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  1. i have created twicth account, i sure follow it, speaked english i have not very good, but i wil like to speak directly with matt since we know game was not working as expected and i wish to help all posible to make this game addictive as it was created. sincerely i think version on "cd" would work very good. It was a game with rewards in 2009. In my opinion problem was insane and not asked to comunity updates than nobody wanted. I just want ask matt if played version cd to compare actual version. i mean this https://www.amazon.es/Pqube-Fallen-Earth-PC-CD/dp/B004CYE4NE thanks in advance!! My questions: any approximate date for the remake of the game? (It is the star question that everyone asks) if the game is finally re-released, will it be this current version (giant) or are you planning to re-release it from an earlier point? Knowing that your Matt, have you experienced this game as a player, what did you think of the game itself? Did you try the previous and classic version of the game, to compare? In my opinion, Matt, I think you like the immersion of the player in the game, there is really nothing like this game on Steam or any other platform in my opinion, the fault in my opinion is the errors that the previous company left you, They never looked for the player in the updates, in fact you can look at the old forum and see their opinions. The game was very complete, addictive and easy to get to until it took the first turn with an update called gore, which the game could barely support, I tell you that there was a rifle from that expansion that did a single hit of 800 of damage (if you had a character build with maximum power among other things), from there they made modifications without stopping and continued expanding with more things that led the game to the disaster that it is now, a simpler, less addictive and less attractive game . Thanks for reading my opinion. Addding: Since it is a special occasion and Matt will read this, my suggestion is this: Since currently the problem of duplicates is not resolved, then put map 1 and perhaps map 2, both are works of art, they have their small pvp areas and it wouldn't really hurt the game in the future if the duplicate problem is not resolved, since the materials are worthless for high levels. In addition, the game with a map or two would only include people in a map and forces them to see each other (you see more people, which attracts more new players, the first impression is very important), in addition, this game is oriented towards manufacturing objects (weapons, clothing, medicine and so on) it would make it more fun for people to sell more in the audition by helping new players until they get the hang of the game, honestly when I played the game for the first time in 2011 I didn't even know how to make objects , I bought everything in audition and sold everything I got with the NPCs until I picked up the crafting thread, which is extremely addictive and fun. The game itself is about taking a mission, going to the point, doing the mission and collecting a reward, that is the basis. Then you realize, over time, that there are countless fun things like crafting, finding objects that fall on special enemies, missions that carry their story since some give new ones, hidden missions on the map and the most more, the pvp (here I talk about the areas on the map and bloodsports (the flag game was the most fun and the only one I played) playing gave special points to buy special equipment for pvp.) In summary, my opinion is that by putting one or two maps and a level cap of 20 or 35 depending on the case of one or two maps, surrounding them with lethal radiation or launching the game as it is on the CD (you will see, Matt, that there are even abilities that change from what there is now to the CD version and they did this in the past because the new thing they added destroyed the game and its playability). All this is a personal opinion, and I have to tell you that I did all the missions in the game, I did all the crafting, I found all the mysterious objects and I did PvP to a large extent, I was always involved in almost all the battles, making PvP active with my friends, who by the way I have met in the game. nothing more to say, thank you very much for reading this bible if you have read it and greetings from someone who really always loves the game and is always willing to help. Aroa Abrir en el Traductor de Google• Enviar comentarios American English | Traductor de inglés a español
  2. Look, I don't care, you and your husband are writing because you have nothing better to do, seriously, it's sad and I feel sorry for both of you. If it's not this game, you'll start writing APB nonsense because you're sad. The best thing is that I said that this game would not work by relaunching it the way they have done it and that is how it has been, if it bothers you then eat garlic with your husband, losers. xaoooo, pd: Yes, we all know that you are the patootie lovers (husband 1 and husband 2), but stop writing nonsense. nobody cares really
  3. You are pathetic and even more so knowing that I don't even play and that I have more hours in the game than the two of you combined. and purposely put he in English instead of she, which would be correct, it means that you are angry, I like it ;D
  4. What did you expect? That the game would be rejuvenated? launching the same with a "reset"? Are you seriously complaining now? Look when you relaunch something that is a lie, this happens. THE REAL QUESTION IS: WHAT IS FALLEN EARTH CLASSIC? THE REAL ANSWER IS THIS: THE ORIGINAL AND CLASSIC FALLEN EARTH https://www.amazon.es/Pqube-Fallen-Earth-PC-CD/dp/B004CYE4NE Pd: Before you say anything, no, I care very little about the trolls' opinions anymore, I don't play this! no way! I play Tetris before! ;D
