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  1. Thank you for posting an almost 7 year old video from a suggestion back then It could be nice to have, but this video isn't something that ever actually worked
  2. Literally already announced to be worked on ... hold your damn horses. There are probably people with way higher ping than you that aren't even getting a closer server in the timeframe you'll be getting that EU-East server.
  3. You can delete the entire stack (of upto 500) from your inventory to then just fill it up again from the mailbox. Better mail system would be nice, but this should at least elimitate the time spent using up all of them.
  4. That usually happens when either there's a typo or they're not in the district anymore.
  5. Check on the support page if it's still open/waiting a reply from you. If it's open but not waiting reply from you, just reply to it asking for an update. It ain't that difficult, but guess everything has to be spelled out so that you know what to do
  6. 4 days at the time that was posted so I would assume you'll have it all sorted in less than a week. But sure lets keep over exaggerating numbers ....
  7. Probably time to reach out to support then
  8. Just to test, I went and bought a few boxes. Looks fine on Armas: And ingame:
  9. Then you should have gotten 2 mails per box on the character you bought them on. At least I did when I bought those boxes
  10. Only in the new JMB, I'm guessing you bought another one?
  11. So that would then be right? I'll see if that does it. So just to recap: Player A tries to add Player B Before accepting, Player B tries to add Player A as well Both accept their friend requests Names show up twice is what you're telling me. When did you run into this issue? It was broken a few weeks ago, but that was fixed in the next patch.
  12. Not perfect (as it's not the full standard way), but you can report them ingame: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/13066-report-system-direct-report-from-chat/ It should obviously be fixed as well, but for now you can atleast use that. ----- Could be that the district filled up and the UI didn't update yet (that updating isn't instant). ----- Maybe full reproduction steps would help with getting that friends stuff fixed completely
  13. Kevkof

    Arrest Not Counting

    Are these arrests part of wtness missions? If so, that also explains that. Those matches don't allow role progression as a way to prevent easy farming of roles. That's been like that for a lot of years already
  14. It shouldn't only be for the current pandemic, but it's also used for a lot of other diseases. Donating spare compute cycles to help progress is a nice thing. I've been doing it since early may 2018 and these are the kinds of 'points' you can get to if you just let it run overnight/while you're not using it. As mentioned in the video keep in mind that the massive increase in users has the downside of bottlenecking their servers to the point they can't always accept/give out work units. Though as they mention on their forums they are in the process of upgrading a lot of the servers/infrastructure.
  15. I guess you missed this one ... They're literally looking at SA servers.
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