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  1. Thank you for the work your team has put into the project so far, cant wait for the final product Keep up!
  2. Then why are you here? Just leave lol, no one cares about your opinion, the game is dead we all know that, you arent telling us nothing new, only those who really want it back keep cheking these forums from time to time. Yea the updates are slow and longwaited, but it is what it is, now dont come trashtalk to the company when you know nothing about the issue.
  3. I check FE forums everyday for news, and its getting more active as time passes, makes me happy to see things moving forward, slowly but surely we will have FE back bois Aprecciate all the work Matt and the team are putting into making this a reality, Thanks!
  4. So glad to see FallenEarth being brought back to life. Thanks for all your work into making this a reality. So anxious to play it *-*
  5. Same here, i check this forum everynow and then Hoping... :<
  6. Well, im one of a few people waiting for it to reopen, soooooooooo ye :] +1
  7. Legit i cannot wait to play Fallen again, oh my god do i want it back keep up the work LO love u
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