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  1. TackoGirl

    Epidemic event is headache

    Psssstt ! I know how you feel, but we can not change it.
  2. TackoGirl

    ehh oke

    in apb there are a lot of weird things going on right now. One day i have the best fps in my life next day, a player drives past me and I get the fps drobs of death. had also had some 2 fights where the opponent and I could not hit us anymore we have shot at us but none has taken any damage. That's probably the hit regt thing, the problem everyone's talking about? idk today was definitely a shit apb day for me.
  3. TackoGirl

    Glowly Skins!

    I love the skins too man, just great! looks realy Toxic
  4. @MattScott Well, i play the Event on all my characters and i think the Event is great, it was very annoying at first, it was stuttering. but now I enjoy it, thanks for this funny idea and the event.
  5. Take a look at the Waterfront and Financial District, if they have not destroy the 300 purple pumpkins yet
  6. TackoGirl

    Servers Down

    Hopefully the Halloween event will not be disturbed by ddos...
  7. TackoGirl

    Community Discussion Topics

    okei and i was better with the shotguns befor the changes coming to live. now the shooting speed is too slow for me.
  8. TackoGirl

    Community Discussion Topics

    Thank you for your willingness to discuss the "problems" with us. I wish the First topic is: IR 3 changes, shotguns sucks as they are now. I find all changes okay and love new things except ir 3
  9. TackoGirl

    The Growth of GamersFirst

    then finally listen to half of the players who find the new mod "weapon" balance bad and find another solution. Or at least do a survey and listen to those who say that the new mod balance is not good ... apparently they read everything in the forums, can you take a position?
  10. TackoGirl

    Premium changes!

    Do not you have anything more important to do than that?