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  1. hmm oke, nothing changes only that unite games can bring out a new Apb reloaded reloaded. as long little orbit finally gets the game moving, everything is fine.
  2. @MattScott can we get an update from the support system? There has been no update for 2 weeks
  3. I have never seen such beautiful outfits, really a pity that you have lost this beautiful outfits I see a lot Oblivion armor best game ever!
  4. not again senseless weapons changes I would be more happy if you fix all the bugs ... and do not always try to change anything. the other things sound interesting. I'm glad to try it when it comes for testing
  5. Hello @MattScott, the Radar Tower sometimes does not work. and then there is a problemm the opponents are just so spotted and you can see them on the minimap no matter where you go AND NO ITS NOT A BOOM BOX!!
  6. cool, that you as spct also criticize which is also a pity if you have a silver player in the team as a golden player that the gold player always immediately go out of the mission instead of playing with them...
  7. I just wanted to say that you have given someone a title that admits to play with macros :'D support ticket with evidence that bring nothing anyway, I have already sent them I think it's just funny that someone who obviously cheats is also rewarded
  8. I'm sorry for the people that I annoyed I've been fighting for half a year and I do not know so well with the whole afterburner thing. Thanks to all who have suggested the rivaltuner, so I finally have my 120 fps
  9. Alright, I'm trying it out, if I had not been upset I never knew the Afterburner would be good
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