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  1. This one seems to be set to the wrong day (says 24th). Thank you for providing them though
  2. The game takes a few minutes to load up. You can check in the task manager to see if it's actually loading it in, you should see the APB . exe process's memory usage climb and at around 900MB (for me) the game shows. If you don't see the memory usage going up, then end the process and start the game again
  3. Not sure about the other 2, but this might be intended so that a criminal character wouldn't prioritise mugging an npc over a bunny/chicken.
  4. Why would items need to be removed from the Armas Marketplace. Having them available for character/account lifetime does not make them P2W in any way. Yes, there are less people here currently. If Little Orbit hadn't taken over we would also be seeing lower numbers. It's hard to say where those numbers would be, but that's not really the discussion at hand. You asked about what the changes have as idea behind them, the engine upgrade should allow them to add more things to address issue that have been plaguing this game for years. A massive task like that takes time, once that's done and those changes we've all longed for for so long are here let's sit down and have a look at it all again. Euhm, well, re-read what I typed just above this It would indeed seem like that's the plan they currently have. Do a 'test' with riot within the current community and then push all out when the official launch happens in close proximity to the hopeful date for the engine upgrade.
  5. The blog seems to be online again and now also has a post linking to the new blog for all the current news.
  6. Because the company headquarters is in that timezone. You get used to it
  7. It doesn't happen on Jericho until at least another half a day from what I can tell. It's not even the 20th of April for most of Jericho (apart from the Asian community of course)
  8. The blog was moved over to https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/ but the old website is still being kept up to date as well
  9. I honestly don't care about most of the discussion in this thread (There will always be 2 sides to this, that will never change), my take on it would be that if they stay clean why not? But I really want to address this, we did not apply to be a member of the SPCT team. We were approached by the staff ... Getting your facts straight is important when bringing up info in a discussion
  10. It shows those wrong values in the files for me as well, but ingame it shows like this: Can you double check if it's wrong for you ingame as well?
  11. Stop using a config , the localisation files in the one you're using are outdated. I'm not seeing the same issue on a standard installation of the game.
  12. It's still early in the United States, give it some time.
  13. When it's time for those public tests, I'm sure they'll switch the account database back to the full one (As mentioned by Frosi). Once that's done you'll be able to use your own account. As for the questions on the window title, I don't know the code by heart but I'd imagine certain things just have certain names. Most of the aspects of that window title won't mean much to anyone other than the staff members involved in actually coding/compiling the game.
  14. This is because the OTW servers are still locked for closed testing, it then uses a different account database so it can't find your account. The window title on the testing client of the game can have additional information be displayed, it doesn't have to be using the exact window title the live client does. This is nothing to worry about
  15. This is from a similar thread about signatures and images, but the same thing applies
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