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  1. Kevkof

    'Drop item' key

    When you reinstalled the game, did you remove the folder fully as well? To make sure that all those files are gone?
  2. That all depends on the amount of extra rng that's introduced by that change. I can see skilled players adapting to that and it wouldn't affect them too much. I'm not saying there should be a lot more rng, but just a bit more to make it less optimal to fully auto, even at short range
  3. Would that be such a bad thing though?
  4. Kevkof

    Purchase problem, character slots

    I've checked on an account with 12 slots and 8 actual characters and another account with 4 slots and 4 actual characters. Both of those don't have this same issue. I bought a 3rd slot and made a character on yet another account, to replicate the exact circumstances: I didn't notice the same issue however, so my best guess would be to tell your friend to contact support in order to clear it up.
  5. Kevkof


    Just so everyone else that looks at this doesn't have to ask the same ... is something broken about it or is it just that it should be spelled Buckle? Edit: I forgot to look at the tag, but might be nice to have the correct spelling in the thread
  6. Kevkof

    Purchase problem, character slots

    How many character slots do you have at the moment and how many of those have an actual character on them?
  7. Kevkof

    AHK kick from Battleye

    You could check the registry for any other remaining 'pieces of data' from the autohotkey install. You could do this manually or just something like ccleaner to clean up those old registry entries
  8. that's the one I used to get the ingame values that fast
  9. Color codes in the in-game format: - Orange: 2,7,10 - Purple: 25,7,8 - Yellow: 6,7,8
  10. You can disable chat channels per chat tab. Press the home key to open the full chat and then in the tab you want (default will be the first one) hit the gear icon. You can set channels to show/not show there
  11. Kevkof

    Arresting doesnt appear on kill-feed

    One thing to note, if a player didn't die between arrests (he got freed by a teammate) the second arrest won't count, this was added a long time ago to prevent people abusing that to just farm the role up really quickly. I'm not saying this is a perfect way of doing it, just pointing out that it's a thing.
  12. Kevkof

    Can't create character

    There was an issue with the Citadel server around the time that you experienced this issue. I just tried creating a character on there and it worked without any issues. You should now be able to just make the character now.
  13. Kevkof

    APB DevBlog and RSS

    would it also be possible to make a small post on the old blog redirecting them to the new one? Perhaps someone might just check the blog once in a while, they wouldn't see the new updates.
  14. Was that ever brought to the live servers? I only recall having that as a test on OTW
  15. Yes and in 9 hours Wednesday will end in the timezone that the main office is in