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  1. Leo / Leotek made the original ones, here you go: Extended cut version:
  2. An answer by a staff member or a link to one that has already been made in regards of this thread's main question would be nice to clear things up
  3. ...what?! Where on the forum announcement post does it say anything about winning JMBs if one wins multiple times? Someone in-game told me that winning just once would grant oneself 10 JMBs Should I really have just played the egoist and won another time or more instead of being done with going for wins and transitioning over to helping out others get their one win round because I got the skin from that one win I went for? Edit: words
  4. One time winner of the event here, I don't mind if the skin is given to everyone who logged in during the weeks the event was running. I actually helped to organize somewhat of a random, during the event rounds slowly growing group of people that designated itself to getting those who asked for help to get the skin to top score one round. Said people desperately tried to win just once at the very end of the event, and because of how seemingly greedy some good players/veterans/tryhards and/or closet cheaters behaved and since some were already trying to help out others, I did as well. Helping out others was actually the most fun I had during the event rounds, which in itself is quite a sad statement. Also, there was some talk in-game about winners of the event receiving 10 JMBs, were the people saying that just trolling, or...?
  5. Here's a handy time/timezone converter for everyone to see when the event is hopefully going to be live in their timezone: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20181030T070000&p1=tz_pt Keep in mind that the time will be turned back by one hour on the 28th for some countries! (A Google search doesn't show that in the conversion when one types in the timezone)
  6. Huh, would like to know as well, even though I currently don't have anything on sale on the marketplace
  7. They recently organized an event where the main goal was to kill the real MattScott (on a district server with presumably fake MattScotts running around) to get some rewards, but yeah it was probably difficult to take part in it since the server they appeared on was most likely full in no time, one would've had to already be on it before it started filling up most likely... Longer events where everyone on all district servers could take part in would be hella neat indeed
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