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  1. please leave your forest gump teacher, change it!
  2. Aroa Croft

    Wiping progress

    The game has infinite duplicate objects and probably well hidden. The cleaning is hard but it is necessary to say what anyone says, if you want the game to have a glimpse of being able to progress and be profitable. there is no other option, look where you look. The only thing to leave the old server for those who want to play with a broken economy and cheetah. If something new comes, I repeat, it must be new in every way and have the stamp of this company so professional and worthwhile, although there are times that I think they go blind in some elections.
  3. You had a serious failure, take it and stop saying nonsense about people, the forum is to talk about the forum topic, I remind you, since you do not want to respect me, respect other users. Greetings; D ( read next time what post you reply), plz follow rules, stop reply all i post because you bored
  4. Aroa Croft

    Top Sugestions by Players

    I like the idea, but if we want a healthy pvp, we need the anticheat first
  5. You had a serious failure, take it and stop saying nonsense about people, the forum is to talk about the forum topic, I remind you, since you do not want to respect me, respect other users. Greetings; D
  6. Aroa Croft

    State of the Game: Fallen Earth 12/31/2018

    I do not think this is a forum topic and out of respect I ask you, that you create a topic about talking about past issues and we gladly talk about it. However, only mention that you are not answering what you are not interested, since I stated that the game had pvp since its inception and I have shown. Although andromeda if it is Spanish-speaking, but it is Latin America belonging to the faction "enforcer" (probably the one that has recruited the most and gave more life to that faction) and Jasmine belongs to lb always, being relevant in that faction since the clan "red alert" was mostly banned (in my opinion unfairly), however I can call those two people "pvpers" because they are and have been social people who have taught people to play and understand the game . About the other clan that you have spoken to me (nightmare), I just have to say that it is the clan of a player called "mitzy", who has always been of the tech faction and although he himself has shown his "cheat" on screen and was banned for it. (You can see this in the old forums). For me to understand that you did pvp in 2012 is inexplicable, because I have not seen you and I was one of the people who have always been active (24 hours). I tell you, again, that you need to speak properly and if you want to continue with the conversation, I invite you to create a new post, I ask this out of respect for the other users of this forum, thank you.. - finish-
  7. Aroa Croft

    State of the Game: Fallen Earth 12/31/2018

    I have only shown the pvp, when someone says that pvp does not exist (is it difficult for you to understand that?) The game is 50% pvp, 50% pve, you can not understand the game without both at the same time. stop saying "bullshoot". If in the videos that you showed, you take away my old friends andromeda and jasmin, I do not know what would have happened ..... you have a lot to thank and how you started your path in pvp instead of disrespecting those poor people who tried to teach the newbies. I tell you the same thing as last time, speak properly and know what you're talking about. -- Finish--
  8. Aroa Croft

    State of the Game: Fallen Earth 12/31/2018

    totally agree with you, I only ask for an anticheat that protects us and makes our time worthwhile to be spent. That's what happens now, given that all the people who made pvp in the past have left the game. The usual thing was that the pvp was present 24 hours of the game. The cause, not having anticheat We do not know the vision of lee hammock, but if the game contains pvp from its beginning, we can not say that it was "totally pve". watching the video, While the name of the clan under the player's name shows that there were clans and their existence, like the factions. Another thing that I see, is that you see the game as p2w, when in my opinion it is not, although I think it is a game paid for leveling / cracking faster. The pvp and the pve have undergone many changes since the game started, although it is true that developers have "stalled" from their third map, which is in my opinion the last consistent with pve, missions and others. You and I have many points in common, like that should not put pvp, if the game lacks anticheat, the game being totally pve. like many others. Although where I do not share opinion with you is in the "initial" orientation of the game, since in my opinion, it contained values of pvp and pvp, making this game unique by mixing it
  9. Aroa Croft

