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  1. Thanks for doing whatever was needed to get the game back up and running
  2. Started the login process. went thru the collating data, it then said retrying in 30 seconds, then the updater had a problem updating your game files. Close and try again. I've tried many times with the same results even restarted my computer. Thanks for any help This has happened since the last server restart. Evidently something didn't restart correctly. Am trying a defrag of game files and a file check on my end Same login issue after defrag and file check Anyone else having this issue?
  3. Thanks for the Restart. Greatly Appreciated
  4. Now you can add Game_Status_NotReady to the existing situation.
  5. After 2 days on no restarts what would you expect to happen ^^ What the title says
  6. It has happened again Around 0712 MT USA - Game_Status_NotReady. Happened while entering Traders Flat.
  7. Not your fault, l.ol. Wish they had someone who could figure it out instead of waiting till the next schd restart. Which may or may not happen anyway.
  8. Yep. Wanted to play but status is again Not_Ready
  9. Once again it has happened. Status Not Ready
  10. That's possible. Didn't think of that. Maybe same person different time
  11. Just got on the launcher to play and saw not ready again. lol. 3rd day in a row now
  12. Same, no warning. playing then zip
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