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  1. TackoGirl

    The Growth of GamersFirst

    then finally listen to half of the players who find the new mod "weapon" balance bad and find another solution. Or at least do a survey and listen to those who say that the new mod balance is not good ... apparently they read everything in the forums, can you take a position?
  2. TackoGirl

    Premium changes!

    Do not you have anything more important to do than that?
  3. exactly my opinion.
  4. U forgot, Sometimes when you get out of the car you fall into the ground. and Sometimes when you get out of the car you get out on the wrong side.
  5. TackoGirl

    [PC] Patch 1.19.7 (1023) discussion

    fix Mobile Radar Tower thing. fix the Servers. bring the old weapon balance back.
  6. I wish they would do it! that would make everything easier.
  7. Apb lost the Population becouse of the awesome Rifling mod and this bad servers. that changes killed the game finaly, this game is to old to change so big things. if you could jump and shoot with the ntec, you were the king. if you could jump and shoot with the HVR, you were the king. if you could shot with pistol and switch to HVR and kill the enemies, you were the king. Everyone could master these advantages, but still there were people who write to you and say what you are for a noob and you should let it. that made apb for me. only the old and good players can play like this. a silver which joined for 2 month apb cant play with an N-Tec like a pro. thats why i cant understand the stupid changes. thats like Cs:go AK and M4 and AWP are the best weapons but nobody cry like a baby "that weapons need a change, TO overporwered". g1c was never the problem it is the players who destroy this game again and again. if little orbit continues to listen to the players, the game is completely in front of the dogs. Apb is not a GTA, APB is APB. Apb does not need noob friendly weapons changes we need content and a lot of love.
  8. TackoGirl

    Moblie Radar no longer works

    I think Little Orbit will not have an easy time with the game, it's already so old. You really have to expect everything when you repair or insert something. and in the future Apb does not have it easy in the gaming industry and with the hype around fortnite, it's going to be hard to get people excited about a 8 year old game But I think all 600 to 900 players would be happy if the game does not always make problems.
  9. TackoGirl

    Moblie Radar no longer works

    funny is that I never had problem with it and suddenly they repair something and then it does not work anymore
  10. /title My mobile radar cant spot enemis.
  11. @MattScott looks awesome ! look like a new game.
  12. /title I still have the problem that I can not get my fps limit in the game back to 120 fps limit. not with Vsync ... not with my Monitor Nvida settings. not with Nvidia profile inspector.