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  1. Yea all they have done is bait FE as if it will be a new server......... LO tram is like the boogeyman ......... They are trying to drop the game period......... You people should wakeup 👁 Everyone who dislike this drowns in their ignorance. Dracio LO has brainwashed you........ Don't defend something that doesn't care if u slip into heaven by tmr...... They have stalled us out, lied to our mother and fathers............ They have inappropriately touched our members hearts........ Wakeup and see what's going on like fr dude.
  2. I don't think so..... *cough* yet
  3. Agreed, in some way some how the Little orbit team is stalling . . If they have people think that this task of fixing FE would take years it's another agenda behind it. {my opinion } "They are slowly letting the FE community die off until there is no liking into the game, allowing fans to attend elsewhere, while they slowly banish the game. I believe their real attention was apb reloaded and they got it, clearly nothing else matters." but to those who keep up with this wait <fuss are not awake to their net surroundings ... #tragic
  4. Hm I like this 9 months to a year tho? .. Bleh Allowing such attitude towards FE fans is a No-No . . Waiting is *cough* B.S . . No ty.
  5. Oof. So like quik question 1. How long are you willing to wait?
  6. Honestly, I'll say FO4 was the 2nd weakest fallout series, but it's something new I'm trying. Fallout New Vegas is #1 . . . But if it had FO4 it would...... I can't even finish the epicness
  7. sir have this topic, swiftly made u insane? . . . You can overhaul the game itself quickly. {Factory Reset} kinda idea where everything is set to default settings. Ok, trying to keel with most request from others keeps options limited. In 2 years LO will drop the game and it would only be a memory to those that even played it. P. S = #If LO says it'll take 1-2 years to get the game back working = means their secretly closing the game and no longer are working on it
  8. And with what you saying OK. Working on the following "infrastructure" .. .. But 1 man can reset the game and use the new engine and it'll be up and running
  9. Aroa Croft you make sense others going against you are drowning themselves. This hold up, it's inconclusive, an wastes time with words following a ending solution. It's just get it over once all those who play the new server with a wipe, they will continue to play.
  10. Also u must be a foreigner if you don't understand our Americans laws of "Freedom of Speech" I can sue you son or daughter.
  11. Aroa, u literally made perfect sense about the situation. "Those who debated on the forums to keep their items, they now witness the mistake due to they won't play FE for years to come" and also a valid statement "With LO being a new team they were suppose to make a {serious decision} knowing what they were dealing with clearly} Reset the game and open the 1st and 2nd sector for gameplay to continue for players. Aroa I have the insight to exactly what your saying. I honestly care for all FE players gaming future and this is why I speak on these matters. This is something all players should take serious, I agree with Aroa on monthly updates with game progress. "Walking blind make you fall in sooo many holes" omgeeee
  12. Hey Kish, if your saying they don't have a sector 1 complete, your making them look horrible, hopefully your a team player and can understand progress containing the percentage of FE2 completion.
  13. I guess such topic, gave u a brain twist. It's been a year + . . Surely these things have been discussed. And those things matter depending on what type game they plan to release.
  14. Why stop selling to npcs? That is quite a disturbing announcement
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