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  1. Com'on Thano think positive ,naked man might find some ragged cotton .
  2. so youve been running down this game(FE) to advertise your own?
  3. looks to me that the chota are running wild in the states atm
  4. im all good if we keep all or lose all no matter what the official reply is or was,......whatever it takes ....
  5. i be just glad to have game back even if it means having to restart,and yes i will lose a lot of stuff but thats all it is ,,,,,stuff. i for 1 hope we do lose it all because it will it show who are the real fans of this game are
  6. after reading Matts post all i can say is cyasoon
  7. when will we (thats my 3 words,who wants to continue them)
  8. anyone know a good shrink i can contact im having these flash backs of areas in fallen earth its even worse when im listing to to my playlist and some songs just take me back.....
  9. id like Fallen Earth: Cyasoon....... sounds pretty good ,
  10. just commenting on nothing really, just keeping forum alive
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