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  1. atac nssw fucking shitlord guns that have such a high fire rate on them that they don't seem to miss plus lag my game to all hell so i can't fight back. and the hvr(s)/dog ear. i use them i miss most of my shots even with no bloom dead on target, but i go agaisnt anyone else it's all shots landed in .2 seconds fuck that shit
  2. YES YES I WANT A PMG THAT CAN FIRE WITH THE RANGE OF AN HVR THE POWER OF AN HVR AND THE FIRE RATE OF SHAW IM SO GLAD YOU CAN READ MY MIND! no seiously im saying stop nerfing all the god dam gusn that dont need it and leaving the ones that need it alone, and nades should kill players quicker not cars. im tired of using 2 mags of ammo most hitting and two frags and dying to an fbw
  3. So that means if we the players vote for this after release there COULD be a chance. becuase i think this system is cool + rpers can make more of there players
  4. can we for the love of sweet jesus stop fucking nerfing everything. keep it up and were gonna be fighting each other with hello kitty pool noodles and water balloons. where are the buffs at? all i see is nerf nerf nerf the grenades feel like shit buff them for god sake it should not take 3-4 nades to kill every thing THERE FUCKING BOMBS OF DEATH THAT SPEW SHARP METAL AND SHOCK WAVES
  5. can't handle a little hate, and yet you play apb were fuck and pleasant fellow are verbs
  6. what does it matter you go to silver disc you get your face kicked in by really good people or hackers. if you go to bronze you end up gold even if your not becuase the match making thinks "hey 4 silvers +1 gold is equal to 5 t's" which it isnt
  7. Just curious to ask. but will there be a chance of going back to the old armor system in this engine. Were its one per each arm hand leg for gloves thigh upper/lower forearms and shoulders. I only ask becuase it seems you can work more freely in unity and what ever else this is i can do any sort of coding or modeling
  8. Being a tryhard isnt funny. do something like stacking 4 dump trucks and drivign around or shooting cars half way across the map. maybe jokes maybe make a funny spray or theme. idk but watching you go hard isnt funny in any given way
  9. You can do fine with acc guns and in most cases they out rank most jmb guns (the ones from ann) becuase there 1-2 slots and have a prefix mod. aswell as most of them have been nefed itno the floor due to them being broken or there just not worth your time like EOL series and haz and firework gun becuase you can just buy that perma without spending a shit ton of tickets. (talking about flare gun from wild.
  10. Do you think LO steps off there high horse dev/gm accounts to play with us as normal. to see and feel what we do to understand why theres only two servers full (if were lucky) at all times despite there being east/west for each district and about 3 at that. i have a feeling they do not, but im not going to sit here and complain about powers i could never hope to see in my life just a thought one out loud maybe out of my place even
  11. Happen to me all my chars have -1 hour
  12. Maybe you can get rid of the certain fucks who crash my game when i get to close to them. Yes i know there cheating becuase i notice a pattern. 1 the person kills me each time no matter what gun i use. 2 if i figure out a way to cheese them and start killing them they will run to me in sight or not when they get close to me my game locks up and crashs. idk if im the only one maybe i got soemthing wrong with this toaster of a pc i own
  13. they have a discord try linking this on there. idk what it is, and i dought they will let me in becuase *gasp* i'm friends with marry shipp. and lord forbid anyone be nice to me becuase of that
  14. I've only seen atleast 1 legit cheater. it was an enfo of name i can not say or spell, but any time i would spawn in he would stun me right off the bat before my screem could load, and if i got luck and try to fight him he would littery fly up into the air and kill me in .3 seconds. in other words take some time and watch people you can tell when there cheating and when there not. i know some times it seems like there walling or what not but you really have to take the time use to guns and understand them and the areas. like some players may not be cheating in fin or wf they know the map becuase they been around for 5-6 years and these maps have had zero change to them in that time, and the guns have had very few changes to make them handle differnt and people will learn to adjust to keep using that gun. or you can claim hacks pout tk and not play the mission and make everyone hate you. its up to you dude
  15. cowhorseman

    fight club

    you know fight club is kinda pointless now with the tickets being buyable and all that jazz. and i know you dont gotta point it out that not everyone buys things with irl cash, but you can get more tickets in 1 fday from mission disc now then a week for abbington or baylan so its kinda like whats the point of running around a crampped map of opgls snipers and oca/pmg/ogre(s) to get 150 (or like 200exrta for 1st) when i can get like 300 from playing silver disc fin or waterfront or what ever and level my contacts at the same time while not being stuck in a hallway with snipers and osmaws at both ends. no seriously abbington is hell with demoman players
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