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  1. i put a stop watch on to see how long the game takes to balance out the fps after loading. you know all the textures and the a-z's. that was about 30 mins for it to finally settle on about 60-100 fps. i say it like that because it freezes for no reason and drops about 40-60 fps for 1-5 seconds. only game i have that does this for no reason.
  2. pve? you do know what pve is it yes. do you see me like in fallen earth shooting npcs that are human animal or something inbetween during gameplay? the answer is no the most pve you get is mugging are guns FUBARed? yes they are and why would you use iron sights in a cqc fight this isnt no COD quick scoping tbagging fest your here to kill and kill quick so just SHAWcopter the shit out of your foe. being honest if we want to balance guns we would have to rework all of them at once on a new system like projectiles as of right now they use hitscan which means "who lags wins" in most cases thats the fuckers from brazil because lets face it if you lived 1000+ miles from the us you would lag too and it makes an issue for those of us that do play in the usa or we can remove guns and go all medieval on each other, that would be fun
  3. cowhorseman

    Weapon balance

    how to blaance guns step 1 remove all guns step 2 add knifes step 3 ????????? step 4 profit step 5 MONKEY KNIFE FIGHT
  4. cowhorseman

    Raid Bosses

    only thing you can lower is particles, and if you put it at zero the game crashes
  5. cowhorseman

    Raid Bosses

    just remove them there useless
  6. you know theres enough people playing this game to fill a small house and basing it on your threat level is going to allow like 3 people to play at a time
  7. cowhorseman

    Raid Bosses

    wait the npcs that drive around and walk infront of me while i'm shooting are a reason the game runs like shit. how much code did they write to make them so shit? do yandre dev write it?
  8. i figured it out guys. the best weapon in all of apb reloaded and the only set up you ever EVER will need is the Norseman hoenir with hunting sight 3 ext mag 3 AND mobile sling and slap a harbinger r2 and some eight balls and BOOM no one will ever top you in any pvp again. this is 100% legit you can trust me i WOULD never EVER do anything to manipulate or confuse or lie to or any of that stuff on anyone, like a Politian.
  9. yea i go for this. i hate getting the same premade of 3 5 times in a row i can't even score a single kill on
  10. what if the real weapon meta is how much we enjoy using certain guns and that makes the meta what we love to use.
  11. your just going to have to wait and hope to god there awful support decides to help you. the reason you have to change your password is some sort of info leak or something along those lines happen and alot of peoples accounts were being hacked.
  12. image thinking someone asking a question is being toxic. if you want me to be i can be you fucking twat waffle.
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