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  1. Bummer... I was gunna buy the red key ring before the game shut down... I have black and red boxes in inventory.... Bummed. Truly bummed. I JUST made my first yellow chip the other day. I loved the auctions... I loved the game. so sad...
  2. IF there is a BETA... sign me up! IF a private server pops up - SOMEONE LET ME KNOW. I WILL pay money. I DID pay money. I have NO money. But I will forsake hot dogs and live on Raman for a week if I have to. I love this game.
  3. I JUST found this game a week ago. I LOVE it. PLZ do not make me go play RUST or THE SKIES. Or, godz forbid... WoW. PLZ PLZ PLZ keep the servers up. OR let someone take over? Private servers? I MUST have this game. PLZ
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