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  1. Kevkof

    RIOT bandolier

    Your own equipped weapons never spawn in with their full ammo count, I believe that's an intended limit
  2. Did you make any 'big' changes to hardware or software?
  3. A lot of people tend to post without doing those checks, some have even gone as far as to say they've done everything when they didn't even read half of it. The best thing would be to contact the EAC technical support, I've not had any of the issues you're describing yet myself so I don't know the solutions of the top of my head
  4. Have you tried the things mentioned in the troubleshooting thread?
  5. Zones are activated automatically over time, or manually by triggering the RIOT devices
  6. This is due to custom localisation files, time to remove/update that part of your config
  7. Kevkof

    Gold JB

    You probably got premium, check if that went up. If it didn't, then time to contact support
  8. Been buying them since 2013 ... That was never a thing. You might be referring to what SunnyMonroe mentioned If an error happens during that being shown to you the items are still just delivered to you ingame
  9. I've been buying JMB's for years (Not my best moments) and I've never known it to be like that. They go straight to the char you're logged into armas on
  10. JMB's haven't changed much, you buy the regular ones and after spending X amount of G1C (on anything) you get loyalty codes. You click on and then The rest is just like how it always has been, click on a code and redeem it
  11. Patch day is on Wednesday, you've been here for long enough to know that. I don't see what more communication would be needed for this.
  12. When you joined social, you probably got a message in chat saying how long you're on a tradelock, you can probably also see that when you hover over the "Add item" button. This tradelock usually happens when your system is either new to their information (since the trade system was added). Or the combination of your account and the system is new to their info (due to a significant hardware or software change). Just wait out those, most likely, 3 days and you'll be good to go
  13. Here's how you solve this yourself. Go to the the support page Make a new ticket under the following category: Account Issue > Delete Account Fill in the rest of the info Celebrate the completion of your 4 step program to getting rid of your APB addiction
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