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  1. Look, I don't care what you think and obviously I'm not going to play the game, I'm too old for these games. But what I say I do with my game time perspective and my message is directed not to you but to the producers to improve. Every opinion counts and more when it comes from experience. That said, good luck to you and the game
  2. The results are there to see, look: https://steamcharts.com/app/113420 , the population does not differ much from who plays or not with steam, I have verified it. this "faithfully proves" what I say, it's not just gossip. If you don't see it, it's because either you're ignorant or you're blind or you really lack brains You say about the monitor or that people play with a pentium2, do you seriously believe the nonsense that you yourself say?, people use the resolution "as a free cheat", and that has happened and that will always happen. It's not fair and it never has been fair. You don't need cheatmacros or cheat anything, just by lowering the resolution you get a 1/3 screen field of view. Oh, and the theme of escalation influences the game, and more so when a product is being launched, a reset is still "launching a product where everyone starts from 0". I think what everyone does is "kill chickens, then rats, then white crows and finally they are in the last map for a week and in a very short time you already have a character with the best of the best, this in two weeks at the most It's super fun, right? In my opinion it's not. I see you didn't see my post, the escalation occurs year after year, as it has happened in fallen earth and in a thousand other games, then content is added progressively and not "suffocation" players with content, as has been done. You don't reply to me about the gms because you know very well what happened and that I have proof of it. But that's where what is called "transparency" comes in. My question is why hide the identity of someone who is theoretically helping the community? what is the problem?. They are very clear about hiding it and with that management policy I do not share an opinion. And I have my reasons as I have already said Summary: with what there is now I can say to the game, go to hell, I'm not going to play it, like me there are quite a few people and as I said in the past, the game will once again be a poo with eyes played by 10. Good day
  3. Obviously bad and even if the remake is done by launching the game in its current state (but with better graphics) it would have the same fate in terms of gameplay/population. relaunching it is very good, the game deserves it but the problem was what I warned a long time ago. The game has not been progressive, all the maps are launched directly and with it the scaling of things is lost. It was obviously better to leave two or three maps one or two years and then go up, so you let the community "grow" progressively. Now seen the last post it goes from bad to worse, ( post done by ritual) they are putting new gms that obviously will be the biggest trolls in the game (as it has already happened and I have proof of it, being able to demonstrate it publicly) here is the big problem of hiding the identity of those who are chosen for do this work and for this reason they act maliciously against the players, I know that later you remove bad gmst but the damage has already been done due to negligence and unnecessary concealment. The game lacks that something that can only be done from above, from production, it's called doing things well and having love for the game. Even "fan" people put this game aside already, because obviously it's not worth spending time in its current state. Right now playing makes no sense other than "nostalgia" there is no progress or an addiction that should exist. I am sorry to be critical in my opinion but I am like that, I am not one to give applause to everything that is done as more than one person does who applauds with his ears when he sees an "ephemeral image of something" but only to what is done well and it's well done. Everyone has their opinion, mine is this and the reason I don't play is because the game doesn't have what it should have. With a couple of things it would help the game infinitely: 1. Change the resolution to just one resolution for everyone the same (here is the abuse with this reason from people who use a mini-screen with a giant ui that gives the whole screen hit " this is like a free cheat") 2- Cut maps and level cap ( 2-3 maps), since the population is small, make them interact more and become larger, the progression. Good day to all
  4. your name says: troll feeder and partaker of tom foolery (writed by you) Nothing more to say
  5. In my opinion, they are fine as they are, they fulfill their function. Defensive armor is defensive, offensive is offensive, and healing is healing. Nysek is proposing to make a "mix" and this would totally unbalance its functions. So on this issue I completely disagree. On the other hand, it would be good if the stats were the same or equivalent to a stage 2, dreadnaught suit or the other one as factions, that would be better since it would give "variety to the game. And the same with the weapons, make more equivalent to the weapons of the death toll book, for more variety and not only that people choose between three armors or three weapons, I say! GT DEFENSIVE = FULL DEFENSIVE GT OFENSIVE = FULL OFENSIVE GT HEALING = FULL HEALING With idea you propose is: GT DEFENSIVE = FULL DEFENSIVE AND NOTHING GT OFENSIVE = FULL OFENSIVE ADD HEALING GT HEALING = FULL HEALING AND MORE HEALING apart from the fact that it defeats their purpose, the defensive declines, Ofensive and healing being more defensive than the defensive, crazy
  6. Things are not being done well since the keys are obtainable and with premium objects going to step 2, which is where they are duplicated. They should make "all premium items" untradeable. It is great that there are hundreds of objects in the game with this characteristic. I don't think it cost them too much besides. It is not a lack of ideas but a lack of wanting to do work.
