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  1. yes ...not sure whats up prob the event has finished
  2. ring up the former owners be a start
  3. all good mate we all family here ,whether we all like it or not
  4. im having same prob.... doesnt ask for error report though its saying your area is currently loading plz wait anyone else getting this? when i try to relog
  5. does it really matter what its called ....just be happy its coming back ffs
  6. we will be able to download game from site other then steam ...right?
  7. every man and his dog could predict that was gunna happen ,stop whinging about pvp zones and mats there seems to be enough of you on here doin just to start a damn clan to get those items .heres a hint instead of running when you see someone coming at stand ya ground how the hell do know what they are about unless ya do .if they kill ya so %^^&^& what earn some damn respect at least .this is a fact i have no reason to lie, i was in a pvp zone lvls above where i should have been 3 came in saw my lvl asked wtf i was doin there at my lvl i told them they laughed and left me alone .try it some time if they had killed so what
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