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  1. TackoGirl

    Armas guns

    i have that Norsemen gun pack xD and i never play with this guns because idk... the guns are not bad but they are not good either ... the weapons need a buff
  2. they should hurry up, because I will soon get a new dog puppy and then i have no more money for APB :'D
  3. me questin is WHERE IS THE SHOWSTOPPER "THUNDER" ! i want to buy some boxes Little OOOOrbit
  4. with my cpu is all great, the only thing what i have to do is wait, matt say he fix it.
  5. i want a winchester... and a k98
  6. TackoGirl

    (GAME) 144 fps cap

    Yea, befor the patch with the new limit of 145 u can set your monitor to 120 hz and you got 120 fps limit ingame, you set your monitor to 100hz so u have ingame 100 fps limit. Thats why MattScott say that he need to fix that because u cant do it anymore.
  7. TackoGirl

    (GAME) 144 fps cap

    This is the exact issue we're looking into. ooohhh great ! thank you
  8. TackoGirl

    (GAME) 144 fps cap

    Why i can not set he limit back to 120 FPS ? I have my montior set to 120 but in the game 145 is still displayed .
  9. Okey thank you @CookiePuss i will try it
  10. my Pc work with 145 fps on empty servers yes. But not constant as before. And i cant change the FPS limit to 120 back. I change all settings on my pc to 120 hz but if i open ingame /fps then it stands there 145 FPS and my pc try on full servers to reach the 145 but this makes so much drops. and with my old 120 fps limit with /fps it works great...no fps drops.
  11. Tell me your pc datas, i can't believe it. :,D I still want my 120 fps back... this has worked for me fine.
  12. What is this for a program wtf xD
  13. for the shredder we ned a hotfix for all shotguns :,D
  14. You are welcome to post images with your settings, how you could keep your 120fps