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  1. ah yes final contacts 20 missions win or lose for 1 rank on premium only takes 20 weeks of pain to level up a full contact and you have to do that what four times?
  2. clearly you do not know about the power of the SHAWcopter in asylum
  3. hey look we found one of the few people that understand making rocks and metal do what we want them to by typing in complex words we made up to commutate with each other is hard word becuase the magic rock and metal machine does not care for our advance nature and will do anything in its power to make us angry
  4. when ever i pull out the NF-9
  5. memes memes there good for your soul can anyone explain to me why google chrome has gone to shit in the last 2 months i was gonna post a funny picture but it refuses to open a new tab without crashing
  6. cowhorseman


    your welcome dude
  7. cowhorseman


    well sorry man they give no clue or update on codes so it's a wheel of if it works or not
  8. cowhorseman


    i think uwotm8 or what ever it was still works
  9. i just stopped worrying about leveling contacts after the first max rank now i just kinda see what the game gives me havent seen a waterfront open in like a month
  10. bound a button to unequip weapon press when happen keep playing like normal
  11. now your cooking with gas. i think we should be allowed to play in any map and pledge to any contact, but to encourge you to play other maps you would only get half xp when your pledge to a contact in a differnt map set I.E pledging to shift while in water front gives only 50 points instead of 100 and so on
  12. i was thinking map rotation with like 6 maps total for missions and 4 for fight clubs that are random per week
  13. i'm to lazy to read and understand all of the text here. but apb isnt made to run on newer hardware i think it has the same issues as fallout 3 and new vegas were there meant for 32 system and parts so 64 bits cuases more lag and stutters then an increase keep that in mind before you balls to the walls and blow up your fancy pc for this game
  14. i want more maps waterfront is patootie and fin is old and boring i can basically tell were my opp will come from half the time or know which cheese spot there going to run to
  15. the sort of kill cam we got doesnt help it wont be much but a little gos along way. going to take more then a kill cam to make me want to play this again
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