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  1. I mean. through methods that would 110% get me banned you can make the models nude under certain condions. Only thing special is that girls have nipples becuase there just a smaller male model. Other then that it looks like a barbie down there
  2. The fact the site is filled with creeps A-Z and people wanting to sell you stuff that may or may not be illegal, or sending you wierd shit.
  3. no no mack. they expect you to get the app the cool kids are using becuase it's the kewl thing to do. because everyone these days spends 99.99% of there waking hours talking to random people across the internet
  4. And still complain that the game is to hard? yes them.
  5. oh boy i can't wait for apb steamers to tell that this game is sponsored by RAID SHADOW LEGENDS
  6. There fix was making it like every other online pvp game. sit n wait and wait and they hope you buy something off the market while waiting. Still think tf2 has the fastest match times to this day.
  7. They got a team. it conset of 4 people from linkedin who are 100% real people and not AI made to look real On a serious note. trying to find anything about LO is quite the pain, and half the time the info changes, but it does not seem many are employed there, nor do they have favorable reviews
  8. Buy packs or don't buy anything. whole game is p2w even if you loudly say it isn't all the good stuff is behind a paywall
  9. Could que special missions for those. i don't think a 3 rounder would be fun 40-40. would need something like 8-20 rounds That would let the chaos rain
  10. I also love it when the person with 1 or zero kills keeps trying to kick the person carrying the match.
  11. Don't forget the many MANY times you get a 1v1 or 2v2 with the 10 round mission. which becomes ipossible if one side is way better then the other, Or if both are balanced it just become a big run around for the items with it coming to a stale mate in the end. Or how often it comes down to a 2v2 one afks on yours or the opposing team and well, you got to decide to be nice or just camp them for points i want to see a district with every one on a single team doing one mission at a time. Image the ten rounder on a 40 v 40.
  12. so you too enjoy randos bitching your not pulling your weight. despite them doing 0-15 while your going 5-7
  13. I mean your first hint is the never ending nerfs for any guns. Feels like "oh people use this now? shame if it suddenly became useless!''
  14. Matt has played before. i have seen him on excatly twice in APB and once in fallen earth. now comparing that to a normal player well. um it isn't alot of course i can't say for personal account(s) as i do know devs/gms have personal account(s) to play normally not get bothered and so on so forth
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