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  1. Aroa Croft

    State of the Game 08/12/2018

    It's all as you describe it and now I can say that the weeping trolls have won (those who wanted to destroy the game), you just have to see the steamcharts to realize what I'm saying. There is a clear competitive game against fallen earth (fallout 76) that is won by a landslide since this game does not exploit its strengths and its experience in all these years. (and nothing to say about fallout 76 that is full of bugs but they are patching it every so often). I do not want to criticize but it is not worth having so much map in fallen earth when it is played by half of the people who are in a fallout 76 server (the top of people in each server of fallout 76 is 24, by the way). I already said what was my opinion and how the boat would change course in our favor, but no developer puts anything of interest for the game or if the ideas are good or bad, the only thing they give are promises and promises. words that do not go anywhere. LO is a very good company but they are working very hard and very well in Apb, they answer the questions from the forums and put new patches, which I do not care since apb is a game that I do not like at all. He has said that he is going to recode the game and has shown images of the last patch buildings that have improved (this seems very good but what people are looking for are "now" and "quick" solutions that make you play the game. I'm not going to repeat more of the same (of the solutions I've provided), since there are people who can bother my opinion and start ranting with insults and bad expressions that I do not have to put up with. I'm free if you want to play the fallout 76 and explore that post-apocalyptic world and take a "nuka cola" with me, a greeting !!
  2. Aroa Croft

    State of the Game 08/12/2018

    hello to all that you carry the apocalypse, well, I have to say that I played quite a fallout 76 and I have to say that it is much better than I expected, although the only thing I miss in comparison with fallen earth is that the population on the map is quite limited. The atmosphere of fallout 76 is very similar to fallen earth and immersive, you can play fallout 76 without doing pvp at all, there is no lag, and the possibilities it gives in reference to build your own house and take it anywhere (to same as in fallout 4 in the build mode) and most importantly, it seems that the population in the game has a lot of respect for the community, although a character is killed the game searches for the troll and makes a bonus reward (It is impossible to survive since I have tested it). What to say, I like the old fallen earth more than what there is currently with lag, cheaters and without encouragement to offend "more of the same", so well I hope the owners move tab and do something "already" about it, Events is not a solution and a long-term recode is not. so if only to say that the few who are in the game wish you have a nice time, a greeting!
  3. Aroa Croft

    State of the Game 08/12/2018

    The problem that I see when redoing the game is the equipment / weapons at level 55 since it is not at the same level, since from the patch of the gores (which took out weapons / equipment) the attributes have increased, I think it is something that could be done nowadays, "equating all the equipment at level 55" with similar or equal attributes in some form or another. The anticheat, has no discussion, the game is unpalatable with the excesses of this problem that there is and have been. The proposal of only two maps and give a new beginning was among other things because of the equipment level 55 totally uneven. While the duplicates and others like the lag is a major problem, that although only a total recoding would solve it, but even so if the two maps solve the problem, it would be wonderful. edited: while putting all weapons / equipment level 55 in two lists. Weapons are only chosen between three and armor between three also, all this having a list of at least 50 in each list of weapons or armor (you can see it in the wiki fallen earth, which is very well done in its entirety of page and very worked))
  4. Aroa Croft


    the first image looks like the bridge of the alamos, seen from below, the second one seems to be a place between deadfall and s3 (between that space of trees and not trees) can it be?
  5. Aroa Croft

    Turn The Tides

    I just propose an idea, that is in agreement with the forum topic that is talking about "wipe server", I am not addressing anyone in the forum in particular, so please stop your immature attitude. I believe that my idea will work, and although I am seeing comments that support what I say, although the vast majority, that which has left the game, they do. Although all those people who are not in the game and who do not like what we have will not play in the future when the code is changed, since the game will be forgotten. Why do not you give a coherent solution to resurrect the game "now" or "the immediate present (a month or two)" instead of criticizing the opinions of others ?, If I'm honest, I do not like to see that the game is lost. I would like Matt to expand information and say: Aroa, it is not possible to make your idea because the game does not allow it, and with that I would be clear that the game is totally sentenced
  6. Aroa Croft

    questions about the possible future of the game

    I repeat for the twelfth time, I do not know if you are blind or you are missing a point. Steam charts is a tool to count the number of active players of any game in an approximate to the most real way possible. I repeat is a tool. If we pay attention to the tool the game does not progress but if it gets worse, a new game code does not guarantee that the game will go better if it is more of the same. This is what I am saying. Your words, the words of buffy the vampire hunter, the words of mickey mouse, the words of harry potter ... are worthless, the facts are in the tools, the steam charts, I think you have not seen it well, in serious (click on the left button of the mouse and open to view lol)
  7. Aroa Croft