    State of the Game: Fallen Earth 12/31/2018

    As I have shown you in that Youtube video (uploaded on 02/10/2009), the PVP / clans / factions have been from the beginning, to a greater or lesser extent. To say that from the beginning the game has been pure "pve" is simply to lie since the game contained the pvp ingredient to the same extent that it now has it. Obviously they have been adding maps, new weapons, but that has nothing to do with the issue we are developing. I tell you, this is not a race between the pvp and the pve in a game, since the game combines the two, and therefore it is a "unique" game. Personally I tell you that the pvp does not create "drama" and does not create a "toxic atmosphere", but rather it is the lack of "security" that creates the aforementioned. It has no explanation that a game, that has pvp, does not have anticheat, or does it have it? that's where drama and toxicity come from. ps. I put the photo because that person gives me the same ridiculous photo when he answers me, I think he has already done it two or three times, that everything has an explanation.
  10. Aroa Croft

    State of the Game: Fallen Earth 12/31/2018

    It is true that the game was launched in September 2009, but it is FULLY FALSE what you say, since the game has had pvp since its inception. As I know that in vain words you can not convince anyone I show you a video (see the publication date) PUBLICATION DATE 02/10/2009 ( the video of the "lesson") I'm not going to answer everything else you write, since they are your opinions / personal experiences and I do not get there but I think the video clarifies everything (clan name under the name, pvp, faction ....) JUST SAYING ;D ( As far as I know, YOU CAN NOT MODIFY THE DATE OF PUBLICATION on youtube) you call yourself a fool, saying that the pvp is one percent of the game, so much so that I do not need to answer you. the only 1 percent here is your intelligence I do not say the opposite. It is more I like the pve, but I already did all the missions / bosses offered by the game, being the pvp the only thing that motivates me to continue entering the game, honestly.
  11. Aroa Croft

    State of the Game: Fallen Earth 12/31/2018

    The factions have to do more with the "pvp" than with the "pve". The aura of faction that you receive is for the keep captured in all the pvp territories and not for doing pve missions (this is received by the whole faction). that I know there is no keep in territories not pvp, or if there are? Like there are certain resources that can only be caught in pvp faction territory. In my view, there is no sense in a game having factions and that there are no wars, fighting and pvp between the factions.
  12. Is this your teacher and who did you ask? I advise you to change, I only advise you eh? Obviously no "anticheat" is 100% safe, just as no door lock can protect your home, but not for that reason you are going to stop having a lock on your door, right? for your information, the abuse of cheats in a game makes people stop playing, which is just what happened here, in this game. Even Mattscott exposed a while ago in a comment that we had a serious problem with this and that he was working on an anticheat in conditions. Sincerely all your arguments lack common sense totally, responding to you is like responding to a wall, everything bounces and bounces and bounces .... edit: Dracio message, i reply: I showed a school teacher and a psychologist your ramblings. They want to know if you have finished primary school yet (you know, school for kids under 12). I won't repeat what else the psychologist said..... it wasn't very nice. Anticheat systems are not perfect. they do not detect all cheating. Having an anticheat in FE in its present state will do nothing for player numbers which you just cannot understand because you refuse to look at anything logically. Maybe that is why you got an extended holiday away from FE. Implementing an anticheat in FE isn't going to magically conjure up players for PVP. It isn't going to make people go "Wow!!! That game has anticheat so we should play it" If a game doesn't feel fun for you, you just don't play it. It really is just that simple. So people NOT playing FE is not because of no anticheat but because they don't find the game that exciting for them. FE is NOT for everyone. Just as Pokemon isn't for everyone. It real is a simplistic concept. The only reason you want an anticheat is because you are convinced most who beat you are cheating. Time to put the ego to rest and realise some people are just better players than you. Something a few in FE need to learn.
  13. Have you ever done "psycho technicians"? You see that you lack some intelligence! anticheat -------------------------------- is a pvp game, as : a door key-------------------------------- is home. I'll explain in case you do not understand, the anticheat protects the game of cheats, the key of the door protects the key of thieves. and well, perhaps an anticheat in a game where there is pvp can make people return to the game and make pvp ............... maybe? Please, seriously, do not make me repeat it twice, to the next one explained by your school teacher !! L O L
  14. Aroa Croft

