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  1. Kevkof


    If you have the one with IR3 would be great too Did a testing for that this morning: (This was in the Testing A district, shouldn't be important)
  2. Kevkof


    If you have the one with IR3 would be great too since the spread so small with the shredder, just do +7.5 for all of them. Can't test it out right now
  3. Kevkof


    Without IR on the shredder it hits as follows (on OTW)
  4. Kevkof

    IR3 Preset Refund

    That'd be priceless if that's how it went
  5. Kevkof

    Random Armas sale

    A while ago I gifted someone the Pestilence Overalls (character bound), I still have the cheap option for account bound
  6. Kevkof

    Random Armas sale

    This can also occur if you gifted a character bound version to someone using the Armas Gifting system (If I remember correctly)
  7. Summary: Trying to add offline player to friends gives 'no character named X' Description: When you try to add a player to your friendslist that isn't online at that moment in time it gives you an incorrect error message. Steps to reproduce: - 1: Launch the game and join any instance - 2: Attempt to add a player who's offline to your friendslist - 3: Notice the error message How many times have you recreated this bug: 5/5 Results: It shows a error: Expected results: There should be an appropriate error: '<Name of person>' isn't currently online
  8. Yes, it would be optimal. But if you're putting OTW on cloud servers you need to bring the live servers over to that as well, otherwise you'll end up with inaccurate tests. They wouldn't be representative of the live servers at all
  9. Kevkof

    Friend accept command

    There are commands to accept group(/groupaccept) and clan(/clanaccept) invites, but none was added to accept friendrequests(/friendaccept). I'd love to see that added to the game. Might seem small to some but still
  10. Kevkof

    Why game looks so drab?

    isn't that pretty much the point of having bloom?
  11. Kevkof

    Unable to log in

    how to contact support ? You can contact support at the link in my signature or at https://support.gamersfirst.com . Sign in with your gamersfirst account and then create a ticket (the literal words are "Submit a request"
  12. only the non mutual friends would be deleted he said in a later post
  13. Kevkof

    Unable to log in

    You'll have to contact support to get this issue resolved
  14. This is from the transcript of the Q&A that happened back in may: Q: Will the original login screen, with previous music make a return? A: I actually had the track on loop from Youtube. I am a big fan of that screen. I would have to look at the music rights and see what we have currently. While we can’t truly guarantee getting the old music back, I’d love to see that screen with that music come back. I also think we don’t need a loading screen to a loading screen.
  15. You should have received an ingame mail with the subject "Modifications" that contains all the mods