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  1. The topic moved only had one post in it other than Mina's
  2. Also reported in General Discussion
  3. Cyphered (GM) was browsing earlier, I'm sure he saw the post (Big Maybe)
  4. Something seems to not be working correctly. I have no chars at the character selection screen. I have waited up to 10 minutes for them to appear. I have also done a file check and a de fragment of game files. I have tried on 2 separate accounts and still does not appear. Any help out there? I have re-logged multiple times also.
  5. Logging in is slow, You just have to wait for the characters to appear. Then select the toon and click Play. Then it takes a min or 2 again to get in game.
  6. Thanks Matt, but, I'm already Commander status. No problem though.
  7. They don't want you to go any farther and muck up the server with additional stress from initializing the game. It would be better if everyone just waited until they gave the green light to login.
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