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  1. APB used to have this mode once.....i think 50 vs 50, i think it would make more sense now, the newbies at least could finish somebody off in the heat of battle.
  2. I havent played for a long time, today i have decided to try out some missions under the new district system and its a BIG mess. Ofc its awesome for gold players who are on the top farming weapon role kills from the silvers but other then that, its kinda ridiculous. Got teamed up with green players who has been playing for like few days againts full gold maxed out team and the greens was getting like 0/12..... if i were them, i would uninstall this game immediately without a second thought. My suggestion is, turn it all off, the whole server, turn it off and bring it back on when its ready because i BET it doesent generate any revenue and keeping it in this state is worsening everything beyond repair.
  3. Ye thats my point tho, if its so supported, it should be pinned out where people could share their edited files. Configs do give advantage, then we are on the same page. How do you prove somebody use them? Unless somebody show you live stream. Nobody disputed the macro, but the way how APB is coded, you dont even need that. You can have shooting set to a scroll wheel and then set up a button to just scroll up, boom instant fastest fire rate with any semi-auto gun. This is what i dont understand, isnt a "self coded stuff" a bi-product of allowing edited files in the first place?
  4. Okay this statement makes no sense to me at all. In your words "we should allow some changes but if someone change more: crosshairs, no smokes, range finders, those should be banned. You do realise you either allow it or don't. There's no between , that's why we are divide on this topic in the first place.
  5. Oh yea i remember, those were a great fun but i dont support it.
  6. Well i can see why people are complaining, if you look ( video disclaimer: i have just pulled out some random videos from youtube ) It actually make you question if its okay to have the game run like this, the fact that you have to fish for the configs hints its not wasn't the intention to have it like that in the first place. Some of you may remember, battlefield had the same issue where people used basic like setting to actually gain advantage which it kinda is, you eliminate shadows or flashes, smokes, etc. that could otherwise disperse your focus. The argument that "the game runs poorly" is just a crutch people like to hold on to. In the end, if the engine update ever comes out, this like this should be prohibited.
  7. Small update of what you can find in my shop. EDIT: also i have alter some of my old work. Somebody asked me to make these trousers so i did, it used to be sold by somebody else whos not active anymore.
  8. I haven't been on this forum for years but this picture made me log in lol. Well done you, very nice work.
  9. Ysalines small shop, Patriots female "designer", always hated that word lol.
  10. WHAT THE ..... i just realised, with the new forum all the good stuff are gone..... F*CK !!!
  11. "pastechi designs" sure, totally want to spam your name all over the forum, nice
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