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  1. Ban Hammer is a pretty common term, I was just wondering who the trolls were in that context. It would've been funny if he meant me, but I figured asking first would be a good gesture in this situation. Also, whaddaya know, the exact thing I called in this thread is now happening, how ever so peculiar. Wonder what factors could've made for such a wild coincidinc that matched my totally entirely unbacked assumptions.
  2. Emily, you seemed like a good sport so far, so I don't really wanna be a banana to you in particular, but honestly, your own ToS is so nebulous that it would allow the company to ban the fucking game itself for breach of conduct. What kind of actions can be classified as abuse in a system that officially states to the player that "We can do literally whatever we feel like doing"? I'm willing to believe that you were just trying to be nice with that post, but like, do we have to pretend that none of us knows what we're talking about here? In the end, we're just having a bit of harmless gossip, leaving us to our meanigless ramblings is the frendliest and most productive thing to do here unless you want our input to be gone from the platform altogether.
  3. While I don't personally support gear/level treadmills as a progression choise (as indicated above), faction-tinkered S3/GT armor models sound great, assuming that LO can make GT look like, you know, not shite, if they even want to keep it in the reboot that is (whole Outpost and everything in it besides craftable Chooper and those robots should be nuked from (little) orbit to be honest, but that's a different topic). I only wish that it's either cosmetic purely, or if there are significant stat differences between faction variants - to make it reasonably possible to obtain armor versions of the factions you're not friends with, because I swear to god, if in the reboot I'll for example be forced to make my Tech character join CHUTU because I wanted a battlemage build and they are the only ones with armor that can make melee+thermal viable, I'm gonna have a fucking stroke. Current faction armor does have different stats, but I'm not bothered by it because lol lmao faction armor in two thousand current year ecks dee bottom text.
  4. It's hard to recognize sarcastic tone through text sometimes, so I'm not sure if you're being serious with this kneeslapper of yours or not.
  5. Off to a great start I see. Can't think of a single "big" figure in the playerbase that would apply for the position and one that I wouldn't consider too petty and childish to be occupying it. Can't wait to come back to the game and be greeted with a fanfare of ear-piercing shrieks in the chat emanating from a gaggle of feral internet janitors whose behavior would make even Tiggs blush.
  6. I know the reboot/remaster/reimaginning/reincarnation/rediscombobulator isn't even on the horizon yet, but I'd like to make these suggestions in advance in case they might become unfeasible in later stages of development due to engine groundwork layed out earlier. So here goes: Make blacklist/ignore feature account-wide. If I blocked someone - I don't see why I would wanna listen to their jabbering when they log in with their alt, and I think it's safe to assume those who blocked me would feel the same way. I'd be very grateful to not have to worry about either accidentally block-evading or publically announcing that "This is indeed my alt and whoever blocked my main should do the same thing to this one". Mount/vehicle wardrobe. Currently, whenever there is a new paintjob for an existing vehicle model - it gets introduced as a completely separate vehicle. This is kind of a problem in a game where the same vehicle model can have wildly different stats depending on how it was obtained. The best example of this I can think of is Vandal cars (Fastback/Hatchback/Tonneau). "True" Vandals are like the best cars in the game stat-wise, but they don't have any paint patterns, just one monotonous color channel. Meanwhile there are also "fake" Vandals that sport various patterns (camo, striped) but have generic Interceptor stats, making them inferior to their progenitors. It's weird and clunky and cluttering, I think it'd be wonderful if we could just use those cosmetic alt vehicles as skins for existing ones, allowing us to have both cosmetic and mechanical freedom. Speaking of cosmetic and mechanical... Wardrobe slots for weapons. Our weapon types are relatively standardized, so I wonder if it would be possible to separate them into categories (ARs, Snipers, Carbines, 1h melee, 2h melee, sawnoffs, 1h pistols, etc) and introduce the ability to swap weapon models for further visual variety? If this isn't feasible, then can we at the very least get more endgame weapons of the "same stats, different model" kind, like Dome/DT? Anything to deliver melee players from the tyranny of neon dildos. Please..? Bring back the ability to wear different individual armor pieces in paired armor slots (shoulders/arms/gloves/thighs/boots). At least for the wardrobe. I was told that all the way back in pre-G1 days people could wear mismatched gloves and boots and whatnot. It would be great to be able to do that again for cosmetic purposes, like for example having assymetrical shoulders, or an insignia on one arm, or even some kind of gladiator cosplay with just one arm being armored. Good opportunity for more cosmetics as well. Possibly a way for us to splurge on a consumable that allows us to completely change our clones physical appearance? I've never seen anything like that in the marketplace, and it's like a prime monetization opportunity, so I figure G1 didn't add it due to engine limits. If you may, could you see if that's possible? Would also allow for an opportunity to add more hairstyles and faces and piercings and tattoos post-lauch, possibly as a monetized feature. And lastly for now, just as a personal bit of advise - I'd like to recommend that you lads and lasses decide on what you want your endgame progression to look like in the longterm and adjust your current build system accordingly. Personally I'd highly prefer horizontal progression (new patch -> new gear, new skills, new vehicles, not objectively superior to your old ones, but will open up more playstyles and variety), and it would allow for the AP system to remain as it is currently. However if you want vertical progression (new patch -> level cap raised) - I'd highly recommend rethinking the current AP system, lest everyone eventually becomes a master of everything with a homogenized build.
  7. Dear lord, did they recruit more players into GMs recently? Tell me it ain't so.
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