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  1. Kevkof

    Can’t connect.

    They usually don't know what the issue is either. Most people seem to be able to either get it to work with VPN's but I'm not sure which ones they used.
  2. Did this really need yet another thread? Gotta wait it out my man (or woman)
  3. *cough*https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/12271-pc-patch-notes-1200-1186/*cough*
  4. It should do, yes. So it's probably better not to use mag pull
  5. The ammo value is floored (it's rounded down, regardless of the number behind the comma) So 1 - 25% = 0.75 => 0 It's not a bug, just a little quirky thing
  6. They would have slightly different names, but when the crash reporter comes up there a link you can click that shows you more info. That also has the names of the exact files. What kind of error code/message does that give you? Without knowing which error there is literally nothing anyone can try to help with
  7. They do, but that's to staff. I don't get to see that, I'm just a player trying to help. Those are the ones mentioned on the crash reporter, they should be similar to these: 2019.09.28-22.56.53-10668.dmp 2019.09.28-22.56.53-10668.log They should be in this folder: APB Reloaded\APBGame\Logs
  8. Kevkof

    Can’t connect.

    That sounds like he has networking issues, it could be his ISP not allowing that connection/route or a different issue. Are you getting any specific errors? For support, it might be a bit more than 2 weeks (depending on ticket load) but after Matt posts the tracking support update later on today, if nothing gets in the way of that ofc, check the date on that and if it's after the ticket was made just send a reply to the ticket asking for a status update.
  9. That seems to be a Playstation specific error, I assume if someone finds a fix for it it'll be posted in this thread you replied in as well. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/12035-ps4-error-code-1-cant-connect-to-psn/
  10. Any chance you could upload the files themselves to somewhere (so we can try and see if we spot the issue)
  11. I'm on win10 as well, worked without issues. Care to screenshot the registry on the location Kyouki posted earlier? This wouldn't affect Affinity, we use a different program to set that. That would be HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\APBprogram\PerfOptions
  12. I was able to open the support page in the ingame browser without issues. This is always done after the client crashes, nothing to worry about. It's not updating, it's scanning the files to see if some need fixing That'll be for the staff to possibly look at
  13. Trial just puts the total discount to 35%, so it wouldn't be a better pricing. For premium it only does 15% off usually (to the 35 %)
  14. Maybe they were one of the lucky few. That would also explain it.
  15. Permanent premium was a very rare reward from an redeem code back in July 2013. I think only 5 people or so got it. It was said to be equal to 50 years of premium time.
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