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  1. The main updates that trigger it are the large feature updates where you go from 1803 to 1809 or 1903 (or similar). Since those are basically just a full different version of windows, at least for how it's installed/configured.
  2. Are you sure nothing was changed? No windows updates or driver installs/updates? Those are both known to be likely reasons for triggering that system
  3. It's still a 3rd party program, it was checked and approved by LO. They even gave a download for it from the Gamersfirst domain as well https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/10905-recent-ban-wave-and-approved-launchers Manual editing would work, that should be in apbcompat.ini
  4. Sorry, my mind skipped over that. I'm too used to people complaining that it's only available for a large amount of money. Unless it's either brought down a lot in loyalty price or is added to a contact for you to unlock it, this sadly won't change
  5. You can also get one from the Joker Store
  6. As the advanced launcher is allowed to be used for now, you could use that (or manual edits) to increase the character quality. Though that might increase the risk of crashing
  7. There are also new rewards, while we haven't seen them yet I'm sure that also took some work to do
  8. This is not a bug. The gun does kill in 12 shots, it just isn't very accurate if you keep firing it.
  9. Only 56 000 but I see where you're coming from ...
  10. *cough* There isn't at all a thread to track the progress in this very forum section ...
  11. Error code 8 refers to not being able to connect to the server, which is either server, route or your end. When did this start to happen?
  12. You're the only person I've come across that is still having this issue, so unless you have a ton of details that could help us to identify a possible cause I'm afraid we're stuck to troubleshooting. Possibly the maintenance tomorrow might resolve it, but I'm not sure on that. Another thing you can try, but not sure why that would solve it is a clean reinstall of the game
  13. Are you sure you logged into the correct account? It could be that you had multiple accounts. If not, I hope support is able to help you out.
  14. That sounds like it would most likely be an issue along the route. Do you know anyone in the same region and with the same ISP? (they would likely have the same route)
  15. Could you post a screenshot of the error? So we can see what all it says
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