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  1. God you just reminded me of how well the sneaking system worked with removing your map dot. Used to ambush people in Haietta all the time. sigh.
  2. lol grimlands kickstarter never took off and was canceled after a year. The skies is basically the same buggy mess it was the first time it came out. I guess it's playable but clunky. I've stopped playing already lol.
  3. Will to live online, free2play . Like a mix of fallen earth and dayz. if you dint mind a buggy jankiness of FE then you'll probably like it too. The Skies just threw down a rebuilt game by new a Team yesterday. I'm downloading it now.
  4. Next week will be the 6 month mark since the shutdown. A update or a road map or something would be good to keep some interest around the project..
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