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  1. I totally agree with this statement. The game takes along time to get to the end times and one becomes totally involved in it. If it was fast gratification I for one would not have stuck with the game since launch in September of 2009. I am hoping for the best for this game and will be here to see what happens. Then I will make the decision to go or to stay.
  2. Clan vaults are still here and working fine if you are in a clan of course
  3. yep. Daily restarts (maintenance). Should keep us happy for a bit
  4. 68 here. Been with the game since closed beta and then again at early launch. Will stay with it cause it has grown on me. lol. Just saying. Hope you reconsider leaving.
  5. I also noticed that duping is happening again when completing recipes.
  6. Its been down now for quite awhile. Is there an ETA on server being back online? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the update on June 15th. Appreciated
  8. Thank you for this State of the Game posting. It is the first in a very long time. Going on three years if it hasn't reached that point already.
  9. Sorry to sound like I'm complaining (which I'm not) but the maintenance schedule posted a day or 2 ago states that maintenance would be on Wednesdays. Just wondering why servers are down for maintenance today.
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