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  1. At that point you might as well just add every cash shop item as that's what that'll do. I'd rather see a buff to key drop chance if anything.
  2. My vote is on inventory/vault slots, commander's crafting kit, and nanite cleansers in that order specifically. Everything else can wait.
  3. I mean we can craft dye packs... so I'm slightly against it besides more common ones. Key Ring?.... If you mean box keys then heeeeeeelll no my dude GORE Baits for sure tho, wanna slap Lilly around
  4. I'll take a shot as I haven't checked this in awhile. Where is there a "mix"? Let alone claiming the defensive suit is fine when it is easily the top tier armor for overall returns. Defense scales with every attacker, offense and healing cannot effect more than one target at a time minus Nano which has cooldown. Support doesn't actually effect "healing" if effects resource management, giving you more sustain for any/all forms of damage/healing. I don't disagree with the resistance tier needing to be reduced to Stage 3 (which was basically Dreadnaught Tier 3, same primary but stronger secondary/tertiary). And you completely missed the mark here and spin it in a strange manner. Support helm gets a much needed nerf Defensive suit sees no real boost as it's easily the strongest suit Offensive and Support suit get buffed to further the likelyhood of use. Offensive suit getting stamina regen only boosts "healing" if Staunch is used. It would more than likely benefit more offensive play with GT, DT, weapon skills, and otherwise which use stamina. Most healing is reflected through gamma which is not being suggested to Offensive. Support suit is only boosted by the amount debuffed on the Support helm. Again no healing boost, it's a sustain boost. Defense and Offense helm gain a much needed boost as well. Support helm loses regen which pushes back sustain on builds. Even with the stamina regeneration on a Offensive Suit of 20, this means every minute a Offensive Suit gains 125 (mobile) to 250 (stationary) stamina every minute. Due to the support helm's regeneration loss, which currently every player uses, they also lose 25 (mobile) to 50 (stationary) off their support helm. One could easily suggest toning down the stamina regen to say 15 to balance it out more. Even if you consider the Offensive Helm's regeneration suggestion. Even with the 125 to 250 stamina you get the following. (Over the course of an entire minute) One to three casts of "Staunch Wounds 6" for a total of 211 to 633 health. One to three casts of "Staunch Wounds 7" for a total of 256 to 768 health. Now if you say went "The stamina regeneration is too high, maybe lower it to 15 and helm to 5" New stamina regeneration is now 100 mobile and 200 stationary One to two casts of Staunch Wounds 6 for a total of 211 to 422 One of Staunch Wounds 7 for a total of 256 to 512. At no point does that compare to 120 dodge, 60 health, and 35 health regeneration between both defense suit/helm options. This translates to 22% dodge passive (almost a quarter off enemy critical and pen), 350 health every minute, and of course 60 health which you can easily allocate towards regeneration as an off-set on your augmentation weapon(s). Which all of these stats translate to straight EHP. Health regen is automatic, this will tick regardless of the situation and unlike healing does not have a % debuff. Health regeneration is also "free" sustain, no cost to the user. Dodge is absolutely massive in PVP if targeted by enemies with power or precision (tho obviously useless vs no power/precision builds with multiple armor cuts) Health directly translates to EHP, while only 60 that's still extra health you wouldn't have on the other two suits. The proc is easily superior as if you are being targeted in a group fight chances are you will have an armor cut, thus another buffer to offset incoming damage. So ya I can see tweaking the above regeneration to make the number more fair New regneration mobile : Offensive Suit/Helm only wins by 1 health New regeneration stationary : Full GT offensive wins by 22 every minute (If you stand still EVERY tick EVERY 6 seconds) Which the dodge passive alone will probably give the defensive suit the win for the critical hits and penetration it will block within the minute anyways) And yes even more of a "wall" of text. We'll factor in dodge vs 7% penetration & 23% critical build as it's not uncommon (141/141 with 150 GT aura unlocks prior to GT Suit/Helm) Def Suit/Helm (120) with 54 dodge & GT dodge aura : 41% dodge passive (224) 7% pen = 4% 23% crit = 13% If I need to explain beyond that then I can understand why you used to claim I had "100%" retoration heals Edit : Added 5 more regen to Defense Helm & Suit. This translates to another 60 health per minute giving it a clear lead even with the above complaint. (400 health every minute vs the previous suggestion of 350 vs the current 250)
