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  1. No, it doesn't It doesn't tell us if you 1. Own the item itself on that specific character 2. Got it out of the mailbox
  2. I'm not sure of your specs, but if you're running 16GB it could just be that you're not hitting any other limits and it just takes what it can within its set limits.
  3. What did you honestly expect when they went to 64 bit (which finally allows them to use more than 4 GB)
  4. Just grab the full zip from one of these links and unpack it, that'll probably be a lot faster if your internet is okay. Might still get to try a few hours even
  5. Steam login has never worked on the test environments It's even in the known issues I think
  6. They can be in very tricky spots even very high up. The purples can be different from session to session so be careful not to skip any area's. There is a lot of the map that's part of Prentiss, did you check it all?
  7. They shouldn't, they have the launcher which downloads the files. I just know that sometimes the speeds can be a bit lacking so figured this could help out
  8. When is 9 AM UTC? ... Not for another 15 minutes
  9. Right click it and save target or open in a new tab. Those worked for me. If you don't think you'll make it in time, just use one of the links I posted before. Those links will give you a zipped copy of the entire game folder
  10. Kevkof

    Red Pumpkin Drama

    There are still guides up from last year, if they're still the same ones ofc
  11. Clicking it normally seems to fail for me as well, but right clicking and opening in a new tab works for me
  12. No, duh ... Different server, different database, ...
  13. Should people run into very slow speeds on the launcher, I'm offering 2 download options to a zipped copy of the latest Beta build (fully clean). Mirror 1: https://kevkof.be/beta2410 Mirror 2: https://kevkof.be/beta2410_2
  14. Roccat drivers should work, are you sure it's not something else that's blocking you?
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