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  1. only names i can ever remeber here are zolerax magicskinflute robotskinflute and datpaper most people are just overly agressive man childern
  2. email address and g1 password or reset your steam account
  3. post random crap here like what ever you want i need something more entertaining then trying to play this game heres one to start when you need biochem for gunpowder
  4. There is a support team. and if you have any issues they will tell you to fuck off and/or threaten a ban. does it matter what you need help with? lol nope!
  5. do what ever you want. the only pvp you will get is whiney RFDC enfos in s2 or people playing (sometimes) ctf at 55.
  6. dajsdlkasdjsa;dlkjawolid;jaslkdnamlkwjdaolsd cornflakes
  7. https://thanata.com/planner/#370000414141414141414101010101010101010101010101828201010101010101010101 start there nothing has changed excluding no more shops and no more reward merchants
  8. ooo 2k in apb. thats enough money to buy your char a new set of panties that look semi fugly until you decorate them
  9. well fallen earth sat in one build for like 3 years until LO came around. now it's been sitting around for 3 more years. i think 3 is the magic number with LO
  10. ram raiding around enfo spawns to try and get into a mission for fun
  11. If i won 15 million the last thing i would do is revive APB. it's like bringing back a methhead
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