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  1. There's some text under the loading bar, what's that? It's most likely just that a file is still in use by a process somewhere, so usually restarting fixes that. If that doesn't you will want to have a look at your AV/AM tools
  2. It's not a refund through support but rather a chargeback through the payment processor. That's the one that causes issues
  3. You're in the middle of the car (switching seats) when he spawns in ... That's clearly just the game forcing him out in a position. How you think that could be a cheat is beyond me
  4. ... Complains about an error but doesn't show the error ... Guess we'll all just magically know which error it is.
  5. In januari 2018 the previous owners did a forced password reset on all account after a potential security issue. That's why it doesn't recognise the password steam is putting in, you'll have to contact support (button at the top) to get the password reset, unless you know the email and password ofc. If you know the email and password, you can just reset it yourself.
  6. Limited test window is over for now. So that makes perfect sense
  7. So I wouldn't be able to just chat with the opponents to ask who made their theme for example?
  8. Don't we already have this, but with a drum mag?
  9. It's almost as if something like that would be in a Known Issues List ... Oh, wait.
  10. It was only a short window for the test, which has closed a fair few hours ago.
  11. Or the link to the launcher: http://apb.patch.beta.gamersfirst.com/APB_Beta_Installerprogram
  12. It's the latest patch, zipped and uploaded 16 hours ago.
  13. https://kevkof.be/betazip or https://kevkof.be/betazip2 That's a download for a clean zipped copy of the most recent beta client patch
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