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  1. NysekZePope

    "Make Factions Matter"

    Exactly, would've rather done that over waiting hours in rep grind groups.
  2. NysekZePope

    "Make Factions Matter"

    Interesting points but simply hostile. Let alone claiming zerg when the only time you got "zerged" was by choice after peeps left. So that is neither here nor there. But I actually expected that claim from JD seeing as numbers have never gone above 12 in said "zerg". Especially considering we usually only have to bring more when someone else does since everyone is hyped for "any" PVP. As for the comment about council, I've actually played a few dozen games with this mechanic and it keep greifers in line. Notice how I only covered faction and not factionless, but definitely understand you were itching for one of these responses as it's been awhile. That being said, yes there have been instances of abude which would be handled via staff rather than the players simply griefing one another through said system. The argument behind "lore" would also cover restrictions to specific skills/mutations based on faction. But thus why friendly fire is covered here. Armor/trinket/weapons, yes some value is lost vis "cloning" buy obviously others would be added (at least trinket wise) in their place. And would give an option to individuals to earn these items through a process that wasn't just PVP or Dome... Let alone Outpost which is a pretty decent shit-show. Well ya, faction grinding is painful and truthfully has very little options available. But you'd think by now there would be something like a "raid" against the enemy faction gain a decent chunk of rep that is repeatable.
  3. Ya that's why I made the other posts xD
  4. NysekZePope

    PVP & Keeps

    PVP Zones and Territory Control Increase "No Mount" zone to TC keeps which extend out to the buildings around each keep. Keeps in other zones should roughly extend their no mount zone 120 meters around the keep. Increase size of Lifenet or provide more viable angles to fire at Lifenets. Remove tire stacks in every keep, due to "stuck" glitches which heavily drop FPS, replace with a jersey wall barrier. The "stack of tires" even outside the keep should be replaced with climbable objects, for the same reason as well as giving more angles for attacks to attack from. Move Faction camps in TC to their flag locations directly next to them. Think of a clock so this makes sense... tho most already know. CHOTA : 1 Enforcer : 3 Lightbearer : 5 Traveler : 7 Tech : 9 Vista : 11 All roads in TC should provide a buff until you reach 50m of the "No mount" zone of the keep they are connected to. Currently they do not function 100% of the time leading to much longer rally/attack/defense times. Remove some of the buildings around center in TC to allow more locations to harvest. Now as for PVP materials you can get in S2/S3 yet not in 55 zones... S2 Rewards: Move all materials to Foothills PVP zone. S3 Rewards : Move all materials to Blockade PVP zone. Or find a way of instead of debuffing higher levels from S2/S3 zones, make a buff and remove level limit on flag capture.... but I feel there should be less reason to have the ability to grief lowbes not more.
  5. Helmets Support : Adjusted to 40 gamma and stamina with only 4 Regeneration Lifeline : 35 gamma and stamina and 3 Regeneration Medic : 30 gamma and stamina and 2 Regeneration Offensive : Now also grants +10 to melee, rifle, and pistol skill. Precision increased to 20 Deadeye Grants +8 to weapon skills and 15 precision Deathdealer : Grants+4 to weapon skills and 10 precision Defensive : Melee and Range defense increased to 30 from 25, added health regeneration of 15, and health increased to 30 from 15. Dreadnaught given 5 health regeneration and 10 health Bulwark given 10 health regeneration and 20 health Suits All suit procs will now share the same cooldown. Cooldowns increased to 60 seconds. Support/Lifeline : Healing proc no longer effects group members and now restores health/stamina/gamma by 15/10/10 per second. Regeneration based suits adjusted GT Support increased by 32 Stamina and Gamma Regeneration Lifeline increased to 26 Stamina and Gamma Regeneration Medic increased to 23 Stamina and Gamma Regeneration Offensive based suits adjusted :Precision modifier increased Deathdealer : 30 precision Deadeye : 40 Precision Offensive GT : 50 Precision Resistances Volatile and DT tier 1: Resists normalized to match Pulverizer set for all sets. DT tier 2 : Resists normalized to match Dreadnaught set. Stage 3 : No longer requires Average Mutagenic Enhancers only requires 1 of each GORE drop rather than 3 of the following recipes. Ballistic Plasma Energizer – Shoulder Modification Ballistic Ionizer Cartridge – Torso Modification Permanent Incendiary Device – Thigh Modification Rothium for each of these recipes also reduced by 50% for Stage 3 Suit. Using the recipe to upgrade a Tier 2 DT Suit (EXP : Medic) will be "Upgradeable PVP Suit" "Upgradeable PVP Suit" is used in a recipe to upgrade to stage 3 without the modification requirements (Example : PVP Suit + Medic Modification = Lifeline) Stage 2 Armor : Resists increased to match Dreadnaught – Prefall Tech rewarded for Citadel Defense Mission Faction Armor (720k) : Resists increased to match Dreadnaught set Faction Armor (540k) : Resists increased to match Pulverizer set Costs/Materials Tier 1 DT Weapon cost reduced to 60k Tier 2 DT Weapon cost reduced to 100k after gathering Tier 1 parts. Recipe added to upgrade to AP weapon without requiring "base parts" material. (160k =160k) Tier 1 DT Armor cost reduced to 25k Tier 2 DT Armor cost upgrade reduced to 50k Dome Rewards Dome Tier 3 items for AP weapons moved to tier 2 (Enhancers and Nanite Kit) Dome tier 2 items for AP weapons moved to tier 3 (Weapon Parts)
  6. NysekZePope

