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  1. tap fire that shit with imp rifles 3 or heavy barrel 1.
  2. event is suppose to go to the 9th but they could change there mind anytime seeing how much of a cesspit this game has fallen into
  3. oh boy i want to run around burnside and spiderhill for 1-5 hours collecting more books for a stupid hat. how about both. certain items from shops like clothes and certian mounts. and some as a daily quest reward ranging from common to very rare. in a choice of 3. so you can items like bootsers dyes and even higher ones like key rings certain mounts or pets that way we all win in a way
  4. van blocking spawn dumptrucking through people putting the mission item in a very hard to get spot. clipping the vip out of the map. we also go clipping the item out of the map. car surfing lmg/osmaw on truck mission. and many many more
  5. what do you expect for a dead game that is basically backed by a few small groups of people who are self centered about only push for there goals. if you expect them to be cuddley and friendly to you you got better luck hugging a catus butt naked and not getting poked
  6. fools you will never win as long as do not ban me from the fourms!
  7. you said 15, but s2 needs 25 mass
  8. cowhorseman

    spooky event

    apb got halloween were the fuck is our spooky event
  9. it was more of a swiss army knife. used it to ban mute kick or kill anyone. for any reason at any time. Mostly if she just didn't like you and/or was in a bad mood
  10. your a crafter...craft you know tonneus for free 100 slots and the barter-sector for more vault slots. you don't need all mats on you, you can split now and a tank crafter is easy just need cali around 174 which leads to 171 emp and good heals fact you can make a dome tank 1-9 crafter or the 1-10 medic as i said. which has 190 socail which means alot more chips when selling to the shops
  11. sweet jesus that build is awful In all my years of making and playing i never seen a build that was that thick in core stats you can minus 2 from perc all skills end at 195 Hell make it a dome 1-10 healer
  12. issue is how are they going to make this dated birthday turd look like fun
  13. your build confuses me greatly young buck
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