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  1. Is there an extended maintenance today? 1456 Monday 6-7-22
  2. That's for May 4th, 2022 - the 6 hrs. I understand about the 2 reboots a day, but it shouldn't take more than an hour for a normal reboot. There is nothing posted in this forum concerning an extended downtime for today. So, we are left again in the dark.
  3. This same thing is happening to me. It happens right after collating data.
  4. Well, Thanks for the delayed posting concerning maintenance on the FE forums.
  5. What the title says 02/16/22 0718 MST USA
  6. Well that clears it up for me. Thanks much.
  7. I don't quite understand the 02/16/22 maintenance post saying that maintenance would be from 09 AM UTC time. Well that converts to 0200 AM MST. The servers just went down just before 0800 AM MST time. So is the time posted for the 02/16 maintenance using the wrong time zone (UTC)
  8. Yep, Alec Masters is offline
  9. And now I am receiving "Invalid Account or Password". Wonder whats next?
  10. When starting the game I enter my password and logon hangs with "Authenticating". Doesn't go anywhere from there. Thursday 1/13/2022 1820 MT Usa
  11. Please keep in mind that there are two ATV chains. the one for ATV parts, and the other for the knowledge to build and ATV and craft all its parts.
  12. Ask the fellow right above your post.
  13. on FE forums main page, click admin tracker walla
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