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  1. Hello @MattScott, the Radar Tower sometimes does not work. and then there is a problemm the opponents are just so spotted and you can see them on the minimap no matter where you go AND NO ITS NOT A BOOM BOX!!
  2. cool, that you as spct also criticize which is also a pity if you have a silver player in the team as a golden player that the gold player always immediately go out of the mission instead of playing with them...
  3. I just wanted to say that you have given someone a title that admits to play with macros :'D support ticket with evidence that bring nothing anyway, I have already sent them I think it's just funny that someone who obviously cheats is also rewarded
  4. I'm sorry for the people that I annoyed I've been fighting for half a year and I do not know so well with the whole afterburner thing. Thanks to all who have suggested the rivaltuner, so I finally have my 120 fps
  5. Alright, I'm trying it out, if I had not been upset I never knew the Afterburner would be good
  6. Of course I can expect that that was still possible half a year ago! why do I have to download as a customer any program now if it was also possible before. And when Matt scott says he fixes it I rely on it
  7. no i have a monitor with 144hz (165hz) and if i put the vsync on the fps gets out of control that does not make it better. if I set in the invidia settings to 120hz changed nothing in the game. and as I said this problem needs to be fixed. If Matt scott says he fixes it then it will be a problem.
  8. i have no idea what that brings xD after the benchmark i see my fps and now ? :'D what i have to change now ? And which config you mean ?
  9. and how can i fix that or can that just fix LO
  10. do you see the fall to 90 fps? that's awful! that causes a huge freeze and i have this for years. I bought extra a new cpu but that did not change anything
  11. that is exactly what i have for half a year ! but i drop from 145 to 90 fps
  12. they were absolutely right that I could have done, but I relied on what Matt said. If someone says that he fixes it then I rely on it and then I like to wait before I try to solve the problem myself. half a year ago you could still easily set the limit, so I thought will be repaired quickly but they did not care.
  13. The end is not 120 With a Monitor with 144hz you will get 145 fps Sounds like your Monitor has only 120hz 120fps is best trust me xD with 145 you got only problems
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