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  1. whats that look for? you like blue cheese don't you... DON'T YOU?
  2. like i have said before spam nades opgl osmaw what ever explodes. i've gotten atleast 20 of them by doing that becuase i can find the little bastards
  3. i bet your the kind of person that eats ketchup and steak. well done steak at that
  4. cowhorseman

    Pop shooting

    i;m thinking of duck shooters now. you know those idoits that corch lean shoot you every time you see them thats really annoying because that would make you stupidly inaccurate with a gun but here they can hit you like your a monster truck
  5. if you got an opgl spam it across the whole area in every spot high and low. thats worked for me each year
  6. i'm so use to playing this that i still click the icon on my desk to play it. and still upsets me when it tells me it can conntect to servers. my brain can't seem to fingure out i can't play this becuase 6 years of doing it almost daily
  7. i just want to point out becuase it's bugging me but when amayii spells her name @mayii it's atmayii which is a differnt name so how am i suppose to know if it's atmyaii like anime or amayii like a-may
  8. main issue i have is what ever faction i am. lets same crims it's a 20v12 were gonna lose so i'm milling around, and for what ever god for sake reason while i'm doing this there will always be one (normally a hacker or tryhard) there. and the item can be down to the south car/ammo supplies and i question why the fuck there up at the north end waiting for someone when clearly the action is in the south half of the building
  9. i can handle the ptsd ear ringing effect of nade spam/rocket spam. it's the corner camping twat waffles outside with a sniper rifle fuckers i hate. seriously it's annoying when your across the map and some twat waffle snipers you twice while running across the court yards because there's no cover or very little
  10. why opgl and osmaw? you got golden osmaw in joker store and the EOL/ AAEPD for rent in joker aswell. i understand there like shit tier versions of those two but that's because you can get that at rank 9 and giving a rank 9 a opgl is like mixing fire and gas and being surprised something bad happened
  11. you do know you get a perma gun from finishing the tutorial right and it gives a bit of choice for said gun. i know it isn't a 3 slot or something fancy but you really do not need mods to get kills. and if ou gave anyone free gun of any kind that was perma. well there would be issues. like in example if they got jt guns lets say a ursus or AAEPD which you can trade that would flood the market with guns. or if you got guns that are super broken the game would be flooded with said guns to a point no one would want to play. being that accounts are free and infinite you could also pump out tradable guns like Chinese factory which kills the value of all guns. so this is a bad idea
  12. they can if you believe hard enough
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