  5. Ya max HPr can do some silly things. I am not sure about solo'ing blood dog on HPr.... the rest I can see tho.
  6. I can sit at 60% with low tier cali (rank 6 at 138 unlock) and paste w/o a defensive stance like ablate/dreadnaught/etc. Tho truth be told that's because GT is a level 60 tier armor, so that's way easier to do. 60% is very easy with Stage 3/Cali 7/Green paste. Not really a specific build of any kind, it's standard to sit at 55%+ at end-game depending on the build as long as paste is involved. Even with hitting resist cap, you still benefit from the 40 health, 25 HPr every 6 seconds (250 health every minute), and 80 dodge which is massive.
  7. Worked fine the last few times i logged in. The def suit getting a % reduction ontop of the flat armor would be fairly busted, I'd say if it traded it off maybe. But only by maybe 5% considering how strong the armor is off base stats alone before proc. And since in most engagements in PVP you'll definitely be armor cut, you'll find the use of the 600 flat armor while also clearly benefiting from the secondary/tertiary as currently you cannot hit secondary/tertiary 60% cap... maybe secondary with social. I only say this because with the defensive suit you are countering all incoming damage, this has zero cap on it's effectiveness. This is unlike the offensive suit which will only hit one target, minus the situation where someone uses Heavy Weapons but also is the only weapon type in-game w/o augmentation, is specifically a group-spec weapon, and easily countered even in groups until it's in a defensive position. The support suit is the second most used due to it's incredible sustain, I won't deny it's subpar vs a defense suit with creeper serum but it's more the player if they go down "easy".
  8. A bit late considering a decent number of players already abused methods to get reward points. Understandable tho as it lead to a lot of complaints.
  9. If it was the 45 node, then it's honey... if it's the 75 node then you get tainted berries.
  10. They proc in PVP and PVE so I'm confused if you mean. They have a 20% chance to proc, when taking damage (DoT included, which is how I self-proc on the sniper troll), and then go on cooldown. Def Suit already does a % reduction, if you aren't at armor cap. (Mobs don't debuff armor sadly... basic PVE 4tl) Offensive Suit already also increases damage on proc, as long as you take damage (as stated above). (Which the above suggestion would be a passive modifier. Support suit... well I'm sure "x number back per a tick"... it's already 15 health a tick so unsure what you mean there as it procs to your entire team/raid. Procs work in PVE, PVP, Bugsports, and Dome without issue. And the helms would at least give more options than my sniper troll setup as the support helm is easily "Best in Slot".
  11. Defensive Suit 80 Dodge 40 health 30 Regeneration - Boosted by 5 Proc : 60 dodge and 600/800/100 (pri/sec/ter) AP saved just off health/dodge : 130 Passive is massive at 14.69% while 11% on Proc. (25% gain which is very strong but only makes a huge difference vs targets with higher power/precision) 2x Consume Boost (resist off procand health regen) but also stronger than it's serum (lizard dog which is 54 dodge, 48 health, and 12 health regeneration) Easily most powerful proc in-game as it effects anyone attacking the wearer. This is easily the best suit in-game in most cases, as it will net it's returns regardless of number of attackers. Which is fine, what needs to be considered is methods to promote further use of less armors. Offensive Suit 95 Power 25 Precision Proc : 160 Power, 70 Precision, and 10% boost to Mutation/Grenade/Heavy Weapon (Direct) damage. AP saved off power/precision : 120 Only 1.76 times more powerful than the power modifier on a Serum passively, Precision is 1 less than Serum. Subjectively second most powerful suit minus lack of regeneration over Support Suit. Proc net gain is 4.95% pen and 7% critical Passive is also 2.9% pen and 2.5% critical Example vs the above proc total of 25% (dodge) that means it would be reduced to 5.8875% as an example) Tied for second with the support suit only because it's benefits only effect the targets it can attack (one at a time) but are more consistent as unlike resources you don't need to wait to apply damage. These should handle it... Increase precision by 10 to improve AP difference between the suit above and this one. Add stamina regeneration of 15 Consider adding +10% weapon damage increase (Melee/Pistol/Rifle but also includes Heavy Weapons, Grenades, and Mutation direct damage) Is a tad high, but definitely improves the suit's function. Support Suit 26 Gamma and Stamina Regeneration No AP saved but equal to 2x consumes