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  1. "It's not a matter of money. Look at the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. dev team. They needed money, found investor, and now its peachy."...so if they had money it would go faster right? more money more workers maybe
  2. im in Aust so im not sure what the exchange rate will be but im willing to pay 6Months upfront BUT if im able then i wil pay the 12months
  3. theres a SHORT FILM called "the gunfighter" on youtube been out a few years now ,but if you havent seen it then its worth watching.......reminds me of some pvp fights on Fe
  4. im even starting to miss boneclaw ........id even do that mission (depot 66) where it sent me on a long journey to the beach house again if it means getting back into game .
  5. 5 days till xmas surely thats enough time to finish the game .....i will set up pc on boxing day ready
  6. FE was my first ever game ,ive tried others since but just seem to get into them ,i just wish LO would just come out and say something, anything instead of this torturous silence (please put me outa of my freaking misery)
  7. this doesnt count,com'on LO help the man out
  8. all quite on the forum atm,its like sneaking tru a pvp zone you know damn well someones watching ready to pounce
  9. anyone have any info on this subject and the effect on fallen earth?
  10. "the more enthusiastic people being rather toxic' ?..... i found most all of the enthusiastic players being helpful ,trying to keep players.
  11. Great news ,thanks to all who are working on this project and also thanks to everyone who have contributed in anyway to forum ,keeps it alive and ticking along
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