  5. You believe the nonsense that you say yourself, denying the evidence and the reality. You can continue safetly in your "matrix" you will be fine. I will continue in the real world and I will say that this game "does not work", ifty people maximum playing and an average of 30 people playing, not counting a few characters with level 1 that are afk on the first map. You can see it in this link, I have checked it and I would say that even the sum of active characters is inflated. ---- https://steamcharts.com/app/113420 Maybe, not you who don't paint anything, maybe the creators, gm, dev or whatever, should think about whether starting from scratch would be good to reduce the maps, a suggestion! maybe it will work! at least I saw mattscot playing the game, and I'm surprised that he allowed the game to be completely relaunched, he already knew what was going to happen and the hell was going to hit him in a few months. I just hope they learn and if they remaster it, they will release a couple of maps or three. and the game of a real beginning. not this garbage and... post data, look, I really don't like you, but I think you're the kind of person who criticizes everything without having a fucking idea. Sometimes it's better to take one step back to move two forwards, I'll leave it there. bye bye and have a good day everyone
  6. I have shown you a video where I show that I have more friends than you, that I did pvp and for those battles only veterans fought with the clan that uploaded the video (it's not me). That means that you are wrong in everything, your words are carried away by the wind and if the wind does not carry them away, your immature mentality takes them away. sometimes a video exposes clever people who are subnormal like you. I leave it there Post data: if you don't like my english, complain to google translate, clown
  7. I dont care your opinion, you are just an unexperienced player and troll
  8. video watch 28 october 2012, gore released As you see here, game started to be " BAD" because company "game first ( not gamers first) " started to kill at this point. How i know all this? simple, because I PLAYED GAME much more that date and i SPENT almost a YEAR to get "DREAGNAUGHT SUIT" , but it was fun, game was COMPETITIVE at that time. You know why? because my DREADNAUGHT SUIT was SIMILAR STATS than FACTION ARMOR and similar stats than CORE 2 SUIT and book DT had 3 posible combinations armor head and other stuff. Really i sorry for you cause you NOT played that times, you just eated "GORES" or AP or LAST GARBAGE , EASY TO MAKE, not being fun at all. You never tasted PVP, the real pvp, the old one pvp i was in, the real fight between heretics LB and Saints ( yes i said lb not vista) or our friend shp who was killing everyone not matter faction (jijipoo player before that) Really you "trash talk" and POSIBLY, and more than POSIBLY i have much LARGER EXPERIENCE THAN YOU, just saying, and i say gore is crap is because maybe was crap, so i recomend you RESPECT others ideas than maybe others can be in good way and you not, just saying
  9. Here is the example of a brick head (cowhorse whatever).... omg Always making the same mistake always leads to the same error. The community in any game is formed from the so-called "start of the game" and is maintained over time with the so-called fans. I think that up to here brick head can understand. At this point of intelligence, comes the second part, the most difficult to understand for brickheads. Currently the game has no population and has too large a map, the player is an ant in a world made for elephants. The fans are nonexistent or they are climbers wanting to be gms of a dead game. that is reality. The current mechanics of the game are crap because since the "gore" update was made the game has been brutally destabilized, turning out to be a great garbage. More updates have been made, a last recycled map that gives the best weapons and armor in an easy and simple way, losing all the excitement that the game was "before the gore patch" Summary, the game is a great insufferable garbage, with its lag, with its shitty graphics, it gives players an advantage, even having a free trapcheat (8x6), this in the year 2023, that people should use Pentium 2 processors apparently to play. It's not little orbit's fault, they just bought this shit, and re-released it as shit. Not making any changes by putting the name "classic fallen earth". Well, the classic fallen earth really was the one before the gore patch. My idea was that the mechanics of the game put a simple deadly radiation stripe to the limits of s1 and s2 for example so that people would group together and form a stable population and over time expand the already made maps. So the new players that come in see people, talk, make relationships, fall in love with the game to a certain extent and with its people, they create fans. It was an idea "different from the shit that you are posting and that leads to the same place, to crash into the wall of" nobody plays this shit. I hope they don't relaunch the game with the current state and with better graphics, it's going to be a waste of time. a few months very played and then it will drift like this. What has been said with 3 or 4 easy modifications could "enormously improve its gameplay" it's all a test, no difficult resources are needed. 2 maps surrounded by radiation and change the graphics to one or two eligible for all. With only that you already have 500-750 stable population. according to my calculations. and this goes for the gms, think more about how the outside players think and not about the brick-headed players, please let your intelligence guide you.
