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  1. 100 signatures won't do much, even the view count for the Q&A wasn't too impressive. Even with 100 players signing, unless they regularly use the marketplace it wouldn't have as much pull as other titles they are working on. Good luck, maybe when this pulls 80+ I'll "sign" it. Was bad enough when nobody would volunteer to do the Q&A for 3+ months.
  2. Tone it down a bit nubcakes, fact is it's being looked into and leave it at that. Nobody expected it to be anytime soon considering FE's potential profit being miniscule compared to their other projects based it's past. Also Aroa has come a long way, and it's an international forum.
  3. Official statement was also provided during the live Q&A about there being new servers. Don't be so sure they won't "lose" the data. And from a marketing standpoint a "legacy" server would be a waste of resources. Should be around the 31 min 20 second marker when it's brought up
  4. Only a few little things. Mutation : Illumination - Mediation 5 should be 123 requirement not 121 Skill : Dirty Tricks - Kneecap needs it's dispel ranks checked as prior to shutdown it could be dispelled by Preservation (Empathic) which is not a snare dispel/break Skill : Power & Rifle/Pistol/Melee : Should fix the tooltip (which was clientside now serverside) showing it as 6.07% rather than 6.09% and weapon skill being .91% as I found an old conversation about Allarik (spellcheck) stating the scaling and what he went with to "tone down power".
  5. Just to blow your mind for a minute.... GT armor are already equal to that of level 60 armor. Thus why the resist spread seems OP after 60% cap vs lower end armors when in truth it's resists should match stage 3.
  6. Collision is possible, but NPCs only for no XP/Faction gains. In PVP it would be funny but... no.
  7. This, population is already hurting, @Grelko is not a survival game. Even then current survival games aren't even to this level of cancer
  8. Yes but that's why I asked "why". Ya that + /pvp No worries, but also means we shouldn't mess with it. There's a lot of junk to sell, problem is 9/10 times it goes to the vendor unless someone buys it. Yes but FE isn't WoW, they already messed with the nodes once and it hurt the population badly. People were making a bit of money, nothing insane, but believe it was because others could click the screen for them... tho that's been fixed. We still have slots tho. Nothing wrong with more building options, let alone "housing" systems. Crafting we have plenty of but nothing wrong with more. Hunting and Salvaging are already in-game, just gotta know what you're looking for
  9. +1, tho G1 didn't really keep much updated there either... hope they don't make the same mistake.
  10. Optional PVP allows players to even try to grasp FE, otherwise it would probably lack even more population than it currently does. Ammo crafting is fine as is, yes it's mass produced but hardly needs adjustment. NPCs providing ammo is hardly a big ordeal, you can easily make a social toon to buy/craft for cheaper than the shop can sell it for. Even then it allows a chip sink as at some point you lack reason to spend chips. More items? There's plenty already in-game, same goes for materials. Unless it gives more options at 55, you have plenty to choose from 45 and below. There's already vastly limited nodes besides harvesters/farms, again another harmful change for new players trying to get into the game. Blackjack is the only gambling disabled... but why the DNA? The game isn't even in the hundreds when it comes to population, and new players are extremely unlikely... all of these changes hurt that.
  11. It used to, I forgot to remove the dodge reduction. Everything else is as listed.
  12. Will update this to update the weapon section as I noticed this older copy didn't account for Bloodlust, Marksman, and Desperado stance as well as AP weapons.
  13. Truthfully, AP should be easier to come by so players don't feel like they need to do Dome or consider AP races again... Not to mention try to balance AP augmentation... I mean look at it. We didn't need health on weapons. Regeneration was fun but was far to high for too cheap on weapons, especially considering regeneration was being "nerfed" Multiple "lackluster" stats and skills in augmentation should've been a clear reason to remove them or find a better application. (Power vs Precision vs Armor Use/etc) The less "mandatory grinding", obviously crafting should be the cornerstone of the game. But less mind-numbing tasks. If I want to farm faction, give me a bloody raid against my enemy faction. Obviously still give places to grind the same old NPCs (FOR EACH FACTION, not the BS currently where some are screwed over with terrible camps or none at all) and repeatable options for crafters/PVPers/etc. When it comes to harvesting, especially for a clan, there should obviously be options for solo as well as groups. Why would an entire clan want to just have the option of harvesters/farms, rather than maybe a PVE raid to get the same resources in 3+ hours (obviously not the same volume, but you get the idea), or even DT (another DT sink is NOT A BAD THING). Not to mention specific PVP zones having certain merchant rewards, especially if the current level restrictions remain promotes the idea of "smurfing"/"twinking". Which S2 rewards should continue to S3, just as they should deadfall. And "GTC" should simply have FT/Tow cost reduction while the rest are "S1/S2/S3/DF" Territory Control to further keep people from griefing new blood. Honestly there's plenty wrong with the current system, the main one being options... the other being that people can/will go to grief new blood for rewards that benefit them (which is smart, don't get me wrong) but I'd rather see a level "equalizer" buff than a debuff. FE had better PVP when we could "choose" the zone we PVPed in, not when a debuff decided where we went.
  14. Just gonna quote this... Matt only stated, and confirmed in the unofficial discord that they will transfer G1C transactions and "rare event" items at best. Transferring a 55 when they're going to be releasing sectors as if it's a relaunch would be quite moronic anyways. Not to mention the fact you'll have 0 gear, materials, or anything... let alone any possible PVP in S1 would be pointless as new players starting up wouldn't be able to reach 55.
  15. Only issue is the fact the debuff never blocks abilities outside of that level tier. But then people would make "thinks" at level 55 with basically every lvl 25/35/45 unlock they need. An easier method would've been bumping players to 55 stats, damage would be tricky so probably would have to be power for a % gain based on level, and then probably make dispels more reasonable so a lower level isn't stuck eating a 55 snare/DoT for full duration
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