  7. they must say who are they if they were players from fe, they must have some " responsability if want take good with fe population and stop hide. If they want hide is because a reason, they were banned or they have big problems with players in game so they will end rip game again, puting that 20 population again
  8. The company needs time to choose the correct one or the correct ones, although I remember the last batch of gm was very bad that it made Mattscot very angry. I write properly what I say and I know that there is a lot of abuse and very little responsibility. I say the usual, a GM does not have to hide from who they are, if the person really is an appreciated person who wants to be respected and who knows the mechanics of the game well enough. It is a very big mistake that it is necessary to hide the identity. Because it may be that the one who is entering is a cheater that we all know and does not want us to know that it is him. This has already happened, from the mistake the company has learned
  9. The game is reset, without accounts and suddenly you create a "NEW" character and things appear? That's a joke, I believe before a donkey flies that things appear "magically" in an inventory. There are only two possible explanations. 1 traps and 2. that a gm or someone with access helps his friends, which I see worse than the first one since it is corruption. I hope I'm wrong, but I see it difficult my mistake. should be investigated
  10. I appreciate that the game returns and all that it entails, especially moving forward very slowly collecting resources, leveling up, but since day one there are people with cars, motorcycles, bugies and with money in large quantities. They are saying that it is a bug in the game or something like that, a very stupid answer when the answer would be that someone with access to those objects has given their friends a certain advantage. could it be investigated? Thanks in advance
  11. the lag of the game comes more from the patches post alpha updates, when they put "gore" and the bugs that spoiled all the maps. I do not know if matt as a computer and having the base game in itself could clarify that if on a map where everything is developed you put other characters in the game on top and erase parts of the game if there could be a high instability. I think the big problems of lag come from there and I say it from my experience that it was from that point when everything started to go very wrong. I am with Alvaro's post, who asks that the game be up to the version that they released the alpha map, I think it is the best version of a classic. In my opinion
  12. THANK YOU MATT, on the subject of cleaning the game in its entirety it is very necessary, you do not have to worry about it, apart from that you do not have to take the bad thing that you have inherited from another company. I keep saying about other posts, that we are with you 100% and we know that you are giving everything to make us happy. Steam is a procedure that people have to understand and not monetizing the game seems like a gigantic gift for the community, however you know that we want to help you and we would not mind paying and for the first time I offer you my time in case you It could help in the game that I still know it perfectly from so many hours that I have played it. I don't want to get too involved writing, just say again, thank you matt for making our wishes come true. post data: I promise not to send more tickets asking if Fallen Earth returns, I'm sorry if that bothered you a bit Merged. It seems to me a good way to keep the community happy and expectant, it is our turn, of the community, to spread the word and make it a popular game, because the game deserves it, there is no other equal and I do not say it as fan but with absolute objectivity, a score of ten for matt yeah
  13. Fallen earth finally returns with its essence, thanks matt for listening to us CLOSED TOPIC
  14. We all know who is who in this very small community. But I think that in my case you don't have all the data, since my case happened in December 2014 with the motive of insulting a person and it was direct and permanent given by tiggs, because she felt like it that day. Although years later it occurred to me to write a ticket and tiggs took the ban off me, it was not Litle Orbit who took it off, I did not enter that wagon of people, that of course more than one and two and three will have suffered "the bad days of tiggs ". Was it excessive? The answer is yes, since the same person who imposed it on me took it off. Over time I have discovered what Fallen Earth was at the disposal of gamefirst. it was rubbish run by four friends who laughed at people and played the game most of them in a clan. If they liked you nothing happened but if you faced them then you suffered disconnections, unexpected lags and even a ban with a silly reason. That was the reality. Luckily game changed with Litle Orbit, so I know that if the game is relaunched it will work, I am 100% sure. The key they lack is 4 or 5 gms who are normal and neutral people and who are clear about the great responsibility that being gm implies and their neutrality. Nothing else The cards are on the table, there are more than 60 subscriptions per year and apart from that I know a lot of fans who would buy a lot of things to support the game. We could do one day A question and answer round with Mattscott would not be wrong proposing ideas. I do not want to leave the subject of the post, since I think that mattscott will respond soon
  15. Dear mattsott: We are waiting and it gives me the feeling of abandonment, I am just saying that it gives the feeling that we are abandoned! Let's review the points that are in writing: - You have a lot of annual premium that would allow you to maintain the server more than enough. - You have the perfect formula so that a relaunch from the beginning can work even with the problem of duplicates (I already said that one way is to put two maps and that the premium or protected objects are "not tradeable" - You have the most important thing after this long period that is a community that wants to play and spread the word of this morpg in all directions so that it becomes great again. Whatever you decide, my opinion is that the game economy has just completely broken and a reset is totally necessary. I don't know what is that intermediate point you are looking for or what is your idea, but please, talk to us from time to time! that we are good people! I am not going to write tickets since I already know the answer and it is always the same, that nobody knows anything. greetings from an abandoned player, A.croft
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