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  1. We all know who is who in this very small community. But I think that in my case you don't have all the data, since my case happened in December 2014 with the motive of insulting a person and it was direct and permanent given by tiggs, because she felt like it that day. Although years later it occurred to me to write a ticket and tiggs took the ban off me, it was not Litle Orbit who took it off, I did not enter that wagon of people, that of course more than one and two and three will have suffered "the bad days of tiggs ". Was it excessive? The answer is yes, since the same person who imposed it on me took it off. Over time I have discovered what Fallen Earth was at the disposal of gamefirst. it was rubbish run by four friends who laughed at people and played the game most of them in a clan. If they liked you nothing happened but if you faced them then you suffered disconnections, unexpected lags and even a ban with a silly reason. That was the reality. Luckily game changed with Litle Orbit, so I know that if the game is relaunched it will work, I am 100% sure. The key they lack is 4 or 5 gms who are normal and neutral people and who are clear about the great responsibility that being gm implies and their neutrality. Nothing else The cards are on the table, there are more than 60 subscriptions per year and apart from that I know a lot of fans who would buy a lot of things to support the game. We could do one day A question and answer round with Mattscott would not be wrong proposing ideas. I do not want to leave the subject of the post, since I think that mattscott will respond soon
  2. Dear mattsott: We are waiting and it gives me the feeling of abandonment, I am just saying that it gives the feeling that we are abandoned! Let's review the points that are in writing: - You have a lot of annual premium that would allow you to maintain the server more than enough. - You have the perfect formula so that a relaunch from the beginning can work even with the problem of duplicates (I already said that one way is to put two maps and that the premium or protected objects are "not tradeable" - You have the most important thing after this long period that is a community that wants to play and spread the word of this morpg in all directions so that it becomes great again. Whatever you decide, my opinion is that the game economy has just completely broken and a reset is totally necessary. I don't know what is that intermediate point you are looking for or what is your idea, but please, talk to us from time to time! that we are good people! I am not going to write tickets since I already know the answer and it is always the same, that nobody knows anything. greetings from an abandoned player, A.croft
  3. My point of view, from the outside, is that you have a community problem and not a gaming problem. You need a control figure or, failing that, veterans of the game who know how to handle the situation with these people. You are making the developers dizzy, seriously, I repeat, make that figure or pull true veterans of the game, not gms / players but experienced players who are respected and valued
  4. I honestly do not recommend that option, the same they have told us in Fallen earth and today we are without any news of anything, totally abandoned. Saying that what you say seems very easy, but then problems will arise and you will be left with nothing. I do not know why you complain, if you have to wait 2 or 3 years you wait for the update, it is not so much! at least you can play apb, we in fallen earth went to fry eggs. I do not wish you the same future, make no mistake!
  5. I speak as a Fallen Earth player and share my experience. While it is true that LO's intentions were good when they took the game, I did not saw any progress in the game, what is more, the big problem of lag increased exponentially and we had an hour or hours of daily maintenance. Although it is true that the game had a serious problem since it had a bug that players can duplicate objects, which brings down the entire market. Regarding cheats, say that there are always in any game but in Fallen Earth we have known how to fight them, what we did not know how to fight was tiggs and his team of gangsters who banned directly and permanently for no reason (they said harashment when the only thing there was was an insult without importance at a given time in a battle). About what happened since mattscot took the company I can say that matt played the game and saw how it was inside as a player, I think there was when he made the decisions that he had to make, of course, he was from a low population of people since game did not even reach a hundred players. The game fallen earth servers were removed as well as you have put, and the communication of how the project was going at the beginning was good, but everything is drawback, base code problems and I do not know what more things that we do not understand those of us who do not know about computer science. The important thing is that I have sent tickets, many tickets!, And the answer is similar to the one made by the GM DASTARD, something like they tell you to go fry a fried egg, that there is no news and they let you fall like there is no future in game. The only thing that saves this whole situation is mattscot that ....... "LAST WRITTEN ON MAY 18" saying " I have started looking at intermediate ways I can put things online for you guys to experiment with. Please don't over hype this. I just realize this is taking longer than I planned, so I'm looking for near term solutions." ( you can check link): Since May 18 he has not put anything back and if I see that he writes in apb for example. Does it cost a lot to write something? spike a little that plan you have? the feeling it gives is TOTAL ABANDONMENT and wanting to look good, I don't know if I'll be wrong! I finish, I don't know if mattscot will see this. The important thing is that on the table he has more than 60 annual subscriptions that may be more and the only thing we ask is that the game return, with at least two maps, we do not ask for more! and keep updating the game. It is honestly shameful that since May 18 we have not had any news, none! and seeing how apb is going, it follows the same path, I think and hope I'm wrong and that you do well, greetings!
