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  1. And now I am receiving "Invalid Account or Password". Wonder whats next?
  2. When starting the game I enter my password and logon hangs with "Authenticating". Doesn't go anywhere from there. Thursday 1/13/2022 1820 MT Usa
  3. Please keep in mind that there are two ATV chains. the one for ATV parts, and the other for the knowledge to build and ATV and craft all its parts.
  4. Ask the fellow right above your post.
  5. on FE forums main page, click admin tracker walla
  6. no connection, but can post this. Must be something else. Was at Oilville
  7. You can count me in as a tester also. Did closed beta for FE a long time ago.
  8. Starting to think we wont hear anything till 2023 December 31 at the current rate of communication.
  9. Sure would be really nice to receive an update as to the current status of Fallen Earth as a Christmas Present from LO.
  10. I wonder if it's a remake of Ping Pong, lol
  11. Thank you Matt for this update. It has been needed for along time. My hat is off to you and the team.
  12. HW - Maybe you should just wait like the rest of us and stop with the doom and gloom. Thanks
  13. Thanks Matt. It was a wonderful game (even with the bugs). Will be waiting for the next chapter.
  14. checked my free account and I don't have commanders yet
  15. Just logged on to game in my free account. I do not see the Commanders deal. Not working yet. Thanks
  16. Please sign me up too for any testing. Took part in Beta Test of FE over 10 years ago. Thanks.
  17. yep, has happened to me also up in Sector 3 and Terminal Woods
  18. Imo the server has to be stable before you can do any of the things stated above other than giving a schedule of future events to take place.
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