the girl did and she was outside naked until the cops came
  7. I kind of felt that too honestly, how many people are often online?
  8. Ella has her way with words. It made me want to join LoL
  9. What been the activity in FE lately?
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