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  1. I'll double check his preset builds later, but if you need help feel free the PM me on the forum or discord.
  2. Did you update it to the current build?...
  3. Maybe umm... Use the list setting to make that a bit less of an eye sore to read my dude.
  4. It would make more sense to try and improve the current server then it would to split up any bit of the player base.
  5. Even if it was the new client it would still probably be what's currently in the game. Though I do admit the idea that being called classic when it's simply a wipe on the current version prior to shut down isn't really accurate. Unless they are just saying it's prior to the reboot, which then I guess it would make sense.
  6. Basically everything should be the same as if the server never went down the only difference is we won't have our characters or items
  7. You keep saying that but we keep finding baby toenails in your dumpster.... You're going to slip up one of these days
  8. So in regards to this... Will there be NPCs in place for wardrobe unlock, faction t-shirts, and Respec (AP) available? And if not since subscription gives gave reward points, will they be given out each month like before so we can get faction t-shirts at least? Edit : Also sad to see I can't snag up my badland rider and commander's crafting kit, RIP. Still gonna play.
  9. Yes all crafting gave XP as long as it gave a rank at the end of crafting. Construction and GORE gave the most.
  10. There's your problem, the barn did nothing to me. Not my fault you don't see the holes in your statement.
  11. This, G1C at the very least. Tho I'd probably sub up either way, but would be weaksauce to need to get my wardrobe unlocks and such again.
  12. Hate is such a strong word, but I'll be sure to send you to the cloner if I have to
  13. +1 Tho still hoping to avoid duped nonsense returning from clearly exploit flooded vaults....
  14. the moderators have been posting what has been posted on Twitter and otherwise.
  15. If you watched the Q&A it's a clean cut response on that topic. They will try to keep a legacy server, if possible, but for a relaunch there will be a server with no previous character data besides certain items (retired events and G1C related). And just because it didn't effect some players, doesn't mean it doesn't hurt the game. Lag/crashes, economy, and even duped G1C items which should've cost money that they lost in potential profits.
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