  10. Hello! From my point of view, the game has no interest since it does not encourage the player at all, it is not addictive, because it does not have a stable base for it. Let me explain, the mapping of the game is very large, too much and the population is little or none. The new possible players that enter do not stay because the game or nobody claims them. In short, I am not going to say again that the game should be in the pre gore version when there was an addiction given the difficulty of blood sports, of citacel to get stage 2 or of faction getting points reaching a point of similar and varied equipment making the game special. was fun when the mechanics of the game had 50% maximum damage reduction not 60 % and that old abilities that today do not exist or were removed. I keep saying that an "authentic" version ( pre gore as i explained) or a simple 3 zone map would make the game infinitely more entertaining and it will attract new players in abundance, but.... as the game currently stands will not work ( is not working at moment as i predicted). sincerely, I and my friends lost faith months ago , I'm really sorry but i cant give 1 cent for the game , it not deserve My opinion, regards Edited added: Hitting yourself against the wall does not solve anything, doing it again will make you hit the wall again. Why always do the same and not try something different? it's worth doing the reset, the new game with the same as now, another hit against the wall is going to be, maybe it's worth doing something different, imagine if it works! what a surprise it would be! TRUE?. You listen to many brick-headed people and that's why this doesn't progress and the game goes to shit, my opinion bye bye
  11. If you don't play I already have the wish list, the game thanks you
  12. Look, I don't care what you think and obviously I'm not going to play the game, I'm too old for these games. But what I say I do with my game time perspective and my message is directed not to you but to the producers to improve. Every opinion counts and more when it comes from experience. That said, good luck to you and the game
  13. The results are there to see, look: https://steamcharts.com/app/113420 , the population does not differ much from who plays or not with steam, I have verified it. this "faithfully proves" what I say, it's not just gossip. If you don't see it, it's because either you're ignorant or you're blind or you really lack brains You say about the monitor or that people play with a pentium2, do you seriously believe the nonsense that you yourself say?, people use the resolution "as a free cheat", and that has happened and that will always happen. It's not fair and it never has been fair. You don't need cheatmacros or cheat anything, just by lowering the resolution you get a 1/3 screen field of view. Oh, and the theme of escalation influences the game, and more so when a product is being launched, a reset is still "launching a product where everyone starts from 0". I think what everyone does is "kill chickens, then rats, then white crows and finally they are in the last map for a week and in a very short time you already have a character with the best of the best, this in two weeks at the most It's super fun, right? In my opinion it's not. I see you didn't see my post, the escalation occurs year after year, as it has happened in fallen earth and in a thousand other games, then content is added progressively and not "suffocation" players with content, as has been done. You don't reply to me about the gms because you know very well what happened and that I have proof of it. But that's where what is called "transparency" comes in. My question is why hide the identity of someone who is theoretically helping the community? what is the problem?. They are very clear about hiding it and with that management policy I do not share an opinion. And I have my reasons as I have already said Summary: with what there is now I can say to the game, go to hell, I'm not going to play it, like me there are quite a few people and as I said in the past, the game will once again be a poo with eyes played by 10. Good day
  14. Obviously bad and even if the remake is done by launching the game in its current state (but with better graphics) it would have the same fate in terms of gameplay/population. relaunching it is very good, the game deserves it but the problem was what I warned a long time ago. The game has not been progressive, all the maps are launched directly and with it the scaling of things is lost. It was obviously better to leave two or three maps one or two years and then go up, so you let the community "grow" progressively. Now seen the last post it goes from bad to worse, ( post done by ritual) they are putting new gms that obviously will be the biggest trolls in the game (as it has already happened and I have proof of it, being able to demonstrate it publicly) here is the big problem of hiding the identity of those who are chosen for do this work and for this reason they act maliciously against the players, I know that later you remove bad gmst but the damage has already been done due to negligence and unnecessary concealment. The game lacks that something that can only be done from above, from production, it's called doing things well and having love for the game. Even "fan" people put this game aside already, because obviously it's not worth spending time in its current state. Right now playing makes no sense other than "nostalgia" there is no progress or an addiction that should exist. I am sorry to be critical in my opinion but I am like that, I am not one to give applause to everything that is done as more than one person does who applauds with his ears when he sees an "ephemeral image of something" but only to what is done well and it's well done. Everyone has their opinion, mine is this and the reason I don't play is because the game doesn't have what it should have. With a couple of things it would help the game infinitely: 1. Change the resolution to just one resolution for everyone the same (here is the abuse with this reason from people who use a mini-screen with a giant ui that gives the whole screen hit " this is like a free cheat") 2- Cut maps and level cap ( 2-3 maps), since the population is small, make them interact more and become larger, the progression. Good day to all
  15. your name says: troll feeder and partaker of tom foolery (writed by you) Nothing more to say
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