    Fallen Earths Potential

    Maylin isn't here with the tech/trav rally in TC Condemn isn't here RA/TR isn't here Poker isn't here And yes, in that order those groups kinda vanished from PVP. Not to mention TR was the largest source of income for FE.
  7. NysekZePope


    Sundancer is king of 1v1, if you can cycle powerblocks/stuns properly and they can't run away from you.
  8. NysekZePope

    New in game gms suggestions

    As long as patches are tested and bug reports are reviewed, I'm happy with that alone. I'd rather see Decon in full swing over being a GM... that being said I'm more worried about individuals banning players for "hacking" like Dastard used to. Especially when no anti-hack system is in place, currently the only method to catch hackers to some degree is in self-bust videos. Well unless they hit 100% of the time or 100% headshots... lol
  9. Grenades Now can equip to leg or waist slots. Battle Rifles Damage values adjusted, should now be more competitive with other weapon choices. No higher than 70m range Reload reduced to 2.0 from 2.5 Rifle modifers increased from +2/+4 to +6/+8. Weapon adjustments listed here Assault Rifles Increase modifier to +10 on end-game Assault Rifles +5 to 10+ for rifles prior to end-game. Add Augmentation Assault Rifle Will not go over 60m range Xenofire models will now be competitive with other Assault Rifle choices Example of weapon listing seen here Snipers Reduce delay by .3, reload increased to 3.0, and all Sniper Rifles will now give +10 Rifle modifiers. Only increased the AP sniper to 153.39 DPS Add precision modifer of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 based on skill requirements (Scaling every 5 levels) Range increased to 70, 80, 90, and 100 based on previous range values. (+10 compared to previous) All snipers now deal an additional 20% headshot damage. Big Jackal Damage increased by 10 ballistic/electric (The Big Jackal now deals 150 Ballistic/60 Electric damage) Delay reduced to 1.5 and reload increased to 3.0 Clip size increased to 8 Range increased to 100 meters Rifle modifer increased to 20 from 10 while adding 70 Precision Modifier Shotguns Reduce delay of S.I.R./Ye Olde Shotgun to 1.5 from 1.7 Increase modifier of S.I.R./Ye Olde Shotgun to +10 Rifle from +2 SMGs Reducied reload times to 2 seconds Damage values adjusted, should now be more competitive with other weapon choices. (AP weapon added) See examples here Pistol Shotguns Now equips to back slots. Murder of Crows and Revenge of Ravens now give +10 Pistol modifer while equipped. Range values for 180/195 requirements increased to 20 meters from 15/16 Damage, Delay and Reload adjusted : Should now be more competitive with other weapon choices. See examples here Pistols Skill Modifiers Increased by the following numbers, pistols with lower modifiers have increased slightly. +5 from +4 for Light Pistols, +4 from +3 for Medium Pistols, and +3 from +2 for Heavy pistols. Pistol reload time adjusted to 2.5 for Light/Medium Pistols and 3.0 for Heavy Pistols. Heavy Pistol Delay increased to 1.2 and damage adjusted to relate to other heavy damaging weapons. Can now be equipped in leg and waist slots. Pistols will no longer be above 30m/40m/50m range (light/medium/heavy) AP pistol ammo capacity changed to 24 for lights, however Medium/Heavy remain the same. Neverender's Revenge damage increased to 68 from 66. Big B's now deals 110 physical and 20 Sonic damage and range increased to 35m. Little B's will deal 90/10 Ballistic & Sonic and B's will deal 100/15 Ballistic & Soinc damage Gives +5, +8, and +10 pistol skill (Little/Normal/Big) Rather than going through three sheets, I will provide the top-end DPS changes. Lights Max DPS : 132 DPS (262) Mediums Max DPS : 116.47 (232.94) Heavies Max DPS : 92.63 DPS (183.26) Crossbows Delay reduced to 2 seconds rather than 3 seconds Range increased to 50m, 60m, 70m, and 80m Melee AP One Handed reduced to 114 damage before augmentation and faster AP weapons added. "AFFA Blade" variant of AP weapon not finalized, further testing required. Melee listed range increased to 2m for One Handed and 3m for Two Handed 5m bonus range on weapons, abilities, mutations, and otherwise removed to support this change One Handed Melee can now be equipped in leg and waist slots. Lunatic now gives +20 melee skill The two colored require a new weapon and tested to be done, the other two could easily be adjusted now. Heavy Weapons All launchers now have an added modifier of 75 (165) and 150 (180/195) health when equipped. Omega Arms Asclepius requirements reduced to 180 Heavy Weapons and First Aid All Heavy Weapon grenades now have 3 (from 5) second re-use time and will have a 100 target player limit. And just a final touch... Augmentation Health, Gamma, and Stamina modifiers reduced by