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  1. I'm not going to start a discussion with you, nor will I repeat the same thing, you yourself point to what you write, I will not feed more to a troll like you. It is clear in my opinion the rules, the indices of population by a free means such as steam charts and people or mods see who appoints who in the forums. That you have a good day and that you go well and your boyfriends. the forum is not for these nonsense; D
  2. I know that this is outside the topic that we are talking about. But the truth is that I'm frustrated by the current game we have. In my opinion, I do not think that some better graphics will make the game better. The main problem has always been the lack of anticheat of the game and the lag that creates the game itself that makes the characters have orthopedic movements. But you're right this is outside the topic that is talked about and Matt is not going to talk about it, since they have enough work to redo the game to listen to opinions that give them more work.
  3. as always you are disrespectful in the forums, putting my name in question. I do not know if someone in this forum can believe that the steam charts are my property and I put the numbers ... (I mean with this the supposed fake news that you mention) " https://steamcharts.com/app/113420". I know you do not like to see the reality of a "REAL" database, since it shows that the game is not going well. I see her with a critical eye, to try to improve the situation. On the multiple accounts you mention, you should read the rules. What's the point of creating 400 free accounts with a single character or two, when the game has the possibility of "expanding characters" after payment? This means that people evade payment for the same service, or in case of many, they do it to hide "illegitimate objects fraudulently copied" or use traps to evade the bans. - Therefore, it is being created illegitimately since the game offers the possibility of expanding those accounts with a character more previous payment On this I would like, that I could make pay "a single payment of 5 or 10 euros / dollars" to create an account, this would remove many of the trolls and the multiple accounts that use cheats read this, this is written by lixil in forum rules: - No Multiple Accounts A new account should only be made if there is a legitimate reason. Users that fail to comply to evade bans will be taken care of accordingly. And by the way, to say my name on the forums every time you appear, if you do not like my ideas, you just have to not see them or say I do not agree, instead of trying to put what remains of community against me or proffer insults. if you read the rules, read this: - No Flaming Refrain from using language that is abusive, aggressive, confrontational, slanderous, or provocative. ( you provocate me each time you put my name in forums) - No Harassment Acts of intimidation towards a community member in public or in private, sexual or otherwise, are not allowed. ( you do act intimidation againts me each time you put my name in forum ) have a good day.
  4. that's what we all expected, a new beginning given by a new company, it sounded great!
  5. I will not go into battles with people like you, with whom I played in another game that had an anticheat and that did not even reach the level of being mediocre as a player. That said, to tell you that you have a good time in a game without anticheat, is the ideal game for you. Your words say one thing, the numbers say something totally different. I honestly doubt that this game changes with cowardly decisions and not risky. Time will give me the reason again, as I predicted in December 2014. time to time. By the way, to the numbers I refer to the "steam charts" and I think I have enough experience in the game and its mechanics (since 2011) to know when a player is using cheats.
  6. matt Matt, I think you're rushing with that option. Statistically the game was already bad and this will not improve. My opinion is that the game has a big problem since the last updates made by gamerfirst. Honestly, it's hard for me to get in, given that LO has done a few surveys of prohibitions to people who do not deserve it because they continue with the 400 accounts, using vpn and using the same cheats. Without going any further, I entered three days ago and I have seen an empty world with the three known cheaters attentive to doing their "headshots". Please matt, give us a "minimal reason" to play the game, give us a fucking anticheat ! edit: stadistics : https://steamcharts.com/app/113420
  7. ** My advise. FE should have zone #1 polished and it size has enough place to fill it with many content, both PvE and PvP until population is stable enough. Otherwise this new game will again suffer for too big spread of population across levels and zones. .................... ** -My idea was always 2 or 3 maps, reset, keep marketplace bought items in accounts, so you can reuse them, give some " gift" to actual old players,..................... there is alot of things can be done for make " game interesting again", this game game needs a marketing class
  8. Is it really something that matters? - The population is non-existent and does not look like there is a sign of improvement, so the value of the objects have no value. The game is being developed so that one day the game will come back strong. My honest opinion is that the game is unplayable, it does not have anticheat and there are former players who are known to use them for what they destroy your pvp experience. The old good players, like me, just do not log in, waiting for something to come out that is worth playing. + I think I already said that a reset with gifts to old players, using two or three maps could bring the game back to life by making it known so that people will become familiar with it while waiting for it to be relaunched, but I see that the current decision of "stagnate" listening to those who think they are smarter is their progress +
  9. The game has infinite duplicate objects and probably well hidden. The cleaning is hard but it is necessary to say what anyone says, if you want the game to have a glimpse of being able to progress and be profitable. there is no other option, look where you look. The only thing to leave the old server for those who want to play with a broken economy and cheetah. If something new comes, I repeat, it must be new in every way and have the stamp of this company so professional and worthwhile, although there are times that I think they go blind in some elections.
  10. You had a serious failure, take it and stop saying nonsense about people, the forum is to talk about the forum topic, I remind you, since you do not want to respect me, respect other users. Greetings; D ( read next time what post you reply), plz follow rules, stop reply all i post because you bored
  11. I like the idea, but if we want a healthy pvp, we need the anticheat first
  12. You had a serious failure, take it and stop saying nonsense about people, the forum is to talk about the forum topic, I remind you, since you do not want to respect me, respect other users. Greetings; D
  13. I do not think this is a forum topic and out of respect I ask you, that you create a topic about talking about past issues and we gladly talk about it. However, only mention that you are not answering what you are not interested, since I stated that the game had pvp since its inception and I have shown. Although andromeda if it is Spanish-speaking, but it is Latin America belonging to the faction "enforcer" (probably the one that has recruited the most and gave more life to that faction) and Jasmine belongs to lb always, being relevant in that faction since the clan "red alert" was mostly banned (in my opinion unfairly), however I can call those two people "pvpers" because they are and have been social people who have taught people to play and understand the game . About the other clan that you have spoken to me (nightmare), I just have to say that it is the clan of a player called "mitzy", who has always been of the tech faction and although he himself has shown his "cheat" on screen and was banned for it. (You can see this in the old forums). For me to understand that you did pvp in 2012 is inexplicable, because I have not seen you and I was one of the people who have always been active (24 hours). I tell you, again, that you need to speak properly and if you want to continue with the conversation, I invite you to create a new post, I ask this out of respect for the other users of this forum, thank you.. - finish-
  14. I have only shown the pvp, when someone says that pvp does not exist (is it difficult for you to understand that?) The game is 50% pvp, 50% pve, you can not understand the game without both at the same time. stop saying "bullshoot". If in the videos that you showed, you take away my old friends andromeda and jasmin, I do not know what would have happened ..... you have a lot to thank and how you started your path in pvp instead of disrespecting those poor people who tried to teach the newbies. I tell you the same thing as last time, speak properly and know what you're talking about. -- Finish--
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