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  1. if there had been a reset with 2 maps, you would have a real flashback! Amazing! thanks for the support huh !!
  2. I liked kit, she was one of those peculiar people that you know have to be there and she did her job writing stories on the forum. She wanted to do pvp but no one taught her and when she lost at all hours she charged toxically against everyone insulting them, I honestly could have helped her but she was in the opposite faction so it was against my principles of not helping the enemy. It is totally true is what you have said that she faked her death and it is a mistake that she has made. I wasn't in the game when she did this, but I remember her messages telling me that since you've been gone cheats have been popping up all over the place. The reality is that the number of cheaters has never changed, those who are, are. The only thing that nobody supported people like kit and then she had no choice but to leave the game at all costs. I'm sure that kit thinks this, and if you ( kit) want and you are watching this, you could answer me. That nothing happens to fake your death, just apologize and people will understand
  3. What you say, I already said it more than a year ago ...... and that about that there is no game comparable to Fallen Earth, unfortunately there is and it has a very high population, but I'm not here to advertise another game . What if Fallen Earth could monopolize a large field in this space that has now been totally lost. Soliradity... how I like that word. Have you seen the post I made in April? you see "SOLIDARITY"? I thank those four hearts but after more than 500 visits ... matcott could have said something! Soliradity is a very elevated word that is rarely used. Look, the game is done. we start from this argument. Fallen earth was neither alpha nor beta, ok? The bugs of the game and what has caused that there was no population were: 1- the game server / client made the game unplayable due to lag 2- great variety of cheating people who made the population angry, and more knowing that the game did not use anticheat 3- the game's producers have not been able to manage the updates. (I've always said that since the GORE update everything went to shit) 4- the game masters of the game have been discarded players. Here I speak properly, I have a screenshot of my accusation and I can at least say of one, that surely there are more, that they act as "little bosses" being players coerced to the rest, this has happened since 2014. 5- This is where the massive bans come in for no reason, which has happened equally in this game as in apb, and what matscott spoke of at the beginning when he took the company. (I have to say that in this case Matscott and his team have acted honorably very well to correct this incident) In summary, I see this game perfectly playable in its original state with 2 maps (with dupes, bugs and their errors) being able to give the game one more incentive to work on it. Of course, limiting the maximum money to 1 yellow, the levels to 30 and the premium objects with a view to the errors that the game still has, that is, a playable mode of the game failsafe. What can someone dupe an object? to do it but if it has no value it does not make sense. I continue to think the same as always and I believe that it is the most positive thing today and in these times to come so that the community that we have created is more united than ever.
  4. I'm waiting for some other image of the game, another "status" of those eloquent and all the other comments in unconditional support for a game that will never come out
  5. I already said that the best thing was a reset, starting over with two maps while they fixed the game ... Does it bother you that others were right? true? Karma is like that, you have what you deserve. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOmv_lBBF54
  6. My opinion does not differ much from what holiwood says, at least in its content, not in the forms. I do not see any progress that makes me think that the game will be released soon but quite the opposite and by the words written by matt it means that the game is in the queue, but at the end of the tail end. I see opinions of people who have been very toxic in the game and who have written things like "if the game is turned off I will not play it anymore" or "if there is a reset I will not play it anymore" (verbiage of small children) and now they defend at all costs the game (quite the opposite of what they have doing not much ago). The worst of all this is that these types of people "insult" and "disrespect" other people on the forum who do not think as they call them trolls or similar things, when they are the authentic "trolls". I'm just saying one thing, this is a public, democratic forum, where there are different opinions and they are debated in an adult way, whoever does not understand this is an authentic child or a fool's patootie. Greetings and thanks For the images, matt, but in my opinion we need more merchandise than the progression that I hope you remember us, greetings from Spain! Why doesn't someone put the same as you have to ban? Democracy and freedom of opinion is the opposite of what you represent. You are the one who should be banned / ignored. And if you are offended that people do not look like you, just go to a wall and head butt.
  7. that was the moment of the game, incredibly simple, special and addictive.
  8. Could you network the servers again, given the serious situation currently experienced worldwide? It does not matter that the game does not have improvements, although it would be to help people stay at home and not go out to expose themselves or infect other people. I think it would be a great opportunity to capture a large number of people if a reset were made, but that is up to you. Greetings #Stay at home playing Fallen Earth # #Solidarity# (I hope that the hater who always puts negatives in my posts no matter what I put, read this time what I put.)
