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  1. I mean all my builds are medic builds... besides my troll sniper haha And we ran crossbows to troll after Akee claimed "Shotguns OP" before charge shots were nerfed, New and Improved Sparky could hit like a dumptruck on a critical charge shot. Weapon : 107 Pierce + 64 electrical +149 pierce = 320 + 10%(+/- which gains or loses) = possible 352 + 50% (critical) = 528 and that's before power's insane scaling before + armor cuts.
  2. Not possible unless you were using an xbow, 165 HW only, or no power/precision shotgun. Unless it was my HP regen build >_>
  3. 3.2 would've worked, if they kept ontop of things... yet another project pushes aside for something else. And ya, Nuba sent in reports of "dupers" that he would purposefully send duped items to try to report them. Sad thing is, it worked. Trash support was trash. I solo'ed everything in Outpost... besides the Unknown boss and Outpost itself. But yes, quests were known to "insta-kill" as you'd get 6+ enemies spawning in at once doing heavy damage. It was pretty poor planning. The only thing that went well was the Combat System.
  4. Stack splitting was part of a dupe... so that would be addressed within that. And most of those issues have been around forever, especially the hacking tools that even when submitted were ignored for... well Outpost is a good example of what was deemed "worth the time", a zone that's 80% empty.
  5. When I get home I'll give a quick glance through it all.... There's a lot more to go through
  6. +1 Tho if they can fix hacks, dupes, and clientside issues I'm subbing commander for 2 years day 1 without question.
  7. I mean I can put up a good debate with data to back it up, thus it's usually hard to rebuttal lol That being said, they have to want to do it.
  8. As willpower by nature will kinda always be bad. Even if you scaled those abilities up, you'd be better off not investing AP. Their scaling is just bad before considering you unlock 16 into mutations for 165 AP. Even with gamma per point you'd still probably stay at 65 willpower. It's sadly doomed as a garbage stat
  9. A male toon, of course, can PVP or PVE. The statement is that both should be on equal terms (at least if a player wishes to) as hitbox matters in PVP. The rambling above sounds like PVE, even if not the fact remains equal footing as an option is hardly a bad request.
  10. 100 signatures won't do much, even the view count for the Q&A wasn't too impressive. Even with 100 players signing, unless they regularly use the marketplace it wouldn't have as much pull as other titles they are working on. Good luck, maybe when this pulls 80+ I'll "sign" it. Was bad enough when nobody would volunteer to do the Q&A for 3+ months.
  11. Tone it down a bit nubcakes, fact is it's being looked into and leave it at that. Nobody expected it to be anytime soon considering FE's potential profit being miniscule compared to their other projects based it's past. Also Aroa has come a long way, and it's an international forum.
  12. Official statement was also provided during the live Q&A about there being new servers. Don't be so sure they won't "lose" the data. And from a marketing standpoint a "legacy" server would be a waste of resources. Should be around the 31 min 20 second marker when it's brought up
  13. Only a few little things. Mutation : Illumination - Mediation 5 should be 123 requirement not 121 Skill : Dirty Tricks - Kneecap needs it's dispel ranks checked as prior to shutdown it could be dispelled by Preservation (Empathic) which is not a snare dispel/break Skill : Power & Rifle/Pistol/Melee : Should fix the tooltip (which was clientside now serverside) showing it as 6.07% rather than 6.09% and weapon skill being .91% as I found an old conversation about Allarik (spellcheck) stating the scaling and what he went with to "tone down power".
  14. Just to blow your mind for a minute.... GT armor are already equal to that of level 60 armor. Thus why the resist spread seems OP after 60% cap vs lower end armors when in truth it's resists should match stage 3.
  15. Collision is possible, but NPCs only for no XP/Faction gains. In PVP it would be funny but... no.
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