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  1. so instead of a wipe why not a lock for high level toons. like 45-55 so that way new players can come in and get to 55 instead and start with items, or a level increase with that lock so new players can come in get to the new level first and make the items first. once said market is set we can unlock high levels and get to it last. you know like new sector and what not. also don't tell me about alts going past this and etc i know people will do that, but then again im expecting to be told to fuck off like normal so you know what ever
  2. cowhorseman

    look im just wondering but

    how do you plan to make a wipe work. while keeping player base up. some people have items that are rare, or basicly stuck to there toon, and those of us who have made many many level 55 and other gear. i want to know also about names. becuase some people will steal anthor players toon name to piss them off or just becuase they want it. all i need to know is how they plan on making all this "server wipe" bs work while kepping it's older player base like me around.
  3. cowhorseman

    look im just wondering but

    how in the god dam do you people plan to make a rest of the whole server and our toons work. like seroiusly how in the hell would that fuction with anything on here. from level 1s with nothing to alpha players with 600 billion items. how in the name of jesus will it work. explain to me becuase i ahve not wasted 5k hours of my life here to have it gone becuase some kiddies can't handle leveling alts or crafting or doing any work by themselfs