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  1. All the people that I have heard about that had this issue were using F-Secure and after checking found that it was indeed blocking APB from launching. And since the game worked 2 months ago, what changes happened to the system between then and now?
  2. Those were lowered when the daily activities were added to the contacts a few years ago. The 200 you get for gold are seperate from the 50 and 150, so it is worth the extra work if you're going for JT's. LO has also added small JT amounts to the random rewards pool for missions as well.
  3. Keep in mind that the threat distribution is over nearly all players and doesn't just take the current online players into account. It could just be that a majority of the other threats are just not online as much, which would make sense in a way.
  4. Check your anti-virus/malware programs, It's most likely blocking the game from launching And support is enjoying a lovely backlog of more than 2 weeks so just be patient with them I guess.
  5. CT ingame refers to Client Time as opposed to ST which stands for Server Time (There's a setting to pick which is used ingame) So it's just in his/her local timezone
  6. I just checked NA's instances and this is what I found Financial 1: NY (92ms) Financial 2: LA (155ms) Waterfront 1: LA (155ms) Social: LA (142ms) Weapon test: LA (150ms) Asylum: LA (130ms) Baylan: NY (93ms) So there are some districts in NY from what I could see
  7. No issues on financial 2 from my end, so might be good to check your isp/connection.
  8. There's a distinction to make here. While both Belgium and the Netherlands have banned lootboxes, the laws are vastly different. Players from Belgium can trade legendaries they get now (from gold boxes or by buying JMB's from a different country), players from the Netherlands are not able to trade legendaries they get. Which is the main reason this thread was made. As for the questions you asked: NL/BE: 1. Yes, you still get loyalty points. 2. Yes, you still get the Gold boxes. 3. No, you can't directly buy them when connected from either country .
  9. Using a regular browser or the ingame one? Regular browser seems to work fine on my end (didn't fully complete the payment though)
  10. Kevkof

    Can’t connect.

    They usually don't know what the issue is either. Most people seem to be able to either get it to work with VPN's but I'm not sure which ones they used.
  11. Did this really need yet another thread? Gotta wait it out my man (or woman)
  12. *cough*https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/12271-pc-patch-notes-1200-1186/*cough*
  13. It should do, yes. So it's probably better not to use mag pull
  14. The ammo value is floored (it's rounded down, regardless of the number behind the comma) So 1 - 25% = 0.75 => 0 It's not a bug, just a little quirky thing
  15. They would have slightly different names, but when the crash reporter comes up there a link you can click that shows you more info. That also has the names of the exact files. What kind of error code/message does that give you? Without knowing which error there is literally nothing anyone can try to help with
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