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  1. ty. I don't think anyone cares anyway :'c
  2. It's time to enhance our gaming experience by implementing some much-needed changes. As discussed in another post, many players have expressed the desire for a central point in the crosshair. This feature would greatly benefit those utilizing Hunting Sight 3 and Reflex Sight 3, or even as a standalone modification. The addition of a central point to the crosshair, either through an update for existing sights or through the introduction of a new mod, would be a significant improvement for the game. This simple adjustment would not only enhance gameplay but also bring back a familiar aspect that many of us remember from earlier versions. It doesn't take much effort to implement it either. Let's rally together and urge the developers to consider this suggestion. Together, we can make our gaming experience even better.
  3. EAC is good enough and the Team has to do the rest in the background.
  4. Give me GM title and i ban them all, i stay 24/7 in the game :'D im 24/7 @ home on my Pc just to hold this game alive and hope they get the game Ready i play this game since i was 15 years old ... now i am 26... And i miss the game so damn hard... it was MY GAME during my childhood... *I pay over four thousand euros in this game.. becouse of the JokerBox *gamble* and it was worth it to me!
  5. voice chat in apb was the coolest thing. I remember i run with a high pitch voice through the Asylum fight club and had a lot of fun. many wrote to me and thought it was funny. but at some point the voice chat no longer worked
  6. I'm sure Little Orbit knows that nobody wants to play this game in that state (apart from the 400 people who are online every day). Little Orbit is simply too small, doesn't have enough money, too few employees. I was really confident after the takeover of Apb, but now you can see that Little Orbit is simply too weak... see u 2077 when the upgrade is out and new contacts are playable
  7. LO should really hurry up all my money that I put into Apb is flowing now in Black Desert. and this since 2 year i would hurry up you only have one chance, the game already had too many. TIME IS RUNNING TICK, TACK, TICK, TACK don't even want to know how much money you lose every day.
  8. Hop into the store before they go away! who the hell wants to buy an egg head for real money?
  9. who buys a Jocker box 23 in a dead game?
  10. you need longer ? 6 hours are over *edit* wups my bad for my country it starts on 10 am so i have to wait another 30 min
  11. hmm oke, nothing changes only that unite games can bring out a new Apb reloaded reloaded. as long little orbit finally gets the game moving, everything is fine.
  12. @MattScott can we get an update from the support system? There has been no update for 2 weeks
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