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  1. every man and his dog could predict that was gunna happen ,stop whinging about pvp zones and mats there seems to be enough of you on here doin just to start a damn clan to get those items .heres a hint instead of running when you see someone coming at stand ya ground how the hell do know what they are about unless ya do .if they kill ya so %^^&^& what earn some damn respect at least .this is a fact i have no reason to lie, i was in a pvp zone lvls above where i should have been 3 came in saw my lvl asked wtf i was doin there at my lvl i told them they laughed and left me alone .try it some time if they had killed so what
  2. ever thought that while you went in with group pvp ,that it might have been me that was killed getting mats?
  3. but thats excacty what your saying ,because you dont like the way we play ,which btw is how the game came out . so i repeat you 2 (if your not same person) should stay playing minecraft
  4. im calling bs on that ,im interested were you 2 f2p or were you subbed? dwight when did you start playing was it in 2018 if so there was hardly anyone in pvp around that time
  5. can you explain ? then explain why pvp and pve shoundnt be on same server? i wasnt the best pvper myself but it was damn exciting goin into pvp zones or flagging when i WANTED and thats the key word here, pvp is not forced on you and if you needed mats in pvp zones they were earnt not given .i seen lots of new players leave and it was mostly around lvl 15/20 when they had to do the hard yards and learn instead of being given everything......
  6. jac428 ? didnt think you could have numbers in names
  7. thats all and good ,but if theres time to go tru posts and delete theres time just to say hey matts doing this or that
  8. ok how about some updates on how the game reboot is going,and if its not going at all we will get outa your hair for good mate !!!
  9. not sure if theres been any updates on other platforms but as for this forum its been f@#k all
  10. a few yrs ago ? how long ago did you play and why the concern about your stuff and the real money you spent now? i dont get the concern over losing game "stuff" when getting game back is the biggest worry atm
  11. i agree also,theres hardly any games out there worth the money or time ,and even if FE had bugs and lag ect ect ect its still a better game then most of the crap out there!
  12. you can always wait until everyone else do the hard yards then join
  13. hello darkness my old friend ive come to talk with you again
  14. there would a lot of players with more in game "assets" then you sorry to say.and i bet they be willing to start again just to have game back....it makes sense to do so and theres many reasons why i say that.. also only have only 1 starting area like back in the day (depot66) so players get to meet and more then likely form friendships,which in turn keeps them in game.now back to you losing everything ppl in real life go tru the same thing most dont whinge as much as you do about losing stuff (thats not real btw)they just accept and get back to rebuilding.i expect some hate back for this but ive had enough of ppl whinging
  15. "It's not a matter of money. Look at the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. dev team. They needed money, found investor, and now its peachy."...so if they had money it would go faster right? more money more workers maybe
  16. im in Aust so im not sure what the exchange rate will be but im willing to pay 6Months upfront BUT if im able then i wil pay the 12months
  17. theres a SHORT FILM called "the gunfighter" on youtube been out a few years now ,but if you havent seen it then its worth watching.......reminds me of some pvp fights on Fe
  18. im even starting to miss boneclaw ........id even do that mission (depot 66) where it sent me on a long journey to the beach house again if it means getting back into game .
  19. 5 days till xmas surely thats enough time to finish the game .....i will set up pc on boxing day ready
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