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  1. Truthfully, AP should be easier to come by so players don't feel like they need to do Dome or consider AP races again... Not to mention try to balance AP augmentation... I mean look at it. We didn't need health on weapons. Regeneration was fun but was far to high for too cheap on weapons, especially considering regeneration was being "nerfed" Multiple "lackluster" stats and skills in augmentation should've been a clear reason to remove them or find a better application. (Power vs Precision vs Armor Use/etc) The less "mandatory grinding", obviously crafting should be the cornerstone of the game. But less mind-numbing tasks. If I want to farm faction, give me a bloody raid against my enemy faction. Obviously still give places to grind the same old NPCs (FOR EACH FACTION, not the BS currently where some are screwed over with terrible camps or none at all) and repeatable options for crafters/PVPers/etc. When it comes to harvesting, especially for a clan, there should obviously be options for solo as well as groups. Why would an entire clan want to just have the option of harvesters/farms, rather than maybe a PVE raid to get the same resources in 3+ hours (obviously not the same volume, but you get the idea), or even DT (another DT sink is NOT A BAD THING). Not to mention specific PVP zones having certain merchant rewards, especially if the current level restrictions remain promotes the idea of "smurfing"/"twinking". Which S2 rewards should continue to S3, just as they should deadfall. And "GTC" should simply have FT/Tow cost reduction while the rest are "S1/S2/S3/DF" Territory Control to further keep people from griefing new blood. Honestly there's plenty wrong with the current system, the main one being options... the other being that people can/will go to grief new blood for rewards that benefit them (which is smart, don't get me wrong) but I'd rather see a level "equalizer" buff than a debuff. FE had better PVP when we could "choose" the zone we PVPed in, not when a debuff decided where we went.
  2. Just gonna quote this... Matt only stated, and confirmed in the unofficial discord that they will transfer G1C transactions and "rare event" items at best. Transferring a 55 when they're going to be releasing sectors as if it's a relaunch would be quite moronic anyways. Not to mention the fact you'll have 0 gear, materials, or anything... let alone any possible PVP in S1 would be pointless as new players starting up wouldn't be able to reach 55.
  3. Only issue is the fact the debuff never blocks abilities outside of that level tier. But then people would make "thinks" at level 55 with basically every lvl 25/35/45 unlock they need. An easier method would've been bumping players to 55 stats, damage would be tricky so probably would have to be power for a % gain based on level, and then probably make dispels more reasonable so a lower level isn't stuck eating a 55 snare/DoT for full duration
  4. I actually left this one out as the new client isn't present, yet, but is definitely a question for sure.
  5. ....Were you watching the same stream I was hosting? No, only items from the marketplace are confirmed to transfer over at best. And most likely from account history, not from trading.
  6. I agree with electing a community voice. Since the game is PVP and PVE have a representative for both. So three, Matt and PVP and PVE community elected guests. I wouldn't be against this, but the idea is simply to cover questions concerning the community as a whole. Not PVP and PVE segregation, the only level headed PVEers I've seen as of late would be Crood, Sang, and Luka from Hazmat. And a breakdown in communication leads to lose of time for said Q&A. Most questions related to one another, be sure to ask anyways so it can be covered.
  7. Implying the previous staff listened when told their changes were bad or more testing was needed as every project thus far was released prematurely But we'll see at the Q&A @dracio A productive list, some overlap others but +1
  8. PayPal works fine as did mastercard
  9. Probably because they were used to nothing getting responded to with the last staff, we have APB peeps here all the time lol
  10. I don't believe there is a limit of 99y, just stops displaying beyond 9/99/99/99 A solid option until they maybe consider a new client would be allowing you to store it via an NPC which will tell you the amount of chips it has in "storage" until then.
  11. Eh they're doing better than the last team on information, but the last team left them a lot of bullshoot to fix.
  12. Well ya if you considered regen I'd probably say something like dropping 1 stamina from dex but pulling regen from both Coord/Dex. Still unsure what to do with willpower, it's just in a bad place. Maybe if it didn't cost 5 AP per I could understand it, but 155 AP to unlock a "capstone" of sorts seems a bit steep before investing into that mutation itself. I do it personally, but it definitely isn't 100% of the time. Regeneration has been an issue with the addition of AP weapons, was more of a semi-counter to current regeneration rates. Another option would simply be raising it to 10 seconds rather than 6 with no change besides maybe Health Regeneration also being effected by 50% while moving like Gamma/Stamina. Probably something that's possible... or at least the level tier option at the very least. Saves are in a pretty ugly spot since they aren't consistent across the board. And if that was the case that would give melee a disgusting advantage, well besides the 7m range.
  13. I was rounding up for dramatic effect haha, but indeed. But .3 regen "could" but nice, but if we consider it at 50/50 rather than 75/25 we lead to a stat which is still subpar and requires more investment. This would mean to reach the 156 tiers of mutations you'd need 82 into it's main stat and willpower. That's pretty expensive all things considered. So passively regeneration would increase by 19.5 which is pretty insane actually. Even at .2 regen it would be 13 (not as insane but still basically half a consume), which would only benefit non-mutation and non-crafters more than anything else. It's a nice idea tho, but at least with stamina under perception and gamma under charisma it would simply be a minor resource boost. I'd even go as far is say drop dexterity to 2 stamina so it's 2/2/2 to lessen the increase. I don't disagree on the fact regen working 100% (for gamma and stamina) while moving could be "OP" in a sense. Currently you'd need two ticks while moving to get your full regeneration, however in it's current state you can actually gain a second "full" tick if you time that tick properly. Basically it would nerf over-sustain from being allowed to be stationary while also removing a odd mechanic which only hits 2/3rd's of regeneration types. I don't disagree with the save suggestion, but does that mean saves stay in or simply that weaker effects would be immune/50%/25%/0% resisted based on tier? Since in most cases the two most common save resistance types is reflex/mind (body somewhat when using VFC) As for melee, I'd have to test to confirm it again, however to my knowledge all weapons deal 80% of their damage to arms/legs, 100% to torso, and 130% to headshots.
  14. To kinda explain these.. Nerfs regen which currently is high but also kinda removes the idea that standing still during ticks (harder for anyone who lags) has a huge advantage. Makes all damage sources more consistconsistet as well as application of effects. The change to perception is to boost it's overall viability as a stat choice. But due to the stamina increase charisma also got boosted so all stats have a total of 7 between each resource type. Willpower of course is to remove a pointless stat in the current state of the game which has been for almost a decade. My weapon thread covers the range nerf suggestion which will keep pistols from getting out of line compared to melee after it loses it's intense range.
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