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  1. Apologies - fixed them. You'll need to click on the most recent registered accounts.
  2. There are a lot of people ITT saying 'no', or my favourite: Who plainly haven't a clue what they're talking about - the truth is that a reasonable chunk of LO's financial information is freely available online. Little Orbit (Europe) Ltd - b/s £155,280 in the red on 31 March 2020 Reloaded Productions Ltd - b/s £174,615 in the green on 31 December 2020 These numbers don't tell the whole story and are subject to interpretation. For instance, RP Ltd was owed an intra-group loan £223,142 as of 31 December 2020 by a related company which may be any of: a) Little Orbit (Europe) Ltd; b) Reloaded Productions Inc (its parent company, registered in California); c) Little Orbit Europe LLC (its ultimate parent company, also allegedly registered in the US but I couldn't find any record of it); or d) Muse Investments Inc (a holding company owned by Matt Scott became a PSC of LO (Europe) Ltd in 2019, also registered in California). Without this loan on its books, it would be £48K in the red as well, though I hasten to add that it would then be subtracted from the liabilities of one of the other group companies which would even things out, but would also raise the question of how that particular company raised the money to lend it to RP Ltd. Maybe it's ultimately part of an outside investment (in which case the creditor liability just passes up the chain), or was raised by selling the IP rights a few years ago but that is pure speculation. I'm not an accountant, but I am a (non-US) lawyer so I am presenting the information with only a basic level of interpretation. Corrections are therefore welcome. There's also a further Delaware corporation that was converted out of California in November 2020 (Little Orbit Inc, previously Little Orbit LLC). If you want more detailed information about that company including the annual report you can pay the $20 fee, but given how recently it was registered I can't guarantee that there will even be one or that it will contain anything useful. Some information can also be gleaned from the filings relating to ongoing court case between LO and Descendent, where (from a brief skim of a few of the filings), it looks as though a settlement was reached over a year ago which required LO to make a number of phased payments which the Descendent devs claim have been missed in part. On the other hand, it appears (per one of the e-mails filed) that LO considers that it has demonstrated that it has $1 million in funds available. All of the actual numbers and financial statements are redacted or unavailable, though. I'm also going to pre-emptively respond to those who might say "see, it's impossible to see LO's financial status because of the US' opaque filing requirements" by saying that although we don't have the complete and comprehensive picture, the game would not be able to continue to operate without disruption if its UK portion became insolvent. You can certainly get a flavour of its financial position (analagous to a canary in a coal mine) if not the complete picture.
  3. Allecto; she believes herself to be a powerful occult medium; she is in fact little more than a reckless charlatan with a drug habit.
  4. Allekto; a freerunner-turned-package-courier without the stomach for lethal force.
  5. I think these are fantastic because they're not just goofy halloween-specific symbols like jack o lanterns that only have one purpose, but rather they have a much more general usage and can easily be repurposed for things that don't have a halloween theme. Great job!
  6. Does this mean that LO is now Unit Game's licensee rather than the other way round? If so that's quite a major turn of events, I'd say
  7. I didn't want to comment on this thread because it just seems like a lot of drama but since I'm now being attacked then I feel as though I have to. Regarding your first point, that is incorrect; it appears black in the picture because of the gloss shader. Regarding your second point, that is completely untrue. I made two versions of the outfit, one using normal colours and one following the colour rules, and both were made during the duration of the contest. I have no idea how it is "apparent" to you that I made the outfit before the event and just changed the colours. I would respectfully ask that you remove the quoted section from your post on the basis that it is an outright fabrication.
  8. A few years ago there was a line in an .ini file that could be changed to adjust your crosshair scaling. This was a nice little feature which meant that it wouldn't bloom out as much, and it made shooting feel more consistent. For reasons unknown to me, G1 decided to disable the variable and force full scale crosshairs. I can't be the only one who would love to see the return of this feature, as I'm sure it'd be very simple to re-enable, given that it was already implemented into the game. Thoughts?
  9. Resposting from the other thread since this one has been pinned
  10. These are very impressive and I like the style. Could you give some details about the methods that you use to create them? I recall reading a post in a previous iteration of this thread about some sort of technique where you make a composite out of existing photos and paint over it or something. Seemed interesting.
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