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  1. I miss you everyone (none of the toons are belong to me, just a memories share from our community)
  2. ik all that lol I just was asking if anyone have images saved, people who might been playing back in the days and still active on forums and might have saved it somewhere
  3. https://www.engadget.com/2009-11-20-fallen-earth-screenshot-contest-winners-announced.html also this one ?
  4. https://www.engadget.com/2009-10-29-fallen-earth-costume-contest-winners-announced.html where can i see the gallery ? ik its on our forums
  5. thanks for the reply ! yeah i been searching with wayback machines bunch of old sites but sadly anyone i did contact had no files anymore or just no luck finding active online players also searching for old screenshots, got bunch of old ones from beta 2003 - 2007, but more is always better
  6. we want to make a trivia bot on discord server and if anyone have some trivia saved from old events or got his own trivia to share it would be super helpful and awesome !
  7. thanks a lot for your effort and thanks for not abandoning it ! thank you Matt and everyone else who is working on it btw Matt there no current option to log in to the old servers right ? if u could check out my dm please ill be very thankful !
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