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  1. extender griefing is bullsh|t but running in to someone on the way past just for spite is satisfying.
  2. there is no other game where you can have this type of random fun. hence why are all still here.
  3. cool cheers for the answer. Can you close this thread now ? I think the question is answered. cheers
  4. When we get this phasing thing on the go and we are dragged in to game with people across districts, will there be other people there in separate missions? The reason I am asking about this is because, the whole feel and flow of APB is that there is always something going on around about you when your in the game. There could be 3 different battles going on for different things in the same area which makes APB the game it is and seriously enhances the excitement of the game play.
  5. I totally agree. I dont get why the company is pandering to people with PCs running shit OS and less than adequate hardware. My Spec. I run the game on Full EVERYTHING CPU: Intel i7 4790k Board: ASUSTeK Maximus VII RAnger RAM: 16gig DDr3 Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX680 GDDR5 4 Gig Connection: 100meg up, 30meg down (my PC was built in 2010)
  6. Just been on Twitch. Seen some streamers with crazy seriously bad graphics settings. One guys character and all AI and other players looked like they all had the same colour clothes on and his explosions were really low quality. It looks like most people streaming right now on Twitch are using this or similar settings. Plus no sign graphics were there and the buildings had 1 level of detail which was the lowest quality i have ever seen! Isnt this some kind of file mods and can be considered to be file hacking?
  7. i swear threads like this are just here for me to use up my likes
  8. yes you hit the nail on the head. I have noticed that LO are trying to kill off APB slowly. They have piled a shed load of money at a loss to the game so far to not only give us what we want but to bankrupt them selves in the process. Man Why didnt I see and implement this plan my self? This guy is genius. Please also spell check. You look like your stabbing at the keyboard with more frustration at every stroke. Stroke being the operative word.
  9. i never said he was the community manager. I said the only person from G1 who I had spoke to before was Tiggs.. Please read posts before downvoting etc.
  10. Thursday morning 9:50. Here is the EU population. Looks pretty decent considering its before 10am mid week.
  11. yea i know.. I bet your glad im here this is the funniest thing I think I have ever seen I, and many others were talking directly with MattScott at the weekend on Discord (think he was on and in conversation for about an hour or so). I never ever spoke with anyone from G1 prior to this directly except when TIGGS perma banned me from the forum for posting about GTA5s release on PC. Now that was a ban to remember!
  12. I like what LO have done because.. Fill the blanks.. Please keep it clean. Ill go first I like what LO have done to keep our game alive. I did think APB was going to its grave in the end of 2017 and you know what I thought it would be a good thing and I would remanice and be sorrowful but this crazy guy MattScott came along and seen what we could do with APB. yea he tried a couple of crazy shit things that we didnt like but hey now im sure as anything that he and his crew are ont he right track,. cheers Matt.. I for one appreciate it
  13. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand pointllllless See post above for info and recommendations.
  14. i have had them disabled for ever.. I have never faced this issue.
  15. this is pretty much exactly what I said 2 pages back but also do not allow new alts to enter the trainee districts even though that will start sub rank 40. This would discourage all dethreating and as everyone is in the same district, we could even bring back "a high ranked player has entered the district" in the UI as per RTW days. Then the Super Golds would have something to be proud of!
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