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  1. I leave you a farewell video, I haven't made a video for years and I think it's the least I can do for this great game that I met in 2011. Mattscott, I believe in your word, I hope you make your promise a reality, a greeting!!
  2. Dreaming is free and free, but I will explain why I think there will be no other fallen earth, or not at least as it is now (hopefully if they comply with what they have said) Redoing a game with a new code is very difficult and although the game changes drastically, it is not even as if the "this community" has played, so you may not like it, count on that. There are clear examples of companies like blizzard or bethesda that have not made the leap since it is not convenient. Bethesda has not done the remastering of the fallout 2 or the original fallout (these being the best stories) since the game was engaged in a different graphic engine that if you do 3D loses all its essence. Another example is the devil 2 lod or the original, with good argument, and although they will never make a remaster ....... yes, Actually the devil 2 is an active game and its servers are not the best anymore that have lag very occasionally, but does not lose population, since what is always valued in a game is its playability. I leave you links. https://www.diabloii.net/blog/comments/diabloii-net-interview-david-brevik-diablo-podcast-220 Therefore, I repeat myself in the same thing, the essence of the fallen earth is in what it has now, with its failures, with its bugs, with its poor anticheat protection and with its community. My feeling is that the company "Litle Orbit" has thrown in the towel, giving no options for the game to be what it is in its essence, a unique game. Now in a few days the servers will shut down and I see people thanking the company for turning off a game that has been their life for many years, something sarcastic. It is as if you are robbed at home and you thank thieves for robbing you. In conclusion, the game could have done something during all these months that LO has had, and proof is that nothing has advanced. The reset has always been necessary as I said not to reach this point of no return and that the company had the money that made the game appreciable. I feel sorry for some who have been so many years and have been involved in the game beyond the game. I have already moved years ago
  3. - What miracle and what nonsense do you think they have done? - They have had it very easy if they wanted to rejuvenate the game and make it both "viable" in revenue for the server and its improvements. It is clear that the bugs are there and that it is not possible to have an anticheat system in conditions, but although as I have explained they are things that can be mitigated in a "closed environment" with two maps, and at the same time have the " fans and veterans "in the game. -I do not see at all clear that they do a "remastering" as they are telling, although it is true that from the beginning the company LO said that its highest priority would be APB and not Fallen earth. - I think they are more focused on the remastering of APB and more seeing what happened with that game. The data is there, 17 months have passed, nothing has changed, although the lag has gotten worse ..... oh well something if it has happened, we have been told that there are 200 libraries, 400 files, 3567 things of a code (it will be da vinci s code, the one in the movie) and although they have shown us four or five images made with an editor (made with the reality program super java 9.0 dolby surround) Having said all of the above, I don't believe anything anymore, the words are blown away Obviously it is
  4. Matt, at least you could try to reset and leave two maps, which may work and attract new players, all being in a controlled and small environment. The biggest publicity of a game is "word of mouth" and although I think it would be stable in terms of money and contributions that players could contribute. For trying a month you lose nothing, since you plan to shut down the server. To say that games like final fantasy arose from desperate ideas and are currently referents. To say that I believe in the potential of the game and although I tell you for the last time that the patch of gores was the one that created the current "lag" of the game (which was overwritten on several maps and bosses were put on). That was by mid 2012. Greetings and thanks for not closing the forum while the game is closed.
  5. with the simple fact of a fresh start the game will recover, although I totally agree with you that the orientation of the game should be pve, having a unique pvp map as it has had, blood sports and the possibility of whipping at any time to whichever one (All this is more than enough). The pvp should not be the center of attention or influence the materials for a pve player as it has been in recent years. I would bet more on the gameplay than on some powerful graphics. Although Matt has said that they are in a very early stage, we will have to hope that they will do so in the end and not stay halfway, which sadly is the feeling it gives me, but I hope I'm wrong.