  9. I already warned about this, I already said that a reset with two or three maps would give life to the game and help the company until the new version was relaunched, giving developers that added interest (with money) so that the game was the best possible. I believe in mattscot and its words, but the closing of the game has caused the disarray of fans and people related to the game. The new game is still in a very primitive part and there is not and there will be no news in a long time. The community or what was left of it has been lost (the steamcharts said it all), as well as the levels, objects and others that you wanted to keep what you didn't want to reset. Thats my honest opinion.
  10. The fight between saints and heretics will never be forgotten for those of us who played the game when it was really a game. If the game is relaunched it will be a new story that could be better or worse, who knows, everything will depend on how they want to develop it.
  11. Let's be realistic from the current point of view and what we have. - There is no online game. - Everything about the new game is based on speculation, which soon seems to be a Chinese job and the priority for LO is apb and not this game. About the part of the caravans that you have explained is very good, but I have to tell you that the game "worked very well" at some point until some update was made, therefore "those caravans" were not necessary since there were more solutions simple to make the game "productive". I don't think there is dishonesty or anything else, but lack of resource management and understanding. The new company started by saying that its priority was apb (we all understand it) but after that the company has sold us a motorcycle with long teeth with hope (here comes the Q&A with nysek and the almost monthly post of how many file libraries are missing ) --- So why do you do this if you turn off the server, don't you understand? here is the explanation. you say : There's no added money if the game is losing money because it's too expensive to run the servers and not enough people are paying for it. Look at the game in its essence "it works", it is productive (proven fact for many years) and I already gave the solution 17 months ago , and I don't see the reason why it hasn't been done, being a new company who takes care of it. Since you want to compare with Bethesda, I tell you that Bettesda has done a good marketing, but although it has launched the game too soon and with bugs, but the benefits are there, starting from a base that is a game that has cost a lot to do . The marketing that I proposed would cost about "zero dollars" and would have taken many dollars of profit in addition to giving a notable increase in population. You'll see how time makes me right again. If they redo the game and take two years, as estimated, it will be played for as much (30-40 people). The reason is very simple, it is called lack of confidence and finally I tell you that what a company must offer in a game is not graphic power, it is not super fast servers, it is not giving promises continuously ......... .......... what the company must offer is a game that of playability, trust and positivity in a common project with its community, which gives benefits to the community (spends its time well) and the game (generates resources)
  12. You're right, all those people who cried saying they wouldn't play if there's a reset "they'll end up playing". I already said it, just as I said in December 2014 that g1 was making a mistake by banging without motives and then LO appeared that seeing that it was a problem, Time always gives reason to the truth and the brave ones))
  13. There are many contradictions in your words. 1- You say that there are too many problems and that a factory reset would not solve it, then tell me, why the game has waited 17 months, knowing this?, it doesn't make sense, don't you think? 2- I am not informatic, nor do I have any idea of programming, but if it is so difficult to pass data from one side to another, why is the game state and its libraries being sold "from minute 1"? , I don't understand this if the game needs years to work. It's like selling smoke or buying time. The game only needed two things, a reset and a level limiter at 30, without touching any map, With only this, the game protects itself with the materials that nobody could get since there is no level. and the only thing that would remain would be to protect the objects of "marketplace" in some way as giving them all as "non-interchangeable". With all that said, the community would remain active, the game would remain protected and at the same time it would have been an addition of "money (whatever any owner wants). Possibly and seeing the words of matt there will be FE 2, but the great impact it could have has been lost, since the game has failed the community and the propaganda that generates this will always be negative. (about informatics, programming I don't know but about marketing yes)
  14. it matters, if you are going to give a new start "it is more than enough" with those two sectors and the length of their missions and maps, creation / learning of equipment and weapons, get ap for missions or events and other curious things for get given its rarity, get materials, raise levels ..... among thousands of other things that can be done (like pvp). I only say that these two sectors give life to the game for at least a year or two, more than enough if not more if you add the "thematic" events (Christmas, Halloween, the day of the dog ...). As I said, a reset was the solution, and now that the wolf came and ate the sheep, don't expect new ones to come in many years. this video i found in youtube explains what happened in game, the wolf came......
  15. I leave you a farewell video, I haven't made a video for years and I think it's the least I can do for this great game that I met in 2011. Mattscott, I believe in your word, I hope you make your promise a reality, a greeting!!
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