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  1. i really dont know how i feel......sad...excited...sad.....excited
  2. waited 1/2 hr ....all ok now,but im not sure why this happens if its just me
  3. game log in stuck at authenticating..........
  4. this is happening again......
  5. disconnected and now carnt log back in......anyone else in same boat?
  6. started in 2010/11 this problem has happen b4
  7. cyasoon


    just like to say a huge thankyou to the gm's for the work they have done....THANKYOU
  8. thanks .......missed the game more then id like to admit..
  9. starting playing back in 2012 but ive been away from game for nearly 12 months because of work interstate and rl,(just got back afew days ago and downloaded game so havent been able to play)but if i remember correctly ppl were complaining about the server ect ect....now its being done im more then happy to wait another week if need be,just as long as its done
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