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  1. id like Fallen Earth: Cyasoon....... sounds pretty good ,
  2. just commenting on nothing really, just keeping forum alive
  3. @demon666 (your name says enough) but who the hell (pun) are you to make that choice
  4. hey any sort of update on whats going on ,or even a hello" this is what we have done so far" would be nice
  5. feels like ive lost a safe refuge,thanks to all ive meet in game (good and otherwise) also thanks to matt and team....hope to catchup in next fallen earth
  6. cake and eat it to ? i have lots of "stuff" all so after 8 yrs,but thats all it is....stuff...... either way i will play with or without my "stuff" just as long as game goes on
  7. i know this post will probably get all sorts of comments ......... does it really matter if we have to restart from scratch ,ah prices will come down thats for sure plus other positives .
  8. i really dont know how i feel......sad...excited...sad.....excited
  9. waited 1/2 hr ....all ok now,but im not sure why this happens if its just me
  10. game log in stuck at authenticating..........
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