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  1. Hello everyone! Small update for APB community. The event will be ending on Wednesday, 16th of November. We hope you all are enjoying the Halloween event! GamersFirst team
  2. Hi everyone, Some fun news for you all! Our team looked far and beyond and luckily we managed to find the Halloween event! After todays daily restart the event will be active! For the reminder, here is a quick rundown. Event #1 - Devoured: The Skittering Broodmother has resurfaced, and now is a rare opportunity to kill her! Speak with Dr Medford and get the events appropriate for your level and it will appear in mission list. Kaibab Forest: 6529390 5217131 Northfields: 4546171 4999155 Plateau: 4508085 3937390 Deadfall: 5522419 5120507 Outpost: 6288767 3549462 "From Beneath You" - Bring 15 ganglion mass items collected from invading insects on given locations. Rewards with 1 AP and 1000 Chips and a Trick-o Treat Bag. Kaibab Forest: 6244322 4763120 and 6253350 4785350 Northfields: 4206390 5084203 and 4209199 5099007 Plateau: 4722455 4040136 and 4736064 4040363 Deadfall: 5685928 5108185 and 5699074 5088365 Outpost: 6519760 3402486 and 6343067 3534247 and 6538725 3398799 "Devoured!" - Kill the skittering broodmother. Though it will be much harder to spot and will rarely make herself seen. Rewards with 800 Chips and a Trick-o Treat bag. Kaibab Forest: 6252968 4784902 Northfields: 4213666 5088675 Plateau: 4722455 4050108 Deadfall: 5716779 5095801 Outpost: 6344850 3530048 Event #2 - Days of the Dead: It's been years since the dead were restless, but once again corpses have started to rise and spread disease over the canyon fields. Some of the locals have tried hunting them down, but they need your help. The popular Days of the Dead event from 2009 is back! However a large chunk of the data for the event was missing, so we had to fill in the pieces to make quests function. The changed portions of the event are as follows: Bankers mission: Bankers will be rewarding you with a weapon to use against zombies - a Skullshot One, a Sawn off Skullblaster One or a Little Crunch. The zombie kills in a given sector will count towards mission objective. Banker’s are located at: 4245007, 3229536 6540884, 5216315 3958037, 3080608 6107440, 5689866 4546591, 5000529 4479757, 5517888 4507824, 3935792 LightBearer missions: In this mission you get a blood sample kit, and you'll be asked to get blood samples from zombies. To complete this objective you'll need to find zombies at the following locations (others wont work). Pine Valley : 6606741 4857701 Eastern Rim : 4427332, 3374285 Westreach : 4023742, 3117936 In second step you will be asked to bring an Impure Disease Treatment and a Weak Healing Accelerant to help with the battle. You will be rewarded with Exp and a Brain Rot Cure. Lightbearer’s questors are at: 6524797, 5213622 4505155, 3936472 4542810, 4991285 6104488, 5697755 3955256, 3083752 4246043, 3236375 4514020, 5495732 Tech missions: Techs want you to gather them pieces of Common Copper, Salvaged Gears and Salvaged Silver. In return you will get Collared Scarecrow assembly kit. Tech questors are at: 6099383, 5686844 4243180, 3219164 4510389, 5493996 3951465, 3079683 4535870, 4992816 6526248, 5206392 4507158, 3936643 Traveler missions: Travelers will ask you to gather Rotten Pumpkins, Treated Wood and Average Cotton. In exchange you will get more collared scarecrow assembly kits. The problem with this mission is the absence of rotten pumpkins from the game. Instead we made sure that you may buy them from cooking merchants and some trainers as they have them available for very low prices. One of them is at 4508200 3937705 Traveler questors are at: 6103839, 5680225 4242869, 3225698 4480317, 5494068 3945352, 3083345 4544825, 4993899 6542813, 5217377 4507702, 3934549
  3. Heya, If you guys are experiencing someone that is abusing their GM powers please do make sure to report it to us. However, that is hardly possible to happen as GMs do not have power enough to do anything "abusive". Thank you for the feedback regarding the game. Thanks, Emily
  4. Welcome to the StoneHold forums! Through these forums, you will be able to get to know other members of the community and our team! Take some time to get familiar with our forum rules. You can find those here. If you have any suggestions or need help on these forums, our team will gladly help you out with any issues or questions you may have. These forums offer you the ability to choose your own background, have a fancy profile of your own as well as easy tracking and searching. We look forward to seeing you here and getting to know you more!
  5. Sadly, some bad news. We are experiencing some issues and thus the new ETA is additional 8 hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  6. Today 9PM UTC we will have longer maintenance that will last up to 4 hours as our team is replacing some equipment. Thank you.
  7. Hello! Due to some lag issues that happen during US times we have decided to do two daily resets. One at 7AM UTC One at 7PM UTC Hopefully this will solve the issue regarding the lag. Also a notice that tomorrow 4th of May, the maintenance will be moved to 9AM UTC, as we are turning off event as well as doing changes to the infrastructure. Due to that the downtime will be 6 hours. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
  8. Hello everyone, As we are experiencing some difficulties in the back, it will take us another hour for the servers to go live. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks
  9. Hello everyone, Tomorrow (04/16) in the preparation for the event the maintenance will start 7AM UTC and will last for 6 hours. Thank you.
  10. Hello everyone, Tomorrow (04/06) the maintenance will start 9AM UTC and will last for 2 hours. Thank you!
  11. This thread is for screenshots only.
  12. Hello, Starting tomorrow 04/01 we will be preforming quick maintenance every day 10 AM UTC. The maintenance will be 30+- minutes long. During maintenance tomorrow 04/01 we will also be disabling St. Patricks event. Regarding mystery items we are still working on them and they will be added into the game when we figure out issues regarding them. The mystery items are St. Patricks themed and are a dress for female clones and jacket for male clones. We hope everyone had fun!
  13. Doing a quick restart.
  14. Hello everyone, Fallen Earth severs are going down for the emergency maintenance. Downtime will be 2 hours.
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