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  1. Kevkof

    Error in the update

    The process is called APB_Catcher.exe It might not show up in the task manager, then you might need to grab process explorer from the microsoft website.
  2. It would seem like both Ohshii and Signarly beat me to the names (not that I remembered them), wasn't able to find any posts about it since the old forums seem to be getting more and more difficult to find stuff on
  3. Kevkof

    Error / login failed

    Where are you trying to connect from? I think there are a couple countries that for unknown reasons can't connect to the servers
  4. Kevkof

    Error in the update

    This is probably due to the APB_Catcher still being open in the background. Restarting the pc or killing all the APB processes should allow you to update.
  5. Kevkof

    Sudden trade lock

    You wouldn't happen to have done a 'big update' by any chance, such as a windows feature update? And the age of the account doesn't really matter, the system responsible was only added about a year ago.
  6. I was hearing people in social yesterday. Or well, I got to hear shitty music coming from their voip
  7. The shields are having some issues at the moment. It might be better to just press the consumable button again and cancel your shield
  8. The rules did change recently ... And there's still a difference between someone admitting why they were banned and you accusing someone else of breaking rules.
  9. Quality configs (aka changes in the APBCompat file) are linked to the ingame presets, check that you're using the correct one. Usually that's on the minimal preset
  10. Most likely not yet, but that should probably come when the major updates hit consoles at some point in the future
  11. Ye, I came to that realisation a minute later. That does kinda suck
  12. Are you all using the same browser? It seems fine in Opera and Firefox, but Chrome has issues
  13. There is a visible counter under the mod icon on the right. You can just hit the activation key (default 5) again to turn it off and then you should have a weapon again
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