or slightly stronger than Average Creeper Serum (22 gamma and 18 stamina regeneration) Proc : 15 health per second for 10 seconds Easily the worst proc, no real defensive or offensive benefits. Equal to Vital Osmosis 6 as an HoT but roughly the same cooldown. So somewhat useful in that catagory. Tied with offensive suit due to it's regeneration modifiers which allow it further sustain to possibly net it potential DPS or HPS increase. But because regeneration means you can usually stay in fights longer, it's more commonly used than the offensive suit. Please skip to the next section to understand what I suggest Increase regeneration to 31/31 Gamma and Stamina (Pulling 5 from helm which is listed below) Add stamina/gamma restoration of 5 per second to the HoT. Suit Procs Put all suit procs on same cooldown timers (Which is possible) Support Helm 10 Gamma and Stamina Regeneration Easily the best helm in-game, it's an extra consume in overall power. Regeneration should come down to 5/5 while boosting maximum Gamma/Stamina by say 20? Thus it still nets it's place as a resource spammer's dream. Defensive Helm 15 Health 25 Dodge Compared to overall regen, this is quite the joke... Health to 20 Dodge could easily be bumped to 40 Health regeneration could've been added at 15 : Translates to 90 more health a minute. Yes the stats are a bit higher for health/dodge than how it translates on other helms but dodge is a passive which reduces the effectiveness of another... it needs to be a tad more to be effective. Offensive Helm 35 Power 15 Precision Same boat as the helm above, 1% armor penetration and 1.5% critical chance?... I mean ya I get it adds up with the suit but this needs to stand out a whole lot more. Raise precision to 20 Add 5 stamina regeneration Add 5% damage modifier like the suit - Probably a bit over the top... but 5 extra damage for every 100 isn't really that crazy. Add +10 to all weapon skills (Not Heavy Weapons) - Will help attack posture builds.
  12. A reoccurring theme happens in every single fight, healing, which is not surprising considering it's a staple of any MMORPG. Which truth be told has been an issue for awhile, well that and weapon DPS not being adjusted to a healthy level to keep it competitive. Staunch Wounds currently is the only large direct heal which by itself is a fun little ability, but I believe this is our problem. Cannot be punished like Benevolence nor Vital Osmosis as it is completely mobile. Doesn't follow it's 5 meter range it is given (if a target runs out of the 5m range, it will still apply unlike any other heal listed) Uses stamina which makes it the most readily available resource in most situations (as unless you're spamming armor cuts, charge shots, etc it generally quite full) Only real "downside" is if you forget to pack yourself with bandages. Now I purpose the following Make self-cast only : Makes very little sense that we can "bandage" an ally on the move anyways. Increase health regeneration effect by 50% (for the following change below) This means Staunch 6 would provide a 15 HPr (150 health a minute from 100) and Staunch Wounds 7 18 (180 health a minute from 120 health a minute) This will slightly offset the loss of "Patch" below. Patch changes Increase cast time to 2 seconds Reduce cooldown to 6 seconds Only allow the ability to be casted on others Reduce range to 5 meters like Staunch Change resource cost from Gamma to Stamina Does not require bandages (before anyone asks) Adjust healing to roughly 50% of what Staunch Wounds currently heals (Patch 4 compared to Staunch 7 would be 128) Cost to cast should reflect 50% of what Staunch Wounds currently scales at (Patch 4 costing 39 stamina) This should effectively drop HPS by 16 per ally on the field. In most cases 128 HPS (1 full group). If Patch stays the same tho this would offset 32 HPS per ally or 256 HPS in a group of 8. Which makes a huge difference in overall fight time. Meaning the above would stop a group from deleting a shotgun's DPS or a light pistol DPS. More peeling, less healing. To explain the above statement, the act of peeling is forcing the enemy to either retreat off their target via means of CC/Damage/Body-blocking/healing/etc. Still strongly recommend my other thread paired with this one to resolve fight times in 1v1, small scale, and large scale fighting.
  13. I mean you simply don't allow marketplace items to be stacked, solved.
  14. I honestly hope LO learned to not have anyone connected to FE's general playerbase as a GM after the last time. If not... RIP.
  15. Well "projectiles" in most cases aren't actual projectiles, the only few would be Grenades/Launchers. Everything else is hit scan.
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