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  1. this is wank. lol almost 10 years old and people still post this bollox. there were 400 people working on APB in Dundee. You muppet.
  2. Seedy

    this post is only for the edgy bois

    ah shutterstock.. my favourites. seriously you can find anything.. i found a dead bird
  3. Guess whos back.. Alonzos back.. back again ..tell a friend. Good to see you back bud this post count from LAPDAIonzo makes me think this is a fake LAPDAIonzo He said he would never be back no matter wtf happens. If this is our hero back from his leave, then please for the sake of our sanity, sign in to your normal account and post here. or of course this is not LAPDAIonzo and we are all being faked in to thinking it is.. if this is fake well then you sir are a ball bag of the highest degree.
  4. Seedy

    This is why you lag.

    Ive not logged in for ages.. I am today though to tell you that this amount of cars is making no difference to your game. None at all. If there were like 30 cars on the screen, this would make a difference. the cars all follow a set path from point to point. They do this on your PC until such time as something outwith their control happens to them. Eg.. you crash in to them or another player crashes in to them, then they change on everyones screens. It is super unlikely that the server is constantly sending the positions for each car then lerping (look this up) from place to place. It is more likely that the car is set on a set path with a set set of parameters. As an example: server spawns car in garage server tells car where to go and what path to use to get there car starts its path and tells every client (you and me and everyone else) exactly when this is going to happen Occasional Vector3 sync (look this up) to make sure car is in same position for everyone (maybe ever second or so but could be longer I dont know exactly) car reaches destination (you see it going underground) car is moved to another garages position and reprogrammed to do new path (it is unlikly if the car is not damaged that the car is destroyed and re-instantiated (look this up) as this would cause overhead on everyones CPU or GPU depending on how they work; I dont know how APB is doing it) Side Case: car is stolen player takes control car is destroyed in some way or when a player gets out the car is destroyed after set time unless player re-enters or a new player enters car Side Case 2: car is hit by anything at all car stops car is stationary until its timer for being stationary runs out car is destroyed (cant be moved to garage as it has damage and so is not brand new) Side case 3: player pulls driver out of car player doesn't enter car so car is empty car timer for destroy is active car is destroyed again because it does not fit full criteria for being moved to garage and reused (has no driver) Also I seen a post saying something about cars in distance from player are destroyed. I dont think this is the case with APB. I think all cars are active on the server across the map even when no one can see them. The reason i think this is because the game is fully server based for pretty much everything and the overhead for removing and re-instantiating vehicles on a distance basis would be bigger than just letting the rendered object disappear and staying in track of the cars Vector3 position. One of the old devs told me years ago there is something like 400 AI in the game at any one time (cars and toons). If this was like the new GTA then there would be a shed load more stuff going on, on your screen as they use the local players position in comparison to the surrounding living world to determine what is around about them at all times (this is why you can walk up the street, go back, and not find the same people there). When two player get close to each other one player gets priority on whos stuff is shown the most but all the players game objects are mixed and shown to all players. This, I am 99% sure, is not the case with APB. If I am wrong with any of these points, please let me know.
  5. the fun times.. im in the same boat as you bud..
  6. bargain considering the recycled toilet paper prices! Ouch; scratchy!
  7. this is what I have been thinking for tooooo long.. This guy knows exactly what he is talking about.
  8. dont worry about the haters.. they will try to bring down anything that is doing well enough. I think your doing well. Why isn't Little Orbit listen to me? / Why is Little Orbit listening to people that don't know what they are talking about? Most people have no clue how to make games. They complain about physics, matchmaking and so on yet they have never debugged a single line of code or actually considered the maths behind such systems. Until they even have the simplest understanding of these things they need to just keep out of it. Their opinions just bread hatred for the people making the games from more people who have no clue. Everyone is a critic yet 99.99999% of people are faceless blowhards with no clue. Please critic, take your self out of your mothers basement and look up at the sky. There is someone out their who maybe will even like you. You dont have to be critical of every single thing. Little Orbit are doing well. I have faith in them.
  9. i think the code should be all handed over to the OP so he can fix it.. Seems like an expert from his post. Shouldnt take him too long.
  10. I will assume multi distance models were not made lol takes too much time to make them and no lore or ready made contacts lol .. i dont blame you I wouldnt do it either.. I have around 600 building models in my game and I got around 60 done in 3 different levels of detail. Didnt complete the rest! See video here for 1 level of detail and the pre release demo. My larger map (teriach island - around 1 mile by 1 mile) has 2 levels of details for allot of buildings, cars, walking and reactive AI in multiplayer. Will take another AGE to make get 3 levels of details for buildings with just me doing it. Midtown will never be made by LO or anyone else (no offence to the dreamer doing it or @MattScott but you know the script). Its a pipedream. LBA took me 4 years by my self to make a Multiplayer 3rd person shooter that actually worked. With no lore. APB took 4 years, 400 staff and $100,000,000 to make with backing from EA. Forget Midtown. Hey if you want to send me the models and your supposed layout Ill build them in to my game so you can at least run around and shoot each other. Will only take around 1 year to make the non box like coliders, The actual roads and get AI walking around the paths will take a further year maybe ?? If Midtown ever gets past your images with anything resembling APB, I will eat my own shoes and video it to prove i done it. Shit if you get Midtown to the level I got LBA, I will eat my own shoes.. never mind APB level!
  11. this gets my vote. "But we need to back off and let them fix the game barely anyone I see complaining here on the forums has a degree in game development/ business management/ etc but for some reason feel they know better than people who have those degrees. This is something as the players we must fix." this too much. I cant be arsed typing too much about this but I discuss this daily for other reasons than APB.
  12. Seedy

    Strife Sales

    until you do what exactly?
  13. you know what this is pretty much true.. APB is not for kids. Our game needs people with thick skins and allot of talent.
  14. ive not played for a few weeks now.. infact i think it might even be around 2 months. No point. People just constantly complain about crap all the time. I still watch the forums religiously every day though. Dont know why. Maybe waiting for something to happen. When LO came along I put a a couple of hundred £ in buying stuff.. then stopped playing again because of the shitgun.. sorry shotgun update. that was a real fuck up.. Maybe some day ill have enough money to buy out APB and I will revert back to RTW times games or what ever version they have saved that is closest to it. We can all hope.
  15. nice attempt.. All you need to do now is skin all the models (3 times over due to distance and detail changes) and make the game mechanics for it.. See you in say 5 years for your alpha preview if your quick