    Turn The Tides

    evidence: https://steamcharts.com/app/113420 I think you've hit a wall called "reality" when you write me that. I only give "real" and "possible" solutions that would greatly improve the state of the game, although you like lag, cheaters, dupes or a game more of the same, then there you go.
  8. Aroa Croft

    questions about the possible future of the game

    I expected a response from someone who could update the state of the game since they have not updated it for quite some time. I certainly do not think you care much whether I play or not. you should look more at the global, the steam charts for example, which reflect the obvious https://steamcharts.com/app/113420
  9. Aroa Croft

    Halloween Event 2018

    event seems nice and a very good work for " halloween event " ( finally game have a real profesional event), but still game have some issues as lag, dupe items, cheaters, easy crafting and other issues wich makes for me no interesting to play as priority game. we need " the halloween wipe server event" hehe
  10. Aroa Croft

    Halloween event. yes? no? maybe?

    Because is no incentive for me to get something and spend my time for nothing new? or because I have everything that boxes give or game gives?, thats why i not playing. I want avoid toxic people in game i met in july, some personal circunstances thats all. I wish you enjoy game and event, i just told you ;D
  11. Aroa Croft

    Turn The Tides

    The game was in trouble for years (I think I said it in 2014) and you know the saying "what bad starts badly ends". The negligence of g1 with the bans, the lag of the game, the total lack of love in the updates (and the last update to the recycled style was the last straw), the cheaters and the not having any kind of protection against them (really is an idiot think that the anticheat are not worth anything, as if it was how g1 acted) ..... these for me have been very serious failures and for the last g1 never communicated with the community and their opinions. Litle orbit is programming the code from scratch, but the time it can take this is very long. I honestly do not know if it's worth it, given the great work it takes and on the contrary use that great work for a future fallen earth 2. although I say this because I know it is possible to regain confidence and make possible a revival of the current falled earth, although amputate the game, choosing only the first two maps and starting from scratch is the best option, and if the game takes root again and gains population, then let it flourish, offering new maps and improved from those two. Really the graphics are not bad, although it is the previously described (lag, dupes, cheaters, lack of love in the updates ...) and consequently all that gives the lack of population. I believe that llitle orbit can improve all this quickly, they have said that they will put anticheat, although they only put two maps there will be no lag, with the restart there will be no dupes and although it is not possible for them ( dupes) to return as there is no lag for create they, and After a new beginning, a large population will be generated that although it will pay and buy many things that will make it more possible for the company to be interested in updating the game (litle orbit seems a company that loves games for what I see), my opinion
  12. Aroa Croft

    Wipe Server Clean

    Possibly with only the second map being active for pvp, the madness will explode, the map has very fun locations and the lag would not exist given the low load of the game, apart until level 30 there are many options of equipment and weapons / builds very different to choose and if you add an anticheat to this ... it would be the dream game that would capture any person
  13. Aroa Croft

    Halloween event. yes? no? maybe?

    i am not playing since July, for your info
  14. Aroa Croft

    Turn The Tides

    what is dead can not die....... didnt you know? I mean that the population is non-existent (cheking in game or simply watching steam charts that is the same and check it several times) I care rather that you uninstall or not, I in my case like many others we have stopped playing that is the same. What I say and I repeat, that with two maps and the current scarce population, the game would be more fun and lag free, and probably attract people to play it and stay in it (I mean the new players that enter). Because of the veterans who have spent a lot of time (I include myself here) I have to say that Matscott keeps the purchases made in the marketplace and maybe matt can give a specific and unique item to those veterans who have played all these years, as a sample of gratitude. You really have to give way to the past and build a new beginning given the bad circumstances that currently exist and is a reality
  15. Aroa Croft

    Turn The Tides

    events do not work at all, proof of this you have in steam charts. The game is already totally burned, it needs a new face. The duplicates, the cheats, the lag, the doss, the updates of shit ... all of this together you have at the moment in the game. The cleaning to be total, with mouthwash https://steamcharts.com/app/113420