half, cost doubled. All stat modifiers, besides strength, have been removed. (Unless simply weight limit can be added) Regeneration modifiers reduced to 8 cap from 16, costs have doubled. Armor Use, Dodge, Escape Artist, Power, and Precision removed. If augmentation can be adjusted to allow better scaling as to not waste AP for poor returns I could see a reason keeping it. Power =/= Precision =/= Dodge =/= Armor Use per 5 AP. Weapon Skill modifiers have had their cost reduced by half (10 from 20) Damage types (Slashing, Piercing, Crushing, and Ballistic) that are not primary have been removed. Bonus damage increased to 15% Only certain weapons can proc other damage types allowing higher damage than originally listed in those situations, thus solving this issue. With the augmentation change, all characters should be sent a minimum of 2 nanite cleansers. And adding just one more thing... GORE Crafting Upgrade chance is increase to 100% when using GORE Enhancers. (Should just be removed) Material cost for /craftingupgrading weapons will be reduced considerably. Quest reward for GORE bosses will work in Raid just as it did group and also include a decent sum of Rothium. (To give PVE'ers a better shot at Rothium) Removed GORE specific ammo and repair kits, will be repaired and refilled like normal weapons. (To normalize repair kit and ammo requirements) Removed GORE boss bait and simply replaced with mission NPC with repeatable quest nearby, has a one hour cooldown for turn-in reward. No, this does not including boosting GORE into AP augmentation, thus the adjustments were applied in other methods to keep it "viable".
  10. Concepts are nice... But 1.3 vs 1.2 One Handed Melee... let alone without recommending to pull Shards down on damage as currently they're higher than they should. SMG is subpar on DPS, as is the shotgun... Both of which are easily outclassed by every weapon currently. The rest have their place but probably should post up some things later as a counter-argument. More options are nice but they need their place. Pistol reload is far too long, but that's always been an issue... but that being said all pistol reload times need to drop. AP Venom Fangs?... Would be fun but you should base it off the current scaling of damage. Since shards were boosted to make them an actual upgrade we'll have to consider NE's vs AP Lights. That's a 16.66% upgrade to damage. However, like Volatile Heater clubs you'd have to consider that the 20 Poison damage would be superior to it being converted to physical like the other AP weapons. This is because 20 primary damage is roughly 8 after 60% resists and Fangs deal 14 damage in the same situation unless the target is running Resilience or Ablate. Not to mention Venom Fangs are a level 50 weapon, not a 55. That being said, they will actually "match" the damage of Venom Fangs but have AP augmentation. When in truth they should maybe be boosted to about 70 damage (64 pre-aug and 70 post) giving them a DPS of 100. That being said tho, AP AFFAs should be added while following the rules of say Skathi's Breaker. This would give them 100 listed damage with 110 augmented, giving them 91.66 DPS. But then Shards will need to come down to 114 base because their base damage is far to high currently. No real reason to add an AP shotgun that is faster (let alone with longer delay without it being a burst weapon), the SIR is already a jacked up Coyle ELB 20 Gauge. Maybe if you compared it to the Lemke Arms AS-1, which actually has reasonable reload/delay. The only weapon here that probably would see use without being useless is the Axe/Sword, but those are easy to mesh up with weapons of equal tier since they already had 195 variants.
  11. NysekZePope

    Fallen Earths Potential

    You should come play when we have 3 groups going at it. Not as good as rolling up on a raid of techs, Travs, or Enforcers.... But it's a start. Edit : PVP numbers went down thanks to people getting 2-3 shot during GORE and 2.6 burst meta.... @Dracio I wish the same people still PVPed, not even a tenth of what we had prior to GORE or even the start of 3.2 (3 months in even)
  12. NysekZePope

    FESM (Fallen Earth Sound Mod)

    Would be nice if in the future they allow this under settings kinda like UI's
  13. NysekZePope


    Auto correct is lame, I blame Shadowbane lol
  14. NysekZePope


    Funnier when they still get baned for other tools that may not be the "main" hack tool.
  15. NysekZePope

    Fallen Earths Potential

    Why would faction armor be the strongest when it doesn't cost anything to make?... I do admit armor at 55 should be a bit more scaled towards progression not away from it. But I wouldn't think 720k would need to match GT... Let alone be above it as we already hit cap with cali 7 + 183 AU (59% with 170)