  6. Any clue what it will be and when it will be ? I say that the maps s1 and s2 are safe even with the bug that so evil duplicator since the objects that are obtained lack any value at high levels. - Idea : a donation of 5-10 euros / dollars for the creation of an account, which thus we remove the idea of people who make 300 unnecessary accounts, we already know where this leads and where it ends. a greeting!
  7. we are closer to one way or another that this important game returns. I have no drawbacks to the closure and I understand it in the state it was, but as the boss says, an intermediate state is possible. Everything is laying the first stone to rebuild the castle with gardens, everything is possible, from scratch of course. You do not have to pay anything, your subscriptions do not add up to the list. Your ideas are trash, I do not have to pay anything for your ideas to go to the trash can, difference.
  8. Well, it seems that the ship is starting to float again. A single map or two, doing a total reset of the game leaving it clean, levels from 1 to 19, is a very good intermediate point, and more removing the vaults and emails to prevent that big problem of the game. I update the cover waiting for our CEO to show up again (which I hope will be soon). You have numbers matt, I support you, like the vast majority of the community, a very strong greeting !!
  9. This can explain the bad answers or very poor response arguments given to the tickets sent requesting assistance. But come on, I assure you that g1 employees are still at least in the response tickets, it's the same shit that they don't tell you anything and you stay the same as how you started, well, they just piss you off more xd
  10. A month has passed with this request and it is clear that given the subscriptions the game would surely float if the idea were made. The community has spoken and been firm and clear as water. the game ball is on the roof of the company. It is time to make a ticket with love and see if this game has a future or not, honestly what is asked is a minimum that does not cost anything to keep the community happy. I hope they do not give long as the old gamersfirst did, I keep you informed !!
  11. The idea I proposed is with a reset, and from the start of the relaunch, keep everything obtained, as a small advantage to those who play it later when it comes out upgraded thanks for the support!
  12. This post is to show the owner that the idea is serious. Would you dare to subscribe for a year in premium if the game were to be released in a playable state? (with my idea) with the condition, of course, that levels / objects remain in the game once it is upgraded. (if this can really happen). I lay the first stone, I pay a one-year premium. let's show the "real interest" and have them make numbers. Please don't put silly answers just to the topic. I repeat, please, the topic, it is about who subscribes and who does not, thanks in advance Edit: The number of active subscriptions will be edited and updated: number of active subscriptions per year = 60 ( and players will buy some premium shit as wardrove or others, me too would buy 100% sure) edit: there is people will play it for live, i count each one as double year, but posibly subcriptions is more than actual numbers.
  13. thanks memphis and the others, but I doubt they will even consider the proposal, even though we had 2000 signatures and 2000 subscriptions. But clearly it is the only option, to prove that this game is worth more than any other project they have. The worst thing to see that some speak of "" better graphics "" better code "" Improvement in whatever "but the players who have played since its inception know that this game is addictive, they only have to renew a couple of things and the game It would return to its splendor.The example is out there, there are a lot of games older than Fe and they still have an active population of thousands of players and they do not have powerful graphics or codes, my opinion.
  14. If the problem is the server today there are infinite options that are not very expensive, steam and other platforms offer many (dedicated servers). The code of the game clearly shows that we cant compareh s1, s2, s3, the faction map and could include deadfall with the rest of the game. My suggestion was to stop all scripts in the game except for s1 and s2 and put around of these maps with deadly radiation to prevent players from passing by, a test mode of the game. My opinion that a game does not need "great graphics" but playability. The original fallen earth had it and honestly what has made it explode (in terms of population) have been 3 things: 1. the disastrous updates, 2. the abuse of gms banning without sufficient reasons (this also goes for apb) and cheating by some players 3. the market crash (given the trick of duplicating objects, money), there is no more, it is simple, and from my point of view a controlled environment on two maps would free us from all this. They are just ideas, but I know they would work. Option b, wait for nothing to happen, because nothing will happen. In my way we could support the game, just imagine that 1000 players are coming .........
  15. Happy new year all. I already warned that this would happen and that the game would be left in a drawer given how difficult it is to remake it. A reset of the game with two or three maps and a very active player support would have made the miracle possible. I think that this game offered as it was made (I speak in the past tense) things that no other game on the market can offer. I do not think that this company is unprofessional, but it is a game that has not proven profitable at all and was a burden as long as there was not enough population to provide economic support. Anyway, a request could be made to re-launch it, as I have said, that I believe that by testing nothing happens, and see if the game could be productive for the population as well as economically. I believe that the bugs can be solved with the tools of the game itself, but a reset and a new way of protecting resources is mandatory, I already explained how. If you have homesickness in this game, the closest thing, with factions, crafting, clans, pve, pvp, open world to explore, post-apocalyptic atmospheric environment, massively multiplayer online, with good apocalyptic soundtrack ... crossout ". The only downside is that what you drive is a vehicle and not a person. I say this from experience, experience of 2k hours played.
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