    State of the Game: Fallen Earth 12/31/2018

    In my opinion, your arguments are totally false and lack of game experience. You should understand that when any game has pvp (to a greater or lesser extent), it should have a protection system. I do not question you that if the game was totally pve I would not need anticheat, but that is not the case. Bringing people from Fallout 76 to try this means more than you can believe, since they are people who were looking for "What the game announces" and have gone frustrated since they do not see the announcement. If you bring people who do not seek this and it does not matter, since they may not be looking for "this", there is a big difference. Look, I'm not here to argue with anyone, but the reality is that a lot of people have stopped playing because someone released the information that the game did not have anticheat (which is true). Currently nobody makes pvp and will not return until the game has anticheat. Understanding fallen earth without pvp is impossible, given that the game has factions, wars, survival and was created with pvp orientation. Although I do not know any game with pvp that does not have anticheat. Honestly, I do not understand why you do not want the game to have anticheat, it would be something to investigate ; D about returning to 2011 or 2012 is the only thing that occurs to me if the game did not have a strong development in mind in the future. I know that the game would work again, since it has worked in the past, which it does not currently do. In my opinion the maps s1, s2 and could say s3 are complete (with missions, pvp zones varied). But everything else seems a joke (I include alpha zone and terminal that need a little more love and more missions and bosses), the last map is a rehash (copy and paste). the weapons and armor are not balanced at all, I suggest you see in the wiki a list all weapons / armor level 55, and you will see that there is an immense variety, although the GT and AP of the last poop patch has made the choice is between these three limited things, why not put with similar stats all things of level 55 to make an election? (check it yourself and look at the wiki) In my opinion Factions are destroyed, given that the game lacks anticheat and that there is no motivation to fight for them.Factions have always revolved around the pvp, if there are no pvp there are no factions, simple. On the resolution, they could remove the low parameters, it is something that has been said many times that the game needs (hopefully, it is not so difficult to remove it!) And about the last thing you said that if any cheater came or not with me, I can not say anything, since I do not know what others do, although you know very well that in the times that I did pvp every day I did not exclude anyone (good in pvp or very bad in pvp), honestly I I was not looking to win or lose, I just wanted everyone who was with me to have a good time and have a reason to enter the game every day. I have always been very social !!
  15. Point by point: 1 - All the encounters we have had, in the pvp arena, I have not seen an ability that exceeds my expectations, is more, if you want one day I show you and perform a duel or whatever you want (apart I give you advantage since I do not play) 2 - You say that I have played or that I have another account with the name "delphini", well said that I invite mattscott / ritual / Lixil to check this information, ip or whatever, although in writing this I want to report some accusations uncertain facts made by you to me, and that the appropriate measures are taken once they have made their inquiries. (I know that person is delphini and is a pvper, obviously not me, since you can see us logged in at the same time, but that does not matter to you to do "name and shame". 3- You talk that if I've been banned or whatever, I invite LO again to say my state when they took control of the game. Again you start with the "name and shame" (there are already two violations of the rules) 4- Finally show some statistics of another game, which honestly, I care rather little, although what Gms is concerned and that these pursue the "CHEATERS" is somewhat uncertain since I do not think that "have the tools for it. A tool is the "anticheat", of which you do not see that it is relevant. Another tool is the experience in the pvp and the mechanics of the game, of which I also do not know, since they have not revealed their names. Anyway, we know very well that cheaters use "that green dot" (or if they change color), which "self shoots" once touched a part of the enemy's body. Thing that is practically undetectable by the sight of a GM, although a tracking program could catch it, as has happened in APB. You do not do the clever, and if you cress that security does not exist, I repeat, open the doors of your house, do not put locks and wait until they do not steal you, given that with or without lock "you could steal the same". Mi consejo, es que cierres la boca, cuando no sabes de que estas hablando. ( You can use the translator, if you want to see my advice) ;D