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  1. HW - Maybe you should just wait like the rest of us and stop with the doom and gloom. Thanks
  2. Thanks Matt. It was a wonderful game (even with the bugs). Will be waiting for the next chapter.
  3. checked my free account and I don't have commanders yet
  4. Just logged on to game in my free account. I do not see the Commanders deal. Not working yet. Thanks
  5. Please sign me up too for any testing. Took part in Beta Test of FE over 10 years ago. Thanks.
  6. yep, has happened to me also up in Sector 3 and Terminal Woods
  7. Imo the server has to be stable before you can do any of the things stated above other than giving a schedule of future events to take place.
  8. It's usually 0430 Pacific Time for about a hour.
  9. Nodes are lagging 0455 Mountain Time USA. Character Select was OK
  10. Tried logging on at 1051 AM Mountain Time USA and char select screen was blank. Chars showed up at 1104 AM.
  11. Haven't noticed any problems when I've played over the last 14 hrs. Looking good to me.
  12. Happening again 07/06/19 4:40 AM Mountain Time USA
  13. There are no characters to select during game login. Any Help?
  14. Thanks for the update Matt
  15. Well, maintenance is over and again we have no characters at the character selection screen at the login process to play the game. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  16. Servers just started accepting logins a little while ago. There are no chars at character select screen. Nice start after extended maintenance today. Got in finally. Took quite awhile for chars screen to load.
  17. Yep, any info from Little Orbit would be appreciated.
  18. Same here. Tried 2 accounts. Both suffered the same problem of no chars to select from. Seems to be a server problem again. Any help out there? Chars showed up after about 5 mins of wait time. Selected char and clicked play and received msg "Your character failed to load" so something is wrong Tried again and got in.
  19. Update system currently locked, getting the same info box
  20. Oh, I see. But that was in the APB forums Sorry but I don't play that game
  21. Wow, that's along time. Wish they would have posted something in the forums (or did I miss it?)
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