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  1. you can always wait until everyone else do the hard yards then join
  2. hello darkness my old friend ive come to talk with you again
  3. there would a lot of players with more in game "assets" then you sorry to say.and i bet they be willing to start again just to have game back....it makes sense to do so and theres many reasons why i say that.. also only have only 1 starting area like back in the day (depot66) so players get to meet and more then likely form friendships,which in turn keeps them in game.now back to you losing everything ppl in real life go tru the same thing most dont whinge as much as you do about losing stuff (thats not real btw)they just accept and get back to rebuilding.i expect some hate back for this but ive had enough of ppl whinging
  4. "It's not a matter of money. Look at the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. dev team. They needed money, found investor, and now its peachy."...so if they had money it would go faster right? more money more workers maybe
  5. im in Aust so im not sure what the exchange rate will be but im willing to pay 6Months upfront BUT if im able then i wil pay the 12months
  6. theres a SHORT FILM called "the gunfighter" on youtube been out a few years now ,but if you havent seen it then its worth watching.......reminds me of some pvp fights on Fe
  7. im even starting to miss boneclaw ........id even do that mission (depot 66) where it sent me on a long journey to the beach house again if it means getting back into game .
  8. 5 days till xmas surely thats enough time to finish the game .....i will set up pc on boxing day ready
  9. FE was my first ever game ,ive tried others since but just seem to get into them ,i just wish LO would just come out and say something, anything instead of this torturous silence (please put me outa of my freaking misery)
  10. this doesnt count,com'on LO help the man out
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