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  1. can we just remove this? it's fully pointless adds nothing to the game and only pisses people off. why tell someone "oh guess what you can't move in combat" let me heal or try to save my self from dying i would understand if this was 100% constant with each setting but its random. some times i have 50 hp and it happens maybe 100 maybe 10 or 1 or any number between 1-150 and that is a maybe which is annoying and what is agitating is when this triggers in pvp when your both at 5% left and you know you can kill him and the game gos ahead and fucks you over by saying your worm food and disallowing you to heal fight or move so for godsake remove this pointless and aggravating feature it adds nothing but frustration to the game
  2. if you ever get attacked by a giant tortoise follow the man with the clubbed foot to safety
  3. no theres a mixed talk of yes the market will be back and no the market will not be back, but items will be vendored via npcs
  4. you guy's don't seem to understand this game has driven him so batshit insane he thinks it's the messiah and he is his messenger
  5. i think it should be swapped so that it gives like .25% to each save stat. not that saves do alot in pvp or pve, even with some toons i got that have something like 30-40% save in one slot (including bar buff and what not) i rarely see it work
  6. well game was acting funny. i guess this is unplanned maintenance mode
  7. it's about skill not armor and gear. i've been killed by people using snipershots in 10-19 and killed people in the same range with the same gun
  8. if your having issues with s1 bosses (even more so for south s1) you need to learn the art of cheesing this games awful AI. argus is a good example of this. he might be the end of the line master boss for s1, but super easy to solo by cheesing
  9. being popular in apb is like being king turd of sewage mountain
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