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  1. At least I'm saying probably and not just stating it. But that's probably just semantics to you. The fact that Matt knows how bad the tutorial is should already show that he went through it and ... now I'll shut up before I get hit with an NDA ...
  2. They might not have played since 2011 like you, but they probably did go through all the standard steps as well. Likely that includes the 20 or so uninstalls
  3. Heh, no. It ain't gonna work any other way. Maybe if they add that functionality at some point, but as it is now. that ain't gonna work. You could unlink your account from steam and relink it to the other, but that goes through support so enjoy the wait. That still wouldn't allow you to use it outside of the game though
  4. Video is from Dec 2018, but nothing changed in that process. - Install the game from steam - Log in with steam - Open Armas from an ingame button - Add the item to cart - Check out.
  5. G1C is not refundable I believe. You can try talking with support (the link is right at the top) but I don't know if they do that. There's a long patootie wait for support though, so be patient Charging back the money would be the worst idea, so don't do that one.
  6. That's the main disctinction for file changes. @Fortune Runner https://media.gamersfirst.com/gamersmedia/apb/Advanced_APB_Launcher.zip
  7. I wouldn't mind that if it was account wide but doing that for each char seems excessive.
  8. Euhm, might wanna read the actual post. The test is coming up, but no date is specifically set yet.
  9. You wait some more. We already told you it could take up to 2 weeks. With the evidence of Matt's tracking support thread, that shouldn't be hard to get into your head. It takes long, we all know that. It sucks for sure, but it os what it is. We're all stuck with that.
  10. No, they're not bound to the name, but to the character ID, so they wouldn't show up if you just make a new char with the same name
  11. Did you leave an extra space before or after the name? That's the only thing I can think of.
  12. This is the main paragraph about the stop of the UE 4 work. (From: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/10907-apb-brand-and-ip-expanding-in-asia/) The main goal as far as I can tell is UE3.5 and then adding better features/options in there. If the game lives on beyond that and get bigger they could look further at a full rebuild of the game in a modern engine (UE4 or maybe even 5 if it's matured enough by then). Regardless it would be a full rebuild if they want to go beyond UE3.5 so that will take a ton of time.
  13. Maybe get the most up to date info... Although that does link to the same thread as well
  14. People complain about other abusing the borders. Wouldn't that just make that even more frequent?
  15. It's usually a number of factors then, but since not everyone gets it, it most likely isn't just the server. The networking around the world has been under a lot of stress and some of it just isn't up to par so that could also be causing some of the issues
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