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  1. it's been like 5 years and your offering a market no one can get too. don't you think we should change it up? you know something that says reboot or "this is what the game looks like now" something better then deadfall because it's the ugliest sector aside from s1
  2. i got an easy fix. now read real close stop playing and unistall. there no more unfair matchs 100%
  3. oh god marry as a gm. "fuck you your mute because fuck you that's why" to any player any second she would be fun as a gm
  4. think someone jacked the data base and we got a password reset boogaloo part 2?
  5. i use steam and got a error for that. couldnt read it it was too fast. something like "Error authenticating through steam" or i need to use steam or maybe steam was the issue
  6. seems each it's "what will break the game today? SPIN. THE. WHEEL." and followed by the prices right tune i love it non sarcastically because i rather deal with this then a new game or something that came out around 3ish years ago with it's broken patootie A.I somehow worst then FEs and terrible game play
  7. did you know that if you duct tape hotdogs to a your face and run around public screaming "im the hotdog man" and preventing crim and what not you would not be label a hero, but mentally insane and locked up
  8. your fourm account should be the same as your in game account. you will have none of your old stuff so it will be a fresh start if that doesnt work good luck with support, they try to not help you as much as they can
  9. you already ruined the end game market place. you would ruin players being gms too instead vote for me, unlike hooli i wont ruin the prices and everyone gets a free kitten
  10. well the behind you issue could be fixed by making it so that the heir isnt relying on where it is on screen in other words if your facing a target but where the weapons are facing. if i understood how this game handle it's projectiles when fired from a gun or how ther spawned in that help come up with a better idea, and melee i would assume to just make it so it counts not on the heir, but when the hit box makes contact
  11. jesus your faced. had the forums open ready to post because your spidey sense was tingling?
  12. if we are going to include the camera lets not forget bigger toons over 100 on scale can have the camera clip into a wall or object more often the toons under 100. for what ever ungodly reason you hit where you cross heir is. sounds odd right? well if your camera clips though lets say a vent you hit the inside of the vent because that is were your heir is meaning you can corner people in pvp and win due to there 3rd person camera clipping inside something or around something and them shooting behind them
  13. lets not forget about how melee is touchy when it lands. it says a max range of 1m but i can hit up to 10 at times or be point blank and miss five but see effects for hiting people. which in turn makes pvp combat more favored to shotguns or pistols as you can see projectiles coming out of the guns
  14. that fat homeless silly person owns me a new front door after what he did. and he knows whats coming to him if he doesnt get it to me by the end of of the year. you got five FIVE days you jolly fuck
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