  6. What to say about this news ?, This was just what I expected given the latest events with the apb and a great disappointment since I have believed in you. Honestly, I do not believe that there is a remastering as you are selling and if there is one I do not think that it exceeds in gameplay a simple reset of the game in an initial state that will solve the problems that you have detailed in your post and so You said, they motivated you to make that decision. I am sorry to say this but you have not taken control of the game and you have not known how to make it big again. Matt, I respect your decision because it is clear that the decision has not been easy but I do not share it. Just tell that part of the community that really has not contributed ideas so that this did not happen and has been dedicated to criticize the opinion of others with teasing that ..... you have already achieved what you wanted, you have already screwed up the game. an applause
  7. To mcfiller aka agent noir: I respect your opinion, but I think your opinion is wrong, the game world is very variable and each game has its peculiarities that make it work. Having said that. the game is at a point of no return since December 2014 (I think I already warned you about it) since what makes the game "peculiar" is its system of factions and its socialization, something that no other game has been able to copy (and that that many other games have tried to copy and failed) I do not say that the f2p system does not work, probably if it works, but it is insecure if you do not have security systems or if the game is obsolete, as it is in this case, which leads to its total loss sooner or later. My ideas of two maps and a reset is to have a clean game in addition to creating a new environment that of course must be controlled and well thought out from the beginning, giving priority to what makes the game "peculiar". The establishment of a payment (minimum) is a barrier that protects the game as I have explained (and it is not annoying at all if they give you certain gift items). about putting the entire marketplace in "non-tradeable" is simply to protect against the bug and thus allow it to "separate and stack objects" since maps 1 and 2 lack valuables that can damage the game in future maps already made and that could be Existing user? Sign In improved. Think about this: what is the use of having large amounts of scrap lead in the inventory? On the other hand, what can be the use of a multitude of low-level crafted weapons / equipment? This second can bring new players closer to the game, it is currently impossible for a new player to enjoy the great equipment / weapons repertoire that the game has since no one bothers to do so. Honestly, between you and me, I think my idea would work, renewing the game completely and I have faith that at least they tried before shutting down the game. Seriously, it will work! I want to believe so. jdred: You have a lot of negativity and you have no reason to think like that since the game has already touched the bottom of the sea. Seeing that Lo does nothing helps your negativity and you know that even if they put better graphics it will still be the same, even if there is no lag, it will remain the same without lag. but I tell you friend that there is still hope to return to the old days, I have already expressed how and I know it will work
  8. Putting a down payment and one to create an account is used as a barrier. Losing an account that has not cost anything matters nothing, but losing an account that has a "cd key" or has cost 10 euros, at least something matters. if a cheater is caught 40 times it would be a benefit of 400 euros and I think nobody is so dumb to try a 41 times ... if there is no barrier, it does not matter to try 3000 times, do not you see? making people pay would not lower the population ... there are currently 20 people playing .... putting the "non-tradeable" system on the market is that it can be duplicated, there is a bug that has not been fixed. If you are going to proceed to make a "clean" version it would be to protect the game. The impression that the game gives me is that they are on the lookout and not driving the ship and that is why the ship has sunk.
