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  1. Hate is such a strong word, but I'll be sure to send you to the cloner if I have to
  2. +1 Tho still hoping to avoid duped nonsense returning from clearly exploit flooded vaults....
  3. the moderators have been posting what has been posted on Twitter and otherwise.
  4. If you watched the Q&A it's a clean cut response on that topic. They will try to keep a legacy server, if possible, but for a relaunch there will be a server with no previous character data besides certain items (retired events and G1C related). And just because it didn't effect some players, doesn't mean it doesn't hurt the game. Lag/crashes, economy, and even duped G1C items which should've cost money that they lost in potential profits.
  5. G1 wanted to get rid of APB and FE, it was a package deal. Speaking about someone being illogical yet not having any of your own on this matter.
  6. I believe what they are requesting is a quest tracker, for example Black Desert Online has the ability to open up the line of quest that you would need to finish that particular city/story. This is definitely not a bad suggestion, I think the easiest way to do it is somehow if they could have it so when you hover over a town on the map that it would State how much AP is available in that town. That being said though, they would have to make a separate one for each specific faction AP mission. Even then those missions should be giving considerably more AP, as should rally races.
  7. Implying they didn't shut it down due to numerous issues and man hours spent managing a game that was profiting.... Lol It is 100% about funding, if FE paid the bills they would've left it up. Too many freeloaders and too many issues to fix on the previous client.
  8. Unofficial FE discord already has it posted as does LO discord.
  9. Speaking of people spreading garbage, last I checked the Q&A is still uploaded to youtube. Which clearly states a strong possibility of character data being wiped. That being said they considered the option of allowing a legacy server which may keep characters but will not transfer to the new one. Tho from a marketing standpoint, it makes zero sense to keep old days that is already compromised, let alone split the population because people will be upset at characters being lost. While it's not an official statement, for or against, chances are your character(s) will be gone if the game relaunches to promote the health of a reboot. And cosmetic?..... Every type of item was duped at some point or another. The economy has felt the wraith of multiple chip exploits or improperly sell prices of particular items. A couple dozen rerolled characters that were leveled with duped items via crafting. They will do what they can to soften the blow, but for a relaunch I almost guarantee it'll wipe.
  10. This.... Money is incentive to want to finish a project. If FE made more profit originally it would've been first in line.
  11. I mean beyond the prediction engine, hundreds of clientside errors that were conditional to each user.... It was ok.
  12. I'd pay for 5 years (commander) if they wipe it, without looking back either. Not to mention I'd grab wardrobe, badland rider, commander's kit, vault/inventory space modifiers, and probably some dye kits. After that everything else is subjective as I can't remember what else I'd snag off the market.... Definitely a sandworm pet even if it was 50$ lol Also... Is the idea the servers coming back up or is it one of your previous posts?
  13. I mean all my builds are medic builds... besides my troll sniper haha And we ran crossbows to troll after Akee claimed "Shotguns OP" before charge shots were nerfed, New and Improved Sparky could hit like a dumptruck on a critical charge shot. Weapon : 107 Pierce + 64 electrical +149 pierce = 320 + 10%(+/- which gains or loses) = possible 352 + 50% (critical) = 528 and that's before power's insane scaling before + armor cuts.
  14. Not possible unless you were using an xbow, 165 HW only, or no power/precision shotgun. Unless it was my HP regen build >_>
  15. 3.2 would've worked, if they kept ontop of things... yet another project pushes aside for something else. And ya, Nuba sent in reports of "dupers" that he would purposefully send duped items to try to report them. Sad thing is, it worked. Trash support was trash. I solo'ed everything in Outpost... besides the Unknown boss and Outpost itself. But yes, quests were known to "insta-kill" as you'd get 6+ enemies spawning in at once doing heavy damage. It was pretty poor planning. The only thing that went well was the Combat System.
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