  9. The game has worked very well in the past and since it was updated with the "gores" patch everything has gone bad. Building a fallen earth 2 will cost a lot and I doubt it's as good as the original fallen earth in its good times. The graphics are not equivalent to "gameplay" in a game, and with that we have many examples of "old games" that today have thousands of online players. A comment that I see that you put "bloodsports" has not worked and I have to tell you that you are totally wrong, since until 2012 there were active Bloodsports at all levels and without waiting (if there is so much activity it means that people did not stop playing it so it worked)
  10. unfortunately it is not good news but rather very bad news since the game has been worse since this was announced. I honestly don't care if you have an ant of gold, electric or that it is an ant with 28 legs. If nobody plays the game, nobody cares about the "exclusive" objects you may have. You can have a pig with wings that barks, but if nobody is going to see it more than you it makes no sense
  11. Nysek has already done what he could with a "question and answer" with the current owner, which is already a lot. The problem here is that only promises are given (which we all like), but visually nothing new is seen, it is more of the same, even when they take out new graphics it will be more of the same and in my view it is not to change anything. If we are self-critical with the situation of one year ago, we can see that the game has worsened greatly. It is not for fucking the opinion of anyone who said in the past "if there is a reset I am leaving" or of someone who has said "if there is a reset, people will not play" To all those people "who criticize and give no ideas," I say, where are you when the ship has almost sunk? It gives me that time gives people the reason and it is clear that the game cannot satisfy four people if with it the sequence is to burst a game, as it has clearly been seen over time. With this I say "I saw it coming". steam charts show reality: https://steamcharts.com/app/113420 ( 20 players is a online game? obviusly, not ) - Idea - While it is clear that cheaters will continue to play even if no one plays and that dupes and the usual toxicity in the game will continue, I say to this that there are very easy solutions to develop with this and it is not necessary to have a " superanticheat "or have a game without bugs so that everything works with the best guarantees. While the first thing is the reset and do it in advantageous conditions for the developer. Even though the free account is an incentive for cheaters (I would pay a single payment of 5 or 10 euros to create an account) and the bugs of the game, I would leave two maps surrounded in their contours of deadly radiation, to that nobody will transfer the maps (in the case that it is not possible to return to an earlier version) and all the marketplace objects in "non-tradeable", this is called giving ideas.
  12. the division of objects is possible in a controlled plane with two or three maps, putting all the marketplace objects as "non-tradeable" and using gms in some way as game cops (seeing for example if there are accounts that had excessive money that is not possible to have in a new economy). All this would be with a reset since it is unknown how far the evil of abuse could have come (surely there are accounts out there with millions of gold and duplicate objects). - The scenario is very easy from my point of view, and if someone did the wrong thing it would not make much sense since the objects of the first two maps have an irrelevant value when it is passed to the later maps of the game, being the objects obtained from the first two maps only "garbage". - This would mark the control of the company over a game and give a lot of life to the new players that started (which today there are) and give a reason to the old to start a new adventure (it is clear that some not given that cling to that they have a red gold jumpsuit and give it an incalculable value in a game where nobody plays today.) my opinion.
  13. Any news that is potentially hopeful to save the game? I know you are a self-critical and professional person. More than a year ago the game has not improved, although the game has worsened in terms of "population" and its playability, and all this can be tested with accuracy. I have already made my request and I am one of those players who are going to waste time, money and so on, if my idea convice to you but I think the game must be above everything else. We need to see that the game comes somewhere, whether there is reset or there is not, or put a new map with 5000 missions and some very powerful graphics, something more than the state of the server and libraries, of which we do not understand anything, we want your vision and approximate dates (and I speak for a greater number of people than are in "steamcharts connected right now" a cordial greeting
  14. then do a sum, read what I have exposed, watch the video (and with what players I am in the team, since they were experts in pvp) and you have to know one thing and have it clear, I have not been a casual player if not rather a social player I have always tried to group the largest number of people in order to make the game more fun for everyone, saying this do not take me as your enemy as I see you always take me or as someone else does inthis chat My goal is that the game is again a game as it was in 2011 or 2012, simply a game that "hooks people" and has a marked role. By the way, if it is true that I registered in the forum in 2013 (the forum and game accounts were separate)
  15. let's see if you have something called intelligence after this argument: Croft is my second character, before I started with another character and I have not been interested at all in the pvp until the end of 2011 since my initial character has all the crafting (I think it takes time this, at least a year that I know) With this, the video that I show and knowing that it is not easy to learn pvp in this game it is clear to see the date that I started playing, being at least when the death toll books was the strongest of the game and everything was balanced (this is the game space that I think was the most addictive and the one that should be put) By the way, I laugh about your 20,000 hours of play because I do not remember that 1 was in the most splendid time of the game. I am left with an hour of the time that was a game to play 20K hours (if it were true that I doubt it) that you had played your game in a dead game This is link of video, not done by me btw, if not by people who acepted me in their team because i was good doing pvp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smW4wwpLwr0 after see video, you can FEEL what means pvp ( is not like today OBVIUSLY)
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